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Do You Need To Go To College To Be Successful

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Should You Go To College To Be Successful?

With a solid foundation built, its now time for you to continue to grow and charge more for your skills as you refine them. Own your abilities and take pride in what youve accomplished.

Do this by embracing your role. Print those business cards, put your name on the door and make it Facebook official. Let the world know youre open for business. Your confidence will encourage people to hire you and will help build your following.

Hold your own by offering advice and sharing guidance in your expertise. Youve done the work and you know your stuff. Now position yourself as the expert you are.

Its common for people to experience imposter syndrome, when they feel as though theyve come across their success simply due to sheer luck and are only pretending to be an expert. If you can, try to reframe your thoughts and take a positive approach to any feelings of inadequacy you may have.

Set goals and deadlines to keep yourself accountable. Celebrate small victories. Every accomplishment, no matter how small, is a step toward reaching your ultimate goal.

Should You Go To College 4 Pros And 3 Cons

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The decision to attend college is a big one. Getting a college degree takes time: at least four years for most people. Getting a college degree also costs money: tens of thousands of dollars for most people. You might be asking yourself, “Is it worth it? Should I go to college?”

In this article, I’ll explain the benefits of going to college and detail some of the potential drawbacks. Furthermore, I’ll give you all the information you need to decide whether or not you should pursue a college degree.

A College Degree Is Beneficial But Not Always Required

Its true that some jobs require a degree. Jobs in science, engineering, and math often require at least a bachelors degree and you can often find a pretty good job with such a degree. Additionally, professional jobs like those in health care and law, usually require a degree if you want to work at the highest levels. If those are the jobs you want, you have little choice but to pursue a degree.

However, there are plenty of jobs that dont require long years of schooling. Develop those skill sets with the help of other educational options, and you can start earning money earlier and get ahead of the game, at least a little bit.

I am not against college degrees. I have one and recommend college for many people. But some people are better off not going to college because it doesnt align with their skills or career aspirations.

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The Ability To Work With Others

Collaborating with classmates is an important part of college life, one that prepares you for the realities of the workplace. Martinez admits that working in groups isnt always easy, but brushing up on your collaboration skills can make the process go more smoothly. Figure out ways to effectively work against adversity and get the job done.

All The Knowledge You Need Is Already At Your Fingertips

The College Myth : Why You Shouldn

I feel bad for more than half of the young people in college today. I’m not talking about those working toward a specific objective, like becoming a doctor, lawyer, or accountant. I feel sorry for the ones who are trying to “find their path” and racking up massive student loan debt in the process. There are so many ways to learn skills today. I’m not convinced that it makes sense to pay tens of thousands of dollars over four years anymore, only to fight for entry-level positions when you graduate. That time would be much better spent experiencing life and seeking mentors in search of your passion. Once you find it, drill down by attending seminars, taking online courses, reading anything and everything relevant, and even bingeing on YouTube videos to become an expert in that area. There’s unlimited information at your fingertips.

Tom Ferry, founder and CEO of Tom Ferry International and New York Times bestselling author of “Life! By Design” ranked the No. 1 real estate coach by Swanepoel Power 200 follow Tom on and

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Hard Work Isn’t Taught In The Classroom

There are few college degrees that pave the way to six figures. It can happen – but you can also earn a six-figure income without ever going to college. I’m a proud college dropout, and was earning over $200,000 a year as the head of SEO at while my friends were working on their degrees. I went on to build and run successful companies and help others grow theirs. And I’m certainly not an anomaly in the world of business success.

Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and Lady Gaga are all wildly successful – all without college degrees. According to reporting from the Washington Examiner, 68% of Americans don’t have a bachelor’s degree. My position here isn’t to say college degrees are worthless or can’t be beneficial – just that they aren’t necessary to achieve success.

Here are 7 reasons you don’t need a college degree to earn big.

Try The Pomodoro Method

The Pomodoro Technique is a focusing method that relies on short bursts of intense work and plenty of breaks. To try the technique, set a timer for 25 minutes and work on a single task. When the timer rings, take a five-minute break, then set another 25 minute timer and get back to work. After four 25-minute intervals, take a longer break. You may find that the Pomodoro Method helps you get more done in a shorter period of time without feeling burnt out. Plus, short study breaks are known to improve concentration.

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You Don’t Learn Grit In College

Grit isn’t learned from textbooks and taking tests. It’s learned from being out there in the world and struggling through challenges and figuring out how to make things work. Your own grit might be learned through launching a freelance career or startup, securing funding for your business or traveling the world and working remotely.

At the end of the day, you don’t need a degree to give you permission to succeed and earn big. While a degree may be useful to help grow your skills and make new connections, it is not a prerequisite to becoming a leader in your industry. Success is a mindset and the result of hard work – and it can absolutely be achieved without your learning credentials in hand.

Did you skip out on college and achieve big success? Let us know about your experience by leaving a response below:

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Can You Succeed Without College Yes But Its Complicated

Do You Really Need A College Degree To Have A Successful Career? | NBC News NOW

How far can you really get without a college degree?

Bill Gates started Microsoft when he was 19 and has since become one of the worlds wealthiest people. Mark Zuckerberg owns one of the most highly-valued tech companies in the U.S.. Steve Jobs founded Apple in his garage.

What do these three people have in common? None of them finished college in fact, Bill Gates is considered Harvards most successful dropout. Whats more, there are countless others who have gone on to start successful businesses without first earning a bachelors degree. So, considering modern opportunities and technological advances, is a degree still necessary? Or is it possible to succeed without college?

The short answer is yes. It is possible to succeed without college. But the longer answer is that succeeding without collegeespecially to the level that Gates, Zuckerberg, and Jobs didis the exception, not the rule. To have a truly successful career, earning a college degree gives you a clear advantage.

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Leverage The Power Of The Internet

From being a freelance writer or virtual PA, to becoming a social media influencer, many people are now making large amounts of money from working online, without any unique skills and certainly without college degrees. And many employers will invite you to online and real-life group training days and incentivize your work, so you have regular chances to meet other online colleagues, and reap rewards.

Is College Necessary For A Successful Future

A big part of the answer depends upon a variety of underlying factors along with your chosen path in life. If your ideal career can be started, sustained, and grown without a college degree, then you can probably be successful without college. However, if higher education is absolutely required for your chosen profession, there might not be any other way around the need to get a college degree to include on your resumé.For instance, if you have an entrepreneurial spirit and the financial means, you may not need a college degree to achieve your goal of launching your own business. In a case like this, you can probably be successful without college!Conversely, if you want to go into a profession that requires special education, youll need to go through the process of attaining a college degree to join the ranks of successful people. In these cases, the absence of a college education will prove to be a barrier to success for you as well as your plans for the future.As a result, college is necessary for success in a variety of professions. The exceptions are only seen in career branches that either do not require a college degree or offer entry-level positions without higher education requirements.

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Do You Need College To Be A Police Officer

A college degree is not required to become a police officer. In fact, a high school diploma is the main educational requirement that many law enforcement agencies require from your end.If you want to stand out of the crowd, your past experience as a service member or security personnel can help you achieve this feat. While it is a way to be successful without college as an entry-level officer, earning a bachelors degree can boost your chances of climbing this career ladder.

College Might Not Actually Make You Smarter

What do you need to succeed? Campaign to promote personal tutoring ...

The last con of attending college is that going to one might not actually increase your intelligence.

A 2011 study found that 45% of 2,322 traditional-aged college students studied from 2005 to 2009 made no significant improvement in their critical thinking, reasoning, or writing skills during the first two years of college. After four years, 36% showed no significant gains.

More recent studies have shown similar trends among those with either some college or a degree. Given the cost of attending college, you’d hope that higher education would have a dramatically positive effect on these skills for all studentsbut this might not actually be the case.

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Organize Your Study Time

You have the planner thats helping you stay organized. Thats it right? No! You need to continue planning and staying organized to help you succeed.

Set a day out of the week to plan your week ahead and get re-organized.

Every Sunday night, Id set aside time to plan out my week, and get back on track with organizational habits. Then Id block the days and times when Id plan to work on assignments and for what classes.

But the organization doesnt stop with planning. It involves your physical items too.

  • Have a desk? Keep it as clean and organized as you can. A clean area helps improve productivity. An unorganized or messy area can be a distraction.
  • Use a backpack? Only have items you need in there. Your binders, or notebooks, pens, paper, highlighters. Throw away any unnecessary paperwork.
  • Where do you keep your notes? How do you know what notes are for what class? Have a binder or a notebook for each class. If you want to take it a step further, purchase different color binders or notebooks. It will help with knowing what color goes with what class.

Yes, I was also one of those students who had a binder for every class. In every binder, I had a list of assignments and exams to always remind me of what I needed to do next.

The more you stay organized, the more productive youll be.

Why College Isnt For Everyone

Around half of the American college students drop out before completing their four-year degrees. This goes to show that not everyone is cut out to thrive in the college environment.

  • Extensive studies have shown that only 5% of people surveyed felt that lecture halls were their prime learning conditions.
  • An astonishing 75%, on the other hand, stated they learn best from hands-on, practical work.

Whats more, is that college wasnt actually designed for everyone to attend. Before the 1960s schools were focused on teaching kids practical skills they could take with them into jobs and apprenticeships. Unless a person wanted to practice medicine, for example, it was believed a college education was not worth it. Only afterward did schools begin ushering students into the college system, a decision that has been financially catastrophic to many who have gotten little use out of their expensive degrees.

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Do You Need College To Be Successful

There are other paths to success, and these tips can help you achieve it regardless of your formal education.


Im a college dropout with a seven-figure writing business, and in ten years of running a writing agency, our percentage of hiring college graduates diminishes every year. Instead, we find that the self-started freelancer often has more skills to offer our online writing team than the candidates with all the college accolades.

These 4 L’s offer a pathway on how anyone can reinvent themselves and go from passion to profits without the unnecessary debt.

What Are My Hesitations

Do You Need College To Be Successful? | Should You Go To College?

Whats keeping you from going after that degree? Question your objections. Are those voices in your head really telling you a bachelors degree isnt worth it? Or is it that you really feel a college degree isnt realistically within your reach?

If you find yourself saying: A college degree is too expensive The key is to know your options. If you already have a job, reach out to your human resources department to investigate your tuition reimbursement options. Over 83 percent of employers currently offer some type of educational assistance, with companies spending between $5,000 and $6,999 per employee per year, on average.

There are also many financial aid options available, including scholarships, grants, and military benefits. Speak with an academic advisor who can walk you through your options and make your goal a reality.

If you believe: I dont have time to go back to school Youre not alone. This is a common objection for those who want to earn a degree, but feel they cannot commit to full-time classes or their schedule is prohibitive to being successful. Balancing work, school and family is challenging, but others have done itand so can you.

Are you convinced that pursuing your college degree is worth it? If so, we assure you, its within your reach. To learn more, explore Northeasterns bachelors degree completion programs or get advice from an admissions counselor today.

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Get To Know Your Instructors

  • Introduce yourself early in the semester.
  • Ask questions. Go to class early or stay afterward to talk with the instructor.
  • Go to office hours. Ask about material that youre curious about, not only what youre not sure you understand. Ask your instructor about her/his areas of interest and research.
  • Ask your instructors about undergraduate research opportunities. You might invent a new product or make a scientific discovery.
  • Arrange an independent study experience.
  • Do all of my instructors know who I am?
  • Do I feel that my instructors care about me as a person?
  • Have I developed a mentor/mentee relationship with one or more of my instructors?

So Can You Be Successful Without A Degree

First things first, different people see success in different ways. Someone may have their dream of living in a hot climate, whereas others dream to be the owner of a multimillion pound company .

Heres some info that might shock you , a number of the worlds most famous billionaires actually happen to be college dropouts. These include Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs. However, this doesnt mean they havent worked incredibly hard to be where they are now.

Around 80 per cent of millionaires have been to university which is a huge percentage and supports the fact that it is mostly beneficial to have a degree to make money. These include Michael Bloomberg , Oprah Winfrey and Jeff Bezos .

The main decider on this questions narrows down to what industry you want to work in. A lot of industries these days only require apprenticeships or short college courses such as hairdressing or plumbing. These areas simply dont require degrees and therefore you can be successful within these fields without one.

However, other professions such as doctors and scientist do require degrees of which tend to be over a lengthy period too with a pharmacy degree ranging from 4-6 years. These jobs require a lot of training and experience due to the intensity of their work and the amount of responsibility that comes with their jobs.

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