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What To Write On College Graduation Announcement

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Card Messages For High School Grads

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  • High school graduation isnt the end of a tough journey. It is the beginning of a beautiful one
  • Congrats! should be thrilled to have you!
  • will be such an exciting endeavor. Congratulations!
  • Even with the added stress of , you succeeded with flying colors. Congratulations!
  • High school graduation is an exciting time. It marks both an ending and a beginning its warm memories of the past and big dreams for the future.
  • Congratulations on your high school graduation! We cant wait to see what exciting things youll do next.
  • Were very proud of you for graduating high school, and happy about your college acceptance! Best of wishes on the road ahead.
  • Congratulations on your high school graduation! Its been an honor to watch you learn and grow, and we are very proud of the young woman/man that you are today.
  • Congratulations on graduating high school. All the best starting college this fall, and be sure to visit us when youre back in town!
  • There are few times in life when youll put as much work into a single accomplishment as you did for the last four years. Celebrate!
  • Announcement From Parents Or Family Members

    Because the person writing the announcement doesn’t have much room to work with, the announcement needs to contain all relevant information in the fewest words possible. Basically, you want to list just the facts–let the accomplishments speak for themselves:

    Mr. and Mrs. John Smith are proud to announce that their son, David, will receive a bachelor of science degree in business administration from State University during their Commencement exercises on May 17. At State, David was a student-athlete on the men’s basketball team, earned Dean’s List honors several semesters and will graduate magna cum laude. David plans to pursue a career in accounting.

    What To Write In A Graduation Card: 50+ Messages And Wishes

    All> Graduation> What to Write in a Graduation Card: 50+ Messages and Wishes

    That special student in your life is finally about to become a graduate. This calls for a celebration of their accomplishments and warm wishes for their future. A graduation card is the perfect way to show the graduate how proud of them you are.

    If youre attending a graduation party or ceremony, or were invited to one but cant attend, you should give the graduate a card to celebrate their accomplishments. Here are some tips on writing a heartfelt graduation card.

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    Rules For Graduation Announcements

    The first thing to decide before writing your announcement is whom to invite, or whether you intend to invite anyone. Unlike high school graduation, not everyone is going to attend the commencement ceremony or expect a party. It is not uncommon for college graduates to omit the date and location of the graduation from the announcement. This may seem odd, but in this case, the announcement is just that: an announcement of your achievement.

    If you do intend to invite guests to the graduation ceremony, you’ll need to include a few vital pieces of information:

    • The salutation or greeting
    • The commencement ceremony date and time
    • The location of the ceremony or party

    In a formal graduation announcement, the salutation takes on a very specific, formal tone, usually mentioning the president of the college or university, the faculty, and the graduating class as the parties that are actually inviting guests to attend. These three parties are, in essence, hosting the event and extending a formal invitation to your guests on your behalf.

    Never Make These Graduation Etiquette Mistakes

    Graduation Announcement Style 4B

    Graduations are important milestones, marking significant life transitions that should be celebrated or recognized. Every June, graduation season approaches, and if you’re a soon-to-be graduate, a family member planning on attending the commencement ceremony, or a friend of the family who has received an announcement of the big event, you may be wondering about the correct etiquette for graduations. Here is the proper way to mark a graduation, whether from kindergarten, high school, college, or beyond.

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    Funny Messages For College Graduates

    • Dont forget to thank those who were always there for you during your time at school: caffeine, instant ramen and Wikipedia.
    • Hate to break it to you, but that was the easiest part of your adult life
    • My hope for you is that your amazing college memories last longer than your student loans.
    • Do you realize that now youll be PAID to work instead of paying to work!?
    • Now that youve graduated, maybe you will be smart enough to figure out how to pay back your student loans.

    What To Write In A Graduation Card

    The grad will appreciate that you took the time to write them a special message. If youre not sure where to start, these graduation message ideas will help you craft a sentimental card!

    • Congratulate the graduate on all of their hard work.
    • Bestowadvice or inspirationfrom your life experiences. What did you wish you knew at their age?
    • Use ajokewhen appropriate.
    • Make it personalby sharing one of your favorite memories of them.
    • Wish them welland focus on the future.

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    The What: The Announcements Themselves

    Wording announcements can seem so easy…that is until you actually sit down and try to write them. To get you started, peruse this variety of announcement styles you can useor change a bitto create your own, personalized graduation announcement. Just remember that no matter which type of announcement you send, the following information is vital:

    • Your name
    • The degree you earned
    • The commencement ceremony date and time
    • The location of the ceremony or party

    Graduation Announcements Messages From Family

    FEMA Administrator Deanne Criswell Participates in Building Codes Press Conference at FIU

    Proudly announcing s graduation with highest honours. You all are heartily invited to have a share with this joy!

    Believing in yourself drives you to the summit of your success and were proud to see you achieving your graduation. Hoping the best for your next move!

    Congratulations to my dearest brother , on his graduation from . Im so happy for him and wish him more success in his life.

    Hey, little sister, youre now off to new places! Congratulations , its your big day as you have accomplished graduation from .

    Through dedication, perseverance, and patience, she exceeded all our expectations. And were proud to announce the graduation of , class of , .

    You had the tenacity, determination, and diligence to achieve something special. And today we got the wonderful opportunity to announce s graduation, class of , from .

    Were gratified at the success of , as he has successfully accomplished his graduation from . We wish him immense success and happiness for his next adventure.

    Life doesnt still stand. Youve taken the first steps into a new world that is waiting to embrace you. Congratulations on your graduation from .

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    Graduation Messages For A Friend

    Good friends have been there through the ups and downs. Celebrate your journey together and your big accomplishments by writing them a heartfelt card filled with your favorite memories.

    • I know that you are an accomplished graduate and all, but dont forget to call me every once and awhile!
    • Even though we joke around a lot, in all honesty I am very proud to call you my friend.
    • Wow, how did I get so lucky to have such a smart and hard working friend?! Congratulations!
    • It is so great to see all of your hard work come together to accomplish this goal live it up and celebrate. Its your time!

    Who To Send Graduation Announcements To

    A good starting point for your graduation announcements mailing list is anyone youâd send a holiday card toâclose friends, extended family, and important acquaintances. You may also consider important teachers, tutors, mentors, counselors, and scholastic colleagues for the mailing, as well. It takes a village, as they say, so make sure everyoneâs contributions are recognized.

    âPainted Circleâ by Paperless Post

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    Graduation Announcements Wording From Parents

    As a parent, seeing my child graduate is a dream come true. I am overwhelmed to see it happen.

    We wish him great success and happiness for his upcoming adventure. Our kid is a graduate now.

    It seems like our daughter started for school yesterday how time runs! It is been seventeen years of perseverance and we gladly announce the graduation of from .

    Our little champ is a grown-up gentleman now. And were honored to announce his graduation from and inviting you to join the graduation party on .

    Were glad to announce the graduation of our beloved daughter, . Please join us to celebrate this joyous moment on .

    I am proud to announce that my child has graduated with honors. You are all cordially invited to join us in celebrating this joy!

    We boastfully invite you to be a part of the graduation party of on at .

    Our little princess is a beautiful lady now as she has successfully completed her graduation. Sending an invitation for joining the graduation party of from her proud parents.

    Our Kiddo is grown up now! Gracefully announcing the graduation of from and heartily welcome you to join us to share this joy with you.

    We are delighted with the accomplishments of my child, who has completed their graduation.

    Its an incredible feeling to see my child in their graduation gown and cap. Im proud.

    Our little champion has matured into a fine human being. And were thrilled to be able to announce their graduation and invite you to the celebration.

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    Gift Registry Or Causes To Support

    College Graduation Announcements 2021 Graduation Invitation

    Graduation is one of those moments that people love to acknowledge with gifts or donations. Make it simple for guests by including registry information or a link to charities that your grad supports. It can be a lovely way to help your grad raise funds for a cause or crowdfunding effort that they care about.

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    One Last Tip This One Is For Graduates:

    Dont register for gifts! Leave that for your future wedding and baby showers. When it comes to gifts, whether its something you would have chosen or not, know that its an expression of the persons heart for you! However, if people ask you or your parents what youd like, you can certainly answer their question!

    The most important etiquette of all for graduates and their families: have fun and celebrate! Youve accomplished something great, and you and your accomplishment deserve to be celebrated. Now for all us moms: whether our children are graduating from kindergarten, high school, or college, as a dear friend once shared with me, Dry your tears and be glad your children are the age they are. In ten years, youll look back and do anything to have them at this age and stage again! Shes a wise and gracious lady who raised three happy, wonderful adults. Thank you, Jane Horn!

    Sample Graduation Invitation Templates

    Of course, your graduation invitation wording is going to be unique to your own circumstances, but if you follow our guidelines, youll be able to create something that retains that uniqueness, while also providing a clear and engaging call-to-action for you invitees. Here are a couple of examples of what your graduation invitation might say:

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    Create The Perfect Graduation Announcements And Invitations

    Whether you are graduating from high school or college it is a big accomplishment and it should be celebrated. Basic Invite is ready to help you do just that. Once you find the graduation template that fits your style you can add your photos, colors as well as text to make it perfect to announce your big day.

    At Basic Invite you can show your creativity as well as your style. While other websites give you a choice of 4 different color options Basic Invite offers over 150 different colors to choose in order for you to be able to truly personalize your cards. So feel free to change the color of your text, background, and even photos. With instant previews of every change there is no guesswork of what you will be getting because you can see exactly what your announcements will look like real time.

    Our entire collection of personalized announcements are printed on your choice of high quality 110-pound matte, semi-gloss, or shimmer card stock. With literally hundreds of designs and unlimited color options Basic Invite makes staying connected with your loved ones easy.

    Also, if at any point you get stuck we have experts standing by that can answer any etiquette questions. You can reach an invitation specialist by phone, email, or even on live chat. We are so confident you will love your graduation announcements or graduation invitations that we offer our Risk Free Guarantee.

    What To Include On Graduation Announcements

    Skyline High School Graduation Ceremony – Jon M. Huntsman Center
    • The vital information to include in a graduation announcement is the graduate’s name, the learning institution that the graduate is graduating from and where and when the graduation is to take place. A meaningful quote or story is appropriate to include in an announcement, as well as a brief biography of the graduate.

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    Graduation Announcements Wording Messages

    Graduation Announcements Wording Messages: A graduation is a once-in-a-lifetime event for any family, be it the graduating student or the graduating students parent. Its a moment to be proud of for the entire family. Graduation is a time to rejoice. Whether its a high school diploma, a college diploma, or a Masters degree, all of these milestones are significant to a student, his or her parents, siblings, other family members, relatives, and friends. Its also crucial to let the world know when you or someone close to you receives this award. When you, your siblings, your kid or daughter, or anyone close to you reach this level of academic accomplishment, it is natural to throw a party, celebrate, and toast them. Graduation announcement language can help you make the great occasion even more special by declaring it and inviting everyone to the party. We can help you if you dont know how to announce your graduation or what to write on your graduation announcement. Choose from any of the below-mentioned categories of graduation announcement texts and phrasing examples. Because thats everything that needs to be in a graduation announcement to make it more suitable.

    Graduation During A Difficult Time

    Graduation is supposed to be a time of joy, but sometimes life has other ideas. Here are some message ideas for when difficult personal, family or broader circumstances make it impossible to celebrate the way you and the graduate would have hoped.

    When Commencement Is Canceled

    • Of course, were disappointed we wont get to watch you walk across the stage like wed always dreamedbut that just means were going to celebrate you even bigger as soon as we get the chance!
    • Even though graduation is going to look different for you, the achievement is still the same. Youve put in the same hard work. Youve learned and grown so much. And I couldnt be prouder.
    • Were sorry youve had to let go of the graduation ceremony and celebrating youve been looking forward to for the past four years. We wish it could have been different, but we want you to know were still so proud of you and what youve achieved.
    • Its going to take more than a canceled graduation ceremony to stop me from blowing an air horn in your honor. Way to go, Grad!
    • You are still celebrated for this amazing accomplishment.
    • Aunque por el momento no podemos celebrar tu graduación, celebramos con orgullo tu logro.

    When the Graduate Is Struggling

    When the Future Feels Uncertain

    Helpful Tip: Its okay to be real in the face of hard circumstances. If the real you would say This sucks, then write This sucks. But dont leave it at that. Try to take your message in a more hopeful, caring direction from there.

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    Design Tips And Examples

    Choose school colors and a gold foil accent to strike a traditional note. Use a personal monogram, your favorite colors, or a graduation photo to craft a more individualistic look. Or create something unique with custom graphic elements. If youre printing your card, a bifold or trifold design will give you more space for a personalized message.

    Explore what others have been making:

    • Have your invitation do double-duty like this hybrid announcement that invites people to a ceremony and a party.
    • Try doing a bifold card, envelope, and keepsake piece similar to this multipiece invitation that will surely be an item worth holding onto.
    • See how a graphic design school branded its graduation showcase with bold, colorful motion graphics, and think outside the box with your own design.
    • Get inspired by more graduation invitation and announcement examples on Behance.

    Graduation Party Invitation Wording Examples

    College Graduation Announcement Wording Beautiful 17 Best Images ...
    • Pin

    Graduation is such an exciting time. Whether its school or college youre finishing it signals the start of brand new things. Its being on the cusp of the future youve been working towards. And what better way to celebrate graduating than with a huge party!

    If youve been tasked with planning a graduation party then the one thing you will want to make sure is the invitations are the best they can be. Graduating happens at the same time so there are a lot parties being held and that means many invites are being sent. You want the most people at your party, right? Well that invite needs to stand out then.

    So the design, time you send it out and most importantly the wording of your party invites needs to be spot on. If youre finding it difficult in deciding what to write on your invitations then these graduation party invitation wording examples should help. Some are pre written and some require you to fill in your details, so you can either copy them as they are or use them as a guide to writing your own.

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