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What Degrees Do Community Colleges Offer

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New bill allows community colleges to offer 4-year degrees
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  • Bellevue College In Bellevue

    Bellevue College in Bellevue, Washington, offers an entirely online, self-paced education program in real estate to prepare students for the Washington Real Estate Licensing Exam. Courses are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and offer experienced real estate professionals to provide feedback and answer questions throughout the course. Students do not need to be enrolled in the college to take these courses, but will need to pay a fee per course they wish to take. Students are also offered assistance in studying for the state exam. Courses offered range from fundamentals, practices, appraising, and appraisal procedures.

    Common Areas Of Study For An Associate Degree

    When you select a major for your online associate degree program, you make an important decision concerning the subject areas you will explore during your time in school. In fact, this decision could influence which bachelor’s programs you can transfer into once you’ve completed your two-year degree. And, of course, your major affects the jobs you may qualify for in the future.

    Below are a few of the most common majors within community college online programs:

    This major covers a range of topics related to the business world, including management, sales, marketing, accounting, and organizational structures. Students also learn how to apply their newly acquired skills in a practical setting, while preparing themselves to move seamlessly into a four-year business program.

    These programs provide a comprehensive introduction to the healthcare sector for students who typically go on to engage in more focused health services bachelor’s degree programs. Students take courses across the sciences, along with those pertaining to research, clinical procedures, and various healthcare professions.

    Students in these online associate degree programs learn about theories and practice in teaching and learning, along with basic educational psychology. They also learn how to plan lessons, contribute to the social and academic growth of students, and manage school health and safety issues. Many students later enroll in four-year elementary or secondary education programs.

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    Who Goes To Community College

    Of all undergraduate students in the United States, 40% attend community colleges. Theyre a sensible choice for those who dont want to or cannot leave their state to attend school, and many students work full- or part-time jobs during their enrollment. Some adults go back to school to change careers or seek to advance in their current field and need a degree or certificate to accomplish their goals.

    Demographics differ by state and region, but the general enrollment demographics are:

    • 7% Asian

    Additionally, 37% of community college students had a yearly income of less than $20,000.

    Snead State Community College

    Do Community Colleges Offer 4
    • Annual Tuition: $3,483

    Snead State Community College offers 100% online associate degrees in business, elementary education, and pre-nursing. Most coursework for these programs is delivered through the Blackboard system. Although face-to-face meetings are not required, some courses may require exam proctoring. For prospective students who are unsure if they are ready for online learning, Snead State offers a technical skills self-assessment. Snead State maintains many affiliations and memberships to ensure that the colleges online program offerings are high quality. For example, the college is a member of the Alabama Consortium for Technology and Learning and subscribes to Quality Matters, an organization that focuses on evaluating the quality of online courses.

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    North Dakota State College Of Science

    • Annual Tuition: $4,484

    North Dakota State College of Science in Wahpeton, North Dakota, offers 11 online associate degree programs. Distance learners can choose from such fields as administration and finance, business technology management, health information technician, medical coding, paramedic technology, pharmacy technician and web design/web developer. Transfer degrees are available for those who are undecided about their major, but want to complete general requirements to transfer to a four-year institution. The Blackboard learning management system is used to deliver course material. Nearly half 47.5 percent of students at NDSCS are online learners, and the school has a 70 percent retention rate.

    Understanding Degrees Transfer Degrees And Certificates

    Both degrees and certificates are proof of the completion of work in a certain program or field. Degrees cover a broader scope of knowledge and take longer to complete. Certificates are focused on specific areas of expertise.

    The associate degree is most often awarded to students completing educationally broad based post secondary programs usually requiring two years of full-time study. In some instances, particularly allied health programs, three years is the norm. For students who need developmental/remedial coursework, the time will be extended since these credits will not apply toward the associates degree.

    However, for an associates degree it is not unusual for students to study part time, and therefore take more than two years to complete the degree. In 2004, 61 percent of U.S. community colleges students were enrolled part time. To accommodate working students, community colleges strive to offer required courses during evening hours.

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    Is A Community College Bachelors Degree A Smart Choice

    Grace ChenDegree Programs Around the Nationpresent in all corners of the countryThe Advantagesdata from the College BoardMesa Community Collegesigned into lawdrive up black and Latino college enrollmentaverage community college class sizehost of benefitsThe DisadvantagesBellevue CollegeSanta Fe CollegeJackson Community Collegevehement opposition from state universitiesSt. Petersburg College

    What Is It Like To Pursue Community College Online

    Newly signed Arizona law allows community colleges to offer 4-year degrees

    Online degree programs deliver classes through internet-based learning platforms, such as Blackboard or Canvas. Most programs are primarily asynchronous. This means that faculty post recorded lectures, assignments, and discussion questions, and students log in at convenient times to complete coursework. Some courses and degree programs feature synchronous lectures or video discussions among classmates, and many colleges offer hybrid programs that mix in-person class sessions with online work.

    Online degree programs deliver classes through internet-based learning platforms, such as Blackboard or Canvas.

    Colleges usually maintain that the quality of education is equal between their on-campus and online programs, with the same curriculum, course materials, and learning outcomes. Many distance courses are even taught by the same faculty as in-person classes, and these professors hold virtual office hours for students in online sections. In most cases, online students can also access library resources over the internet and schedule phone or video appointments with librarians or academic advisers.

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    Accreditation For Online Community Colleges

    Among the most important factors when choosing an online community college is the school’s accreditation status. All reputable colleges and universities are either regionally or nationally accredited. Regional accreditation is considered the more prestigious of the two, and there are six regional bodies for institutions across the country.

    Many online-only schools are nationally accredited. These institutions still offer high-quality programs, and they tend to come with the added benefit of lower tuition. Some programs within schools may be independently accredited, as well.

    The nonprofit Council for Higher Education Accreditation and the U.S. Department of Education, a federal agency, oversee accrediting agencies. Both organizations maintain strict standards related to the processes accrediting agencies use when analyzing schools and programs nationwide.

    This consistency is important, as it ensures that accrediting bodies use standardized, fair procedures when awarding schools with accreditation. Thus, students can rest assured that their programs are providing them with a quality educational experience.

    Sussex County Community College

    • Annual Tuition: $5,200

    Sussex County Community College offers three online associate degrees: an Associate of Arts in English, an Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts with multiple concentrations, and an Associate of Science in Business Administration. Online classes are taught by the same faculty who develop the course curriculum and are offered asynchronously, meaning students can access coursework when it is most convenient. Sussex uses the Canvas learning management system and offers instructions on how to use this platform.

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    Associate In Business General Requirements

    This degree is designed for all Business majors, with the exception of Computer Information Systems majors who should follow the ABUS-SR pathway, who wish to transfer to a university or college. The degree requires 62-63 semester credits for completion. In most cases, completion of the ABUS-GR transfers as a block without loss of credit. All courses within the ABUS-GR must transfer to all three Arizona state universities.

    What Are Transfer Agreements

    15 California community colleges to offer bachelor

    Many community colleges online have credit transfer or transfer articulation agreements with four-year colleges and universities. These arrangements allow students to first obtain an associate degree and then use the credits they’ve already earned toward a bachelor’s program. This can be incredibly helpful if your long-term goal is to continue your studies, as it ensures you won’t waste your time on courses that will not ultimately count toward a more advanced degree.

    Contact each of your prospective associate degree online programs to determine if they have credit transfer agreements with other institutions. If so, find out if you might wish to attend any of those institutions in the years to come so that you can plan the most efficient way to achieve your educational and professional goals.

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    Community College 4 Year Degree California

    Though community colleges primarily award 2-year degrees, many of these institutions have started offering bachelors degree programs that allow students to earn a 4-year degree. Keep reading to learn more about this degree option, including pros and cons that can help you decide if its a good option for you.

    How Does Transferring To A Four

    Community colleges hope their students graduate with an associate degree, but they know many have aspirations to attain a bachelors degree as well. To meet their needs, community colleges form partnerships with four-year colleges and universities to make transferring easier. According to one study, almost 31% of students at two-year colleges transferred to four-year universities within six years.

    The transfer relationship varies from school to school, but most community colleges strive to make the process as seamless as possible. They do this by creating courses that, in most cases, transfer directly to the four-year colleges curriculum. While not all credits always transfer, this relationship streamlines the process for students and helps them get their degree sooner.

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    Community Colleges Offering Bachelors Degrees

    With more community colleges offering bachelors degrees, the choices in getting a BA or BS are growing quickly. Learn about new bachelors degrees you can obtain at community colleges, ranging from nursing to electrical engineering and every subject in between.Community colleges have traditionally been focused on getting in, getting an associate degree in two years or less, and getting into the workforce as quickly as possible. Those who wanted to continue their education had to take on the headache of transferring all of their community college credits to a four-year institution. Today, a number of community colleges are offering bachelors degrees to student who complete associate degrees and want to take their training and education to the next level without leaving campus.

    Whats Different about Community College Bachelors Degrees? While many students are clamoring for a spot in a four-year community college program that costs much less than a similar degree from a nearby university, community colleges are stressing the point that they are not trying to be just like the four-year postsecondary institutions. First, most community colleges offering bachelors degrees are doing so as an extension of their own associate degree programs. Students earn the associate degree first to become eligible to apply for the bachelors program.

    Associate Of General Studies

    What do you think about going to a community college for a four-year degree?

    For students who wish to pursue a broad program of career and transfer coursework without the constraints of subject specialization. There are also emphasis areas within the AGS degree which enable students to pursue a particular academic interest in greater depth. While the A.G.S. degree is not designed specifically to enable transfer to a four-year institution, it can be used for that purpose. Transferability depends upon the courses taken and the requirements of the receiving institution. All of our colleges offer an AGS degree.

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    Degree And Certificate Programs

    Community College of Philadelphia offers academic programs that lead to the following associates degree and certificate programs. These programs all develop the broad competencies associated with 21st century skills.

    Each academic program in the Catalog is described briefly and includes a grid of the requirements for graduation. This information will help guide you in selecting the courses you need for graduation in a sequence that will help you move through consecutively more challenging information.

    Programs are listed in the recommended sequence for full-time students typically taking at least 15 credits per semester. Many students at the College spread their academic work across several years, attending part time rather than full time.

    Some College-wide general education requirements are automatically fulfilled when students complete a required course within a program this is indicated in the far right column on the program page. Other general education requirements are not automatically fulfilled, and students must choose an elective that meets the specified requirement. These requirements are listed beneath the grid under the heading General Education Requirements.

    Regular consultation with an academic advisor or counselor is important, whether a student is planning to enter the employment market directly or continue on in higher education.

    Raritan Valley Community College

    Raritan Valley Community College has a little bit of everything making them a hub in Branchburg, New Jersey. Students interested in transferring to a four-year college or earning dual credit while in high school Raritan has a place for you. This best community college also provides adult basic education, workforce, and career development training. They are affordable and accessible and they have open process enrollment, which simply means if you apply you will get in. They offer evening and online courses, with a small intimate classroom size, of 19:1 student-teacher ratio. Some of their most popular degrees are liberal arts and humanities, business and nursing, they also offer comprehensive student advising. All students will discuss their academic pathway with a trained advisor to plan out their educational goals from beginning to end. Its ok if you dont know what you want to do yet, they have a pathway for students still discovering their passion.

    Highlight: Raritan Valley Community College Planetarium and Observatory

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    New Bachelor’s Degrees Offered At Community Colleges

    What’s Different about Community College Bachelor’s Degrees?

    HoodCollege Dade and Broward College

    Nebraska College Of Technical Agriculture

    What Degrees Do Community Colleges Offer?

    Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture has a tagline Small Campus. Big Impact. There are many aspects of Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture that places it on the list of best community colleges. They are known for their accessibility and affordability while offering extensive programs that make it easy to seamlessly transfer to a four-year degree program. Residents and non-residents pay the same price: $139 per credit hour. Its hard to beat that. They are leaders in agricultural education, and offer such majors as: agricultural production systems-agronomy and agricultural mechanics, agricultural production systems-animal science and agricultural education, agribusiness management systems, and veterinary technology systems. Their offerings enable students to achieve associates degrees related to veterinary technology, agriculture, as well as certificates and other credentials. They pride themselves on student centered learning. In addition, they have many offerings that enable students to get hands-on learning opportunities with animals. Their student to faculty ratio is low, so students can count on personal attention.

    Highlight: Hands-on animal husbandry opportunities

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    Insurance For Studying In The Us

    It is vital to have a good insurance when you study in the US. Some colleges offer their own insurance, however their insurance is not mandatory there are usually better options. Read more about Study Abroad insurances.

    To apply for a Community College you usually have to submit the following:

    • The college’s application form
    • Your high school diploma translated to English
    • A copy of your passport
    • Proof that you can finance your studies
    • Proof that you have the required English level, for example a TOEFL or IELTS test.

    Sometimes you also need to submit other documents like a personal letter. Each school has their own admission guidelines so make sure to check the application procedures of the college you are interested in.

    We can help you to choose and apply to Community Colleges in the US. Fill out an information request to get help!

    Cowley County Community College

    • Annual Tuition: $3,565

    While its central campus is found in Arkansas City, Kansas, Cowley County Community College has several other locations across the state as well as an online college. Cowley County CC offers over 30 degrees that can be completed online, which include Associate of Arts degrees in everything from accounting to history, an Associate of Science in computer science, Associate of Applied Science degrees in fields such as medical transcription and business administration, and various Associate of General Studies programs. Most courses are asynchronous, meaning they do not require online attendance at specific times. Tuition for online associate programs is $115 per credit.

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