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What Is The Best College For Architectural Engineering

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Illinois Institute Of Technology

What is Architectural Engineering?


Score: 86.10

A small private research university, the Illinois Institute of Technology is located in Chicago, IL, and traces its history back into the 19th century. The College of Architecture at IIT offers a Bachelor of Architecture. The degree requires five years to complete and includes both studio design classes, as well as a rigorous curriculum of theory and history.

Classes in the program include Site Design, Planning, and Ecology, Digital Form Generation, and Digital Fabrication. During the fifth year, students also participate in an Interprofessional Project, which is generally comprised of a team of 10-12 students who work collaboratively on a project. The Architecture program at IIT is at the heart of the institution, so there are numerous co-curricular events, organizations, and other opportunities to enhance the educational experience and prepare graduates to work in the field of architecture.

Net Price: $26,324
Score: 86.83

Tulane University is a mid-sized private research university located in the beautiful city of New Orleans, LA. The Tulane School of Architecture offers a Bachelor of Architecture degree. In keeping with industry standards, the degree takes five years to complete. The curriculum is designed to incrementally increase student knowledge and know-how as individuals progress.

Net Price: $33,886

How Does The Application Process Differ

If youre applying to Architectural Engineering or Civil Engineering, youll need to take high school chemistry. Architecture does not have this requirement. Architecture requires an interview and portfolio of creative work while Architectural Engineering and Civil Engineering dont. If you apply to Architectural Engineering or Civil Engineering, youll have the opportunity to complete an optional online interview. Evidence of design and creative skills and interests will be considered an asset in Architectural Engineering much more than it would be in Civil Engineering.

Architectural Engineering Courses: Faqs

Ques. What is the minimum eligibility to take admission in architectural engineering courses?

Ans. The minimum eligibility to take admission in certificate level courses is class X from a recognized board. For the diploma courses it is class XII from science with 50% marks. For a PG diploma course, you must have to pass the undergraduate degree in architectural engineering. And for the bachelor level course the eligibility is class XII with physics, chemistry and mathematics. For the post-graduate course the eligibility criteria is bachelor in architectural engineering from a recognized university.

Ques. Can I do a masters in architectural engineering course without having a bachelor degree in the course?

Ans. No, You must have to be an undergraduate degree holder in the course for pursuing the masters degree in the course.

Ques. What is the average fee for the bachelor in architectural engineering course?

Ans. The average course fee for bachelor architectural engineering course is INR 90,000 to 500,000.

Ques. Which are the best institutes for the bachelor architectural engineering course?

Ans. The best institutes for the course are Lovely Professional University, IIT Kharagpur, NIT Tiruchirappalli, Chandigarh University, Jadavpur University.

Ques. Can I do a PG diploma in an architectural engineering course after passing class XII?

Ans. No. You must have to be a graduate in architectural engineering to earn a PG Diploma in architectural engineering course.

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University Of Oregon College Of Design

Founded in 1914, the University of Oregons College of Design is dedicated to advancing the understanding, value, and quality of visual culture and the built, natural, and social environments through excellent and distinctive teaching, research, and creative endeavors. The college offers undergraduate and graduate accredited degrees in Eugene, nestled in the lush Willamette Valley, and at the historic White Stag Block, University of Oregons hub of activity, discussion, and engagement in Portland.

Grounded in a unique multidisciplinary structure, the College of Design is a diverse, collegial learning community of students, faculty, and staff. The colleges academic programs include architecture interior architecture landscape architecture historic preservation art product design sports product design art and technology history of art and architecture and planning, public policy and management.

The College of Design is committed to the principles of civic responsibility, environmental sustainability, international understanding, and interdisciplinary education. We provide the skills and mentorship needed for our students to tackle complex global challenges and positively affect the people, communities, and environments around them.

Eugene, OR 97403

Lawrence Technological University College Of Architecture And Design

Best Architectural Engineering Degrees

Lawrence Technological University frequently referred to as Lawrence Tech is a private university located in Southfield, United States. It offers both undergraduate and graduate studies program & completes your undergraduate and masters studies in just five years Master of Science in Architectural Engineering. Its architectural engineering program is one of only a few in the nation specifically designed to develop your knowledge, skills, and experience in sustainable building design and systems engineering and integration. The programs emphasize investigation and collaboration through courses that address relationships among the disciplines, including design, technology, the sciences, and the humanities.

Founded In: 1932Tuition & Fees Approximately: 30,300 USDFinance and Admission Office Contact: +1 248-204-4000Website:

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Diploma And Pg Diploma Architectural Engineering Courses

Diploma course in Architectural Engineering course eligibility criteria is 12th or equivalent to it in science with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. And for PG Diploma in Architectural Engineering course, the eligibility criterion is to graduate in an Architectural Engineering course from a recognized university.

  • The Diploma course takes 1- 3 years duration to complete the course and PG Diploma course takes 1- 2 year to complete the course.
  • Diploma and PG Diploma courses help the students learn the course in a broad way.
  • The course covers the topics are: civil draftsman & architecture, business communication, construction project management, structural engineering, designing, concrete technology, etc.

The average salary after diploma and PG diploma courses is approx. INR 3-6 lakh per annum.

University Of Southern California


Score: 93

The University of Southern California is a well-known and highly respected sizeable private research university located in Los Angeles, CA. The USC School of Architecture offers a Bachelor of Architecture degree. The program at USC is designed as a professional degree and is five years in duration.

The first three years are dedicated to grounding students in the broader theory and practice of the discipline. During this time, students take classes like World History of Architecture and Building Structures and Seismic Design. During the last two years, students explore their areas of interest, which culminates in a final project.

Net Price: $32,892

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Cooper Union New York Ny

Cooper Union has been training the nation’s top architects for more than 150 years, so students can rest assured that they’ll be getting a great education here. Cooper Union does this through specializing in art, architecture, and engineering .

Because they focus on a narrow set of interrelated disciplines, Cooper Union offers its students a rigorous, in-depth course of study that teaches architecture as a combination of technical skill, cultural awareness, artistry, and technological advancement.

How Do You Like The Rest Of The School

What is Architectural Engineering?

Even though you’re an architecture major, you won’t be attending the architecture program in a bubble, so it’s important to learn about the rest of the school. Look into what the dorms are like, what clubs and organizations the school offers, and what things there are to do off campus. Taking a tour of the school can also help you get a good idea of whether the school is right for you.

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Suny College Of Technology Alfred Ny

The Architecture Department in Suny College of Technology offers a five-year professional B. Architecture degree, Associate of Applied Science in interior design, and a BSc in architectural technology.

These degrees are made to serve the changing demands in the architectural profession. The Associate of Applied Science degree in interior design gives learners a basic understanding of entry-level jobs. The faculty, the scholars, and the courses reinforced the departments insistence on making great design for social good.

And this is what ranks it among the best architecture schools in the world. The departments main aim is teaching instructions, which make crucial life-long connections with learners and have an effective expert influence.

Professors come carrying a combination of advanced architectural education, practical experience, expert credentials, and academic inquiry into the lecture halls, making them distinctly competent to train scholars in production, design, and poetics of construction.

Plus, all features of construction tech and sustainable building practices are incorporated into the courses design studio series via the BIM computer program found in the digital fabrication continuum.

This enables learners to make artistic designs grounded and sound in the realities of specialized practice thus, preparing them well for the needs of the place of work.

Associates Degree In Architecture

An associate degreeâs in architecture is a 2-year program that is intended to help you earn credits for a bachelorâs degree or prepare you for entry-level careers in drafting and similar architectural fields. Associateâs degrees are widely available through community colleges, universities, and technical schools. A high school diploma or GED is required to apply.

Itâs important to remember that you cannot become a licensed architect without a BArch or higher. If youâre hoping to transition to a BArch, make sure your associate degree credits will be transferable to the NAAB-accredited program of your choice.

Degree Options

  • Associate of Science in Architecture: Often includes the same science, technology, and engineering courses covered in the first years of a BS or BArch. A common choice for those interested in a bachelorâs degree.
  • Associate of Applied Science : Often includes a specialty such as architectural engineering technology, architectural engineering drafting, or a similar field. A common choice for those who wish to go straight into the workforce after graduation.

Typical Coursework

Career Options

Although you wonât be able to practice as an architect with an associateâs degree, you may be able to find entry-level work with architectural firms and companies that provide engineering services. These kinds of jobs can help you save for the next step in your education. Common titles include:

  • Architectural assistant
  • Building contractor

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What Degree Do I Need To Become A Registered & Licensed Architect

If youâre intent on becoming a licensed architect, you have a variety of choices.

Professional Degree Paths

The most direct route to becoming an architect is to pursue a professional degree in architecture that has been accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board . The curricula for these programs is usually heavily focused on practical coursework, theory, and architectural practice. There are 3 major types of professional architecture degrees:

University Of Notre Dame

UWE, Bristolâs new School of Engineering


Score: 84.69

The University of Notre Dame is a well-known mid-sized private Roman Catholic research institution of higher education. UND offers a Bachelor of Architecture through the School of Architecture. The program is five years long, and each year is specifically designed to incrementally develop skills and increase student knowledge base.

The program at UND includes three different concentrations which students can choose from Preservation and Restoration, Furniture Design, and Architectural Practice and Enterprise. The School of Architecture has several research areas that faculty and students engage, including Architectural History and Theory, Health and the Built Environment, and Urbanism and Housing.

Net Price: $27,453
Score: 84.71

With one campus that straddles the Mississippi River in Minneapolis and another located in a rustic area of St. Paul, the University of Minnesota is a large public research university. The School of Architecture offers a Bachelor of Science in Architecture for interested individuals. The degree is designed as a pre-professional program which exposes students to both theory and practice.

Net Price: $16,808
Score: 85.98
Net Price: $30,784

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Why Choose The Architectural Engineering Design Program

Creating designs and seeing them take shape, jumping from two-dimensional images to three-dimensional layouts? The Architectural Engineering Design program focuses on Computer-Aided Design software used in the design/construction industry, which is enhanced by hand drafting, engineering, design standards, building codes, cost estimating, team planning and much, much more.

Employment opportunities utilizing these skills are vast and varied. If you love drawing, visualizing and laying out designs and concepts for buildings, this program and career path might be the perfect fit.

The University Of Western Ontario

Located in Londons e suburban city in Ontarios province is the University of Western Ontario , also known as Western University. It is one of Canadas best research universities in neuroscience, health sciences, wind engineering, and lots more.

Undergraduates at the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Western Ontario, also known as Western University, are offered nine study programs with an Accelerated Masters Program.

This program enables students to complete graduate courses, and at the same time, meet the prerequisite for a bachelors degree.

The above implies that in just one year after completing a bachelors in Waterloo, students can complete a master of Engineering science degree.

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What To Expect From An Architectural Technician Career

The architecture industry is constantly evolving as advancing technology and modern developments lead to new and exciting design and construction opportunities. Architectural technicians play a vital role in the industry, working alongside architectural professionals to plan and execute sophisticated residential and commercial designs. Architecture programs at Ontario colleges train students to enter this progressive field, with practical skills and advanced training with the latest architectural technology.

If youre interested in designing and planning buildings and want to start a career in the architectural field, heres what you need to know.

Find Graduate Schools Near You

What is Architectural Engineering?

Our free school finder matches students with accredited graduate schools across the U.S. provides higher-education, college and university, degree, program, career, salary, and other helpful information to students, faculty, institutions, and other internet audiences. Presented information and data are subject to change. Inclusion on this website does not imply or represent a direct relationship with the company, school, or brand. Information, though believed correct at time of publication, may not be correct, and no warranty is provided. Contact the schools to verify any information before relying on it. Financial aid may be available for those who qualify. The displayed options may include sponsored or recommended results, not necessarily based on your preferences.

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All About Architectural Engineering

Co-op: CMTA

Architectural engineering is not a very common major in fact, outside the University of Cincinnati, its only offered at 26 other colleges in the country. It combines all aspects of construction and building design into one major that gives you the option of doing what you want within buildings.

Cooper Union For The Advancement Of Science And Art New York Ny

Cooper Union has produced some of the countrys top architects for more than fifteen decades. Hence, scholars can rest assured that they will get a great education here since they are schooling in an institution ranked among the best architecture schools in the country.

The institution does this by specializing in engineering, architecture, and art. Since they concentrate on a slim set of interconnected disciplines, Cooper Union presents its apprentices with a comprehensive program of study, which teaches architecture as a blend of artistry, technological improvement, technical expertise, and cultural awareness.

The Institutions School of Architecture offers a five-year course culminating in a B. Architecture degree. The program is meticulously structured to aid the learners in grasping the principles of architecture and analyze program, site, and building tech in a wide-ranging and cohesive curriculum.

The design series evolves from an introduction to the fundamental elements to sophisticated established design challenges within an urban framework, ending in a year-long report, which showcases the learners ability to produce an all-inclusive comprehension of impressive architecture in society.

The programs theory, both past and present, is analyzed via the close analysis of crucial texts. It is linked to the theory and practice of other arts, including video, film, and public art.

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Finding The Best Architectural Engineering School For You

Best Colleges For Architectural Engineering

Architectural Engineering is the #215 most popular major in the country with 247 degrees and certificates awarded in 2018-2019.

It’s not easy to decide which program to enroll in when you have so many options available. Along with traditional schools that require in-person attendence, you can attend one of many reputable online schools. Some programs even offer a hybrid experience. Alternatively, you may choose a trade school that prepares you to enter the workforce with knowledge in a specific field.

The Best Architectural Engineering Schools ranking is one of many tools that Grad Degree Search has developed to help you make your educational decision. Our analysis looked at 12 schools in the United States to see which programs offered the best educational experiences for students.

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Best Architectural Engineering Technology Schools

College Factual looked at 43 colleges and universities when compiling its 2022 Best Architectural Engineering Technology Schools ranking. Combined, these schools handed out 1,336 degrees in architectural engineering technology to qualified students.

Jump to one of the following sections: * Degree-Level Rankings

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