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What Clothes To Take To College

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Where Can I Get A Thicker Sweater

CLOTHES YOU SHOULD AND SHOULD NOT BRING TO COLLEGE | college clothing essentials packing list

A second-hand or consignment store is normally your best bet when it comes to finding vacation wear that you may never need again. However, the UK doesnt have anything like Goodwill where one stop will provide you with reasonably priced clothes in just about every size imaginable. Their second-hand shops tend to be spread out and have a limited selection. To get good deals, you really have to hunt for them. A much easier solution is to go to Primark, which sells cheap clothes that will probably last for the duration of your trip and make great souvenirs once you get back home.

Top College Dorm Packing List Items + What Not To Bring

Preparing to go off to college can seem like a daunting task. Packing can be stressful and confusing. My husband and I have collectively spent 12 years living in college dorm rooms including at NYU. If we had our time again we would have brought more of these items below to be that little bit comfier.

Now you can breathe easier with this handy packing list, clothing guide, and list ofwhat to wear, what NOT to bring to college.

Whats The Weather Like In Scotland

Scotlands average temperatures dont generally go much below freezing in the winter, but they also dont get much above 60 ºF in the summer. Naturally, the farther north one goes, the colder the average temperature is going to be during any given month. As this article has already mentioned, the county tends to be rainy and windy at times, so youll want to prepare for both possibilities.

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What Underwear To Pack For College

The most important thing to start with is your underwear, obviously. This is something you can count on wearing every day . Youll want to bring more than you think you need in this category when it comes to packing clothes for college.

Why? Because constantly washing your clothes is a hassle in college, and you want to count on always having clean undies in college. Heres my recommendation:

  • 15+ Pairs of underwear This should include a variety! Dont dump all your comfortable pairs because youre a grown up in college now! Variety is always good!
  • 2 Pairs of tights You always need a backup pair!
  • 3+ Bras Id recommend at least 3 everyday bras, in addition to some sports bras depending on how active you are.
  • 15+ Socks Again, variety is key. Pack a few pairs of warm socks if youre heading somewhere known to be cold.
  • 2 Bathing suits I went to college in Florida, so I might be biased, but at least bring 1 bathing suit. You never know!

**curtains & Bed Skirt:

10 Best College Outfits for 2018

Freshman year, the window in my room came with blinds and my roommates and I didnt really see the need for curtains. Sophomore year, my roommate brought the cutest curtains and they really did help to make the room feel more put together and homier. If you have the room/find curtains you love, they cant hurt to hang up!

Ive never used a bedskirt but they can be a helpful way to hide the stuff under your bed. But if you keep everything under your bed organized you really dont need them.

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Final Thoughts On What Stuff To Bring To College

I believe that solves the mystery of what to bring to college!

I covered just about everything that should be considered when creating your own college freshman checklist, and even what not to bring college.

But, if youre worried about forgetting something important when move-in day rolls around

I made a printable version to help keep it all fresh in your mind. Download the college pack list PDF below!

What Students Say On Packing Clothes For The Northeast

Always pack for the season rain boots are a must when walking to class in Connecticut!. Kara

I went to school at the University of Maine where its cold for what feels like half of the year! Warm socks, Hunter boots or L.L. Bean boots, and a really good coat are essentials for when youre trudging to class in the snow and wishing that a snow day got called. Layers are absolutely KEY as you often walk to class in 30 degree weather and then sit in a 70 degree classroom. Mackenzie

Pack few clothes that can transition through the seasons! There isnt too much summer weather so dont bring seasonal wardrobes. Alexandria

  • Virginia
  • West Virginia

With beautiful, rich falls, cold winters, and wet springs, the Mid-Atlantic can be hard to pack for. I reached out to 45 college students and bloggers to ask them for their recommendations and must-haves for attending college here. In addition to the clothes I recommend to bring to college in general, check out these essentials.

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The Ultimate College Packing List For Girls

May 15, 2020

This post is about the ultimate college packing list for girls and everything you should pack for college!

All pages of this post contain affiliate links, which means Ill receive a commission if you purchase through my link, at no extra cost to you. Please read the disclosure here.

Tired of spending time and energy trying to figure out what items you should actually pack for college? I know the feeling and wrote this post to help make college packing a lot easier for you!

College packing should be fun and not stressful. Two years ago when I was getting ready for college, packing stressed me out way too much and I knew I had to do something to help others.

I created this post and a free college packing list to completely change your college packing experience. This post is full of the best college packing secrets that youll love!

Before you start college shopping make sure to sign up for a free month of so that you dont have to pay for shipping. My prime membership saves me money every single month. If you already have your college email, sign up for

What Not To Take To Scotland

Clothes You Should Bring to College! | and clothes you shouldn’t…
  • 1.Weighty Items

    Youre better off leaving your heavier burdens behind. This will not only save you some money when it comes to things like checked bags, itll also help prevent the back strain that comes from carting around too much stuff. Items like hardback books and extra shoes are prime examples of things that you can do without.

  • 2.Valuables

    Anything that you cant afford to lose and dont desperately need to bring with you should be left behind. This applies to everything from expensive electronics to items with sentimental value. These things can and do get lost or stolen with amazing frequency. Because, lets be honest, no one really wants to steal your old, unwashed clothes.

  • 3.Uncomfortable Footwear

    Shoes that arent well broken in should be left behind. Youre also better off leaving your high heels behind. Edinburgh has got some very steep staircases and there are plenty of other places with equally step gradients that youre better off not trying to navigate in heels.

  • 4.Beach Wear

    Unless polar plunging is your thing or youre making a trip in the middle of the summer, youre probably not going to need beach wear. Its true that Scotland has some gorgeous shorelines, but you still might not want to venture in the water, which can be pretty cold at the best of times. So just plan on rolling up your jeans and taking your shoes off if youre feeling adventuresome.

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Make Sure You Take A Look At Any New Purchases Before Going To Campus

After reading many posts on the about dented mini-fridges, and fridge doors that would not close, Keurigs that wouldnt brew, and fans that didnt work we did a trial run. Turns out, the inside of the fridge was a great place to stash and pack the breakable Brita water filter pitcher and a few other awkward delicate items. The mini-fridge was easy to repack, and in some cases, we were able to streamline the store packaging with a little less bulk.

Tech tip: If you are packing a functioning printer from home, remove all ink cartridges and bag securely. Secure your printer tray with Frogtape masking tape and find the correct size box so the printer will not shift inside. If you have a new printer in a box, double-check that your student can connect to the laptop with a USB cable or Bluetooth. If necessary, test device connection at home first. Many colleges do not permit school WiFi connection for student printers.

Three Donts For Packing College Clothes

Its easy to get swept away in the excitement of college planning. When you ask yourself how much clothes should i bring to college? it may be tempting to bring it all! So before you grab the entire contents of your closet and dump it into a bag, keep these three gentle donts in mind.

  • Dont bring too much. Figure out how often youll be coming home, and plan accordingly. If youll see your parents at Thanksgiving, leave your winter clothes at home and just bring some summer and fall clothes when you first arrive. If you wont go home until Winter Break, bring some summer, fall, and winter clothes. If you wont be home all year, bring it all.
  • Dont bring things that dont fit you. College is a time to start fresh, but youre still the same person. If you dont feel comfortable in a certain outfit, or you just cant be yourself in a dress, dont bring them. Theyll end up hanging untouched in your closet anyway.
  • Dont forget the basics. Its nice to dig out your favorite rain boots, or buy a winter coat for the first time. But dont get so swept up in the exciting items that you forget basics, like bringing enough socks, shoes, and underwear. My guideline is to bring enough socks and underwear for two weeks.
  • Alright, so now we know what not to do. But what should we know or plan before we start packing?

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    We Picked Up A Trunk Like This For All The Clothes Put Shoes In A Separate Moving Box We Put All The Jackets Sweaters And Sweatshirts In A Separate Box Too

    We found this iPhone app called Stylebook you might enjoy using it too. It has all kinds of handy features for fashion lovers.

    Stay tuned for our college essentials list and printable college packing checklist! The college tips will be so helpful to you! . Be sure to subscribe below and never miss a post.

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    Pair Of Good Rain Boots Or Snow Boots

    10 Best College Outfits for 2018

    This is mostly dependent on where you go to school check with current students to find out if your campus handles rain well, and if snow will be a concern.

    If rain is the main concern, you can get away with Joules boots, pictured above. Theyre a great dupe for Hunter boots, and they hold up well!

    Duck boots are a great option for snowy campuses, although North Face boots are popular because they will last you all four years and beyond.

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    When Is The Best Time To Go

    It depends on what youre planning to do, of course. The summer months are the warmest, driest portion of the year. This makes them a great time for outdoor pursuits like hiking and wildlife watching. However, you may have to fight the crowds at some of the more popular attractions and the more popular hostels may end up being sold out. The spring is a good compromise when it comes to avoiding the worst of the crowds and the worst of the weather, but it can still be rainy and cold at times. When I went in late May, there was still snow on some of the mountains.

    What Types Of Clothes And Accessories Should You Bring To College

    As a matter of fact, this is the major part of this article about what types of clothes and accessories you should bring to your college.

    I will simplify every cloth type here as an example but the full list you will get as a college packing list pdf file is below. You can download that or view that from here.

    In this college clothes checklist, you will find college clothes for guys and girls, clothes for college students, college party outfits, and more clothes lists.

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    Do Ask Your Parents Or Friends For Help

    Hopefully you already have someone on board to help you pack and load, but if you dont, there is absolutely no shame in asking for assistance. Packing for college is a big job, and it can help to have not just another set of hands, but also an objective point of view on whats necessary to bring and what isnt.

    For more advice on how to deal with moving to college, read up on how to cope with homesickness after a move and 10 mobile apps that can help ease the home-to-college transition.

    Dont Pack Anything Thats Prohibited

    Clothes you NEED and DON’T NEED to pack for college!

    Pretty much all colleges and/or student housing complexes have rules about what can and cannot be brought in. And unfortunately, things like your toaster, favorite candles, and yes, even string lights, might be on the forbidden list. Check before you pack so that you dont end up bringing something along that youre not actually allowed to have.

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    Pack Up Items You Dont Use On A Daily Basis First

    Books, school supplies, supplies for college. Pack correctly, by making sure you fully pack each box. A full box is a happy box. This prevents shifting inside the box, damage and protects the integrity of the box. Lining the bottom of boxes adds strength and reinforcement to your boxes add cardboard or packing paper. . Books can also make a great base in your other boxes. A large box of books, however, will be too heavy to lift.

    Things You Should Definitely Not Bring To College

    What you should bring to college bring varies from person to person, but what not to bring is fairly consistent across the board. Here’s what you should know.

    There are dozens of lists all over the internet of dorm room essentials, the best school supplies on the market, and anything and everything you could possibly need once youve entered the glittering gates of your college of choice. As an incoming freshman, I have probably read more of these lists than is healthy, but they are all so different from one another that the lists only managed to make my head spin faster than it already spins on its own .

    After thinking about what I really wanted to learn, I contacted several friends with years of college experience under their belts to see what they had to say. After reading their responses, I saw that what you should bring to college varies significantly from person to person, but what not to bring to college is fairly consistent across the board. Here are my findings on things you should definitely not bring to college with you.

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    A Weeks Worth Of Bralettes/bras/socks/underwear

    Bring extras for all of these essential items you never want to be wearing dirty socks! Ive found a two weeks supply of the above works best for me.

    Skims cotton bralettes are life and their Fits Everybody underwear is made of the stretchiest, most breathable fabric on the planet. I like to buy value packs of Hanes socks on .

    What Are Your College Wardrobe Must

    10 Best College Outfits for 2018

    So there you have it, the top items that should be in every college girls closet. Of course, these are just my opinions and you might have your own ideas about this too.

    Let me know if you agree with me, or if you think something is missing by leaving a comment or sending an email!

    What are your closet essentials? Let me know in the comments!

    Editors note: This post was originally published in 2008 it was completely updated and revamped in 2021 with new photos, items, and information.

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    Wash And Pack All Clothes And Bedding

    Folded clothes can be left in laundry baskets in the packing area to use as packing filler with remaining to be packed in blue IKEA bags . Rolling clothes can also save space when packing.

    Hanging clothes can be grouped in similar length, by small bundles and tied together with a trash bag /garment bag. I also used this opportunity to make sure my student knew how to correctly load and wash bedding using the supplies she was taking to college.

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