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What Size Mattress Topper Should I Get For College

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Best Mattress Toppers For College Dorm Beds: Tips On Final Choice

Best Mattress Toppers For College – Which Is Best For Your Dorm?

You should now have all the information needed to make your choice of dorm mattress topper for your college dorm bed. Here are a few more tips to help you come to a decision.

Select: There is a good selection of mattress toppers available to you online. Our top 5 selection above consists of four memory foam mattress toppers and one is based on a polyurethane resin Buying online often comes with discounts and in many cases, free shipping. It is also easier to compare toppers.

Compare: You can easily compare products when you buy online. You can decide between a mattress pad and a topper, and whether you would prefer memory foam , and whether or not you may need a mattress protector. Many college dorms provide innerspring or hybrid mattresses, in which case you might want to provide more cushioning with a 4-inch foam topper.

Support: We are referring here to the support provided by the topper. If the dorm mattress or topper you have been allocated needs enhanced support then you will need a firm mattress topper. If it is too firm for you then you will need a soft topper.

Finally: If you are going to college this year then try to find out which dorm you will be in. As soon as possible, try to find which bed you have been allocated and check out the condition of the mattress as soon as possible.

Best Mattress Topper for College Dorm Beds
  • Viscosoft 3-Inch High-Density Mattress Topper
  • Tuft & Needle Topper

Memory Foam Topper For College Dorm Beds By Dormco

If you thought the first mattress topper we reviewed was cozy and comfortable, wait until you hear more about this one.

Its filled with memory foam, which guarantees your comfort. Even if the mattress isnt too comfortable, you can be sure youre gonna be getting nice night sleep if you put this topper over it.

Its thickness is three inches, meaning that if the mattress is too firm, you wont even feel it.

The mattress topper is also hypoallergenic, while theres one thing that really makes it stand out from the crowd it uses the Active Air Technology, which prevents overheating in the bed by increasing the flow of air by five times.

Unfortunately, this item isnt as cheap as the one we reviewed first, but we do believe its worth buying it. Such a level of comfort doesnt come free.


Avocado Green Natural Latex Mattress Topper

This is one of the best organic mattress toppers in the market today. Though you will be required to pay a higher amount, you will be getting a high-quality topper to offer you maximum comfort while resting. It is handcrafted with one top quality Dunlop latex and organic cotton.

Coming with all-natural wool. You are sure to get a smooth nights sleep. The materials also ensure that you are dry and warm throughout the night. With a pressure point relief, you will be able to nurse the pains of a long day. the topper is 2 inches thick and also comes with two firmness options.

Therefore, whatever your preferences, you will get guaranteed comfort throughout the night. The cover of the mattress is breathable, featuring a soft and luxurious finish. The cover is also GOTS-certified, and you can find it in various attractive natural colors. At the bottom, it is made with an organic cotton material that prevents slipping and sliding once on the bed.


  • Wool and cotton materials help to keep the topper cool and dry during the night
  • Zippered cotton cover and canvas that is removable at your convenience
  • The certification of this topper is against the strictest emission standards in the world
  • Unbelievable warranty cover of 10 years


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Which Type Of Mattress Topper Is Best For Back Pain

Any type of mattress topper may have potential pros and cons. Depending on their personal preferences, back pain sufferers may enjoy different toppers.

As memory foam toppers conform closely to the sleepers body, many back pain sufferers find they give a good balance of pressure relief and support. These toppers also usually isolate motion well, so sleepers might not notice when their partner changes position. One potential drawback is that memory foam tends to retain heat, but some models are made with special features for added breathability and cooling. Memory foam is also usually slow to respond to changes in pressure, which can make it harder for sleepers to move around and change position.

Polyfoam toppers conform to the sleepers body without the close hug of memory foam. Additionally, this material tends to be more breathable and regain its shape more quickly than memory foam. Polyfoam toppers are also frequently budget-friendly options. While many sleepers find polyfoam mattress toppers comfortable, theyre often less durable than other types of toppers on the market. This is particularly true of toppers that make use of low-density polyfoam.

Pillow top mattress toppers often use feather and/or fiber fill. These toppers typically provide a plush sleep surface. However, since they do not usually provide much in the way of support or pressure relief, they may not be ideal for back pain sufferers.

Best Price Mattress Twin Xl Mattress Topper

Best Mattress For Sciatica [Review] in 2020

This is a top-quality topper offering great affordability and outstanding features as well. It is 2 inches thick, ensuring your maximum comfort when sleeping.

It provides optimal support, no matter the sleep pattern. It is, therefore, excellent for side, back, and stomach sleepers.

If you happen to have a bed companion, you shouldnt have to worry about disturbing their sleep while turning. It has a fantastic hold-up feature that is quick to respond, meaning that your bedmate will not feel your movements during the night.

It comes with a three-year warranty, which must be enough for your time in college in case any issues arise. It also dissipates heat effectively due to the superior airing design.


  • Excellent for all types of sleepers


  • Not easy to pack for travel
  • The cover isnt waterproof
  • There is no gel in the foam which means it might not get rid of temperature efficiently as other toppers

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Milliard Gel Memory Premium Mattress

The main issue with most toppers in the market is the lack of proper airflow and temperature regulation features. Your mattress may seem comfortable, but if it cannot control the temperature properly, you will wake up sweaty, and nobody wants to experience that.

Fortunately, we know just the right product that will remedy such an issue.

Milliard Gel Memory Premium Mattress comes with excellent and unique open cell technology. Each foam cell contains pore-like features to trap air particles inside. As a result of the compressed cells, the air spreads and displaces among the adjacent cells. This process ultimately helps to increase proper airflow.

Aside from regulation of body temperature, this product comes with infused gel beads and memory foam that contours to your bodys shape. Such beads help to dissipate heat from your body. Hence, there will not be any trapped heat, and eventually, your body temperature will lower and cool down.

For college students, a dorm room bed can be a nightmare. You may find some materials to be too uncomfortable. Especially if you are an allergic person, there is no alternative to choosing a topper like the Milliard. This product comes with a CertiPUR-US certified foam which contains hypoallergenic properties.

Furthermore, this product contains a luxurious two-inch and 100% gel memory foam. Such features help to provide a superior level of comfort. You can say goodbye to soreness and joint pain if you choose this product.


Linenspa 2 Inch Convoluted Gel Swirl Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Despite being the last pick on our list, our 10th pick is one of the best dorm mattress topper from Linenspa. Having a depth of 2 inches, this topper is made up of memory foam. This foam is so soft that it conforms to the contours of your body and you feel like sleeping on clouds.

Moreover, the topper is extremely lightweight and easy to set. Due to its cozy design, it will help relieve your body from any muscle pain or joint aches. You will also feel free due to the unobstructed airflow allowed by the convoluted egg crate structure of the topper.

Your bodyweight gets distributed evenly against the mattress, providing you a softer surface to sleep on. The topper also contains convoluted blue swirls that further facilitates a good nights restful sleep. So, by getting this topper, you will be able to turn your old mattress into brand new.


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The White Noise 4 Inch Mattress Topper

The Cruz memory foam pad is, hands down, one of the best mattress toppers for college due to its dual support 4-inch gel and certified orthopedic design. This White Noise topper is the perfect way to stay cool, dry, and comfortable when hitting the bed after studying for hours at your college desk.

The Cruz outermost layer works as a cooling topper, packed with a temperature-regulating gel that absorbs and dissipates your bodys heat for hours on end. Beneath the latter, a cream-colored layer acts as a high-density foam-slab that hugs your body shape, properly responding to your head, shoulders, and hip pressure points. The pressure relief system prevents joint pains and muscle soreness that youd normally get from using a subpar dorm college mattress.

All in all, this gel memory foam pad is an efficient solution to underperforming mattresses, helping college students secure a good nights sleep after a hard days work.

Size: 4 Inch Mattress Topper available in for Twin-, Full-, Queen- and King-sized beds.

How Do You Clean A Mattress Topper

Best Mattress Toppers – Which Is Right For You?

While you should always read the care instructions carefully for your mattress topper and never machine wash if yours is made of memory foam it’s best to spot-clean with mild detergent or a basic water-vinegar solution to get out any nasty stains.

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    Mattress Protector Sizes And Dimensions Guide

    By Geoff McKinnenCertified Sleep Coach

    Mattress protectors may look like a funny fitted sheet, but theyre much more than that. A mattress protector fits over your mattress the same way a fitted sheet does but

    Mattress protectors may look like a funny fitted sheet, but theyre much more than that. A mattress protector fits over your mattress the same way a fitted sheet does but is also a durable barrier with a waterproof backing. They guard your mattress against spills, dust mites, moisture, and other bacteria. Using a mattress protector helps your mattress last longer.

    Mattress protectors have roughly the same dimensions as standard mattress sizes. However, its important to measure your mattress and ensure you get a protector thick enough to fully encase it. Too small of a protector will wear down your mattress and wont properly protect it.

    We break down the sizes and dimensions of every mattress protector, which mattress they work for, and who should use that type of mattress.

    Linenspa 2 Inch Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper Twin

    The Mattress topper from Linenspa comes the closest when it comes to giving you the same warmth you felt while you slept at your homes cozy bed. This is because it is made of two inches of bouncy foam whose shape conforms with your bodys curves. As a result, sleeping on it feels exactly like home.

    An unique thing about this item is although it is made of 100% polyurethane, it contains gel beads. The benefit of having these beads is that it helps disseminate the heat produced from your body across the mattress, preventing the bed from getting overheated. As a result, you can have a relaxed and comfortable sleep.

    On top of this, the mattress topper also comes with a carefully designed memory foam, which distributes your weight perfectly along its surface, helping to maintain your spines posture. You are also able to protect the pressure points of your body.


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    Why Does A Mattress Topper Slide

    Before you can solve a problem, it’s helpful to know why it is happening. By understanding the causes, you may be able to make a few adjustments and solve the issue. Here are some reasons mattress toppers slide:

    No Headboard or Footboard: Headboards and footboards create barriers to prevent mattress toppers from sliding up and down. Unfortunately, they do not prevent sideways sliding.

    Slippery Mattress Cover: Mattress covers and dust mite protectors protect your mattress investment and deter dust and dust mites. However, if the fabric is untextured or silky to the touch, a mattress topper has nothing to grip onto to help it stay in place.

    Kids and Pets: If children and pets are allowed to jump and play on the bed, they can cause a “topper-slide”.

    Incorrect Size: If the mattress topper is a bit larger or smaller than your mattress, there will be more sliding.

    Unstable Bed Frame: Lightweight or improperly-sized bed frames that shift during sleep cycles can cause both the mattress and topper to slide.

    Dusty Mattress: Even the best mattress topper may begin to slide if a layer of dust forms between the mattress and the topper. Cleaning the mattress and the topper every few months should solve the problem.

    Lauraland Twin Xl Mattress Pad For College Dorm

    Sleep Studio 2"  Foam Mattress Topper, College Sizes

    Most toppers come with synthetic material covers. That will hinder a proper regulation of temperature and ruin a good nights sleep. Since the primary purpose of choosing a topper is to make sure that you get a comfortable sleep, you have to pick the right one.

    Lauraland Twin XL Mattress Pad For College Dorm will be the perfect option for you. This product does not contain any synthetic material it comes with a breathable bamboo cotton component.

    You probably already know that cotton material is the top favorite choice for most people because it provides the right balance of comfort and softness.

    Such a universal balance level will help provide you with the proper support and firmness without being too harsh on your body. You will not have to wake up with a sore body. This product will be perfect if you suffer from chronic back pain, no matter what position you like to sleep in.

    Furthermore, cotton material is more breathable and absorbent than other materials. You will face no trouble washing such components. It comes with zippers and extra straps to make sure that it stays in place. Most toppers lack such straps, and that can make you feel uncomfortable when you sleep.

    Overall, this product will be the perfect option for your dorm room bed. You can rest assured that it will stay in place, no matter which position you sleep in. The gel-infused premium memory will help to provide adaptive comfort and support so that you can rest in peace after a long day of classes.


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    Buying A Dorm Or Apartment Mattress

    So youre a college kid , and youre probably looking to get the cheapest mattress that money can buy. And hey, we dont blame you! You might be looking for a twin XL to replace that awful college bed for a year or two at most, trying to figure out what college bed size you need, or youre across the country and want a bed you can use for a few years in your tiny studio apartment and dont plan on bringing said dorm mattress with you once you get a job in who-knows-where.

    College is a period of time that includes a lot of learning while also balancing a lot of uncertainty. Youre finally learning how to do your own laundry, but youre not entirely sure if youll make it to your next class now that all your whites are pink. Youre learning all about the importance of communication, but youre not entirely sure how its going to benefit you in your business career .

    Anyways, while getting the cheapest college mattress ever might sound like a great idea, we also beg you to think about comfort. If youre getting the recommended eight hours of sleep a night , youre spending a third of your 24-hour day with your mattress. And considering youre already getting less sleep than you should, we think it should be quality sleep. Most bed-in-a-box mattresses are a good balance between quality, affordable, and comfortable.

    Fill Power And Weight

    On top of that, there are two additional factors that you have to think of, which is the fill power and weight. Fill power is the amount of fluff inside the comforter, and this determines its thickness. Higher fill power results in a warmer comforter. On the other hand, weight is all about how heavy it is. Note that heavy comforters dont necessarily mean they would be warmer.

    For warmer climates, a comforter with a fill power of less than 400 is best, so you wont heat up too fast. In colder climates or during winter, a comforter above 600 is better. For a versatile comforter that you can use anytime in the year, you can get one with a fill power between 400 to 600.

    Some comforters like the Dormify Scarlett Comforter and Sham Bed Set already come as a set so that you can match your covers with your pillows. Whats great about this set is that its made with microfibers, which has a longer shelf-life and retains its shape better than cotton.

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