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How To Study In College

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HOW I STUDY *EFFECTIVELY* (study tips from a college student)

“Research demonstrates that when we engage in that process of overtly retrieving, we actually organize concepts and create a better structure for what we’re understanding,” Agarwal says. “So through that process of retrieval, we help make sense of what we’re trying to learn.”

Here’s what Agarwal recommends to strengthen your retrieval skills.

  • The “Two-Things Rule”: As soon as you finish a lecture or a reading, write down two things you remember.
  • Explain the information to a friend or classmate to test your understanding.
  • Use flashcards but say the answer out loud before you turn it over to check yourself. Shuffle the flashcards and do it again.
  • Set a timer to study for a certain time, take a break, then to get back to work. “It’s almost like an intentional forgetting or a purposeful forgetting,” Agarwal explains. “By taking that break, you’re letting things simmer a little bit.”

Another tip and you might not like this one: Don’t listen to music while you read. Research has shown that silence almost doubles reading comprehension, compared to listening to music with lyrics, Agarwal says.

4. Failure is not the end.

An F on a test or even for an entire class doesn’t mean you won’t graduate.

“Anyone can do badly in a class,” says Odette De Leon, an adviser at Valencia College in Orlando. “We’re not born knowing college material. That’s why we go to college. That’s why we’re college students. We’re trying to learn these things.”


What To Do During An Exam

  • Make sure you eat a light balanced meal about 45 minutes before. Your mind will be clearer.
  • Be on time especially the day of the test. Come prepared.
  • Be clear on your instructors expectations about which material will be on the test.
  • Accept the fact that perfection is not necessary. Getting a 4.0 is not necessary.
  • Breathe fully and relax. Regain control. Be positive. Remain focused.
  • Go with your first instinct when answering.
  • If you have difficulty with a question, make a mark in the margin to return to that one later. This way you avoid losing time for the questions that come easily to you.
  • For a chemistry or physics exam, skim the entire exam over quickly before you answer any question. Find the problems that you can answer with little or no effort and do those first. It will boost your confidence when you move on to more challenging problems. The easiest question may not be question #1.

You Become The Teacher

Professors write countless books about the benefits of gaming and how video games help you become a better learner. Furthermore, those books are written in such detail that the writers understand so much about the game.;

There may have been a time when you had to explain a video game to a friend or a sibling. As a result, you have to take the time out of your busy schedule to explain the game. This method of studying is called elaborative interrogation. Instead of reading the context and trying to grasp the concept, you question yourselves about the material and explain why some things are the way they are.;

Video games that involve deep thinking and practice, quizzes are a form of elaborative interrogation, and they are excellent techniques to study. In such cases, you become the teacher, who is in control and explaining the matter rather than doing essential road learning. So if you ask yourself. are video games good for you? you should have a look at some of the games that help with understanding:

  • Brainversity

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Read: How To Succeed In College

If youre looking for more tips and tricks to get you on the right track, I highly recommend checking out Sara Laugheds brand new E-Book: How to Succeed in College.

This E-Book shares all of Saras amazing and true tips that took her from getting a D in remedial math to getting As at Oxford! Sara was incredibly kind enough to allow me to be a part of her launch team, meaning that I got to check out the E-Book for free. Im going to be completely honest: I have read through the entire thing, and I am;so excited to put her methods, tips, tricks, and guides to the test this year!

Heres what Sara has to say about the book:

When I came to university, I was completely overwhelmed. There are so many facets to the American college experience, from getting motivated to writing a college paper to taking your first final exam. How to Succeed in College is an 80-page guide to every aspect of my college process, broken down into actionable steps for anyone who is currently where I was. It is designed to be easy to put into practice, both for students who are new to college and for those have been in school for a while.

To learn more about the book please check it out on her blog, Sara Laughed! It is available starting;today for only $8.95!

This book has it all. An in depth guide how to find motivation, how to schedule classes, taking notes in class, writing the perfect essay, reading different types of books, and dealing with stress.

Making Use Of Trade Secrets

Why Studying in College Should Involve More Than Just ...

Flash cards arent just for kids! They are a legitimate study tool. Use the front of the card to write an important term, and on the back, write a definition or an important fact about that term. Carry your flash cards with you. Use them during dead time, such as standing in a check-out line, waiting in a doctor or dentists office, riding a bus, or waiting at the Laundromat. Keep a set in the glove compartment of your car for long lines at your favorite fast food drive-in restaurant or bank. Post them on your bathroom mirror to review while shaving or applying make-up. Youll be surprised how much you can accomplish during those otherwise dead times. Think about developing your own trade secrets that will improve your study skills.

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Read And Reviewearly And Often

According to the Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve principle, we forget 70% of what we have learned within 24 hours. Going over new ideas a day after class will help increase retention and comprehensionâso make time each evening for a quick review. Break chapters into sections and review the material at the end of each before moving on. Make notes by summarizing the critical aspects of the reading so you can easily review them without having to reread entire chapters. Bookmark difficult sections to revisit later.

Use Various Learning Techniques

Learning;how to study in college;might involve trial and error. It is crucial to explore various studying techniques so that you know what works for you.


Different courses require different methods. For instance, math requires that you solve more practice problems while history subjects might need you to read notes in chronological order.

All in all, you need to avoid passive reading. If you are reading a textbook, start with the chapter summary and then look at the review questions.

Then, proceed to read the chapter as you answer these questions. That is an excellent tip for understanding concepts better.

You can also get a study partner or join a study group. Studying with friends is fun, and you get to learn more as you exchange ideas. Besides, you memorize more from discussion than reading.

Hence, identify reliable students that you can study with and with whom you share a common goal of excelling in college.

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How The Cornell Method Works

You can use a paper notebook, an iPad, or Google Docs. It doesnt matter. The Cornell Note Taking Method isnt about how you take your notes, its simply about where on the page you take them.

Youre going to divide each page into two section. Youll take notes on one side and then write test questions on the other side. Yes, its just that simple.

Lets just assume youre taking notes in a spiral notebook. Draw a line down each page about two thirds of the way over.

Thats it. Now just make take all of notes on the wider side.

They can be neat and orderly or they can be total chaos. It doesnt matter. Just get them down.

A lot of the examples youll see online show the note area on the right. If you are right handed, its better to have it on the left. That way your hand doesnt continually slide off the right side of the notebook.;

If you want, you can add some references at the top, like the main topic, the date, and maybe the chapters or page numbers in your textbook that correspondor not.

Capture everything

There are different kinds of note-takers. There are those who just take a few and those who try to capture every word. Im a big believer in writing down EVERYTHING and doing it fast and furiously.;

Try to write down as much of what the professor says as you can. You can figure out whats important later. Sometimes its a waste of ink, but usually not. This approach forces you to really focus on whats being said.

I Take Small Bites Often

How to Study Effectively: 8 Advanced Tips – College Info Geek

Not to continue with the eating metaphors, but there is no reason that I have to do an entire task in one sitting. I take small bites whenever and wherever I can.

If Im waiting for the professor to show up, I organize my notes. If I have some time between classes, I read a chapter, even just a few pages. The smaller I make it, the easier it is to get started. Anything I get done now saves me time later.

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Best Study Tips For College Students

Good study habits can make or break your GPA. Use these tips to remember facts and make the grade.

The age of information has made a lot of things easier, but in many ways, its made college quite a bit harder. With websites like , , and Reddit taking their toll on our concentration, its harder than ever to stay focused.

Good study habits are essential if you want to succeed in college. Whether youre just beginning college or youre looking for that crucial senior year productivity boost, these study tips for college students will help you max out your GPA and get on that honor roll.

Why Studying Is Important

Studying is essential for academic success. In fact, an effective study attitude can help students with short-term successes as well as long-term career goals. With this in mind, lets look at the worth of studying as a student.

Neglecting to study can cause botheration, self-doubt, and fear of failure thus flaws your school experience. It can also lead to lower grades, less interest in your education, and poorer performance in academics.

However, studying enable students to stay more active with their learning experience. Cultivating a regular study attitude not only helps students to further understand academic work but also encourages them to play a more pronoun role in ones pursuit of knowledge.

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My Notes Are Made For Self

There are many ways to take notes the outline method, the mind map method, and many others. But;doesnt matter how I structure or organize the notes themselves. What matters is what Im going to do with them after.

Everything I do in college should be done with the exam in mind. That includes taking notes. They should be taken in any way that allows me to easily review and self-test every concept that I need to know.

The best layout to accomplish that is

The Cornell Note Taking Method

It is not really a note-taking method, but rather a layout for taking notes.

It allows me to create space on my notebook page so I can add questions for later self-testing. Thats it.

I keep the layout simple. I draw a line down each of the notebook pages about two-thirds of the way over. Thats it.

The concept is simple. I take notes on the left side and write test questions on the right. When its time to review, I cover the notes, ask myself the test questions and make sure I can answer them by heart. Just that simple.

The examples of this that I see online usually show the notes being taken on the right side. I like taking them on the left because, being right-handed, having the smaller space on the right side means that my hand never slides off the side of the notebook when Im taking notes. If I were left-handed, Id do the opposite.

If Im taking notes on a computer or iPad, I make sure I have the same layout. I want to make sure I can always write test questions next to my notes.

Study Smarter Not Harder

How to apply for undergraduate courses : Undergraduate ...

Most times your teachers will tell you the information that will be on an examlisten to them! Theyre sharing this information with you to save you time so youre not studying the wrong information for hours, and you can focus on the important points. If youre unsure about what to focus on while studying, send your tutor a quick mail to confirm or speak with him or her after class.

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Try Not To Study Last Minute

Last minute studying probably worked for high school, but it just doesnt cut it for college. You have to make sure you are conversant with the topics you are dealing with. You cant expect to get decent grades from last minute studying in college. Make sure to study all your notes at least 3 full times.

I Know My Academic Resources

My school has a lot of academic resources that I can tap into. Ive looked at the catalog and the website and found everything that might be helpful when I need it.

I know where to find advisors, academic support services, tutors, and health services. Ive visited the offices. Ive asked them what I should do if I have problems.

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I Get Something Done On The Weekend

I want to have fun on the weekend. Thats when I schedule a lot of Me Time, and I dont feel bad about it.

But a few hours of studying on Saturday and Sunday can take a lot of stress off of my week ahead. Maybe I schedule some study time after Brunch before I see my friends again for afternoon activities.

Take Charge Of Your Education

How to Study Effectively for School or College [Top 6 Science-Based Study Skills]

Learning how to study in college is one of the most important steps you can take to prepare for this phase in your life. Following the above tips can help you develop effective habits that will serve you well in your academic journey. By taking charge of your study skills, you boost your chances of college success.

Now that you know how to study more effectively, take time to explore the colleges that may suit you best. For example, have you considered the career-driven training offered by vocational colleges, technical institutes, and trade schools? These types of schools offer convenient programs that can prepare you for a huge range of rewarding occupations. Just enter your zip code into the following search tool to find programs in your area!

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Write Out The Essay Prompts Ahead Of Time

If you happen to be the lucky few with a professor who gives you the essay prompts;before the test, take full advantage of that! Especially if it is a subject you are struggling in.

I suck at history. I do, Im awful at it. When my Global Studies professor gave us 5 essay prompts before our midterm, telling us that part of the exam was to answer one prompt of our choice in class, I jumped on it. I did research, gathered sources, wrote out my points, organized the essay.

Then I wrote out my;entire;essay:;introduction, conclusion and all.

Then, I wrote out a very simple outline on a blank sheet of paper which covered the basis of the points I cover in the essay. I memorized this first, reading it and writing it over and over and over again. This way, if I couldnt retain anything else I would at least know the basis of what I was talking about.

Then I printed out the essay, and made a highlighting color coded system. I highlighted everything I absolutely needed to get correct and have memorized in pink. I highlighted every point that I needed to include, no matter what phrasing I used, in orange. Finally, I highlighted a few extra points that I would be proud of myself if I memorized in yellow. I read this, re-read this, read it again. Then I gave it to my roommate and tried to recite the entire thing from memory. This took some practice, but it worked.

It paid off so well that I got 100% on that essay. I repeated this for the final.

The 80/20 Principle Of How To Study

I dont think you should waste your time learning every study skill there is to know.;This article is the Pareto Principle of how to study. The idea that 80% of the results come from 20% of habits. This is that 20%, but they will probably get you 99% of the results.

This is your foundation. Just start here and decide if you need more.

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