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What To Bring To College

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Lastly Anything Thats Already In Your Dorm Room

WHAT TO BRING TO COLLEGE (and what not to) | Packing for College!

Most dorms rooms have a computer desk, a chair, a bed, a small closet, and a drawer chest.

So dont bring any of these items to college. Since most of these items probably wont fit and you will be forced to get rid of them.

Now if youre off-campus but the apartment complex isnt specifically built and furnished for student living then these items will need to be purchased or rented.

What Students Should Not Bring

What a freshman should or shouldnt bring with them to school really depends on the student.

Some teens will scoff at some of the items on the above packing for college lists. Others cant imagine themselves going without everything on the checklists.

In the end, it all comes down to personal preferences.


Here are 12 things I recommend not bringing to college :

1. Textbooks. Textbooks are not required on the first day of class. Find out which ones are actually required for the course before making any purchases. Save money by getting them from anywhere but the campus bookstore.

2. Window A/C Units. These are forbidden in dorms.

3. Bed Risers. Its standard for beds in campus housing to already be raised. The extra inches bed risers offer is unnecessary.

4. Sewing Kit. Chances are that your teen is never going to need this item. If they do, a sewing kit is readily available at a nearby box store.

5. Iron & Ironing Board. Students are very unlikely to use use an iron, but they will use Wrinkle Releaser Spray. Its 100 times more convenient and it takes up a fraction of the space.

6. Alarm Clock. Smart phones already have built in alarms, a clock would be superfluous.

7. Light Bulbs. Its better to buy one when a bulb goes out than to have a pack wasting space.

8. TV & DVD Player. Students can easily stream shows on a laptop, tablet, or phone. The less there is to bring to college, the better.

10. Pets. Unfortunately, 96% of the colleges dont allow pets on campus.

If Youre Flying To College

Make sure you carefully read the baggage policy for your airline so you know how much you can bring and what fees apply .

Determine what you can buy once you get there so youre not lugging so much stuff.

Consider buying items ahead of time, either from and shipped to your school, or Bed Bath and Beyond, which allows you to buy what you need in your hometown and pick it up at the local store once you get to college.

Make sure you pack the most important stuff in your personal item carry on . If you use packing organizers, you should be able to get a lot in even under-seat bags so you wont have to worry as much about losing your bags.

You can have each of your family members bring an extra large bag full of your stuff as their checked bag.

Use a travel scale before heading to the airport to avoid any extra baggage fees for luggage thats too heavy.

If youre going to ship things, get rate quotes online from different shipping companies or look into getting a Pod if you can be all packed a couple of weeks before your move date.

Remember, if youre going to be going home for winter break, you can bring home your summer clothes and take back winter clothes, meaning you dont have to bring everything the first time around.

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Plan On Purchasing Items When You Arrive At Your University

Originally, this was last on our list. But then we realized that when you are packing for your trip to university, its best to start with the things you dont need to bring.

Everything you determine that can be bought at your final destination, like toiletries, food, and some clothing items will help leave more room for things that might not have made the cut otherwise.

In the event that you are making purchases for pick-up, popular chains often offer the option to order at one location and pick it up in the city where your university belongs. This leaves more room for the essentials to be brought.

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Before You Pack: Understanding The Realities Of Dorm Life

Traditional dorms are singles or doubles, with some triples or quads, and students share a communal bathroom and living area. Some students live in suites or apartments during college, in which they share a bathroom and common living space with a few roommates. Shared bathrooms are a major adjustment for a lot of students, so as you get ready to move into your dorm, think about what will make you most comfortable in these shared spaces.

Most four-year colleges have dining halls and meal plans. Dining halls offer some wonderful, well-balanced options, but they aren’t open all the time and don’t always cater to students’ dietary needs as best as they can. Make sure to have ways to eat and prepare food in your room from the get-go. You’ll be in need of plenty of late-night snacks and meals!

You’re going to spend lots of time around other people and in shared spaces. The best thing to do is to be prepared and make sure you’re being conscientious about your living space and what you need to be comfortable and happy.

For better or worse, this is your home for the next four years. You can never be too prepared! Anything in college is possible, and a lot of craziness will happen. Deciding what to bring to college is challenging, but hopefully this college packing list will get you off to a great start so you can enjoy one of the best times of your life in comfort.

Suggested Items To Bring With You

  • Suggested items to bring with you
  • First time students sometimes aren’t sure what to bring to their new homes on campus. Here’s a list of common items we do and don’t recommend bringing. Make sure to check with your roomate so you don’t bring duplicate items! Please note that prohibited items will be removed during health and safety inspections.

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    Firstly Request A College Packing List From The College

    Before purchasing and packing anything, first, request a packing list directly from the college.

    This college packing list should give you a general idea of items you should consider bringing to college.

    If a packing list isnt available, you may consider speaking with a resident hall personnel concerning the furniture provided and most importantly the bedding size you should pack.

    Rolling Out Your Room Basics

    what to bring to college (and what not to) | college essentials

    Whether you like it or not, what you decided to bring to college ends up being a reflection of your personality one way or another. The photos, posters, and gear you choose say something.

    In many ways, this is great. It allows you to stock your room with little bits of conversation starters, from your favorite books to souvenirs from your travels.

    Bottom line, what you bring to college is going to end up being a blend of what you absolutely need such as soap and what you want.

    Your college room packing list:

    • Area rug check with your roommate about this ahead of time or buy it together after you get to town.

    • Beanbags .

    • Full-length mirror.

    • Dry-erase board and a bulletin board.

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    Consider The Timing Of Your Next Flight

    When you are flying to college, space is limited, and decisions must be made. If your plan for the year includes a three-month block without returning home, you will have a larger window of potential weather forecasts to plan for. This is critical because packing for a variety of weather forecasts can put a strain on your available space. For example, a cold environment will require bulkier clothes and footwear that take up more room in your suitcases, while a warm environment will leave more space for you to work with.

    If you flying to an easily accessible part of the country, frequent flights home might be affordable and convenient. In this situation, you may have the ability to pack for the short-term, as you can simply bring a new seasonal wardrobe back to school after your next trip home. However, this doesnt apply to more desolate locations, and if you are flying to college overseas, our tips for flying internationally will prove to be valuable as you prepare for your flight to college.

    Packing for college can make you more excited about the first few weeks of your semester than the last few weeks. But make no mistake, these are equally important! If you are trying to save room, there are options to explore.

    What To Bring From Home

    We recommend that you bring most items from home, but only the bare essentials.

    Here are the most important things you should already be packing.

    • Clothing
    • School supplies
    • Bathroom & cleaning supplies

    These are things you know you need. Though you might want to buy more of these items once you move in, having these items will leave you prepared come the first day of classes.

    So, what else is there?

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    Sixth On The What Not To Bring To College List Is Definitely A Printer And A Scanner This List Would Be Incomplete Without Calling These Out

    Stay far away from printers and scanners. As a matter, of fact dont take any college packing list seriously if a printer or a scanner was recommended like who what why! Dont fall for the trap.

    Yes, while having a printer and scanner in your dorm room is convenient the ink cartridges arent free plus these items take up a lot of space.

    Furthermore, you are already paying to print at the college so there is no need to spend money on a printer especially considering the absurd cost of ink cartridges.

    All things considered, if your college has a printing limit which most colleges have nowadays, then avoid unnecessary printing.

    Instead, use a portable external hard drive to store documents and declutter that hard drive as the semester progresses but dont bring a printer or scanner to college.

    Ship Large Items In Advance

    EXACTLY What to Bring to College

    Do you ever see someone at the airport lugging around a mattress? How about a couch? We didnt think so.

    This is definitely one of the more obvious items on our list. However, its particularly critical due to the amount of advanced planning that comes with shipping a larger item like household furniture.

    Besides those larger items, shipping clothes is another way to lighten your load. If you cant pack your life into a few suitcases, long-distance shipments will be helpful.

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    Tips For Packing When Flying To College

    Regardless of your destination, packing for a trip can be a hectic process. When you find yourself preparing for a year away at a university, potentially cross-country or even across the continent, there are even more factors to consider that lead to added stress. Weve already shown you tips for flying internationally but what about all the preparation that is needed before flying to college?

    In all honesty, if youre a veteran at moving to a new country this post may not pertain to you. We hope that you have this process down to a science by now! But, if its your first time moving for school, its important to know that flying to college is not simple, but can be rewarding in the long run.

    You will be engrained in a new community, amongst new friends, and maybe you will find yourself adjusting to a new time zone. While its true that packing is only step one, its arguably the most important step. Below, we explore 5 critical tips for flying to college.

    Eat An Energizing Breakfast

    Carbs fuel your muscles. Protein fuels your brain. Thats why its important to eat a protein-heavy breakfast before the ACT. Pick oatmeal over cereal and eggs over pancakes. Or make a protein drink that fuels and energizes your body.

    Even more important, dont neglect breakfast altogether! Your brain and body need nourishment to endure the mental marathon ahead!

    Then get on your way and get to the test site by 7:50 so you can get settled!

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    What Not To Bring To College

    Now you know what to bring to college, but what about what not to bring?

    This is all:

    Stuff to bring to college that you can get along just fine without. Or at the very least, I suggest waiting until youre moved in to get these things.

    Now, of course:

    What not to bring to college is a subjective topic. I strove for my ultimate college packing list to be inclusive, but everyone is different.

    This list is just here to give you some general guidelines.

    Here are items that students often dont end up needing/using, or even cant have at college:

    Textbooks An excessive amount of decorative pillows Dishes & utensils

    Some of what to bring to college was listed in earlier sections and thats because some items are debatable. Some students might want to have them and some will find them completely unnecessary.

    It all just depends on preferences and lifestyle.

    If you want to know WHY Im suggesting leaving these things off of your college freshman checklist, read on below.

    The reasoning for skipping this stuff


    Of all the freshman mistakes there are to make, buying textbooks ahead of time is the biggest one youll want to avoid.

    Textbooks are not required on the first day of class. Go to class first to find out which ones youll actually need for each course.

    And at all costs, DONT pay full sticker price at the campus bookstore. Textbooks can always be found for cheaper elsewhere.

    Window AC Units

    Plain and simple, these are almost always not permitted in dorms.


    What To Bring To College

    What to Bring to College

    Real quick there are two things I want to explain.


    1. * Ive marked items with an asterisk to indicate that I think its a better idea to get these things after moving into your dorm room.

    Because those items are either

    • bulky to pack
    • might spill on your way there
    • may be prohibited by your college
    • you might not need it right away
    • its a shared item that you should touch bases with your roommate before buying
    • or its generally something thats better decided on after physically being in your new digs

    2. If something is highlighted that just means that its an item that I wouldnt consider to be absolutely necessary or essential to college living.

    They are nice to have, but theyre totally optional items to add to a college packing checklist. These items can make a dorm room more comfortable or make your life a little easier.

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    Gracing The What Not To Bring To College List At #5 Is A Bucket Load Of School Supplies

    I did that. Yes, guilty! What a waste of money.

    Well, after my first-semester brokeness ensured I never repeated that mistake again.

    In fact, I got so cheap by default I recycled even notebooks.

    For instance, blank sheets left from notebooks from the previous semester were used at the beginning of the next semester.

    No joke! I was out here carrying over blank sheets like I was carrying over account balances.

    On a serious note, college is all fun and games but the cost of every little thing adds up.

    So ladies and gents make it a habit to collect all your school supplies at events like college fairs.

    Why not replenish your school supplies stash while you distribute your polished resume?

    After all, killing two birds with one stone in college improves productivity.

    Therefore, for the first few weeks bring a notebook/notebooks/binder with filler paper, a black ink pen, eraser, and mechanical pencil.

    Then wait for the events to stock up on highlighters, mini staplers, erasers, pens, pencils, sticky notes, note pads, sharpeners, random cups, t-shirts, totes plus more I kid you not.

    College Packing List Things To Take To College Freshman Year

    Heading off to college for the first time can be overwhelming. What do you bring with you? What cant you bring with you? How are you going to get all of your stuff there? If you live close to your school, youll more than likely need a car or two to help you move. If you live out of state, it can get a bit tricky. No worries, we got your College Packing List below! These are the things to take to college freshman year!

    Most schools provide a list of approved and prohibited dorm items on their websites in the housing section. Youll want to print that list while youre packing to make sure youre in line with the given restrictions before you get to campus. If you show up with restricted items you may be asked to take them back home. Because weve been there, we can give you some tips on exactly what to pack for college.

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