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How To Transfer College Transcripts

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Transfer Of Cftea Credits To A College Or University

Transfer Students: Send your Transcripts

Most colleges and universities require an official transcript when students request a transfer of CFTEA credit. An official transcript costs $10.00. The official transcript fee, along with the Student Request for Record-keeping Services Form, should be forwarded to the CFTEA office. CFTEA will send your official transcript directly to the college. Many colleges and universities accept CFTEA credits toward their degree programs however, please keep in mind, no college is required to accept transfer credit from any other educational facility, regardless of accreditation status.

How To Send High School Transcripts To A College

Whether you’re a new high school graduate or you have some college credits, you will need to send some transcripts when you apply to universities. Institutions require official transcripts, which must come directly from the school that issued the credits in the first place. So, how do you submit a transcript request and get your information in the right hands?

The answer depends on the school from which you came, the institution you want to attend and the type of application you complete. Be sure to understand the steps for submitting transcripts so you can apply with relative ease and meet all of your application deadlines.

Filling Out Your Application Takes Time

And if you have to keep interrupting your progress to find information, like a certificate for a continuing education course or the address of your last internship, it can take even longer. Get a head start by collecting this information before you begin.

Below are some materials youâll need to gather in order to fill out Common App for transfer.

  • Some programs you apply to might ask you to provide this information. You can see what each program on your list requires in the College Coursework area of the Academic History section.
  • You also have the option to add any continuing education courses you have taken.

Some programs will ask you to report these test scores. You can check the testing policy of the programs on your list in the Program Materials section.

On Common App for transfer, you have the option to share your experiences, things like research, internships, volunteer work, and more. This is the place to show colleges what makes you unique.

Take the first step in the application process

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What Is The Sat: Standardized Testing Guide

The SAT is a standardized test used by colleges and universities as part of the admissions process. It is multiple-choice, taken in person on pencil and paper, and has multiple sections. Colleges use the SAT tests to determine how prepared you are for college by measuring your reading comprehension, writing, and math skills.

Do I Have To Transfer All College Credits

Make a Professional Homeschool Transcript with This Free Download ...

If youre concerned youll need to transfer all of your credits to a new school , you can relax. Most colleges wont accept transfer credits unless you earned at least a B. Others will give you credit as long as you earned a passing grade. Since these policies vary from school to school, the best answer to this question will come from the registrars office of the school youre transferring to.

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Navigating Transcripts And The Transfer Process

Rules regulating college credit earned while still in high school are governed by the State of Washington, and will affect a student’s high school transcript.

According to the College in the High School WAC “At the college or university level, five quarter or three semester hours equals one high school credit.” This means, if a student takes a CWU CiHS class for 5 credits in a term then they earn one whole HS credit in that term.

Counselors and teachers have access to complete information regarding standardized high school transcripts for all public high school students. Bookmark this link: Transcript Developer User Guide

Link to WAC 392-725-200 Confirmation of high school credit

Sending Official International Transcripts

International transcripts must be evaluated by an approved foreign credential evaluating company. UVU’s preferred evaluating company is SpanTran. If you have already had your international transcript evaluated by a foreign credential company, please reference the list of approved companies below to see if we can accept them.

In order to receive direct equivalencies, students will need to provide course descriptions/syllabi.

Other approved companies

  • IERFEvaluations performed on behalf of another institution cannot be accepted unless the student can obtain a sealed/unopened copy of their IERF report directly from IERF


Contact Transfer Credit at 801-863-8216 or by emailing

Average processing time of transcripts is 1-3 weeks

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How To Get Your College Transcripts: In A Nutshell

FIRST: Call or email your school’s Office of the Registrar they are the department responsible for archiving student transcript information.

SECOND: Ask if you need to send your written consent for them to release your transcripts to you.

THIRD: Send your written consent to the school, by email or certified mail, or fill out a form online.

How To Send College Transcripts

CTC Live! – Transfer/Transcripts

Typically, you can find instructions for ordering transcripts by visiting the registrars page of your previous colleges website. Its important to get this process started as soon as possible since processing times vary by college.

Considerations on processing and receiving materials due to coronavirus Drexel Admissions is currently processing application documents received through the U.S. Postal Service and courier services , although there is a slight delay in processing these documents. We strongly recommend you submit all official transcripts and supportive documentation digitally to . If your school is not able to send official transcripts because they do not offer an electronic request option, you may digitally send us unofficial transcripts however, we will require you to submit official transcripts prior to enrolling at Drexel University. We appreciate your patience during this unprecedented time at Drexel and around the world. We will process all documents as soon as we receive them, but please expect some delays.

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How Will My Transcript Be Used

Within 30 days of receiving your official transcripts, the records office will work with academic departments to evaluate your transcript for transfer credit. Check your MyAACC student portal to view your transfer credit summary under Menu > Self Services > Credit Students > Academic Profile.

Regardless of academic performance at a previous institution, AACC is required by the U.S. Department of Education to use this information when determining eligibility for financial aid at AACC.

Creating An Account Is Simple

  • Provide your name and contact information.
  • Make sure you use an email address you check often, as this is how Common App and colleges will get in touch with you.
  • Choose a username and password.
  • Review the Terms and Conditions.

Then click “Create my account” to finish the process.

Before youâre taken into the application, youâll be asked to complete your Extended Profile. This includes information designed to tailor the application experience to you.

  • Your age
  • College credits you will have earned when you enroll at the college youâre applying to
  • The degree status you will have earned
  • Your degree goal for the program youâre applying to

After answering these questions, youâll be taken into the application. Congratulations! Youâre ready to get started.

Counselor tip

Engage supporters

Get letters of recommendation and school forms

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The Clearinghouse Will Integrate With Any Sis

The Clearinghouse is Ellucians strategic partner for transcript order integration and is enabled by default in Ellucian software. We have completed hundreds of successful integrations across Ellucians three administrative systems: Banner® by Ellucian, Colleague® by Ellucian, and PowerCampus® by Ellucian. The Clearinghouse is the leading integrator for eTranscripts! In addition to Ellucian, we have fully integrated our transcript solution with a wide range of SIS systems, including PeopleSoft, SAP, and even homegrown systems. Additionally, our cloud-based NextGen API solution is available for all SIS systems, including homegrown systems.

And we offer 100 percent dedicated and personalized training, service, and support.

How Fastest Benefits Your Students

Transcript Bach

Offer your students the greatest time savings with near real-time processing and delivery.

  • Electronic transcript delivery in 15 minutes or less¹
  • Fulfillment and delivery after office hours and on holidays
  • More staff resources available to students for non-transcript issues
  • Immediate fulfillment of transcript requirements for jobs and grad school
  • Instant notification of holds and how to clear them
  • Most secure print-to-mail fulfillment available, if you add NSC SecurePrint

Plus, all the benefits of our FAST and FASTER solutions

¹If there are no restrictions on the students record.

Not sure which service you need?Check our service comparison grid

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Option Two: Myinfo App

  • Log into MyInfo using your MEID and Password .
  • Go to the Transcripts page.
  • From here, you will be able to view your unofficial transcript and request your official transcript.
  • You will be redirected to the Transcript Ordering Services website.
    • Please visit the student password & MEID reset page if you do not recall your password or need to reactivate your student ID . | 480-461-7000 | | A Maricopa Community CollegeThe Maricopa County Community College District is an EEO/AA institution and an equal opportunity employer of protected veterans and individuals with disabilities. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, or national origin. A lack of English language skills will not be a barrier to admission and participation in the career and technical education programs of the District.The Maricopa County Community College District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability or age in its programs or activities. For Title IX/504 concerns, call the following number to reach the appointed coordinator: 731-8499. For additional information, as well as a listing of all coordinators within the Maricopa College system, visit .

    Research Colleges & Universities

    It is never too early to start researching the colleges and universities that you would like to transfer to. It will be important for you to find answers to the following types of questions:

    • What school is right for me?
    • Do I want to attend a small or large college?
    • Which schools offer my major?
    • What types of financial aid are available to me?
    • Where will I live? Will I be required to live on or off campus?
    • Does this school offer services to assist me in finding a job?

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    What Are Official Transcripts

    When you apply to colleges, you cannot just make photocopies of the transcripts that you already have. Allowing such records would leave too much room for cheating. Instead, institutions need to see official transcripts.

    These forms come from the submitting school, typically in sealed envelopes. Some systems allow authorized users to send official transcripts electronically instead. In either case, you will not be the person to submit the documents. Instead, official transcripts should come from your school’s academic counselor.

    Investigate Transfer Policies Before Enrolling

    How to Send LAHC Transcripts to a University | LA Harbor College Transfer Center

    Every college has published policies indicating what transfer credit it will accept. Take these policies into account when choosing where you want to graduate from.

    How to check if a college will accept your credit:

  • Request an unofficial transcript from your previous college .

  • On your future colleges website, locate the most recent academic catalog.

  • Compare the credit you have with the schools catalog. Take note of which of your transfer courses match courses the school offers by comparing course codes, titles, prerequisites, and descriptions. This is the credit your future college will accept.

  • Accepted credit isnt always the same as applicable credit. Next, locate your desired degrees requirements . Does the degree you want have room for your accepted transfer credit? You may think, If my college accepts the credit, why do I need to check the specific degree? The fact that your desired college accepts your transfer credit in general doesnt necessarily mean that those credits all apply to your particular degree programs specific requirements. So be sure not to skip this step!

  • Now do a search on the website for the schools transfer policy to discover:

    • How much transfer credit it accepts

    • What kind of transfer credit it accepts

    If you have questions, direct them to the schools registrar.

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    Where To Send Your Transcripts

    In most cases, you cannot pick up a copy of your transcript and take it to your new university. Instead, youll need your old school to directly send transcripts to the new school. This process can take some time, especially if youre seeking a transcript from a larger school or your transcripts are very old. So contact each school as early in the application process as possible.

    Most schools ask you to provide a specific address to which to send your transcript. Your new schools registrar can provide this information. Contact them before completing a transcript request, because sending a transcript to the wrong office can delay the process or incur additional expenses. Contact SNUs Registrar Services or Admissions Office for help accessing transcripts or sending grades from previous schools.

    Transfer To North Central

    Whether youre transferring from a two-year school or another four-year college or university, at North Central College youll find a supportive community where everyone shares an interest in your success. Its a place where you have the chance to grow, learn and put your classroom learning into real-life action.

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    What Are The Limitations Of Military Experience Credits

    Unfortunately, veterans like me learn the hard way that not all their ACE credits apply for their degree program. After all the recruiter told us how we can get college credit for nearly everything we do and every promotion we earn. But the fact is, most of the ACE credits servicemembers earn only apply to lower-level free-electives. Only a select handful of credits actually apply toward core requirements or upper-level course work.

    The main exception is in the case of technical degrees where the veteran is seeking a degree in their actual military occupation. For example a degree in network security may fit with a veterans ACE credits.

    In addition, it is up to each college to determine the number of credits they will accept, and how they will be applied toward a specific degree. In fact, some schools may even choose not to grant any credit for military experience. That is why it is critical to shop around for the school that best fits your needs â value, accreditation, degree options, and grants college credit for CLEP exams and military experience.

    You need to ask the admissions counselor about the schools policy for accepting ACE credit recommendations before enrolling.

    • Military resources or groups on campus such as Student Veterans of America

    Important Note: Selecting Your Ideal College

    From here, it is recommended that you reach out to numerous schools. Military training may carry more weight at a specific institution.

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    If You Are No Longer Enrolled At The School:


    This may be the case if you graduated or transferred high schools. Even if you no longer attend that school, you are still entitled to a copy of your transcript.

    First, check the schools website to see if they have information about obtaining your transcript. Transcript information is often found on alumni or student services pages, and it can provide information on how to request your transcript online or who to contact to get your transcript. You can also try calling the schools main office number and telling them you are trying to get a copy of your high school transcript they will direct you to the right person.

    If the above doesnt work, you can also try using a third party, such as Parchment and Need My Transcript. Both websites work with thousands of high schools to provide transcripts however, there are fees and shipping costs involved with both sites, so contacting your former school first may save you money.

    The majority of college applicants are high school seniors, and most of the college application advice out there is aimed at them. But what do you do if you dont fall into this narrow category? Our eBook on how to prepare for and apply to college as a nontraditional student will walk you through everything you need to know, from the coursework you should have under your belt to how to get letters of recommendation when youre not a high school senior.

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    Can I Still Get My Ccaf After I Separate

    In order to be eligible, wounded warriors must have been enrolled in a CCAF degree program at the time of separation or retirement must have been awarded a 9W-series Reporting Identifier for combat-related injuries or illnesses as reflected in the military personal system and have 10 years from their separation or

    Gpa Emergency: Advice For Transfers With Less

    You’re confident you have what it takes to succeed at whatever college or university you apply to. But if your academic record is inconsistent or otherwise less than perfect, that school might need a little convincing at admission time.

    Originally Posted: Jun 20, 2011

    Youre confident you have what it takes to succeed at whatever college or university you apply to. But if your academic record is inconsistent or otherwise less than perfect, that school might need a little convincing at admission time.

    For example, maybe you earned top grades and test scores in high school but your college career just hasnt matched up. Or perhaps your situation is opposite: your high school record was nothing to brag about, but youve really shined in college. How do you convince the institution you want to transfer to that youre a strong candidate?

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    Getting An Official College Transcript: Pay Your Hold

    The first way to guarantee you’ll get your transcript is to pay the hold on your account. While this may not be the easiest thing in the world for you to do, it may be necessary in order for you to move forward with your life.

    This could require you taking out a small loan, using a credit card or borrowing money from a friend or family member. Or, you could also save up for the price of the hold and pay it when you request your transcript.

    Paying the full amount of the hold is the only guaranteed way to ensure that your college will give you your transcript.

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