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Must Haves For College Students

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Must Have Tech Products For College Students

COLLEGE CLOTHING ESSENTIALS | Wardrobe Must Haves for College Students
If theres something here you decide you just Must Have, weve provided links to the product websites. If you click on the link and make a purchase, Beasley Media Group may earn a commission. Have an idea for a fun theme for a gift idea list youd like us to create? Drop us a line at .

Its Back-To-School season for college students, and now is the perfect time for folks to start looking at upgrades for their laptops, tablets, and even WIFI routers. Here are some Must Have tech products for college students to get you back-to-school ready.

College Dorm Must Haves Updated

Ive just updated this college dorm must haves article for this year. I know plenty of parents and students are shopping online right now to prepare for the fall semester. Thats why Ive updated this article to have what, I believe, should be on every list of things to bring to college, especially when living in a dorm.

When I first wrote this article in 2019, my list included 35 must haves for a college room. But Ive since expanded that list to include additional items Ive since learned are essential for todays college students. So now this is a list of 43 must haves.

These could be included on a college dorm list for guys or college dorm must haves for girls. In fact, there is quite a bit of overlap for dorm must haves whether youre sending a daughter or son back to college. In writing this article, Im sharing what I believe to be are dorm room essentials. Ive included products that can help with dorm storage ideas as well as dorm hacks and decorating ideas for dorm rooms.

Shopping For Dorm Room Essentials

I still remember how helpless I felt the first time I had to go shopping for a dorm room. I wasnt sure how to make head or tails of the college dorm room essentials checklist. Since then, though, Ive learned a lot. After all Id spent six years of moving my daughters to college. Thats why I wanted to write this blog post about dorm must haves.

Have you read my article with advice on paying for school?

This was what our car looked like moving our daughter to her college dorm her freshman year.

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Iris Loft Underbed Stacking Drawer $2999 At Bed Bath & Beyond

Dorm rooms don’t typically offer a lot of space, so you have to get creative to make room for all of your belongings. These plastic stacking drawers are great for under-the-bed storage. These drawers are stackable to really maximize space and the front of the drawer is clear so you can easily see what is inside. These are perfect for storing clothing, towels, sheets, and more.

What Essential Supplies Do You Need For Online College Courses List Of The 10 Most Important Tools For E

Must Haves for College Students

It was not long ago when physical attendance was a prerequisite for all college classes. Almost overnight the advancement in computer technology and the internet changed all that. It is now possible to enroll in online undergraduate and graduate courses, and all the classes will be conducted strictly online. This article will not tackle the merits of online schooling, but we list the basic tools for e-learning students.

The must-haves for online college includes much familiar equipment and some you might not have considered. The list of equipment required for online classes is not set in stone, but few of the items you cannot do without.

Basic Tools for E-Learning Students

1 Desktop Computer or Laptop

Just like you cannot build a house without a foundation, you need a computing device to be able to register and take classes online. Luckily, the price of the latest desktops are dropping and most will come with robust internal operating systems to make attending online college as seamless as possible.

If you hate getting stuck at home while taking college classes online you might consider investing in a well-made laptop computer. A portable laptop gives the student the ability to partake in online college classes just about anywhere as long as reliable Wi-Fi connection is present.

2 Computer Accessories

A Keyboard

B Mouse

C Headphones and Microphone

D Web-Camera

E Flash Drive

F Printer

3 Reliable Internet Connection

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Free Printable College Grocery List

Ive also crafted a pre-made college grocery list for you below.

And its a good starting point! But we all have different tastes, so over time youll figure out what you love to have around and you can come up with your own list.

Many of these food items are inexpensive and can be found at your local dollar store. Go figure!

Some, of course, do require having some sort of refrigerator and a heat source such as a hot plate, oven, or microwave.


Try hitting up your local farmers market for some great deals on fresh produce. Supporting local businesses when you can = WINNING!


Or if you prefer to fill out the list with your own favorite foods, there is a printable fill-in-the-blanks list available as well!

The Best Gadgets For Every College Student Must Have

College students are always on the lookout for new gadgets that can help them in their classes and improve their learning. A lot of these gadgets are used to increase the engagement of the student during lectures or presentations, and can also be used as study aids or just to keep you entertained! We have compiled a list of some of our favorite gadgets that will help you succeed in your studies at college.

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Lucy Eldridge Mug $12 At Nordstrom

Even if you don’t have a kitchen in your dorm room, bring a mug with you to school. You can use it as a vessel for tea, microwave meals, and if you really have no desire to make any sort of food, this will make an adorable pencil holder on your desk. I like this one for the fun animal prints and sayings.

Rubbermaid Premier Food Storage Container $2099 For A 12


Whether you are living in a dorm or off-campus, these Rubbermaid containers are a necessity. You can use these to bring packed lunches to class, to keep your favorite snacks safe from bugs, or stock up on food in the dining hall to stretch that college budget. These containers are microwave, freezer, and dishwasher safe, so you can really use them for anything.

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Freshman Must Haves: Tips From A College Professor

You are about to embark in a once-in-a-life-time experience.


Adulting just got real.

To help you out, I have compiled 15 college freshman must haves. The list comes from years of teaching students like you. It also comes from my own experiences as a college student, and as a mom of college students.

Make sure you view them all! They are in random order, but number 15 is by FAR the MOST important.

Best Place To Buy College Bedding

In case you didnt know, college dorm beds require extra long, twin sheets. Target carries a knit jersey version of extra long twin sheets that my daughters loved. In fact, my daughter kept using these jersey knit twin XL sheets after they moved out of the dorm and no longer needed the extra long.

This tells you two things about why Target is one of the best places to shop for college bedding:

  • Your college student will love the bedding so much that theyll actually use it.
  • The Target bedding holds up so well that when you buy a few sets for freshman year, you might not need to replace them until long after your student graduates.
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    A Small But Mighty Two

    Promising review: “Being only a six-inch fan, you would not expect much, but let me assure you, this little fan has been a life saver! I live in Las Vegas, where it is over 100 degrees every summer. This fan is clipped to the side of my computer desk, where I spend the most of my time. I am both a full-time college student and an avid gamer, the latter being extra important as a lead into just how quiet this fan runs. When I’m sitting right next to the fan I can barely hear it myself, and am fairly confident it is not heard by anyone through my chat programs.” Jay


    Ok Google Play Latin Lofi

    41 Dorm Room Must Haves for College Students in 2021 ...

    I got my hands on a back when Spotify was giving them away for free, and its one of my favorite things Ive owned.

    I tell my Google to play Latin Lofi while I study, set timers to keep me on top of my schedule, wake me up in the morning, and remind me of whats on my calendar for the day.

    A Google Home Mini is the perfect little assistant to have in your corner for some quick, hands-free help.

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    Moleskine Hard Cover Notebook $2599 At Quill

    Moleskine journals are great for a multitude of uses. They are smaller than most typical subject notebooks, but still can be used for class. I like to use mine as a planner and for jotting down random notes and thoughts I have throughout the day. The hard cover notebooks are flexible, but still durable enough to survive a messy backpack.

    Items You Absolutely Don’t Need Freshman Year

    I know that for some, you just wont feel comfortable unless youve prepared for every possible need or experience. Do what makes you comfortable, but according to current students, recent grads and parents, this is the stuff you dont need in your dorm:

    An Iron or Clothes Drying Rack. Unless you need an iron for a specific need like an ROTC uniform, skip it. Generally the survey responses said to skip the drying rack too. Personally, I think a drying rack depends . . . if you have performance wear or delicates that you prefer to line dry it might be worth it as long as it’s compact and easy to store.

    Too Many Shoes. Shoes are heavy, take up a lot of room and most students wear the same 3 or 4 pairs over and over. Take your favorites and the shoes you know youll need, and leave the rest at home.

    A White Board or Bulletin Board. Theyre fun and cute, but dont get used. Just keep texting and snapping to communicate with your suitemates, hallmates and new friends.

    A Sewing Kit. One mom wrote that taking a sewing kit is laughable like taking checks or stamps and stationery. Sounds right.

    A Mini Tool Kit. While nice to have on move-in day, you probably wont need a tool kit during the school year. According to current students, if something breaks, students usually call maintenance.

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    Dorm Essentials To Put On Your List

    We recommend that you read this post, Dorm Room Shopping: 50 Questions to Answer First, which will guide you through all the Q& As you want to discuss with your teen BEFORE you shop.

    The next step is to gather as much insight as you can from their colleges website under Residence Life. Find out what things are provided and what might be prohibited If your student is assigned a dorm with air conditioning, they wont need a fan. No need to load up on things that youll have to return.

    Then your teen will want to coordinate with their roommate if they are planning compatible decor and/or want to share a mini-fridge, microwave, or coffee maker as most dorms are too small to accommodate duplicate appliances. An area rug is also popular, but no need to get more than one.

    Finally, as you shop for your son or daughter, make sure youre not leaving any money on the table by downloading the free Honey browser extensionits a tool that automatically applies coupon codes at checkout to help save time and money.

    Then start here, with the true basics for a typical college dorm room.

    Note: We are a reader-supported site and receive compensation from purchases made through some of these links.

    Badass Nicknames For Guys And Girls The Ultimate Guide


    Are you trying to come up with a great nickname for your friends in college? Check out these badass nicknames for guys and girls.



  • a familiar or humorous name given to a person or thing instead of or as well as the realname.
  • There are many badass nicknames that you can choose from. Ive included a comprehensive list below. But dont forget that you can come up with your own as well. If you want anickname, then look no further than this list.

    Here are hundreds of badass nicknames tochoose from. You do not want to miss this list!

    In this article:

    26. Epiphany

    27. Eclipse

    28. Silence

    29. Privy

    47. Trident

    48. Pyre

    11. The Quickening

    12. Love

    19. Sanguine

    20. Sing

    25. Gargoyle

    26. Silhouette

    27. Sight

    32. Cormorant

    33. Raven

    15. Pomegranate

    16. Poem

    22. Tourniquet

    23. Diamond

    49. Rain

    50. River

    50. Happiness

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    Favorite Questions About Memories & Childhood

  • What was your favorite thing about your childhood home?
  • What were your favorite childhood television shows?
  • Who was your favorite childhood friend?
  • What was your favorite animal as a child?
  • What was your favorite childhood food?
  • What was your favorite childhood movie?
  • Who was your favorite teacher?
  • What was your favorite playdate?
  • Did you have a favorite childhood toy?
  • What was your favorite childhood song?
  • Did you have a favorite school subject?
  • What was your favorite school lunch?
  • What was your favorite after-school activity?
  • What is your favorite memory?
  • What is your favorite memory of school?
  • What is your favorite holiday memory?
  • What is your favorite birthday memory?
  • What is your favorite memory of being with your family?
  • What is your favorite memory of being with your friends?
  • What is your favorite vacation memory?
  • Comfy Seat For Your Butt

    Were spending hours sitting at our desks now, and a comfortable chair is a MUST.

    If you follow me on IG, you know Im OBSESSED with my new badass pink chair.

    Technically its a gaming chair, but theyre the comfiest chairs out there! Theyre designed for gamers who spend hours looking at their PCs so theyre PERFECT for college students watching lectures all day!

    These chairs are pretty pricey but worth every single penny.

    Finding the perfect chair took me a few weeks. I wanted it to have a backrest, a footrest, and a massage pillow . Oh, and it HAD to be pink.

    Shes the comfiest chair Ive ever sat my on and my BFF.

    This is the exact brand that I bought, but unfortunately, theyre sold out of the pink chairs. You can search pink gaming chair on Amazon and also find very similar ones with great reviews like this one.

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    Gomacro Nutrition Bars $359 At Target

    On those days when it feels like you will never get out of class, you’re going to need some sustenance. Nutrition bars are a quick fix that you can throw in your backpack for long days when you don’t have time to sit down for a meal. I like these ones because they’re made of simple, natural ingredients which will keep you fueled without a dreaded sugar crash later on.

    Belkin Power Strip Surge Protector $2149 At Staples

    7 Must Haves for College

    With a lot of tech, you will need a lot of outlets to charge everything. Many dorm rooms are not set up so outlets are in the most accessible locations, plus you have to share what is available with your roommate. A power strip is an easy, cheap solution to make sure all of your devices can be charged simultaneously.

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    Dorm Room Essentials List: 12 Things Every Freshman Needs For College

    The good news is your kid is GOING to college. The bad news is your kid is LEAVING for college. There may be a long list of things they WANT to buy, but here is the shortlist of the things that every college student needs to bring with themthe real dorm essentials. We have cut to the basics and listed only the 12 must-haves that they will truly need on day one.

    In a few instances, we added extras for you to think about while shopping but have otherwise kept this college packing list deliberately short. Consider this a solid starting point and layer on the items that your college student knows they will use, not the myriad things that retailers and schools identify as Essentials. Besides, this is not 1990 and your student can easily order supplies and furnishings after theyve moved into their new space.

    Wireless Headphones For Music While Studying

    Students love listening to music while they study and do their homework. A pair of comfortable wireless headphones are a perfect choice for college students who want to listen to music without bothering the people around them with loudspeakers or earphones plugged into your phone!

    You can also use it as an alternative studying method, where you focus on one thing at once either listening to some good tunes or concentrating on solving problems from physics class!

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    Orcam Read: New Era For Reading

    OrCam Read is a state-of-the-art assistive reading tool for all college students, especially with reading difficulties. Its an extremely simple device that can help you read anything by just pointing at it! OrCam will then read whatever you are pointing at with a human-like voice.

    Unlike other reading gadgets, OrCam Read can scan full pages and start reading at whatever point you choose. This cutting-edge technology does not require WiFi or an internet connection, so you can use it in places with limited access to the internet. Compared to other reading pens in the market, OrCam Read is the most advanced gadget for college students which supports your learning.

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