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What Are Some Good Majors In College

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Benefits Of Creative Writing Major

The BEST College Majors (How to choose the Perfect Major for YOU)
  • There will be a lot of homework that will focus on writing, writing and more writing.
  • You can hone communication and writing skills. These come in handy in nearly all careers.
  • You can collaborate in multidisciplinary projects and show the limits where your creativity can go. That allows writers to learn things like marketing, management, psychology and other things.
  • There is a lot of space for learning and improvement.
  • Creative writing major allows for a lot of flexibility. Candidates can work from wherever they want and whenever they want.

What Majors Are Most In Demand

The most in demand majors right now are Business, Healthcare, and IT-related programs and will be for the foreseeable future. But dont let these rankings be your only deciding factor for what the top college major is.

The job market is growing at one of the fastest rates in recent history, which means nearly every college major will be valuable for students entering or re-entering the workforce after graduation.

The Most Popular College Majors

The decision of what to major in is, well, major. Here, we give you some insight into what your peers are choosing by showing you the most popular majors across colleges in America.

Plus, this top 44 list of majors gives you the option to research the;Best Colleges by Major, where you can view the Best Colleges for various STEM majors, Arts,;Business, and more.

Explore our list of popular college majors and let it lead you to a college thats right for you!


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Some Music Degree Options

This alphabetical list of music degree programs starts with some more under-the-radar majors that can help you build a career behind-the-scenes with an orchestra, interviewing artists as a Radio DJ, or studying the musical history and practices of different cultures. If youre looking for more well-known majors like Music Business or Music Performance, check out Part 2 of this article.

Drawbacks Of Health Major

What are good college majors...?
  • There might be way too high expectations for the Health Administration major. It also requires a lot of work to succeed in job opportunities.
  • Its worth mentioning that similarly to Criminal Justice, Health Major is also associated to a lot of stress. Even if you dont perform difficult activities on patients, seeing them in certain states may still put a strain on you, which is why the psyche of steel is essential.
  • It also demands a lot of technical expertise, reading of statistical data and research papers.

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Which Of These Best College Majors For The Future Is Best For You

While this isnt an exhaustive list of the best college degrees you can pursue, it is certainly representative of undergraduate majors that can set you up for success in the future.

As a college majors list and careers are concerned, each entry in this ranking shows us where the future lies in STEM-related areas like healthcare, mathematics, and engineering.

So, as you plan for your future, bear in mind which fields of work are expected to see the greatest growth. If you use this as part of your process of selecting the best college degrees, you will find that you can study something that you enjoy and something that can lead to a satisfying career in the future as well.


Philosophy Major Positions With Good Salary

While philosophers arent exactly sought after, there is a plethora of jobs which screams for skills that philosophy major graduates have. They are especially wanted in the medical field as well as technology. Many companies are looking for applied mathematicians who can solve complex statistical problems, answer some underlying issue and apply logical thinking to solve any problem. With the development of big data and artificial intelligence, philosophy major offers a lot of assets used in these disciplines.

  • Journalist
  • Policy Officer

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The 10 Most Popular College Majors

According to data from the National Center for Education Statistics , U.S. colleges and universities awarded 2 million bachelor’s degrees in 2017-18. More than half of these degrees were concentrated in just five fields of study.

Plentiful job opportunities and high entry-level salaries make certain fields of study more attractive. For example, business and health degrees account for nearly one-third of all undergraduate degrees. Both fields continue to experience strong employment growth, making it easier for students to secure jobs after graduation.

Additionally, many career paths in these in-demand fields offer attractive pay and advancement opportunities.

When Do You Have To Declare Your Major And Can You Change It

The 10 Most Competitive College Majors!

When you apply to different universities, you will probably be asked for your intended major. This major is either the program you will enter into as an incoming freshman or, if your institution doesnt allow you to declare your major until later in your undergraduate studies, its the major you think you will declare when the time comes. Sometimes you will need to submit a supplemental application or a portfolio for your intended major.

In general, your intended major is exactly what it sounds like: an intention to study a discipline, not set in stone. And many students change their major throughout their undergraduate years.

Because universities require a certain number of total university credits for graduation, a students coursework is generally divided into three components: general education or distribution requirements, major requirements, and minor or elective courses. Students who are unsure about their major might take their elective courses in diverse fields when trying to come to a conclusion about their desired field of study. On the other hand, if you change your major too late, you may delay your graduation, so it is important to plan as you explore. It is also important to remember that, at many universities and colleges, it is easier to change your major within a school than between schools.

Generally, universities will ask you to declare your major by the end of your sophomore year.

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Mining And Mineral Engineering

Mining and mineral engineering programs focus on teaching you how to design efficient systems to find and extract minerals like coal, gold, and diamonds. You also learn how to manage processing operations, ensure worker safety, and minimize mining’s environmental impacts. Much of a mining engineer’s work is done on-site in remote locations.

  • Median salary: $97,372

Where Music Majors End Up Working

The choice and completion of a major when earning your music degree will likely play into the type of employment you look for right out of college. Sometimes an internship could lead to a permanent position. Musicians work in all kinds of fields, and not always in the music industry.

For example, with a music business degree, you could end up working in any kind of business, since youve proved that you can learn and know about business. If youve studied music education, you might be able to apply your knowledge of teaching and learning to other subjects taught in schools. Some musicians end up teaching English as a second language, mathematics or sciences, or even coaching the basketball team.

Music Producers often work in advertising, and some Songwriters and Composers serve as Music Supervisors, finding and placing original music in films and TV shows. Music Therapists find jobs working in hospitals or rehab centers as a member of a clinical care team. There are roles in management, research, journalism, travel, and hospitality; the list goes on.

Your major in college may influence your work choices and opportunities after you graduate, but only to a certain degree. You can consult our career pages to learn more about many of the job possibilities for music majors after college.

In addition, youll find a list of music-related careers, grouped according to general areas of interest, below:

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Benefits Of Communications Major

  • If you like reading and learning, there is a lot of theory, so students get to have an easier comprehension of terms.
  • Its a great learning curve. There will always be something in store for communications, so candidates can always embrace new knowledge and experience.
  • Graduates who find job in the communication field, get to interact with a lot of people, learning new things every day and getting to work with new people at all times.

Pharmacy Pharmaceutical Sciences And Pharmaceutical Administration

California Institute of Technology, Majors & Degree Programs

Learning to develop and test drugs and other medicines involves training in a range of sciences, including biology, chemistry, and toxicology. These programs can prepare you for a career in pharmaceutical sales, research, marketing, or manufacturing. They can also provide a good foundation for graduate work leading to a Doctor of Pharmacy degree.

  • Median salary: $112,519

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What Are The Best College Majors To Get A Job

The best college majors to get a job are those in the higher rankings of projected job growth and lucrative salaries such as business administration, healthcare, and technology.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics keeps track of job growth and salary data for a wide range of professions. When looking for the best major, knowing which majors have the highest rankings in median salary and projected growth rate can be very useful in helping you make a more informed decision.

Benefits Of English Major

  • You get to read a lot of great books willingly because its part of your education.
  • There are no many research papers to write or polish so they can continue focus on reading, analyzing and creating.
  • There is a wide specter of career opportunities for graduates. Additionally, the careers continue to expand and develop.
  • It promotes earning a lot of great working habits like productivity and decision making.
  • It promotes having structured opinion about the literature, encourages debates and detail-oriented discussions and expands views on life.

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Anthropology Major Positions With Good Salary

Anthropology involves both on-site and remote work. However, there are other job positions for anthropology graduates at disposal. They can work as researchers or teachers, be government-certified employees, work in agencies, companies and non-profit organizations.

  • Anthropologist
  • Social Worker
  • Human Resources Manager

There are also some hybrid positions such as foreign language teacher, foreign service officer, diversity officer, attorney and other positions which require high-in-demand communication skills and constant self-improvement.

Different Types Of Math Majors

THE TOP 10 Most REGRETTED College Majors (Bio? Poli Sci? Engineering?)

While there is the general math major, there are several other types of majors that might be offered under the math department. These degrees allow students to follow specific interests and prepare them for the unique needs of the fields they hope to enter.;

This list includes some of the most common specialties offered in math departments, including applied math, pure math, statistics, and computer science. We wont be covering majors like Finance, Physics, or Economics, as these often are offered through other departments.

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What Is The Earning Potential

Additionally, you want to think about college majors that pay off. This isnt to say that selecting your major should be based solely on how much money you can make, but making more money never hurt anyone!

The good news is that there are many different options on the list of the highest-paying majors. Per Fortune, the following college majors have the highest starting salaries:

  • Petroleum engineering $87,989
  • Applied mathematics $73,558
  • Chemical engineering $72,713

Granted, the list above is populated with majors in the STEM space, but there is still a good variety amongst these majors that might enable you to select one that aligns well with your interests and abilities.

Psychology Major Positions With Good Salary

Similarly to English Major, the Psychology educational path also has a plethora of open careers for the right candidates. You can also work in a plethora of fields like healthcare, education, and marketing. All in all, its a great educational path towards a well-paid job.

  • Human Resources Director
  • Mental Health Counselor
  • Operations Manager

Psychology major is broader than the jobs we highlighted, also add career paths like case manager, child care worker, career counselor and advertising agent suitable. Why are such diverse positions on the list? Because they involve understanding of human psychology, especially advertising agent position. Those who embark on this journey will have to understand the cognitive activity behind their market and what they want to buy.

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Communications With Public Relations Minor

Rating: 8

Public relations and fundraising managers play an important role in both political and non-profit spheres. And public relations managers in general are an essential part of any large company or corporation. While historically it was common to require a business degree for this position, more and more companies are looking for communications specialists as public relations has become much more complicated with the advancement of communication technology.

Flexibility: High

Biological And Biomedical Sciences

University of California

According to NCES, U.S. colleges and universities bestowed 119,000 bachelor’s degrees in biological and biomedical sciences in 2017-18. This figure represents a 68% increase since 2005-06, when nearly 71,000 degrees were conferred in this field.

Biological sciences majors have grown rapidly in popularity since 2005-06.

Many biology-related occupations promise high earning potential and ongoing job growth, which may help explain why this field is so popular. Biochemists and biophysicists currently earn a median annual salary of $94,490, whereas all other biological scientists make around $82,220 a year. Employment of biochemists and biophysicists is projected to grow 4% through 2029.

Undergraduate biology programs explore a diverse number of subjects, such as ecology, cell biology, and genetics. Often, biology majors will specialize in a particular area of study to pursue a specific career path.

Biological and Biomedical Sciences Career Paths

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Take Control Of Your Training

The highest-paying majors are concentrated in the engineering field, but rewarding opportunities are available in many other academic areas as well. What do you consider the best college majors? Have you thought about how to pursue them? The job-driven training offered by vocational colleges and technical institutes can help you take the first step toward a fulfilling career in a huge array of occupational sectors. And it’s easy to find programs near you. Just enter your zip code into the following search tool to explore convenient training options in your area!

Easiest College Majors Your 2021 Guide To Easy College Majors

Home » Easy College Majors

Searching for the easiest college majors in 2021? What makes a college major easy? Fewer math classes? Less time in the Chemistry lab? Or maybe you like classes with lots of writing.

Whats easy and whats difficult is very subjective. It all depends on your likes and dislikes. Me? I like writing. But Im not a huge fan of dissecting random animals in a bio lab.

What do you enjoy? Let that be your guide as you start exploring majors!

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Avoiding calculus and chemistry classes in college could cost grads in the long run.

Sociology Major Positions With Good Salary

Best College Degree Tier List (College Majors Ranked)

If you feel like sociology interests you, here are some good job positions with a great salary if you work hard enough.

  • Human Resources Manager
  • Management Consultant

There are a lot more jobs, available at different geographies for social experts. They can work as police officers, behavioral health specialists, case managers and even counselor. Keep in mind that these positions will usually require a specialization like criminal justice or behavioral psychology.

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Best College Majors For The Future Rankings

Heres the list of the 30 Best Majors for the Future rankings based on salary, expected growth, and the availability of programs from reputable, top accredited universities.

The best college majors for the future should prepare you for a number of career choices with pay at or above average reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics .

Here Are The 20 Most Difficult College Majors

Now that you know why some students pick the most difficult college major, its time to show you some of the most difficult such majors. Nowadays, everyone is making lists with the easiest majors. Fewer and fewer people are talking about the hardest engineering major. We are here to change this trend! Are you wondering What is the hardest major? Lets find out:

  • Computer science its one of the most difficult college majors because you will have to complete some pretty difficult classes, including programming, calculus, statistics, database administration, and so on. However, this field is in increasingly high demand and employers are willing to pay top dollar for promising novice developers.
  • Biology this is the major that you will have to get if you want to become an expert in the medical field. As such, it is a relatively difficult major. Chemistry, biochemistry, psychology and microbiology classes are difficult and not everyone can learn this kind of subject matter.
  • Aeronautical Engineering this major is on every top 10 hardest college majors list, and for good reason. Aerospace engineers need to learn a lot of math, physics, chemistry, and even mechanical engineering. Its a very difficult major, but the pay is very good. And you can even become an astronautical engineer. How cool is that!?
  • Physics
  • Geology
  • Finance and Accounting
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