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What To Bring To College Dorm Checklist

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Inexpensive Soft Sheets Duvet And Duvet Cover


Soft sheets and a washable duvet and cover will go a long way toward making your dorm room and your dorm bed feel more like home. The inexpensive sheets will be easy to care for and you wont feel too bad if you spill coffee or something on them. The duvet and duvet cover give you a comfy way to have the luxury of a comforter while still being extremely easy to clean .

What To Bring To College: The Importance Of Organization

Before we introduce our ultimate college packing list, it’s critical that you understand the overall importance of organization regarding what to bring to college.

You’ll notice the word storage on our college packing list that’s because living in a small space means it’s more important than ever to stay organized.

You can start your organizational system before you even move. Start by labeling all the boxes or storage containers you’re bringing with you to college. Label makers are great, but duct tape and a sharpie work just fine as well. You don’t want to be searching for your charger on your first night in your dorm because you can’t remember which box you threw it in.

One-up this strategy by packing your dorm items as they’ll be stored once in your room. If you have a bedside rolling cart, for example, put the items in that cart that will be there once you move in. You’ll save yourself a bit of unpacking and know exactly where your stuff is when you need it.

Some things that are college-specific can be packed in advance, but you’ll probably wait to decide what clothes to bring with you. Packing your clothes last is actually a great idea. Make a day of it! Chances are that you can stand to donate some items, and you’ll have to decide carefully what to bring to college and your dorm. Clothes will also be the last thing you unpack once you’re moved in, since you’ll want to take some time to organize.

Items To Check With Your Roommate

There are several things that you may want to share with your roommate. If you are moving into a traditional dorm room, where two or more students share a bedroom, there will be limited space so check space availability in order to be respectful to your new roommate. Things you may want to share with your roommate include: TV, mini fridge, fan or heater, rug, microwave, coffee pot, and cleaning supplies.

If you have a larger, shared space, such as a shared apartment or home, you will share common furniture and likely most kitchen items. Check with everyone on who is bringing what so you dont come in with doubles. Extra tip: Make a list for yourself of all the things you brought into the dorm or apartment so there isnt any confusion at move out.

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Laundry & Cleaning Supplies

Youâre a young adult now– itâs time to clean up after yourself. Momâs not there to do it for you! Donât let clutter and dirt make your dorm room a place you canât stand to occupy!

Most dorm rooms have bare floors that arenât carpeted. A broom and dustpan and a Swiffer Sweeper– or a knockoff brand– will keep your floor spic and span. A waste basket and trash can liners are necessary, and donât forget antibacterial wipes to keep germs at bay!

Youâre the only one responsible for doing your laundry, too. Stock up on detergent and dryer sheets– and if you use it, fabric softener– and remember to stock up on quarters or load money onto your laundry account. Check with Resident Life to see how to pay for your laundry. Have a drying rack with you too– it can save money on the drier, and youâll need it to preserve your delicates! Itâs also not a bad idea to include an iron and a mini ironing board, but check to see if your dormâs laundry room has these first. Again, itâs a simple call to Res Life or a click on the website to check before move-in day!

And remember basic cleaning products like disinfectant wipes and glass cleaner for your furniture and mirrors. No sense in spreading germs or trying to see your reflection through dust and grime! Overall, we recommend grabbing these laundry and cleaning essentials:

  • Laundry bag/basket

New For The 20202021 School Year

What to Bring to College? (Detailed Packing List for 2020 ...

All SEU community members and visitors are required to wear masks when physical distancing is not possible , particularly when indoors.

When moving in, all students receive a welcome package that will include a face mask, a thermometer, and other items to assist in promoting a healthy community and individual responsibility. Please also plan to bring your own washable, reusable face masks so that youll always have extras on-hand. A UV disinfecting box or wand is also highly recommended, and although we will have hand sanitizer available throughout campus, its a great idea to carry some with you as well. Visit our Back to SEU page for all of our precautions that promote a healthy campus.

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What Not To Bring To College

Now you know what to bring to college, but what about what not to bring?

This is all:

Stuff to bring to college that you can get along just fine without. Or at the very least, I suggest waiting until youre moved in to get these things.

Now, of course:

What not to bring to college is a subjective topic. I strove for my ultimate college packing list to be inclusive, but everyone is different.

This list is just here to give you some general guidelines.

Here are items that students often dont end up needing/using, or even cant have at college:

Textbooks An excessive amount of decorative pillows Dishes & utensils

Some of what to bring to college was listed in earlier sections and thats because some items are debatable. Some students might want to have them and some will find them completely unnecessary.

It all just depends on preferences and lifestyle.

If you want to know WHY Im suggesting leaving these things off of your college freshman checklist, read on below.

The reasoning for skipping this stuff


Of all the freshman mistakes there are to make, buying textbooks ahead of time is the biggest one youll want to avoid.

Textbooks are not required on the first day of class. Go to class first to find out which ones youll actually need for each course.

And at all costs, DONT pay full sticker price at the campus bookstore. Textbooks can always be found for cheaper elsewhere.

Window AC Units

Plain and simple, these are almost always not permitted in dorms.


Clothing Shoes And Accessories

Youre obviously not going to forget to pack clothes. However, since you dont really know what to expect its very common to forget specific types of clothing or not realize you might need a certain type of outfit for your program or an event until its too late. For example, a typical college student wears comfortable clothes to class so you may prioritize your yoga pants and sweats, but you may not realize that youll need a nicer outfit for presentations, interviews, and other more formal situations.

Here are the essentials that should be on your dorm room checklist for clothing and accessories:

Clothing and footwear:

Body towels

Mini sewing kit

Lint rollers

In an apartment-style residence, youll have a bit more privacy with more utilities in your apartment. However, while youve got some extra space, this also means youll be responsible for cleaning and stocking your washroom and common areas. Some extra dorm essentials youll need for that include:

Hand towels

Shower mat

Shower curtain and rings

Washroom trash can

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How Should I Pack My Clothes For College

Ultimate College Dorm Room Packing List | What to Bring to College Dorm Room | Clemson University

Its best to settle for enough clothing to get through one or two seasons at a time. When returning home for winter break or another occasion as the season changes, you can take some clothes back and exchange them for others. You may want to consider bringing some formal wear in the event of a job fair, networking opportunity, or a job interview. You can also start by packing some neutral-colored clothes to make coordination easier. If you exercise or use a gym, dont forget to bring some workout clothes.

Pro Tip:

If you know how to sew, bringing a small sewing kit can help you patch up clothes in an emergency.

Another way to make unpacking easier is to leave all your clothes on their hangers when youre packing. Once youre in your room, you will be able to simply remove them from the box and hang them in your closet. This also means you dont have to put hangers separately on your college packing list! If you dont have boxes that are big enough to hold your clothes and their hangers, you can use a large bag such as a garbage bag, with the hanger hooks poking out of the top. Using bags to carry clothing may also be best to keep dress shirts and slacks from creasing.

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Dorm Essentials: A Freshmans Dorm Checklist

College freshmen face the difficult task of transporting their entire lives to college dorms. Find out what you should bring and what you should leave at home.

College is often the first major move in a teens life. It can be difficult deciding what to bring and what to leave at home. To help you get organized, make a college checklist of various categories that will help you decide what you really need, and what will go untouched if you bring it to college.

In a small dorm room, its important to minimize clutter and keep the essentials handy while storing away items you wont use daily.

Also, if you know your roommate, it may help to check with them to find out which things they are planning on bringing. After all, in a crowded dorm room, do you really need two printers?

What Is It Like Living In A Dorm

Dorm life varies from school to school and even building to building. Definitely expect less privacy than what you get from living at home, and to get frustrated living in such close quarters with strangers. At the same time, in your freshman dorm youll likely meet your best friends! Youll experience more fun and camaraderie than you ever expected.

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Before You Pack: Understanding The Realities Of Dorm Life

Traditional dorms are singles or doubles, with some triples or quads, and students share a communal bathroom and living area. Some students live in suites or apartments during college, in which they share a bathroom and common living space with a few roommates. Shared bathrooms are a major adjustment for a lot of students, so as you get ready to move into your dorm, think about what will make you most comfortable in these shared spaces.

Most four-year colleges have dining halls and meal plans. Dining halls offer some wonderful, well-balanced options, but they aren’t open all the time and don’t always cater to students’ dietary needs as best as they can. Make sure to have ways to eat and prepare food in your room from the get-go. You’ll be in need of plenty of late-night snacks and meals!

You’re going to spend lots of time around other people and in shared spaces. The best thing to do is to be prepared and make sure you’re being conscientious about your living space and what you need to be comfortable and happy.

For better or worse, this is your home for the next four years. You can never be too prepared! Anything in college is possible, and a lot of craziness will happen. Deciding what to bring to college is challenging, but hopefully this college packing list will get you off to a great start so you can enjoy one of the best times of your life in comfort.

Ultimate College Packing List For The 2020

The Ultimate Packing List for College

Packing for college may seem challenging or overwhelming, especially if youre moving far from home. But knowing how to approach the packing process with a college packing list will make packing far less stressful. Knowing what to pack well beforehand can also help you stay within your available student budget. The following guide will provide some advice on how to pack efficiently and what you should include. Use this ultimate college packing checklist as you pack for the next chapter of your life.

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What Not To Take To College

2) Expensive jewelry Trust me, youll lose it at a bar or frat party.

3) Excessive dorm decor Definitely make your room comfortable, but dont go overboard and waste your money on too much decoration. Save your money for more useful things, like plane tickets for spring break!

4) Too many clothes Bring only what you think youll actually wear. Youll end up sharing basically everything in your closet with your hall-mates anyway.


Final Thoughts On What Stuff To Bring To College

I believe that solves the mystery of what to bring to college!

I covered just about everything that should be considered when creating your own college freshman checklist, and even what not to bring college.

But, if youre worried about forgetting something important when move-in day rolls around

I made a printable version to help keep it all fresh in your mind. Download the college pack list PDF below!

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How To Pack For College: Your Ultimate Dorm Checklist For 2021

If you’re moving to campus for the upcoming semester, you’re probably wondering what you should pack and what you should leave at home. And with COVID still impacting some opening plans, there a few additional things you might want to bring, just in case.

We’ve got you covered. In this checklist, we’ll tell you everything you’ll need and want your first year in a dorm. Scroll down to view to items by category, including a special COVID section.

What To Bring To University: Dorm Room Checklist

What To Bring To Your College Dorm | Packing List

If you think watching your baby go off to kindergarten is hard, imagine sending them off to college or university.

No, waitdont imagine it. Take deep breaths.

Its exciting but nerve-wracking sending your child out into the world on their own. Making sure they are prepared can help. But what do they need anyway? Heres a checklist to make sure you have the essentials.

Studying, sleeping, hostingyoull be spending a lot of time here, so get cozy.

Bed linen

Get some cute sheets, a comfy bedspread, and a good pillow to support that brain as it grows with knowledge. A mattress protector isnt a bad idea either.

Clothes hangers

Neaten up their closet with plenty of hangers.

Desk lamp

Save your babies eyeballs when theyre churning out their last-minute paper on feminist theory. We love this neon IKEA desk lamp and yes, there will be many IKEA runs in your near future.


Not absolutely essential but a good idea if you have a spare or dont have a communal area.

Storage options

Versatile storage or space saver items are a hot commodity. Raising the bed on risers or milk crates create much needed extra storage space.

Alarm clock

This, in addition to their phone alarm, isnt a bad plan


This is a must if the dorm is not air conditioned.


Add a little personality to their room with a favourite poster or print. Or keep homesickness at bay with a photo of the pet dog.

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Checklist: What To Bring To College And What To Leave At Home

As if planning your academic future isn’t enough pressure, odds are your freshman year at college will also be your first time away from home. Everyone from big box stores to relatives and friends wants to tell you what to bring, but do you really need bed risers or your goldfish?

Coordinate with your roommate to eliminate overlap , then stock up with this real-life list of things to bring to college.

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