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How To Get Good Grades In College

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How To Get Good Grades In College | Study and Test Taking Advice

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Learn How To Apply The Material To Your Life

There will always be those classes and subjects that you have absolutely no interest in, but you have to take them because they are required.

One of the biggest obstacles that was in the way of me getting As in college was the fact that I wasnt applying the material to my life. In other words, I wasnt making an effort to dig into the material so that I understood it better and could apply it.

Ive found that when you are able to apply the material and talk about how it relates to life today, youre much more able to remember it. Its almost like your brain presses an On switch and you start to absorb the material better because you are at least partially invested in it.

Im not saying youll love the subject in fact, you may forget all the things you learned one the course is over, but taking the time to dig a little deeper in the material can help you make good grades in college.

Play All Four Quarters:

University courses are designed to be backloaded. Over fifty percent of the grade is accrued post-mid-term. Most college students start enthusiastically but soon run out of steam by mid-terms. The most important learning how to study tip for college is perseverance. Every test, homework, assignment, project, major, minor right from the first to the final, will be counted in your college grade. Do not miss the scoring opportunity in any of the assessments. This will also ensure your grade against any unpredictable emergency towards the finals. If you find yourself exhausted by the time of midterms, take a short break, catch up with family and friends, rejuvenate your mind and come back with full throttle. Pace yourself, indulge in soothing and stress-relieving activities, eat well and take proper rest.

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Find The Right Learning Style For You

If youre academically underperforming, another possible reason could be that you havent found the right learning style for you. Were all different, and each of us has our own way of studying that yields the best results. Perhaps you just havent found your most effective studying style yet. If youve been trying to work on your own, for example, you might find it easier to work with a friend or two, so that you have someone else there to motivate you.

How Do You Get Straight As

How to Get Good Grades in College  SRTrends

10 Steps to Help You Get Straight As

  • STEP 1: Take the right subjects and school will be a lot easier!
  • STEP 2: Work with your teacher
  • STEP 3: Never miss a class it will always catch up with you!
  • STEP 4: Always sit up front
  • STEP 5: Complete your homework before class so you will be prepared in class!
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    Is Getting All Bs In College Good

    Getting straight As in college may look good on paper, but getting Bs while taking the time for professional and personal growth is just as valuable. While a 4.0 GPA may help achieve your career goals, employers will consider a number of factors, including character and experience with internships and activities.

    Be Ruthlessly Efficient With Your Time

    This is probably my most important piece of advice in this section.

    There is one limitation in every human’s life, from Bill Gates’ and Mark Zuckerberg’s to yours and mine. It’s the time you have per day. Everyone has only 24 hours in a day, and it’s up to you to get the most out of each day.

    If you’re aiming for a top college, building a strong application will likely take up almost all your free time. Roughly speaking, out of 24 hours in a weekday, you have eight hours for school and transit , eight hours for life outside of school, and eight hours for sleep.

    Of the eight hours you have outside of school, you might need four hours every day to get through your homework and another two for your extracurriculars. This gives you just two hours of free time. Weekends remove the eight hours of schooling but likely replace it with more studying, test prep, and extracurriculars.

    When charted like this, it’s clear that you have a strictly limited amount of time every day to get through what you need to get through.

    Therefore, every hour you can spend or use more efficiently is a huge gain.

    Furthermore, if you’re able to save an hour every day, you’ll be able to get an extra 365 hours per year. This is a massive amount of time you can use to improve your grades or make serious progress on an extracurricular.

    If you’re productive at only half thisor 40% of the timeyou’ll lose out on 3,500 hours of productivity over three years of high school. This is a staggering amount.

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    Develop Good Writing Study Habits

    During lectures, its generally a good idea to write down points, which can act as memory joggers. Then, after class, you can write out these notes in full.

    Another popular method is to draw out mind maps during the lecture and expand on them later on. A mind map is a visual, usually colored diagram designed to be a hierarchy of information in which main points can be expanded on in note form later on.

    Another tip on writing notes well is to draft, rewrite, and proofread your work. The more comprehensive your notes are, the easier it will be to review and study them at the exam stage.

    How To Get Good Grades

    How To Get Good Grades In College

    Some students just have everything together. They earn awesome grades, but they’re also successful on other fronts. Opportunities always seem to find them, and they’re always prepared for what’s coming next. Watch this video about habits of highly successful students.

    1. Motivate yourself

    If you are not satisfied with your grades, do not get down on yourself – try self-motivation instead. Believe in yourself and encourage yourself to stay focused on your work. Pick a goal or series of goals, and use that as your motivation.

    2. Listen and participate in class

    It may be hard, especially if you have a shy personality, but participation will show your teacher that you do really care about their subject and want better grades. Teachers typically base the grades on various factors, and participation is one of them.

    If you are shy, for more confidence you can write down the questions before the class and then ask them. Another trick is to have a seat closer to the teacher, so they can get to know you even more.

    3. Take thorough notes during a class

    This will ensure that you do not miss any important information. Note taking is an important skill that can translate to better grades in college as well.

    4. Do not hesitate to ask for help

    If you are experiencing problems with certain subjects, you can always ask your teacher or peers for help after the class. Another option is to ask your parents if they can afford a private tutor for you.

    5. Stay focused during your homework

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    Utilize Office Hours For Questions And Help

    Your professors have office hours for a reason, and you should definitely utilize them. If youre unsure about an assignment and need more understanding, or have run into a problem with homework or a paper, make an appointment to stop by and talk to them about it. It shows dedication to the class and a genuine want to understand. Plus, theres really no better source to go to for questions other than the person teaching the class.

    If you have a personal problem or family emergency and cant get an assignment in, most of the time sitting and talking to them about it will help it get resolved. They might grant you an extension or other solution, but you have to go and talk to them.

    Typing Notes Is Great But Handwriting Them Is Even Better

    I get it technology exists to help you do things more efficiently, including typing notes so that you can keep up with your professors hour-long lecture. As much of a blessing it is to have computers, tablets, and other devices, its easy to type and forget what you wrote.

    Thats why taking the time to handwrite your notes is so important.

    I guess you wouldnt really call this is a secret to getting As in college, but I would venture to say that this method is quickly disappearing. Even if you type the notes in class, have a notebook on-hand in your dorm room so that you can rewrite everything you just typed.

    Youll be more likely to remember the information if you write it down. Bonus points if you rewrite your notes again!

    I know this can be very time-consuming, but trust me it can help A LOT!

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    Know Where To Go For Help

    The students who know how to get good grades in college are not going it alone.

    If math or science is hard for you, again, seek out the professor, the TA, or a tutor .

    Your school may have resources that provide online tutoring.

    Some subjects, often quantitative, lend themselves to the use of study groups.

    Knowing how to get good grades in college is not about working hard but working smarter.

    You can easily learn how to get good grades in college if you try and make it your own process that plays to your own strengths.

    If youre going to join college soon, have you identified any tips that youll be working on first?

    And if youre already in college, are there any tips here that youre going to be trying out?

    Lets discuss how you can improve your college experience and grades!

    Marcia Y. Cantarella, Author, I CAN Finish College: The Overcome Any Obstacle and Get Your Degree Guide is a former College Dean and senior administrator.

    See Chapters 4 and 8 of I CAN Finish College: The Overcome Any Obstacle and Get Your Degree Guide for more on getting good grades in college.

    How To Get Good Grades In College

    How to Get Good Grades in College

    The “how to get good grades in college” question is prevalent among students. It is hard to disagree that getting an ‘A’ grade makes one feel really great. That is the reason why everyone is willing to learn about various ways of getting good grades and boosting your overall performance. It is obvious that if you want to succeed in studying, you should devote a great deal of your time to it, and only after that will you get better results. You must also listen to your teacher attentively, take detailed notes and ask questions if you don’t understand something clearly. And, do not neglect to take good care of your health. However, some students ask themselves, “How to get good grades in college without much effort?” The answer is that the studying process will not pose a challenge if you do it systematically. In that case, it will not be very exhausting for you to process new material. Having a desire to study is also an integral component of what guarantees your success in education.

    It doesn’t matter where you study because applying the following tips you will be able to improve your grades in university, school or college. Let’s take a look at some studying guidelines that have proved to be effective.

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    Tip : Prepare For Crunch Periodsfinals And Aps

    The end of each semester and academic year is typically pretty stressful. Instead of a staggered timeline, you’ll get final exams in most classes all at once. Even worse, you might also have to prep separately for AP exams and the SAT/ACT.

    The good news is that if you’ve built a strong foundation throughout the rest of the year, you’re already 80% there before you study for finals. You might have forgotten some details, but the foundational tree trunks are still around. Preparing for the final is now simply a matter of loading the info into your short-term memory for recall.

    If you’re learning a lot of new material for a final, you’re too late. Try the best you can, but next time focus on sustained effort throughout the school year.

    As for AP Courses, usually getting an A in class will lead to a pretty easy 5, unless your class is really easy and A is the most common grade. Preparing for standardized tests uses the same skills and principles, no matter if it’s an AP test or the SAT. I cover these principles in more detail in my guide on how to get a perfect SAT score.

    Make A Study Schedule

  • 1Try to stick to the schedule as much as possible. Map out your week to see when your studying can and should get done. That way you know just how much time you can devote to each class and when it makes the most sense to study for each one. Its up to you how often you need to study, but be sure to make more time for the tougher classes.XResearch source
  • Use your common sense when it comes to allotting time to specific classes. For example, Badminton needs a lot less time than the Principles of Celestial Mechanics.
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    Rule #: Set Up A Distraction

    Here are some practical things you can do to make your study session as fruitful as possible:

    • Install and activate the Freedom app on your computer.
    • Turn off your phone, and put it at least 10 feet away from your study area.
    • Keep a clutter-free study area.
    • Work in 30- to 45-minute blocks. Time your study sessions to help you stay focused.
    • Give yourself a small reward every time you complete a study session, e.g. eat a fruit, watch a YouTube video, go for a short walk.

    On a related note, dont multitask. You might think that youre able to watch TV, write an essay, check your Twitter feed, and solve a Math problem at the same time.

    But research shows that multitasking isnt productive, and may even damage your brain. So focus on one thing at a time, and youll be that much closer to becoming a straight-A student.

    Polish Those Verbal Communications Skills

    How to get good grades in College (EASY)

    Many classes include presentations and group work, so its important to have excellent communication skills. If you are given the task of a presentation as part of your grade, then be sure to rehearse it so that you can feel confident when it comes to presenting. Make sure you know what is expected of you within the presentation before you create it so that you can be confident that you have done the best you possibly can. This will make it a bit less nerve wracking when it comes to actually doing the presentation.

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    How To Get All As In College: Read More Books

    The most popular answer to the question of how to improve grades in college is to read more books. This is not surprising at all – all the books are a huge repository of knowledge that will certainly help you improve academic performance and inspire you to get good grades in college. Suppose you are studying to be a marketer. During college studies, you have many specialties, some of which seem really important to you, whereas there may be some unnecessary ones. Similarly to any business, your goal is to prioritize your learning and highlight those exact subjects that are most significant to you. Go to the library and find at least three books that will help you understand the topic better. Thus, you significantly broaden your knowledge and get a good grade if you attentively read and not scan them. If we are talking about subjects relevant to your specialty, then you need to read as many of such books as possible. Thus, you get all the necessary and useful information to become a real professional in your field of expertise. This is basically what you are aiming for.

    Create A Solid Action Plan

    You dont want to redo or update old work at the expense of new work. Create a plan that ensures you are staying on top of upcoming deadlines while you take care of work that you might have slacked on earlier in the semester. School breaks and vacation days may be a great time to take some looming assignments off your plate and relieve some stress.

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    English And Writing Classes

    In my experience the hardest part about English classes is the essay grading. Year by year, the standards you’re graded on change, and the teacher’s expectations change. Some teachers want you to follow the same formula essay after essay. Others want you to have a “voice” and write with style.

    I had a frustrating experience in Honors English when we had to write essays about themes of books we were reading. Most people would write something like “the theme is abandonment.” My teacher would draw a big red circle around this and write, “SO WHAT?” But she never explained articulately what she meant by this, even when we asked her.

    Eventually, we figured out that the theme statement was supposed to be a concept that required a sentence to explain, not just a single word. This requires you to dig a level deeper, something like “abandonment is crippling to a child’s psyche and ripples throughout adulthood.” But she never explained it well, and it sometimes felt as if I were helpless at the hands of a merciless tyrant.

    In English classes, you have to understand the expectations of your teacher and how he will be grading essays. As I said above, use every chance you have for reflection and iteration. If the teacher lets you submit drafts for review before the final essay, take this super seriously. Give the draft your best work, and if you’re confused about any of the teacher’s comments, ask about them outside of class.

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