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Are Macbook Pros Good For College

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Productivity At A Glance

My New Macbook Pro M1 | Good for College?
  • Accessibility features are built in for every kind of learner. Like VoiceOver, which uses audio to help you navigate within apps. And Speak Screen to turn any textbook into an audiobook.

  • Night Shift uses your clock and location to automatically adjust the color of your display for easier all-nighters.

  • Sidecar wirelessly connects your iPad to Mac as a second display for more study space.

  • Spaces gives you multiple desktops on Mac to compartmentalize different projects.

  • Reminders and Calendar keep track of deadlines and schedules.

Macbook Pro 16 2019 Review

For power users, the MacBook Pro 16 2019 is the best option out there right now. With bigger RAM, a faster processor, a bigger screen size, and tonnes of other great features, Apple once again proves that their laptops are computing beasts. Of course, with all the jacked-up specs, you will have to pay more as well.

If you only consider hardware, the MacBook takes iPad Pro to the cleaners. CPU, GPU, RAM, and even storage are better on the MacBook. So, why should students consider the iPad Pro vs. MacBook Pro for college. Well, its mostly because of the price and the better portability. An iPad Pro costs less and is easier to carry around than the MacBook Pro.

But, we are going to give a detailed review of the MacBook Pro and discuss all its aspects. With this information, you will be able to decide whether you want an iPad Pro or a MacBook Pro.


The MacBook Pro 16 2019 is available in two different hardware configurations. You can either buy the Intel Core i7 model with 512GB storage or go for the upgraded Intel Core i9 model with 1TB storage. The RAM on both these models is 16GB, and the GPU is the same Intel UHD and AMD Radeon as well.


The one aspect similar aspect of the iPad Pro and MacBook Pro is that they both maintain the same build design of their previous models. They both have an aluminum build, and they are both available in the same two colors space grey and silver.


Other Features


Macbook Air Best For Portability

Apple released the new 13.3-inch MacBook Air in 2020. Like all of Apples new computers, it uses the companys own M1 processor, which means its fast and power-efficient. It boasts up to 15 hours of wireless web use on one charge, which is impressive.

The base model costs only $999 and has all the specs that a student might want and more. The 13.3-inch LED-backlit IPS display with True Tone technology has a resolution 2560×1600 at 227 PPI and supports millions of colors. The internal SSD has 256GB configurable to 2TB with 8GB of unified memory. The cheaper version has a seven-core GPU built into the M1 chip, while the version up has an eight-core GPU.

The MacBook Air weighs 1.29kg , making it exceptionally portable and compact. If you feel like the 13-inch screen is not enough for you, you can connect an external display with up to 6K resolution at 60Hz.

If you ever need to charge your phone with the laptop, connect an external drive, printer, or mouse, Air has two external Thunderbolt 3 ports. And the final touch for environmentally conscious people: its made out of 100% recycled aluminum and at least 35% recycled plastic.

1.29 kg

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Most Affordable Mac For Students

While Mac products can vary in price, they tend to keep their resale value. This is especially true if proper maintenance and care are regularly performed on the computer. The most affordable MacBook based on price is the MacBook Air, which ranges in price depending on features:


  • Retina display with True Tone
  • 1.6GHz dual-core 8th-generation Intel Core i5 processor with Turbo Boost up to 3.6GHz
  • 8GB 2133Mz LPDDR3 memory
  • Retina display with True Tone
  • Touch Bar and Touch ID
  • Four Thunderbolt USB-C 3 ports

Best Macbook For 2022

The 5 Best College Laptops for University Students to Buy Right Now ...

With new M1 Pro and M1 Max chips, the MacBook line offers higher-end options, but you might want to stick with the basic MacBook Air.

With MacOS, a nearly bulletproof build and Apple’s expanded M1, M1 Pro and M1 Max chips now powering the lineup, MacBooks are among the most universally useful laptops you can buy. MacBook laptops range from $999 to $6,000 or more, even though they share a lot of the same design and feature DNA. I get a lot of reader questions about how to decide on a specific model or configuration. Below you’ll find answers to some of those frequently asked questions, as well as our picks for the best MacBook for your laptop needs.

Apple is still offering education deals on MacBooks: Normally, the Apple Store is not the best place to buy an Apple laptop because sales are all but nonexistent. The big exception to the rule is Apple’s education sales, which usually include MacBook deals. If you’re a student or teacher, that can mean $100 off a MacBook Air and a free pair of AirPods, plus a 20% discount on the AppleCare Plus extended warranty . On the other hand, we’ve also found Apple laptop deals through Best Buy’s Student Deals page.

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Apple Macbook Air M1 13 For College


WHY WE LIKE IT: Extremely quiet design, thanks to a fanless design, with powerful specs that include the companys proprietary M1 processor, 8GB of RAM, and 256GB of solid-state storage.

  • 13 display on smaller side
  • Weighs over 4lb

The Apple Macbook Air M1 is the quietest laptop that the company has ever made, as it does not feature a cooling fan of any kind. This is made possible by the inclusion of the companys proprietary M1 processor chip, which increases efficiency and, as such, decreases internal heat. The specs here are absolutely on point, with the aforementioned M1 processor, 8GB of RAM, and 256GB of solid-state storage. The battery is also incredibly long-lasting, going for up to 18 hours before needing a recharge.

Though the 13-inch display on this 2020 Macbook Air is gorgeous, it is on the smaller side, which is something to consider before making a purchase. These Macbook Airs are a bit heavier than previous models, however, at nearly 4.5 pounds.

Refurbished Macbook For College

Depending upon which model you want to buy the price range for a MacBook lies within at least $1000. For a college student to afford a device of this range can be difficult. Apple does give student discounts which can help you out a little. But the most sustainable option would be a refurbished MacBook.

An Apple Certified Refurbished MacBook gives you all the same benefits a new MacBook would provide at just half the price! At RefurbMe, we make sure that our list of esteemed sellers brings you the best deals not just price-wise but also warranty.

You can check out these amazing places where you can get your hands on the best deals for MacBook for College.

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Choosing The Best Mac For Education

Macs especially Apple laptops are hugely popular among students. They’re portable and fast, robustly built, and have a longer battery life compared to other popular laptops.

A Mac you buy for education will provide you with support throughout your entire course and will likely be a computer youll want to carry on using long after you graduate.

Choosing the best Mac for college depends on the kind of student you are, the type of assignments you get, and your general expectations from a computer.

Why You Should Trust Us

16″ MacBook Pro for COLLEGE! (Student Review)

Andrew Cunningham has been testing, reviewing, and otherwise writing about PCs, Macs, and other gadgets for AnandTech, Ars Technica, and Wirecutter since 2011. He has been building, upgrading, and fixing PCs for more than 15 years, and he spent five of those years in IT departments buying and repairing laptops and desktops as well as helping people buy the best tech for their needs. He has also used every Mac laptop that Apple has released over the past two decades.

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The Best Apps And Tools On Best Macbook For College

There are a lot of different options when it comes to choosing the best MacBook for college. Some students prefer the MacBook Air because of its portability, while others like the MacBook Pro because of its more powerful specs. Regardless of your preference, there are a few essential apps and tools that every college student should have on their MacBook. Here are some of our favorites:

Which Mac Should You Get For University

Our pick of the entire Mac range if youre a student is the M1 MacBook Air. Its light, fast, and at £999/$999 for the entry model it offers great value for an excellent machine. Its the all-rounder here.

If you dont need portability, then the M1 Mac mini is also a very good option . Its powerful and the low price of £699/$699 is very attractive you just need a monitor, mouse and keyboard.

If youre looking to save a few pounds then keep an eye on the Apple Refurb Store. Apple often offers previous-generation Macs with decent specs for less than their newer counterparts, so its worth a look. Refurbished Mac models are fully checked and come with a one-year guarantee.

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What To Look Forward To

We previously advised readers who were considering replacing their MacBook Pros to hold out, if they could, for the new models without Intel processors to arrive in 2021. Anyone able to hold off is about to reap the benefits Apples heavily updated MacBook Pro is faster and more powerful than the previous generation in almost every metric.

The new MacBook Pro will be available in 14-inch and 16-inch, each with options for the M1 Pro or M1 Max processors. The former can support 16 or 32 GB of memory, while the latter can support up to 64 GB. Apple claims the new chips can handle multiple displays at once with ease. The updated MacBook Pro also comes with a built-in keyboard based on Apples Magic Keyboard to replace the Touch Bar, MagSafe charging and slots for an HDMI cable, and SD Card slot. Apple claims the 16-inch Pro has a 21-hour battery life during continuous video play while the 14-inch gets 17 hours. Even the speakers and microphone have been improved. We will be doing a deep dive test of the new MacBook Pros soon.

How Much Cpu Do I Need

The Best Laptops for College in 2021

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An i7 chip is needed for computer science classes. However, be aware you have higher financial costs, but more power. For regular software development, programmers do not need i7 to code and build software. Unless you plan to intensively use the CPU for specific programs, like Microsoft HoloLensEmulator, then the core i5 is good enough, though i7 is preferred.

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Choosing The Right Mac For Your College Course

As we previously mentioned, the choice of the best Mac for school depends on your major. If youre studying a technically demanding major such as photography, coding, music production, or filming, we recommend you look for the best Mac for your profession not just a laptop for a student. You will need this device beyond your graduation as a tool to complete assignments at work.

Earlier we wrote about the best Mac for photo and video editing, graphic design, app development, and music production. Check out these articles if your major involves any of these topics.

On the other hand, students that arent embarking on a creative specialization dont need their computer to have that much power. Instead, you should look for a light and small device that you can easily carry around and show presentations whenever you need it.

You may not need that much RAM, but you might want to look into getting bigger storage for all that school-related paperwork, essays, and presentations. If you dont want to pay for additional gigabytes on the Mac, consider buying an external disk or, to save even more money, extra cloud space. You can read more in our guide on how to check disk space on Mac.

Performance At A Glance

  • Compatible with everything from Microsoft Office and Google Docs on Mac, iPad, and iPhone to Autodesk® AutoCAD®, Mathematica, and Autodesk® Maya® on Mac.

  • Batteries that intelligently adapt to your routine for all-day battery life on Mac and iPad. The revolutionary Apple M1 chip gives you up to 20 hours on the 13-inch MacBook Pro and up to 18 hours on MacBook Air.

  • Storage for every group project and memorable moment on every device. Get up to 2TB of cloud storage with iCloud.

  • Sustainably made for the planet with recycled materials. And built tough for you.

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You Can Take It Anywhere

There are some laptops that might as well be folding PCs. Theyre huge, bulky, and the last thing you want to lug around campus. While theres some people who love their desk weights, most students are probably going to want something a little more sleek.

While all of Apples laptops are pretty light, the MacBook Air wins this competition, hands down. At only 2.8 pounds , itll never slow you down when youre on the go. Whether youre headed to your morning lecture, the library, or your favorite coffee shop, youll likely want to bring your laptop along.

Best Overall: Macbook Air

Should I Buy NEW MacBook Pro For College?

In mid-2020, Cupertino announced Apple silicon. Six months later, the first non-Intel-based MacBooks in over a decade arrived, starting with the MacBook Air . The best MacBook for students this year, the latest MacBook Air packs a punch for anyone on a smaller budget, starting with its battery life up to 18 hours between charges, depending on what you’re doing.

At 2.8 pounds, the MacBook Air is the lightest Apple tablet on the market despite having the same screen size as the smallest MacBook Pro model. Along with being less weighty, the MacBook Air also contains the same essential internals Apple’s all-new M1 SoC. The laptop also includes a backlit Magic Keyboard and a Touch ID sensor.

No doubt, the MacBook Air is appealing. However, it comes with drawbacks, including fewer Thunderbolt 3 ports, less display brightness, and more inferior speakers than most MacBook Pro models. It also offers 2 hours less battery life between charges than the 13-inch MacBook Pro . None of the disadvantages should stop you from buying it, however.

The MacBook Air is also our favorite Mac for all users this year.

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Who Should Get A Macbook Air

The MacBook Air is a great option if you need something small and light. If you need something particularly small and light, you can still find some 11-inch MacBook Airs out there, even though it was discontinued in 2017.

The MacBook Air may prove challenging to use for those students who work with high-end scientific, engineering, or content creation applications. But most students, whether they’re studying business administration, early childhood education, or English literature, should get everything they need out of a MacBook Air.

Whether you’re lugging it around campus all day or winding down with some Netflix at night, you want something as light as can be in your bag or on your lap. The MacBook Air perfectly fits the needs of those who want something light for both work and play.

Go for a MacBook Air if you need something thin and light.

If you’re getting a used MacBook Air, you might want to get a more recent one, given that the processors powering these machines tend to be slower pound-for-pound than those on MacBook Pros from the same era. The good news here is that you can find a MacBook Air from the last few years out there for well under $1,000. Through its refurbishment program, Apple even sells renewed versions of the 2018 MacBook Air with a Retina display for $850, and Amazon also has a wide selection of renewed devices.

Who This Is For And When To Buy

The best reason to buy a MacBook is that you need or prefer macOS to Windows. The operating system is stable and easy to use, but more important, it integrates well with iPhones and iPadsfor example, iMessages and SMS messages sent from your Mac also appear on your iPhone and vice versa, and features such as AirDrop and iCloud make it easy to share notes, pictures, videos, reminders, contacts, passwords, bookmarks, and other data between your devices.

Macs are also a good choice if you want great support. Apples tech support is routinely rated above that of most if not all other PC and phone makers, and Apple Stores and Apple authorized service providers offer accessible in-person tech support and repairs in many locations.

And MacBooks that use Apple processors instead of Intel processors are better than Intel MacBooks and most Windows laptops in some key ways. Apples processors have much better performance and faster graphics, and they get stellar battery life. Their batteries are also less prone to draining quickly when youre using an energy-hogging app like Zoom or Google Chrome.

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My Opinion About Macbooks For Students

Believe it or not, Most people who buy Macs do not even know how to use them properly or take full advantage of the Mac software. College is ridiculously expensive, and usually, those who buy the Mac do so because they see it as a status symbol.

Mac is best for just studying and working for those who have a high budget, dont require a gaming machine, hate short battery life, and want an Apple logo there.

Another thing to consider when you decide between a Mac and a PC, is the other devices you have, such as mobile phones, tablets, headphones, gaming consoles, Apple TV, and other tech products. If you are an Apple user then I will suggest you select a Macbook.

Statistically suggesting, PC seems to be a better choice for students when regarding low cost, system compatibility, open-source software, and high-end gaming.

So, if you can afford it, you must have a Macbook.

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