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Should I Go To College Online Or On Campus

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Cal State East Bay Partners With Cognii To Offer Artificial Intelligence Powered Online Learning

Should I Go To Art School Or Take Art Classes Online?

Cal State East Bay, a top-tier public university, and Cognii Inc., a leading provider of artificial intelligence-based educational technologies, today announced a partnership. Cognii will work with Cal State East Bay to develop a new learning and assessment experience, powered by Cogniis Virtual Learning Assistant technology. Read More

How Online Courses Work

Those who never took online classes before often wonder how it works. Many schools now use Blackboard or a similar online program that provides each registered used with an individualized password and user name. Students log in with that information and access their classes. They usually gain access to video lectures and reading materials uploaded by the professor. The professor will also list a syllabus that explains all assignments and the due dates for each assignment. Some courses may require that students use an online forum. These classes ask that students must a response to a discussion question and respond to postings from other students.

You Can Be In Class From Anywhere

One of the best aspects of online learning is that you can be in class anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection. Without a commute or worrying about parking, students are able to focus on their classwork. This also means that students from all over the world have access to education that previously was not available to them.

Plus, no one will know if youre still wearing your pajamas!

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You Might Not Need College If You’re Already Successful

If you’re one of those rare people who has already achieved tremendous professional success before attending college, then going to college might not benefit you much financially.

For instance, say you get drafted in the first round of the draft by Major League Baseball and are offered a multi-million dollar signing bonus. Nobody would fault you for bypassing college. After all, you can always take college classes in the off-season or get your degree when you’re done with your playing career.

If you’re a mini Mark Zuckerberg or starring in your own sitcom, going to college might not lead to a higher income or a better job after you graduate. Bill Gates and Miley Cyrus were able to do OK professionally without college degrees!

Are Online Colleges As Good As Campus Colleges

Should You Go to College Online or On Campus ...

Learn more about how an online education compares with a campus-based education.

As we move further into the 21st century, more and more universities are offering classes online. In fact, many colleges allow you to earn your entire degree without ever setting foot inside a classroom.

While online colleges have become more commonplace, many students are still unclear on the benefits to earning credits or a degree online.

Are online colleges comparable to traditional campus-based colleges?

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Drive Change In Your Community

Apply for the $5,000 WGU Leadership Scholarship.

Would you like to make a real difference at work and within your local community? If youre ready to lead, were ready to help with the WGU Leadership Scholarship. Valued at up to $5,000, the scholarship can be applied toward any of our respected bachelors or masters degrees in business, healthcare, education, and IT. Now is the time to change your life, so you can help change the lives of others.

Rashaan Green,;Principal Service Engineering Manager Microsoft



I am applying almost everything I learned in my MBA to what I’m doing in my day-to-day at Nintendo.”

Jonathan Concepcion, Service Desk Manager,;Nintendo of America

“If it wasn’t for WGU I would not have been able to go back for my master’s with working full-time and having small kids.”

Sarah Aronack, Former Director of Nursing, Arkansas Hospital

Campus Will Be Up And Running

University staff will still be working on campus, and that includes professors, tutoring departments, career centers, academic retention support personnel, and campus mental health professionals just name a few, all of which exist to support YOUR STUDENT At such a difficult time for our young people right, extra efforts to support students physically and mentally are all being duly planned, and preparing to take place on campuses across the country this fall. Campus environments and communities need our kids as much as our kids need them.

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Should I Go On A College Visit With My Parents With My Friends Or On My Own

Information adapted from adMISSION POSSIBLE®.

There are pros and cons for each, so you should decide what makes the most sense for you.


If you go with your parents, theyre likely to take care of all the hasslestransportation, where to stay, parking, paying, etc. If you get along with your parents, youre likely to enjoy sharing college trips with them. Your parents may also have some important questions regarding financing or financial aid that you might not ask.

If youre afraid your parents will be too visible during tours, information sessions, etc., you may not want them with you.

If you do decide to go on a college visit with your parents, you should sit down and talk about what expectations you each have and what you want to do on your own. If there are questions you want to ask that are too awkward to ask in front of your parents , make sure that you have some time on your own to find out the answers.


If youre compatible with a few friends and you have traveled together before, or have similar traveling styles, you might want to try going on a college visit together.

Going on a college visit with friends can be a lot of fun, but you need to remember that its a college visit and not a vacation. You have things to accomplish on your visit.

Its important to plan these things in advance, so you dont waste time on decisions or arguments during your visit.

On Your Own

Advantages Of Online College Courses / Degree Programs

Should I go to an online or brick and mortar college?
  • Everyone Is Welcome: Does not matter who you are, how old you are or what you know today
  • Flexibility: Online courses are accessible whenever you want to study and learn, you just need to meet the deadlines
  • Vanity: You dont have to dress up to get online and do your course work
  • Savings: Online classes save you money by eliminating parking, wear and tear on your car, saving gas costs, babysitting, or on-the-go meals
  • More Opportunities to Participate: You can connect to other students and your instructors via emails and discussion posts without being afraid to ask the question in a classroom
  • More Time to Participate: On campus classes only last an hour or two and your instructors need to deliver their lessons and assignments and answers questions from students needing help at that time. You can formulate your question and message your instructor to get a more concise answer following online.
  • Technology Skills: Even though e-learning isnt technologically complicated, you will learn a lot of terms and skills that you might not encounter in a traditional classroom.

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Online Or On Campus Here Are 7 Things To Consider If Youre Asking That Question

Editors Note: This story has been updated to clarify Randy Plunketts teaching history.

Youre ready to turn your Post-9/11 GI Bill benefits into a degree. So, should you go to school in a traditional classroom setting or online?

If youre looking for flexibility, online may be your best option. If camaraderie and collaboration matter more, in-person could be the better bet. But there are many other things to think about:

Rebootcamp Recommendations

On campus means more money .

One key difference between the two paths is how much youll receive from the Veterans Affairs Department each month. Be prepared for smaller checks if you go to school online. The GI Bill covers all in-state tuition and fees at public institutions and up to $23,671.94 at private schools. Veterans also get a monthly housing stipend, which is calculated based on the location where they take the most classes.

Housing stipends are equivalent to what the military would pay an E-5 with dependents in that location. However, if you go to school 100 percent online, youll only receive half of the national housing allowance average, or $825 per month, according to VA.

Benefits Of Online Learning

The online classroom offers a range of benefits for you to succeed in pursuing your goals with a degree.


One of the most prominent benefits of engaging in an online education is experiencing more flexibility with your schedule. With an online classroom, you can set your own schedule. You plan out when you engage in class, as long as you meet those important deadlines.

This also means that you dont have to make it to a physical classroom in order to meet up with your professor or classmates. With resources like online discussion forums and videos, you can have meaningful discussions whenever you can and wherever you are. Theres no need to commute to a physical building, so that can save on your transportation costs, too.


Engaging in an online program encourages you to be self-disciplined and focused on your task at hand. With more freedom comes more responsibility. That boost in responsibility can help you refine your skills of self-discipline and motivation.


Another benefit of being a part of an online classroom is the opportunity to meet and learn from students who may not live in the same area as you. Online, youre not restricted to being in the same city at the same time. So, in an online classroom, you may have a classmate whos sitting in the air conditioning in Florida while you are bundled up in snowy Michigan.

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What If The Epidemiological Status Of The Pandemic Does Not Improve

As referenced in the memo from the Academic Dean circulated to all faculty in early June, we have a Plan B and Plan C should the context of the pandemic shift. Plan B involves maximum student presence with physical distancing, and Plan C would involve limiting in-person activities only for those activities that are essential for developing competencies.

Plan B:; Maximum student presence with physical distancing

In the event that more constrained physical distancing is required, the space constraints of the college will permit only a limited number of students to be present on a daily basis. For this reason, all general education courses, except for remedial English and French courses, will continue to be delivered on-line. The sector deans are working with departments and programs to increase the amount of specific education that will take place in-person at the college.

Plan C:; Only essential in-person activities are permitted

If the health situation deteriorates, as it did in Fall 2020 and Winter 2021, the college will likely be required to limit in-person activities to those that are essential for developing competencies. Under those circumstances, only activities that are classified as levels 1 and 2 would be permitted.

An Instructional Design System For Online Course Curriculum Development

Campus Housing: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Based on the review of most available instructional design models and on significant experience working in collaboration with faculty, CSUEB instructional design team propose a revised online course redesign system for online instructional designers currently working in the field. The focal point of this proposed system is represented as an organic life cycle with five components: status, opportunities, reflection, alignment and development.

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Should You Become A Psychology Major Info And Advice To Help You Decide

Majoring in psychology is not only personally rewarding, but it prepares you for a number of careers. Beyond the human services field, a psychology major can lead to jobs in business, education, government, and roles that require a deep understanding of people and how they interact with one another.

A Bachelor of Arts degree can provide a wide-ranging education, equipping you with a well-rounded knowledge base. Explore the different opportunities a BA can bring you while building a strong foundation of general education.

Can I Still Work From Home

A work-from-home policy is in development. In the meantime, employees are required to work on site. We realize this may be difficult to accept after the productivity and commitment shown from all staff while working from home over the last year. However, developing a policy that is all at once flexible, equitable and ensures delivery of our mandate requires consultation. Looking ahead, Human Resources will be developing a policy that will offer flexibility for non-faculty employees to request to work from home on occasion. We will have consultations in Fall 2021.

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Your Proximity To Campus

If you live or work near a college campus, and your schedule affords you the flexibility, it might be feasible for you to travel the two blocks or even two hours you need to take an on-campus course. Some students prefer having face-to-face interaction and, for them, the travel time required to get to campus is a worthwhile investment.;;

Sometimes, this factor alone can determine the course format you should take. For example, if you live in France, but want to take classes from a university located in Boston because of the high-quality curriculum and the areas reputation for prestigious education. Short of flying back-and-forth across the country every week, you should look into programs at the university you can complete online.

I Am Feeling Anxious About Returning To Work Or Study On Campus Who Can I Ask For Help


Students:; contact student services at

Employees: you can come and see Dawsons Staff Health Nurse in Human Resources with full confidentiality if you need support:

You can also access confidential counselling services by contacting the Employee Assistance Program at 1-888-687-9197.

For any urgent mental health emergency on campus, contact security at extension 1500.

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Convenience Is Important For Learning Too

Imagine taking an English or Economics class from your couch or a favorite coffee shop, both of which are likely to be much more comfortable than your typical classroom setting.;That’s exactly what online classes allow you to dolearn wherever you’re most comfortable.; Unlike traditional courses that require you to be present at a set place, online courses often offer asynchronous lectures, allowing you to plan your studies around your schedule. You can watch lectures and study when you’re at your best, whether thats early in the morning, mid-day or late at night. This makes online education the perfect option for people who value convenience, flexibility, and independence.;

Situations That Require In

Students who enroll in colleges that only offer online degree programs those that dont have a brick-and-mortar campus location may never have to visit a physical campus. However, as an increasing number of traditional schools now offer online courses as well as on-campus courses, more students of online classes do have a physical campus. More than 60 percent of schools now include fully online degree programs in addition to their traditional on-campus degree programs, and the rate of schools that do so has doubled in the past 10 years, according to U.S. News & World Report. These schools already have physical campuses, where the same professors who teach online courses may also teach traditional courses.

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Is It Better To Live On

Are you ready to find your fit?

The decision to live on campus or off campus is one of the biggest choices new students make. Some colleges require freshmen enrolled in a four-year degree program to spend their first year on campus, but there are some exceptions when schools have this rule. There is no choice that is better or worse for all people. The choice depends on several individual factors.

Can You Get The Social Experience Of College In An Online Setting

Should I Go To Grad School?

When people think of college, they often think of the lifestyle and atmosphere as much as the educational journey. Theres no doubt that attending traditional college classes gives you the opportunity to personally interact with and meet a variety of people, but that doesnt mean that socialization is impossible if you take classes online!

Although online students wont find themselves hanging out in the college lobby between classes, they will have access to a variety of high-tech software options that let them connect with faculty and classmates. Many universities utilize discussion boards, virtual lectures, and online workshops to help students connect with each other and get the most out of their college years.

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How Does Online Learning Work

Global Campus is an online university that provides a learning platform that is completely online to all its students. All of your courses take place in this online platform, and it is an asynchronous environment, which means you will have the ability to log in any time of the day. You also typically take one class at a time. This online learning platform is designed to provide convenience, as you will be able to communicate with fellow students and instructors, read assigned coursework, and submit assignments all through the online learning platform.

Parents Of College Students Worry Should They Stay Or Go

This is a situation where you have to pray for the best and be ready for the worst, one father said.

Katelyn Hutchison, a student at Ithaca College in New York, will return to campus this fall, but her father has concerns about the coronavirus.Credit…Nolis Anderson for The New York Times

Supported by

When Jacqueline Tourville, of Wells, Maine, thinks about sending her daughter off to college this month, the same questions keep circling in her mind.

I worry about her getting sick, said Ms. Tourville, a childrens book author, whose daughter, Claire Brown, 18, plans to attend Hampshire College in Amherst, Mass., a drive that Ms. Tourville has clocked at exactly two hours and 22 minutes away. How do I know what to do? Will the health staff tell me? Will she tell me? If I go to get her, how will I handle driving there and driving back? Do I unroll all the car windows?

The usual parental worries whether a college-bound child will be happy, or productive, or find a suitable major leading to a stable career are getting sidelined this fall by one overwhelming concern: With coronavirus cases spiking in many parts of the country, will students be safe at school?

This is a situation where you have to pray for the best and be ready for the worst, said Kelly Hutchison, a retired firefighter and single father living in Chicago. His daughter, Katelyn, is a student at Ithaca College and a member of the schools track team.

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