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How To Start College As An Adult

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Clarify Requirements For Admission

Starting College as an Adult | MY STORY

Once youve decided on which schools to apply to, contact the Office of Admissions for clarification on specific program requirements. Some of the questions you might ask include:

  • Are there prerequisites required for my program or courses Im interested in?
  • Will professional experience be taken into consideration for admission?
  • Does my program require a portfolio?
  • Are there opportunities to meet with faculty members prior to admission?
  • Which standardized test scores are required?
  • Will previously completed courses transfer into the program?
  • Does the program accept rolling admissions, or are applications only considered once per year?
  • Is there an alternative admissions process for applicants over age 25?

This list could go on and on! Compose a list of questions and an admissions representative will assist in directing you to the appropriate person.

Create A Professional Resume

You probably already know this, but before you are able to land an interview, youre going to need a resume. Im sure you also noticed there are thousands of other students getting their degrees and hitting the job market. So, its important that you not only have a resume but that it highlights your skills, so you shine above the rest.

If you canmake your resume stand out, you will move through the application process more easily. The more you stand out, the closer you are to a job offer and a nice paycheck!

Thomas Edison State University

Thomas Edison State University is another educational institution that caters towards adult students. In fact, it is one of the oldest schools in the country that was designed specifically for older adults interested in pursuing higher education. They offer degrees in over 100 areas of study, such as Accounting, Cybersecurity, and Nonprofit Management. In addition, they boast an extremely high rate of student satisfaction. 95% of their 2017 undergraduates gave the University ratings of Excellent or Good. While they do have a campus located in New Jersey, students rarely visit as most of their coursework is completed online.

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Your Study Skills Can Be Brought Up To Speed

Although your study skills may be rusty at first, the adult learners we spoke with found that good study habits returned quicklyoften better than they had been in high school! As an adult, I was much more focused on learning and reaching my goals. I was also more open to researching new things, Ross says.

Bradley admits that it did take some time for him to get back into the school mindset, but it wasnt long before he found his footing. I took advantage of study groups with other students when I hit a wall in certain subjects, Bradley says. I really just had to dive in and commit to the learning process, even if it was different for me compared to someone younger.

Seeking out student resources, like peer tutoring or mentoring, can do wonders for getting you back up to speed. Theres no shame in seeking these out, eitheryoure investing the time, money and effort into an education, so follow through!

Exchange Work Experience For College Credits

Starting College as an Adult

Since the average college-aged student is an adult many colleges have started allowing adult learners to cash-in their work like experience in exchange for college credits. While there will be a cap on the amount of credits you can get you should most definitely see if there are ways for you to cash in on your current knowledge. has an in-depth article with five different ways to turn your experience into credits.

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Know That You Dont Have To Be Clever

You dont need to ask a deep or meaningful question. What you actually ask isnt important. You dont have to try to come off as unique or smart in your first interaction. The best conversation starters are usually simple.

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A recommendation

If you want to improve your social skills, self-confidence, and ability to connect with someone, you can take our 1-minute quiz.

Youll get a 100% free custom report with the areas you need to improve.

Asking a question is a way to signal that youre friendly and open to social interaction.

In reality, small talk is often mundane, and people are OK with that. Small talk is just a warm-up for more interesting conversation.

Figure Out The Financing

College costs can be painfully high for older students, but some schools help more than others. Institutions such as UC Riverside, for example, offer scholarships specifically for students returning to college, while others offer generous grants for transfer students, student-parents or part-timers. Older enrollees might also be eligible for aid through federal and state governments, private organizations and their respective colleges.

“You want to get a full financial aid package from the college you’re considering and get answers on how much this is going to cost you per semester, per year until you complete the degree,” Alexander Ott says.

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Looking Back To Look Forward

Once youve decided on a college or university, the next step is to document where youve been and what youve already accomplished its time to get your transcripts together. While that sounds simple, it often isnt.

Sometimes that process takes a while, Beltran says. That includes high-school transcripts and any college courses or transcripts.

Admissions advisors like Beltran can often find hidden gems in a transcript that can provide a head start toward finishing a degree. Things like AP classes and success on the CLEP test can give you college credit for what youve already accomplished.

We dont want you to lose out on what youre entitled to, she says.

Focus On What Matters


Mark Manson wrote a book titled The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck, which leads many to believe its about not caring about anything. This could not be further from the truth.

The one thing you have to realize is that there will always be both negative and positive things in your life, but you can control which ones affect you.

Yes, you have the ability to care about what matters. Its as simple as it sounds. Take a look at your past, present and future. How many times have you wasted your energy on something that in the end didnt matter?

The truth is that we shouldnt care about everything. We shouldnt care about certain things like what our old classmates think of us, or what people say about us on social media or get annoyed by the co-worker who talks behind our back.

In the end, youll never be able to win in all aspects of your life and you cant focus your energy on everything.

You cant be an important and life-changing presence for some people without also being a joke and an embarrassment to others.

What you can do is prioritize. What really matters to you? What do you care about? Block out everything else and focus on what you should care about. Take a look at this guide and learn more about prioritization: The Ultimate Guide to Prioritizing Your Work And Life

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How To Start A Journal For Personal Growth: A Beginners Guide To Journaling

Hey love,Lets talk about how you can start a journal.You probably remember the time when you were young and had a Dear Diary- style Journal in which you would write about your dreams, your crush and your biggest secrets. 16 years forward I found back to journaling and I never knew that it would be this AMAZING and POWERFUL. There is so much more to journaling than the typical dear diary style and I wish more people knew about it. Thats why Im going to share with you how to start a journal + make it your favorite personal growth tool.

Going Back To College After : The New Normal

By Laurie Quinn, Next Avenue Contributor

Now that college commencement season 2018 is in the books, it’s easy to picture an empty campus quad with ivy-clad buildings awaiting a new batch of eager young learners this fall. But many of this years graduates didnt fit this profile.

Take Mike, for example a student at Champlain College . He recently completed a bachelors degree in integrated studies and is in his early 60s. Mike had a successful 30-year tech career, despite having earlier ended college at an associate degree. When his employer, a multinational telecommunications company, announced new technology initiatives and began encouraging its workforce to upskill in key areas like cybersecurity, Mike realized he needed to finally get his bachelors degree to remain competitive. Taking advantage of his employers partnership with our schools online curriculum, he enrolled in his first cybersecurity course three years later, Mike graduated with a bachelors and an in-demand, up-to-date technology skill set.

Adult Learners: The Majority of Degree Seekers

You may be surprised to learn that adult students like Mike are now the majority of degree seekers in the U.S.

Also on Forbes:

Sometimes the joy of learning itself motivates an adult to enroll in college, but often theres a practical payoff, too. Even in your 50s or 60s, there can be a significant economic upside to earning, or completing, that college degree.

4 Reasons People 50+ Are Going Back to School

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Get A Credit Card And Pay It Off

Its never too early to start working on building your credit. After all, you will need a good credit score when you try to finance a car or buy a home later on in your life.

Find a low-interest credit card, maybe even one with no annual fee, and make some small purchases on it that you can pay off every month.

Just make sure youreusing your card wisely, and not going into unnecessary debt.

Study A Balance Of The Four Key Skills

What is Liberal Adult Education?

Most students want to communicate better in English. If this is one of your goals, it is important to study a balance of the four major skills. Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing are the main skills you need to communicate in any language. Being very good at only one of these skills will not help you to communicate. For example you need to be able to read well before you can write well. You also need to be able to listen before you can speak. It helps to think of these communicative skills in two groups.

  • INput < < <

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Smart Choices Your First Few Months Can Lead To An Easier Year

  • Email
  • M.Ed., Higher Education Administration, Harvard University
  • B.A., English and Comparative Literary Studies, Occidental College

With so many options available for college students, knowing how to make wise choices becomes critical for success. These eight tips can help set you up for a strong first-year experience.

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You Have Clear Career Goals

One of the most overlooked benefits of enrolling in college as an adult is that you have a stronger sense of what you hope to achieve with your degree. Many people I know who go to college at a young age usually get degrees they regret or dont use, says Ashleah Merritt Hudson, a writer and editor who started college at age 30. Going to college later in life, I believe I had a better idea of what I truly wanted out of life.

Unlike younger students, who may be attending college without a clear sense of their career goals, most adult learners can confidently point to a specific career path or area of knowledge they hope to grow in. Drake agrees, sharing that her focus allowed her to take more classes she was truly interested in and that were relevant to her career goals rather than taking random courses just to meet credit requirements.

Professional Certifications Or Trade Certifications Require More Commitment

WELCOME TO MY CHANNEL | How to Start Your Life after College and Transition into Adult Life

Certifications often qualify you to perform a particular job. Theyre used in technical, medical, and education fields, for instance. They may lead to state and national licensure if needed. These are great options to advance or fill a niche in your field. If you know a certain subspecialty has lots of job openings, getting your certification in that area can give you a leg up with employers.

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How To Stay Consistent With Journaling

If you have always wanted to keep a journal but struggled with making it a consistent habit, these tips are for you:

  • Implement journaling into routine and try to journal around the same time . Put it in your calendar and set yourself a timer for 3 weeks. After sticking to it for three weeks, it will become a habit.
  • Pick your journaling format: Decide on what kind of journaling style you want to do and stick to it for a while. After having established one technique, you can still add more.

Flexible Programs Can Help You Manage The Time Commitment

Its no secret most 18-year-olds have less on their plates than older students, so its only natural if youre a little worried about adding education into the mix of responsibilities you must balance. One of Melissa Drakes biggest concerns before enrolling in a degree program was how she would manage her time as a student, single mom and full-time employee. I wondered if I’d really be able to manage my time well enough to perform in all areas that were required, Drake says.

It can feel like a balancing act to make time for family, work and education. However, with the right type of degree program, making space for all your responsibilities can be a lot easier. Drake chose a program that focused on working adults, allowing her the flexibility she needed to complete her studies without neglecting family and work.

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Keep The Contact Warm By Sending Easy To Digest Texts

This doesnt apply to everyone, but MOST people dont like to make neverending small talk over text or chat.

Rather than trying to keep a long conversation going online, message people as a way to keep the connection going until you can meet up.

Article continues below.

You can do that by sending memes, interesting links, or songs you know someone might like. If youre talking on WhatsApp, you can send them audio messages to mix things up, but keep them short.

Heres my text conversation with a friend. As you can see, it contains almost no small talk, only easy-to-digest fun links.

English As A Second Language

6 Tips for Adults Returning to College

If youre interested in learning how to read, write and speak English, Chaffey Colleges English as a Second Language program can help. Our program serves a wide variety of people including:

  • International students
  • People who have learned some English in another country and wish to continue learning here
  • People who have been living in the U.S. for decades and speak English, but want to improve their writing and speaking skills
  • People who want a job that requires stronger language skills
  • People who would like to take ESL as the first step in pursuit of a college degree or certificate


Step One: Apply Step Two: Choose a ClassStep Three: RegisterStep Four: Wait for Classes to Start

Need Help?

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Get Contact Information And Follow Up

If your conversation has gone well and it feels natural to exchange contact information, consider exchanging business cards or simply offering your email. This way, you can follow up explaining that it was a pleasure to meet them and that you are happy to continue the conversation as it makes sense. Draw on specific details from your chat to let them know you paid attention and valued meeting them.

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