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Which College Has The Best Dorms

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Ranking The Best College Dorms In America


The College Consensus method pulls together expert opinions for established publishers and reputable student reviews, and our ranking of the best college dorms in America puts all of it to use. Today, it doesnt matter if youre in a small college or a major university every institution is doing everything it can to attract and keep students. Its one of the best times ever to be a college students, and to help students find the route that is right for them, College Consensus takes every voice into consideration.

Obviously, no list like this can be entirely objective. In order to be considered for our list of best college dorms, schools had to qualify for a College Consensus score, which is a combination of the results of reputable publisher ratings and real student reviews from around the web. From this pool of schools our editors selected those we thought had the nicest dorms and ordered them by their College Consensus score. The result is a list of highly regarded schools that also happen to have really great dorms.

Southwestern Assemblies Of God University

Waxahachie, Texas

Points: 4School Website

In addition to being recognized for its high-quality academic programs, Southwestern Assemblies of God University is also known for its campus food, health and safety initiatives, parking, and campus housing. Depending on the building, the residence halls feature micro-fridges, computer lines, and phone lines as well as laundry facilities, study rooms, lobbies, and prayer rooms. Each room features bunk beds, a chest of drawers, and a desk for each student. Students may also choose to live in on-campus two-bedroom, one-bathroom apartments if they are married or responsible for small children. Rent includes access to the Garrison Wellness Center and all utilities with the exception of electric. A stackable washer and dryer, refrigerator, small kitchen, high-speed Internet, and 24/7 security are also provided.

Annual Cost of Room and Board: $7,500Article Rankings:

Can Dorm Mates Be Females And Males Together

Generally speaking, campuses do not allow both sexes to co-habitat together in the same room. Some colleges have facilities for men and different facilities for women although some allow different genders on alternate floors, or at the very least next door to one another. Check before you sign on if this is important to you!

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University Of California Davis

Residents of the Cuarto Area at UC Davis enjoy access to swimming pools, spas, and a full-service dining room only a few steps away from their bedrooms. The Cuarto Area is comprised of three separate dorm buildings Emerson, Thoreau, and Webster each of which has its own beautifully landscaped courtyard. Cuarto is the furthest from central campus of the three freshman housing options at UC Davis but it makes up for the mild inconvenience with an on-site snack and convenience store. In other words, you won’t hear anyone complaining on move-in day.

Northwestern Oklahoma State University

The world

Alva, Oklahoma

Points: 4School Website

Northwestern Oklahoma State University provides four on-campus residence halls: two for men and two for women. On-campus students can take advantage of each halls recreation rooms and access to tennis courts, basketball courts, and a beach volleyball area. The yearly cost of room and board is significantly lower than the national average, leaving plenty of leftover cash for students to participate in all of the local events offered throughout the community. On-campus students may also take advantage of a customized dorm package that can be delivered to their rooms prior to move-in, consisting of all the necessary essentials needed at NOSU, including custom-fitted sheets, a lap desk, dining set, storage set, shower caddy, and bath set. All housing residents are required to have a meal plan.

Annual Cost of Room and Board: $4,480Article Rankings:

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The Best College Dorms Of 2021

Inside a room in Belk Hall, one of High Point Universitys five residence halls for first-year students.

Moving away from home and starting a college journey can be scary, but nowadays universities are trying to adapt and make students feel at home. Theres a lot to consider from location to academics when choosing a college to attend after high school.

There are several benefits of living on campus, like simply waking up and heading to class. While some students feel that living off-campus may be a cheaper alternative, on-campus housing may be included in a scholarship or, for some students, the best out of the college experience.

And when in doubt, students can turn to The Princeton Review for advice. This years Review ranked High Point University, a private university in North Carolina, as the top spot for best college dorms.


According to High Points website, the university offers apartment-style single rooms to double-occupancy shared facilities for all students. It also has initiatives to facilitate a sense of belonging, including a peer mentor program.

First-year students have a choice between five residence halls, including Belk Hall, where suites are either four bedrooms or three bedrooms and each has an entrance from an outside balcony-walkway, four bedrooms, a lounge area, and a shared bathroom. Two students share each room, making a total of eight students sharing a bathroom.

These Pa Universities Have The Best Dorms: Study

PENNSYLVANIA When considering where to attend college, the quality of a student’s dormitory obviously isn’t nearly as important as the the caliber of the school’s academic programs. But a dorm that resembles a spacious apartment rather than a cramped closet could help tip the scales in making a decision on a college or university.

That’s why Pittsburgh-based data analysis company Niche has rated the nation’s best college dorms for 2022, and Pennsylvania higher learning institutions fare well in the rankings. Of more than 1,000 schools in the rankings, the Keystone State placed 10 in the top 152.

“Top-ranked colleges offer outstanding campus housing that is safe and clean with modern amenities at reasonable prices,” Niche stated in a release. Factors considered in the rankings include student surveys on campus housing, average housing cost, housing capacity and student housing crime rate.

What follows are the top 10 dormitories in Pennsylvania. Their national rankings are listed parenthetically.

1. California University of PA, California

All five of Cal U’s residence halls have been built in recent years, according to the university. Along with spacious rooms, each residence hall has common areas for socializing, including lounges with large-screen TVs and media players. Residence halls also have full kitchen areas with

comfortable seating, plus recreation rooms with billiards, ping-pong and/or foosball tables.

2. Mansfield University, Mansfield

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College Of The Atlantic

Some of the greenest dorms are located at the College of the Atlantic in Ben Harbor, Maine. These include the Kathryn W. Davis Student Residence Village. The six student residencies in the village were built as an example of idealism in action. Every aspect of student housing was imagined with a conscious awareness of resources. Double stud walls with a super-insulated design include a foot of insulation made up of recycled newspapers. Frequent thermal breaks in the walls lead to a high level of integrity causing minimum heat loss. A wood pellet boiler provides the primary heating for the building through hydronic, in-floor radiant heating. Composting toilets, windows that maximize natural light, and orientation for optimal solar harvesting are a few more features of this unique set of dorms.

Two other historic cottages on the campus of the College of the Atlantic have also been preserved, updated and fitted with green apparatus similar to the Student Residence Village. The cottages, named Seafox and Sea Urchins, were summer vacation homes on the East Coast built in 1885. Between student initiative and generous donors, these cottages were brought to a highly efficient green standard. Both the cottages and Student Residence Village make the College of the Atlantic a pioneer in green campus centers.

If You Thought Designing Student Dorms Was Pretty Easy Wait Until You See The Best College Dorms In The World I Wouldnt Even Call Them Dorms By The Way


Student life is not always a piece of cake as many may think. There is always that period of exams and projects where you cant even leave your desk for a couple hours of sleep, annoying teachers that fail you for no apparent reason and lots of other things that I wont include in this article otherwise everyone would quit going to university. But of course theres always room for throwing partys with friends, meeting new people on dinners, and chilling in college dormsplaying games, what is pretty cool.

Usually when we think about college dorms we instantly think about the traditional American Piemovie where chaos exists everywhere. But what if I tell you there are actually dorms that seem like authentic luxury hotelswhere celebrities spend vocations in? Well here are they.

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Best College Dorms In Virginia

The 2022 Best College Dorms ranking is based on key statistics and student reviews. Top-ranked colleges offer outstanding campus housing that is safe and clean with modern amenities at reasonable prices. Read more on how this ranking was calculated.

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  • Rating 3.92 out of 5 932 reviews
  • Sophomore: I had an amazing experience at Regent University. For those that are military-affiliated, Regent professors are understanding of duties. Regent stands firm their core while also accommodating everyone. There are many on-campus resources to help you grow close to your fellow students. The ministry team is vast and ever-growing. It would be nice to see more diversity at Regent but, altogether, I was definitely challenged in my faith and am looking forward to next semester!…Read 932Reviews

    • grade B
  • Rating 4.08 out of 5 7,543 reviews
    • grade A minus
  • Rating 3.71 out of 5 1,238 reviews
    • grade B+
  • Rating 3.97 out of 5 447 reviews
    • grade A+
  • Rating 3.74 out of 5 345 reviews
    • grade B+
  • Rating 3.87 out of 5 740 reviews
    • grade A+
  • Rating 3.81 out of 5 3,035 reviews
    • grade A
  • Rating 3.53 out of 5 233 reviews
    • grade B+
  • Rating 3.58 out of 5 1,591 reviews
    • grade B
  • Rating 3.96 out of 5 3,953 reviews
    • grade A+
  • Rating 3.57 out of 5 1,136 reviews
    • grade B minus
  • Rating 3.55 out of 5 348 reviews
    • grade B minus
  • Rating 3.88 out of 5 2,264 reviews
    • grade A+
  • Rating 3.45 out of 5 1,262 reviews
    • grade C+
  • Rating 3.59 out of 5 830 reviews
    • grade B+
    • grade B+
    • grade C+
    • grade B+

    Were No 4 Tcu Among Nations Top 4 For Best College Dorms Best Quality Of Life

    The Princeton Reviews 29thannual college rankings just confirmed what we already know: TCU has great dorm life! TCU ranked No. 4 for Best College Dorms and Best Quality of Life in the recently published The Best 386 Colleges .

    TCU also was a standout in the Niche 2021 Best Colleges rankings, earning the top spot among Best College Dorms in Texas and a top 2 percent ranking in the category nationally No. 21 out of 1,376 colleges. Niche rankings are based on more than 180,000 reviews from college students.

    I think the TCU dorms are the best in the nation, no doubt, said Avery Foster, a sophomore communications major from Colleyville, Texas. After being on multiple other college campuses, I definitely see how incredible the dorms at TCU really are. Almost all of them are new, they are all clean and are all so spacious. The design of the rooms is also really practical. I love living on campus and so do so many other students because of how fantastic TCUs dorms are!

    Dawson Holder, a sophomore interdisciplinary inquiry: entertainment law and entrepreneurship major from Flower Mound, Texas, agreed.

    I think most college dorms are ranked on their structure and cleanliness, and, while TCU dorms have those locked down, it is truly the Housing staff members and student RAs who make our dorms the best, Holder said. They foster a strong sense of community within each hall, so every student feels welcome and at home. That is something no architect can construct.

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    Unc Greensboro Freshman Dorms

    Like UNC Charlotte, UNC Greensboro also offers 17 different residence halls, including traditional, suite and apartment-style living. There are five distinct areas where dorms are located on the UNCG campus: The High Rises, College Avenue, the Gray Drive Area, Spring Garden Street and Gate City Boulevard.

    The College Avenue dorms, specifically North Spencer, was most often named as the favorite freshman dorm by current students and recent grads in our survey. North Spencer Hall is a traditional-style dorm with community bathrooms. It is located next to the library and dining hall, and features a game room and computer lab on the ground floor, with free printing for residents.

    Wakefield High School grad and current UNCG freshman Parker Young lives in North Spencer this year and thinks its the best freshman dorm at UNCG. Parker likes the location in the center of campus making it easy to get everywhere and also commented that theres an amazing community of people around you in North Spencer.

    The dorms Moore/Strong and Weil/Winfield were a close second for favorite freshman dorms on the UNC Greensboro campus. They are both located in the Gray Drive area and the size of the rooms and in-room sinks were some of the reasons most often mentioned.

    What Should You Look For In A College Dorm

    Best College Dorms In America

    Each year, college students must make a decision as to whether they will live on-campus or off-campus. Although off-campus living has its temptations, living in the dorm comes with perks as well. Community, price, and convenience all factor in, so once you have made the decision to live in on-campus housing, your next step is to choose a dorm.

    Although dorms may be the same across the campus, it is possible that they will be different from each other. Colleges often remodel in spurts and add new buildings, causing some dorms to be radically different in amenities and size. When choosing your dorm, take into account the following four most important features.

    1. Location

    Its true what they say: Real estate is all about location, location, location. Selecting your dorm is no different. Every student has several places to which they require convenient access such as the buildings where their classes are and the cafeteria. Think about how close your potential dorm is to the places where you need to be. If you have a vehicle, keep in mind parking. If you have to walk a mile or two to get to your car, you may as well just walk to class instead.

    2. Laundry

    3. Bathrooms

    4. Room Size

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    Rcu Single Door Mini Fridge With Freezer

    This mini fridge not only will add convenience to your life, but it can add some fun to it as well. The RCU Single Door Mini Fridge with Freezer comes in a wide range of colors. It makes it perfect for decorating your dorm.

    This fridge is a low-energy consumption compressor. Its able to cool foods quickly without using a lot of energy. Who doesnt want to get a mini fridge that is also great at conserving energy?

    The RCU Single Door Mini Fridge with Freezer is available on Amazon.

    Midea Compact Single Reversible Door Refrigerator

    The Midea Compact Single Reversible Door Refrigerator is a good idea for anyone who is limited on space. Its the perfect size, similar to a beverage cooler, that still has drink and food storage spaces.

    The midea compact refrigerator mini fridge has an adjustable thermostat, which is helpful to have for a variety of different locations. The temperature can be told in degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius.

    The adjustable legs and reversible door are what makes this mini fridge perfect for any area. Not only is the smaller scale fridge ideal for someone with limited space, but the reversible door makes it work for wherever its being placed. The legs will stabilize the fridge in its place.

    The Media compact refrigerator may not hold as much as a larger size, but it still is a great choice with plenty of storage. Not to mention its one of the more affordable options!

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    Recommended Online Schools For 2022

    Contact schools for more information on enrollment, tuition, and aid

    Whats driving the luxury trend in student housing? There are a few reasons, but first and foremost is pure competition. Colleges and universities are fighting to attract students, and one of the best ways to bring home the most wanted demographics is to be able to advertise the nicest housing in the business. Simply put, the college with the best dorms attracts more students. Along with competition comes consumer demands. College is more expensive than ever, and parents and students understandably expect more for their money. For some, that means 24-7 security and staff for others, it means a lazy river and game room.

    But in many cases, the amenities that the best college dorms offer really make life better for students. Many residence halls today offer live-in counselors for student support and mental health, a value that cant be ignored in this era of anxiety and stress. The colleges with the best dorms may provide on-site tutoring, or even a living-learning community where students support each other in the same programs. Fitness centers, fresh, healthy food, and privacy all have a real, measurable impact on student performance and well-being. So the best college dorms arent just a luxury theyre an investment in students.

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