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What To Do In State College Pa

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Apartments In State College Pa

Dining at The Greek in State College, PA | International | Campus Eats

State College is a place many students are happy and proud to call home, and for good reason. The atmosphere in this college town is like none other and both students and residents tend to have a great time living here. For the perfect luxury apartments to meet your needs, contact The Metropolitan at State College today.

Pm Channel The Arts With State Colleges State Theatre

Catch a showing at the State Theatre. This non-profit theatre at of State College hosts music, live performances and movies. In the heart of downtown State College, find out what show premieres that night. Previous shows included jazz series, local improv groups and Fleetwood Mac tributes. And every Monday of the summer, the theatre plays different films.

Best Things To Do In State College Pa

State College in Pennsylvania is the largest borough that was incorporated in 1896.

Nestled between the Bald Eagle Mountain to the northwest and the Tussey Mountain to the southeast, it lies in the Nittany Valley.

This makes it prone to frequent snowfall and rain.

As the name suggests, it is a college town with the presence of the University Park majorly influencing its economy and demography.

Alternatively, also known as Lion Country or Happy Valley, this boroughs quaint main street hosts a collection of quirky shops, bakeries, galleries and restaurants.

State College is widely known for its Penn State Nittany Lions Football team which causes an influx of over 100,000 fans into the Beaver stadium on its home games.

The University Creamery has been alleged to produce the best ice cream in the world.

Once the football season has ended, the nearby cultural attractions and state parks offer some of the best getaways for their visitors.

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Visit The Millbrook Marsh Nature Center

Location: 548 Puddintown Road, State College, PA 16801

This nature center is home to plenty of local wildlife in Pennsylvania. Theres plenty of room for everyone to wander and discover the different types of species that inhabit this great state. You can explore by yourself or adventure with a group of friends and family. Youll enjoy learning about the beauty of Pennsylvania at this cool spot.

Am Try Bourbons At Local Whisky

PSU in the fall

Hit the late-night bar and head over to Local Whiskey for homemade whiskey sours and great bourbons and ryes. Susquehanna University senior Charlie Riley said Local Whiskey has good drinks and a great atmosphere. Local Whisky will get you buzzed for the rest of your night. Grab some bar food snacks like fries or shepherds pie pub grub.

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Pm Unleash Your Energy At Tussey Mountain

Go-Karts, mini-golf, driving range, batting cages and a skate park come together in one place at Tussey Mountain. Pick your favorite recreational activity for an afternoon of fun. My favorite thing to do here is the driving range. You grab a bucket of balls for only $10 and have an hours worth of fun, said Penn State junior Christie Reaper. Located at the base of Tussey Mountain, youll catch a great view of the sunset peeking over the rolling hills. Go up the road a little to find endless hiking trails and look-out points.

Skate Your Worries Away At Pegula Ice Arena

Editor’s Note: There’s no photo available at the time of writing

A behemoth ice-skating facility located on the Penn State University campus, Pegula Ice Arena is a recreational space hosting sporting events as well as myriad ice hockey programs. You can sign yourself up for a fun ice hockey lesson, or catch an exciting on-ice game between college teams. The arena is the home ground for Penn State Nittany Lions . National Hockey League games are also occasionally hosted here, and bring about an atmospheric excitement that must not be missed! There is also a separate rink on-site for public use, where you can twirl and skate to your hearts content.

Pegula Ice Arena

Never thought that spiders, dragonflies, or bees could be interesting? This riveting museum, tucked inside Penn State University is here to prove you wrong. An eminent research space, Frost Entomological Museum invites curious minds to understand and explore these arthropods up close and learn more about how theyre collected, researched, and classified. Even the most unsure visitors would be spellbound at the museums whopping collection of over a million arthropod specimens, which include aphids, damselflies, and dragonflies, among other vibrant and interesting insects. Visitors typically have access to two rooms that form part of the research space, where most of the displays are informatively mounted.

Frost Entomological Museum

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Helpful Things To Know About The Boalsburg Tavern

  • Really, the tavern has a personality. Did I mention it also has a parking lot, as well as outdoor seating?
  • If you park in the lot, look out for the roosters that are running around, that made my day!
  • Truly the feel of this tavern is the feel of the area and it is quaint, and cozy, with brick and stone-filled walls.
  • Theres a lot of seating and I imagine it gets very busy here.
  • Simply put, it is a stones throw to the Boals Mansion and the food is good!
  • Make sure while you are here, you walk around a bit to see all the rooms. Each room has its own personality and decor.

Pm Relax On Old Main Lawn

State College ~ Pennsylvania 2021

Sit back on Old Main. Bring a blanket and relax on their lawn while catching some sun rays. This is my favorite place to chill out on campus when the weather is nice. People are always out here hammocking, playing volleyball and having fun, said Penn State senior Anna Warren. As a student, we love that Penn State maintains its quads so we can unwind at in-between class or during the weekend.

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In The Penn State Area Why Not Start At Beaver Stadium

You dont have to love football to appreciate a famed college stadium and Beaver Stadium is a beloved piece of the PSU culture where its great football team and its rivalries go head to head on that natural grass field.

Big, bold, and confident, thats my description of Penn States Beaver Stadium what is yours?

As a special part of our time on the Penn State campus, we were fortunate enough to have a private tour of the stadium and Ive got to say football fan or not, this was incredible!

We got to go to the top and see outside and really enjoy the mammoth view of the famed Beaver Stadium, where PSU football puts rivalries to shame!

But it was not just Beaver Stadium that was captivating, albeit it was fabulous, the Penn State All-Sports Museum is also situated inside the Beaver Stadium and showcases the athletic talent of over 30+ sports all athletes of PSU!

Matson Museum Of Anthropology

The Matson Museum of Anthropology focuses on the cultural and biological diversity of humankind. Located on the second floor of Carpenter Building of the Penn State University Park campus, the museum displays a collection of archaeological objects from around the world, including Mexico, Mesopotamia, and Pennsylvania, and items used by contemporary cultures from Afghanistan and Latin America. The campus-based center for cultural education offers an array of exhibitions throughout the year, including a unique collection of one-hundred-year-old pottery made in villages around the world, and displays that explore human evolution by showcasing human skeletal remains and our ancestors bones. The Museum also offers educational tours and programs for visitors of all ages.

409 Carpenter Bldg., Curtin Rd, University Park, PA 16802, Phone: 814-865-3853

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Things To Do In State College In 24 Hours

The State of Pennsylvania stretches nearly 300 miles East to West. Right smack in the middle sits State College, home of Penn State University, Mount Nittany, the famous grilled stickies, the infamous strawberry waffle and more. State College is more than PSU, though. Over 40,000 residents call this college town their forever home. Stopping by or thinking of moving to this town? Youll find plenty of things to do in State College on and off Penn States campus.

Visit The Pennsylvania Military Museum

State College Webcam Page in State College, PA

Location: 51 Boal Ave., Boalsburg, PA 16827

Our local military museum is an honorable tribute to all of the soldiers who are currently serving and once served our country. Its a great place to learn about the history of the United States in a fun way. The museum usually hosts guided tours and special events for our community. Its a great spot to learn about our past in order to be well prepared for the future.

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Sampsel To Seek 3rd Term As Centre County Sheriff

Centre County Sheriff Bryan Sampsel.

Bryan Sampsel is running for a third term as Centre County sheriff in this years election, he said in a statement on Wednesday.

A Bellefonte resident, Sampsel will again seek the Republican nomination for the countys top law enforcement officer in the May primary. Sampsel began his career with the sheriffs office in 2003, working as a deputy and later sergeant before being elected sheriff in 2015. He ran unopposed for reelection in 2019.

I would again like to thank all the voters of Centre County for the opportunity to serve as your sheriff for the past seven plus years, Sampsel said. Im asking for your support again to continue to serve as sheriff of Centre County. We have had many accomplishments over the past several years and would embrace the opportunity to continue to move the office forward.

The main priority of the sheriffs office is serving the Court of Common Pleas. It has multiple functions, including service of civil process, protection from abuse and custody orders, eviction orders, warrants and inmate transports. It also provides security for the Centre County Courthouse, county-owned buildings and University Park Airport patrols the Snow Shoe Rails to Trails conducts sheriffs sales issues licenses to carry firearms enforces motor vehicle violations and supports other law enforcement agencies, among other duties.

The State Theatre State College Pennsylvania

The State Theatre is a 554-seat community theatre and cultural hub in State College that hosts live performances, cinema shows, music concerts, and more for downtown State College and the surrounding region. Originally built as a movie theatre for Warner Brothers Pictures in 1938, the building was used as a cinema until 2001 before being extensively refurbished and transformed into a state-of-the-art venue for visual arts and dance performances, film and theatre, concerts, and other regional and international shows. The non-profit community theater also offers a range of educational programs for students and children of all ages.

130 W College Ave, State College, PA 16801, Phone: 814-272-0606

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Visit: Palmer Museum Of Art At Penn State

Another great college Art Museum, The Palmer Museum of Art, is the largest art museum between Philly and Pittsburgh. The Palmer focuses on American Art from the 18th Century through today, with detours into 16th and 17th century French and Italian religious art, stoneware from around the world, and important glass pieces.

What is most compelling here, however, are the clever juxtapositions. A 1972 Botero rendering of a portly nun is mounted right beside Jeff Davies 1980 portrait of the beer-bellied Jerome Paul Witkin.

The most disturbing piece, at least to me, is upstairs in the William Hull Gallery. Its a bronze sculpture, created in 1933 by Jewish dentist-turned-artist, Seymour Lipton, called Lynched.

A dead black man in fetal position, mouth open, rope around his neck and hands bound behind him its a powerful statement on the sanctioned murder of Black men in the South. Woefully, Lipton fashioned while the practice was still going on. I couldnt tear myself away. Open Tues-Sat 10-4:30, Sun noon 4, also 6-9pm on Third Thursdays, free.

Check Out The Scenic Overlooks In Bald Eagle State Forest

Full Hotel Tour: Penn Stater Conference Ctr Hotel, State College, PA (2022 Take)

Bald Eagle State Forest in eastern Centre County is home to many great scenic overlooks, including many that you can drive right up to.

Of these, my two favorites are Bells Majestic View and Penns View, both of which offer incredible views to the north and can be reached without much difficulty.

Of course, these arent the only scenic overlooks youll find in this forest, and there are plenty more for adventurous travelers to find.

Note: My visit to Centre County was hosted by the Central Pennsylvania Convention and Visitor Bureau. However, the opinions expressed are my own.

Looking for more things to do in the area? Check out our favorite things to do in Blair County, PA.

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Pm Take Me Out To The Spikes Game

Corey Marfitt

Check out the old ball game while also supporting your local minor league team. The State College Spikes baseball team play all summer long with multiple games per week. They always have great beer specials, me and my friends love hanging out and relaxing while watching the baseball game, said local Alex Miller. Grab a hotdog and a beer as you look out to Mount Nittany from the stadium. The perfect summer night awaits at a Spikes game.

Golf In State College

Grab your golf clubs and hit the greens! Penn State Golf Courses deliver the very best the game has to offer, with the finest in course facilities an award-winning driving range with four practice putting greens, a bunker area, and 32 artificial driving range stalls an on-site clubhouse and cafe and personalized service. A favorite Central PA attraction, the golf courses at Penn State are just over five miles from our hotel.

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Visit The Palmer Museum Of Art

Location: Curtin Road, University Park, PA 16802

The Palmer Museum of Art has some of the finest art collections in Pennsylvania. Go out and enjoy the museums collection of over 8,850 objects from many cultures. You can also join the tours and learn about the rich cultures that contribute to the Palmer Museums exhibitions.

Visit: All Sports Museum At Beaver Stadium Penn State State College Pa

Downtown State College, PA ⢠Instagram: lapetitekatalex

I didnt go to Penn State. And I dont follow Penn State Football. But I admit to being impressed that Penn State has the second largest college stadium in the country at 106,500 seats, second only to U of Michigan, with 109,000 seats. And although I dont have much interest in sports, I gamely went to Beaver Stadium to check out the All Sports Museum. Im glad I did.

The stadium itself is imposing. But the museum swept me up in the fierce devotion, positive striving, and competitive spirit of the Blue and White. Exhibits are laid out sport by sport on two floors. Some displays offer interactive opportunities.

All Sports Museum Exhibits

I tried to lift a 100 lb. dummy and give a boxing bag my best shot in Wrestling and Boxing. And I read that the sport of rifle shooting originated in 1917 during WWI Student Army Training, and was invited to be a sharpshooter. The museum is a multi-media extravaganza of shouting crowds and clashing athletes playing on myriad screens. Its actually pretty exciting.

Not one sport is left out. Gymnastics, Fencing, Basketball, Volleyball, Swimming and Diving, Bowling, Ice Hockey, Field Hockey, Track and Field, Cross Country, Soccer, Lacrosse, Softball, Baseball, Golf, and of course Football are all represented.

The Sandusky scandal is glossed over, and Joe Paterno is lionized posthumously, which is to be expected in this rah-rah museum that accentuates the positive.

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Am Catch Your Breath At Websters Caf

Chill out after the hike at Websters Café. This local café overflows with stacks of records and books. Websters also serves great drinks and baked goods. On Sundays they whip up a vegan brunch with dishes like breakfast burritos, portabella pesto melts and vegan waffles and pancakes. Check out the events Websters hosts like poetry readings, Tango and LGBTQ+ nights.

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A thriving university town that is home to the reputed Penn State University, State College, also fondly known as âLion Countryâ, offers a diverse range of sights and experiences for visitors of all stripes. From its culturally vibrant downtown area to family-friendly attractions such as the Arboretum, or outdoor recreational areas and historic neighborhoods like University Park, this renowned college town has plenty of avenues for exploration. It is no wonder then that its rich history, charming districts, and exciting attractions make it one of the most striking places to visit in central Pennsylvania. If youre planning a trip here soon, do consider staying in one of the best Airbnb vacation rentals or hotels with pool. Read on to discover the top things to do in State College, Pennsylvania.

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Go: Pennsylvania Military Museum And Shrine To The 28th Infantry Division Boalsburg

Across the street from Boal Mansion, its easy to combine a visit here with a tour of the Boal Home and Chapel. Though small, this military museum is engaging and well designed, with a focus on the lesser-known WWI up to current military operations.

Begin by walking through a trench, and into rooms replete with jeeps and tanks. The park itself and its War Memorials are beautiful. And a walk around is a good way to pay your respects to our lost soldiers, and take in some fresh air. Open Wed-Sat 10-5, Sun 12-5, $6 adults, $4 kids.

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