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How The Military Pays For College

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Who Qualifies For Ta

The Military Is Paying For College

Your eligibility for TA depends on your branch and your service:


Active Duty: Generally, all active-duty service members are entitled to TA. Enlisted personnel must complete their enrolled courses before discharge. However, commissioned officers who use TA incur an additional 2 years of active-duty service obligation .

Reservists: Only reservists who are active in the Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard qualify for TA. The Army Reserve and Air Force Reserve allow other reservists to participate in the TA program, but their requirements are more complicated.


Tuition and Benefits: Typically, none of the programs cover relocation expenses, supplies, or books. However, if your books are included in the price of your tuition, TA will probably cover them.

Since even tuition and fees are capped, your total expenses may exceed your TA benefit. To help bridge that gap, the Veterans Administration has created the Top Up program. This program allows those service members who are eligible for the Montgomery GI Bill Active-Duty or the Post 9/11 GI Bill benefits to use them to make up the difference.

Turn To Family And Friends

Are you comfortable asking for help with tuition or accepting monetary help from generous family members or friends? Make sure any benefactors know about qualified transfers.This arrangement allows individuals to pay an unlimited amount of tuition directly to a qualified institution of higher learning on your behalf without being subject to the gift tax. The education exclusion allows the donor to help you out and avoid any tax burden at the same time. You and the one with the checkbook should consult a tax advisor before entering into this arrangement.


  • Knowing someone is in your corner can help motivate you in pursuing your degree.
  • Your college costs are reduced.


  • Sometimes such gifts can come with strings attached. Make sure you’ll maintain autonomy over your course of study and that there are no objectionable expectations before you allow someone to pay your bill for you.
  • It can be hard to know whether you can depend on regular tuition payments from this source. A change in the donor’s circumstances or a falling-out can mean you’re on the hook for the tab when you weren’t expecting to be.

Enlist In The Reserves

While enlisting in the Army Reserve pays a salary, there are also education benefits. If you enlist in the Reserve for six years, you’re eligible for student loan reimbursement. The maximum loan repayment is $50,000 for eligible specializations. If you enroll in college while in the Reserve, the Army will cover up to $250 per credit hour. The Navy Reserve’s program is called the Reserve Educational Assistance Program, but is available only to those who serve 90 days of active service in response to a war or national emergency.

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For Current Medical Students And Residents

Medical students using the Health Services Scholarship Program or attending the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences will serve as Second Lieutenants in the Army or Air Force or as Ensigns in the Navy.

Once they graduate and join the rest of the service, they will automatically be promoted to Captain in the Army or Air Force or Lieutenant in the Navy.

Which Military Branch Pays The Most

How Much Does the Military Pay for College?

All members of the military, regardless of which branch they serve in, are paid according to their rank, time in service, location of duty station, family members and job specialty. The lowest-ranking enlisted military service member, whether an Army private or a Navy seaman recruit, has a pay grade of E-1. The highest-ranking officer, regardless of branch, carries a pay grade of O-10.

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Spouse Education And Career Opportunities Program

Establish an account with MySECO which is the Spouse Education and Career Opportunities Program. SECO provides career counseling services six days a week through specialty consultations with masters level subject matter experts. They also ensure military spouses have 24-7 access to online education and career information, resources, tools, and assessments. Using the tools and assessments, spouses can begin to explore their interests, skills, passions and personality types to determine the best fit for education and career choices.

Education Options After Military Service

Post-9/11 GI Bill: This is available to those who serve at least 90 days of active-duty service after Sept. 10, 2001 and receive an honorable discharge. The benefit covers up to 100% of tuition and fees, a yearly stipend for books and a monthly housing allowance. As a bonus, if youre a veteran at the 100% benefit level, you may also be eligible for the Yellow Ribbon Program. This program, available at military-friendly institutions, pays any tuition or fees not covered by the Post-9/11 GI Bill. You may be eligible for full housing allowance during the coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic.

Montgomery GI Bill: This education benefit requires you to have served at least two years on active duty and have a high school diploma or GED. Unlike the Post-9/11 GI Bill, the Montgomery GI Bill covers tuition and fees only, and you have up to 10 years after discharge to use the benefit.

If youre already serving or recently transitioned, Military OneSource offers a free specialty consultation to help you reach your education goals, whatever they may be. Call 800-342-9647 for 24/7 help.

The cost of higher education and the thought of taking on student debt can be overwhelming at times. Perhaps you dont think college is right for you now and want to wait. Whatever the case may be, the military has options to make college affordable whenever you choose to attend.

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Is Going To College Worth The Cost

In a word, YES. A traditional or online college degree can drastically change your salary potential, promotion opportunities, or open the door to entirely new career paths. College grads earn an average of $33,000 more per year than those with a high school diploma. And master’s degree graduates can earn even more than those with just a high school diploma. Many jobs have requirements for a bachelor’s or master’s degree, and you will stand out from the competition when you have higher credentials.

And the same is true for military careers. A standard rule for the military is that you cant become an officer without a four-year degree. If you’re an Army Corps, Marine Corps, Air Force, Coast Guard, or other corps cadet with eyes on moving up the rank to become an officer, a degree will be a critical first step. Or even if you dont want to become an officer, having your bachelors or masters can move you up the ranks fasterproviding a longer, more fulfilling career that pays more, too.

College Costs For Medical Professionals

How the Military Can Pay For College | ROTC Program

Some of the best financial incentives to joining the military exist for healthcare professionals.

With 4-year medical school costs ranging from $150,000 to almost $400,000, it is no surprise that newly graduated medical professionals are looking for programs the help pay their medical school loans while providing rewarding and challenging experiences.

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Reserve Officers’ Training Corps

Founded in 1916, ROTC is a college program offered at more than 1,700 colleges and universities across the United States that prepares young adults to become officers in the Military. In exchange for a partially or fully paid college education and a guaranteed post-college career, ROTC students commit to serve in the Military after graduation .

It’s also possible to do a year or two of ROTC simply for the great leadership experience but without service commitment . The Army, Marine Corps, Navy and Air Force each offer their own ROTC program. The Coast Guard doesn’t offer ROTC, but they do have a College Student Pre-Commissioning Initiative scholarship program for college sophomores and juniors.

How The Military Helps Pay For College And Job Training

The military is an honorable way for patriotic men and women to both serve their country and pursue a career. When it comes to education and career benefits, the military takes care of service members during, and after, their service. Of course, the military itself can be a rewarding career choice. But if they decide to move on, service members can access many tools, resources and benefits to successfully transition into civilian careers.

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Military Spouse And Children Education Benefits

Military service not only qualifies the servicemember for some of the most generous education benefits available in the US today, but also in some cases makes those benefits available to the servicemembers spouse and children.

This guide offers a comprehensive, big-picture overview of every major military education benefit program for spouses and children with the appropriate links and resources to learn more. Consider this a one-stop shop for your search for everything related to military education benefits and how best to take advantage of them!

Pursue Your Education With Flexibility

Military Scholarships

While you may be familiar with the GI Bill, its just the beginning of the education benefits available to you. Whether you want to pursue your education before you serve, while you serve, or youve already graduated college with student loan debt, the Army offers a wide range of education benefits throughout your service.

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Earn Your Degree Through Rotc

If you are interested in joining the Army as an Officer and you do not already have a college degree, then the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps is for you.

ROTC is a scholarship program that allows you to complete all of the requirements of Army Officer training while attending college. In return for a service commitment after you graduate, the Army will pay for your college tuition, books, and other expenses.

ROTC programs are available at more than 1,100 colleges and universities across the United States. You can join the ROTC after graduating high school or at any point during your first two years of college.

Will The Military Pay For College

AskingHow can I pay for college? Is much similar to asking,How can I get Healthy? Or,How can I find yet another language? Youll find a lot of answers, but there is perhaps not consistently one clear path.

If youre like many pupils and households, You Are Going to cobble together Funds from multiple origins. Some types of financial aid tend to be far better than others, so make use of the following suggestions within this arrangement:

inch. Complete this FAFSA

Fill out the Totally Free Application for Federal Student Support even if you Dont anticipate youll make up for some aid, states Ben Miller, senior manager of post-secondary education at the middle for American development. The FAFSA can be your ticket in to the financial aid arena. Consolidating it places you at the running to get educational funding including national grants, workstudy opportunities, student loans, along with some nation and school-based help.

Fill out it as soon as possible because a few schools give money to get a First-come, first-served basis. Along with the FAFSA, a few schools also require you finish the CSS account to be considered for the aid.

2. Search for scholarships

Scholarships, in contrast to college student loans, dont need to be paid back. Millions can be found use a scholarship search software to narrow your selection. While many scholarships require that you submit the FAFSA, many also have another app.

3. Pick a Reasonable college

5. Buy a Workstudy job

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Career Opportunities After Military Service

The positions that soldiers, Marines, sailors and airmen hold in the military not only allow them to serve their country, but also help them collect years of experience in a trade or service. If they decide to leave the military, their service branchs COOL program can translate their experience into a resume that civilian hiring managers can understand. Veterans can also get a leg up for many public service jobs in federal, state and local positions. Learn more about careers in the military.

Coast Guard Student Loan Repayment Program

Join the Army Reserves to Help Pay for College!!

The Coast Guard currently offers student loan repayment program as a path to become a commissioned officer. Eligibility is focused on students currently enrolled or in a bachelor’s degree program, recent graduate from a bachelors program or enrolled in a graduate program at pre-designated college or institution. Applicants who are accepted are enlisted into the Coast Guard and complete basic training, different operational training, and officer candidate school around their school schedule.

Upon graduation and commissioning, servicemembers will receive up to $10,000 per year for six years for repayment of student debt. Note that this program only applies to federal student loans, not private loans.

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Reserve Officer Training Corps

ROTC programs are available at more than 1,000 U.S. colleges and universities theyre offered by every branch of the military . Think of ROTC as a scholarship program with a military service component. For example, students in the Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps are eligible to receive up to $180,000 in tuition assistance at one of 160 colleges in the United States.

During college, they live with other cadets on campus they also get special training during the summer. But otherwise, theyre like traditional college students. Especially after 5 p.m., when the uniforms come off. After graduation, NROTC students are commissioned as ensigns in the Naval Reserve. And they are required to serve at least three years of active duty service.

Limit Your Interest With The Servicemembers Civil Relief Act

The Servicemembers Civil Relief Act is for any military members who took out student loans out prior to joining. They provide a cap on interest rates while you serve on active duty and this applies to both federal and private loans.

The loan mustve been disbursed before you started active duty. The interest rate cannot exceed 6% and this can bring significant savings, especially with private loans.

How to apply for SCRA:

Submit a copy of your service orders to have this applied to your loans

  • Wait until your loan servicer applies the cap through checks of the military database

This is helpful for anyone who wants to join the military after youve finished your education. It can keep your payments low and cap the amount of interest you need to pay back.

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Does The Air Force Allow Tattoos

The Air Force does not allow tattoos on the face, head, scalp, neck, tongue, lips, or eyelids. Hands are also limited to one ring tattoo on one of the two hands unless grandfathered through an existing policy.

Benefits Of Joining The Military After College Graduation

Should I Join the Military to Pay for College?

Many reasons exist for joining the military after you possess a degree, and the benefits entice many individuals to prioritize their educations before taking the leap. The following section highlights a few worthwhile reasons a student might want to delay service to their country.

Whether planning to join theAir Force,Army,,Navy, orCoast Guard, each of these military branches allow students with four-year degrees to bypass general enlistment and move directly into officer training. In addition to saving time spent working up the ranks, officers take on leadership roles and earn higher salaries.

Under CLRP, qualified individuals who have not previously served in the military but hold existing student loans from attending college can apply for this repayment program when they join. While Congress stipulated a maximum amount of $65,000, branch set sits own maximums. The Army and Navy offer maximum repayment, the Marines allows $20,000 and the Air Force $10,000. The Coast Guard has a similar student loan repayment program for officers known as the College Student Pre-Commissioning Initiative .

Specifically designed for individuals in the military who either possess or are in the process of completing a health profession-related degree, this program repays up to $40,000 annually minus 25% taxes. To qualify, applicants must be in a Selected Reserve officer in the armed forces and plan to follow a career deemed critically needed during wartime by the Secretary of Defense.

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Here’s How To Make The Most Of These Programs To Improve Your Family’s Financial Future

Members of the military have a lot of special financial issues that most people dont experience: They have to move frequently — sometimes with very little notice — and they can be deployed to war zones for months or years. But they also have access to some valuable benefits that can help with their familys personal finances.

My husband has been an Army doctor for 17 years, and he recently returned from his third deployment, where he was stationed at a combat-support hospital in southern Afghanistan for seven months. Weve had firsthand experience with the financial challenges that military families face, but weve also been able to take advantage of some special benefits offered to service members. Here are three of the top financial benefits available to members of the military and how to make the most of them to improve your familys financial future.

Low-fee retirement savings. Service members can invest in the Thrift Savings Plan, the retirement-savings program for federal employees. Similar to a 401 plan, the TSP offers a low-cost, tax-advantaged way to save for the future. But surprisingly few members of the military take advantage of this opportunity — perhaps because they think the militarys pension will be all they will need.

For more information, see the Savings Deposit Program page at the Defense Finance and Accounting Web site.

For more information about the GI Bill, see the VAs GI Bill Web site.

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