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What Is The Best College To Go To

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University Of Colorado Boulder Boulder Colorado

How to Have the BEST College Visit | College High

Many of the buildings at the University of Colorado Boulder owe their distinctive appearance to Charles Klauder. The Philadelphia-born architect threw off the institutions previously established Collegiate Gothic style to create a more natural, somewhat rugged but still beautiful look for the main Boulder campus. Klauders designs are what have been referred to as Tuscan Vernacular Revival, with local sandstone, limestone embellishments and roofs of red tile used to visually magnificent effect. Some splendid, more traditional looking structures do remain, though. Most notable among these is historic Old Main the first building on campus designed by Erastus H. Dimick and completed in 1876, the year of the schools establishment. The city of Boulder itself nestles at the bottom of the Rocky Mountains Foothills, ensuring there are outstanding views for miles around of the mountain ranges peaks.

How Do You Choose The Best Online College For You

In the world of online education, there is no overall best online college or best online degree program. But there is a best option for you. Ask yourself these five questions to begin the search for the best online colleges and universities for you:

To help get you started on researching career options, check out these guides:

Dont Pressure Yourself To Respond Immediately

Its okay to be surprised or be blindsided. Sometimes things just happen that is out of your control. What you are in control of, however, is your reaction. Theres nothing wrong with not having a solution or response at hand. Its okay to take a step back and think about it first before responding.

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Vanderbilt University Nashville Tennessee

The oldest area of Vanderbilt Universitys 330-acre campus is famed for its large expanses of trees and general verdure. In fact, the grounds are recognized as an arboretum, and almost 200 varieties of shrubs and trees are at hand. Among these is the amazing Bicentennial Oak, which dates back to before the American Revolution. The university itself isnt quite that old, though, having been founded in 1873 in Nashville, Tennessee. At the schools Peabody location, splendid buildings impress like the Faye and Joe Wyatt Center for Education, which opened in 1915 and is replete with a decorative rotunda. Vanderbilts grounds also feature Old Main, which was originally constructed in 1875 but fell victim to a fire in 1905. However, in spite of this mishap, it was rebuilt in its present magnificent state and now, as Kirkland Hall, functions as the administrative center of the university.

The Royal Academy Of Music

The Oregon Economics Blog: Best Places to Live and Go To ...

Location: London, UKFounded: 1822Notable Alumni: Elton John, Annie LennoxIf youre looking to travel overseas when you take up your musical studies, the Royal Academy of Music may be exactly what you need. The school accepts students from dozens of countries so you certainly have a chance of going but youre going to need to be really, really great to be included in the incoming class – this is one institution that can afford to be picky.

The college is also connected to the University of London which can come in handy if youre looking to study something other than music .

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Affordable Degrees Ranking Methodology

Article data for this college ranking of best return on investment comes from the following sources:

  • NCES College Navigator
  • PayScale earnings and ROI reports

The general approach taken for this articles ranking methodology is as follows:

  • Query NCES for bachelors-granting American colleges that have a tuition of under $20,000/ year. This reduced potential candidates from 2,000+ to just above 900 colleges.
  • Filter out colleges not in the 50 U.S. states or DC
  • Filter out colleges with a graduation rate below 20%
  • Sort the remaining candidates by ascending average net price
  • Assign points for cost ranges
  • For each candidate, query College Scorecard for profile data including mid-career salary info
  • Assign points for mid-career pay ranges
  • Calculate subtotal of points
  • Select the candidates in the top 100 by descending points
  • For each remaining college, extract its PayScale data for mid-career pay and 20-year net ROI
  • Apply points for mid-career pay range
  • Apply points for 20-year net ROI range
  • Calculate final total points from cost range points and both PayScale points, only
  • Sort candidates by total points descending
  • Secondary sort ascending on average net price
  • Eliminate low-admission, no-tuition colleges such as military academies, for consistency in methodology
  • Eliminate very specialized colleges with limited majors
  • Manually verify the top 50 colleges for best return, by total points
  • Article data for this college ranking of best return on investment comes from the following sources:

    College Of The Ozarks

    The College of the Ozarks in Point Lookout, Missouri is sometimes described as Hard Work U. Its work requirement is stricter than any other school. In addition to working 15 hours a week during the school year, students must work two full 40-hour weeks each year when classes are out. Students can do their work service in a wide variety of jobs, including nursing, hotel management, and dairy farming.

    The College of the Ozarks gives all students full tuition, at a cost to the school of over $18,300 per year. The money comes from its endowment combined with student aid grants and gifts. Room and board cost $6,800, but students can pay for this by working an additional six weeks during their summer break.

    As its name suggests, this college aims to serve students from the Ozark region. Though it occasionally admits students from elsewhere, it gives priority to students from 129 counties in Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, Oklahoma, and Kansas. Also, most students must show both academic ability and financial need to get in. The school waives the financial need requirement for only one out of ten applicants.

    These strict criteria make the College of the Ozarks tough to get into. Only 12% of those who apply are accepted, and 63% of them go on to graduate. The small, Christian college has around 1,440 students and 100 professors, and most classes have under 20 students.

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    Is A College Degree Worth The Investment

    Obviously, it depends on what type of career youre seeking. If youre not entrepreneurial yet want to make a salary that gives you a comfortable life, you very likely need a college degree even an associates degree. However, that is not in itself enough to guarantee a good return on investment. Sub-standard degree programs/ teaching, or majors with low demand in the jobs market reduce the value of your college investment. But as a rule of thumb, a quality accredited degree program in a college major with some opportunity growth is more than likely worth the investment. For information on job growth in different roles/ niches, consult the Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook .

    Is Completing An Associates Degree Before A Bachelors Degree Worth The Investment

    How To Decide What College To Go To | TOP 3 FACTORS!

    An associates degree that gets you a job for in-demand skills can actually be more valuable than trying to complete a bachelors degree all in one pass. The reason is that you earn money sooner , and reduce the likelihood that you will need student loans to later complete a bachelors degree. Its also possible that your employer may cover some of the costs of completing your upper-division college credits.

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    Sonoma State University Rohnert Park California

    Sonoma State Universitys 269-acre campus in Rohnert Park, California is known for its impressive green credentials, but beauty hasnt been sacrificed in the construction of some of its most notable and eco-friendly buildings. Case in point: the sleek Green Music Center, which not only looks good, but has also been carefully designed to save substantial amounts of energy. The complexs standout structure is the Joan and Sanford I. Weill Hall, with its sizable doors and elegant lawn. This facility opened in 2012 and comes courtesy of Massachusetts-based William Rawn Associates Architects and Californias AC Martin. Elsewhere, aesthetic splendor also takes the form of the campus three lakes, which are a haven for local waterfowl. Sonoma State started off life in 1960, operating out of rented buildings before relocating to its current site in 1966.

    Illinois Institute Of Technology Chicago Illinois

    The sleekly modernist S.R. Crown Hall has graced the grounds of the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago since 1956, 16 years after the school was formed owing to an amalgamation between the Armour Institute of Technology and Lewis Institute. The eye-catching home of the institutes College of Architecture is perhaps pioneering German-born architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohes crowning achievement. The structure its open steel and glass facade an icon of the 120-acre school campus was given the distinction of being made a National Historic Landmark in 2001. Elsewhere, IITs Main Building may be more conventionally collegiate in appearance but is no less attractive for that fact. Completed in 1893 to a design by local firm Patton & Fisher, the sandstone and red brick edifice remains a captivating piece of Romanesque Revival architecture.

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    Best College Baseball Programs

    NCSA analyzed over 850 four-year colleges with college baseball programs across four division levels to develop a list of the Best Baseball Colleges for Student-Athletes.

    NCSA Power Rankings are based on proprietary analysis of NCSA Favorites data obtained from the college search activity of the over 2 million student-athletes on the NCSA recruiting network, U.S. News & World Report Best Colleges general academic rankings, and the U.S. Department of Education College Scorecard graduation rates and average cost after aid.

    For more information on the NCSA Power Rankings, visit our press kit or .

    Tulane University New Orleans Louisiana

    10 Best US Colleges For 2016

    Tulane Universitys pretty campus in New Orleans has been on the National Register of Historic Places for over 35 years. Walking through the grounds, its perhaps easy to see why they have been so acclaimed: graceful buildings in various different styles mix with beautiful green spaces like Gibson Quad not to mention clumps of grand oak trees. Arguably one of the 110-acre grounds most stunning architectural features is Gibson Hall. The hall was the inaugural building on campus upon its completion in 1894 the year that the school made the switch to its current location although the institution had been established as the Medical College of Louisiana 60 years previously. Local firm Harrod and Andry was responsible for the elegant stone and brick structures Richardsonian Romanesque look.

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    You’ll Have Fun And Make Friends

    Many students enjoy their college experience. Too often people discount the importance of fun when it comes to education, and for some people, their best memories and most fun times are from their college years. On a college campus, you can attend parties, plays, sporting events, and concerts you can also create your own random fun with your peers.

    Most schools bring exciting events and speakers to their campuses, too. Colleges will often host famous musicians and comedians. For example, The Weeknd has performed shows at Syracuse, Northeastern, Lafayette College, and the University of Minnesota, while Drake has performed at numerous colleges, including Howard, SUNY Purchase, and the University of Kentucky.

    Colleges will also sponsor parties and other on-campus events that are just meant to be fun and facilitate social interaction. At Stanford, there’s a tradition known as Full Moon on the Quad. On the first full moon of the school year, students gather in the quad, and the seniors welcome the freshmen by kissing them. There’s a lot of kissing. It might not be hygienic, but it’s memorable.

    You may make very close friends while you’re attending college. In college, you get to befriend people from all over the US and even other countries. A big part of the college experience is having the opportunity to learn from and interact with people from diverse backgrounds.

    Seek Advice From Your Trusted Friends And Family

    A really underrated piece of advice, if you ask me! Brijette Esteva is a BS Nursing graduate from the University of Santo Tomas. As someone who didnt initially go to college for Nursing, one thing Brijette learned along the way was that, when youre feeling lost, its important to have people around you to remind you of your potential and even your own dreams. Like many university students, Brijette was planning to shift to her dream course, Psychology, after a year of taking up the course she was accepted into. But when the opportunity to shift to her dream course closed, she had absolutely no idea where to go. That is, until she was reminded and affirmed by her loved ones of her childhood dream to become a nurse. An unplanned venture to which she said, why not?

    Dont pressure yourself too much, Brijette advises. I know that’s easier said than done, but when there is too much pressure, we don’t get to think clearly.

    And the best way to relieve yourself of all the pressure is to lean on those you trust! When deciding on your college course, dont go through it alone! Grab a friend or a close family member and process your thoughts, plans, or doubts with them. Who knows? They might point out a dream of yours that you may have forgotten yourself.

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    Elon University Elon North Carolina

    Classified as a botanic garden, Elon Universitys campus in Elon, North Carolina is by its nature full of stunning plant life, flowers and trees, giving it the air of a well-kept suburban park. That said, the abundance of greenery is only one reason to visit the 525-acre campus. Built in 1926, at first to serve as an orphanage, the schools Johnston Hall has garnered a spot on the National Register of Historic Places and is now home to alumni offices. Impressive structures such as the Alamance Building which opened its doors in 1925 mix with lovely features like Fonville Fountain. Students were sometimes permitted to swim in Fonville Fountain between 1982, when it was installed, and 1986, at which point the practice was forbidden. Elon University itself was founded in 1889 as Elon College, acquiring its present moniker in 2001.

    Connecticut College New London Connecticut

    Video: What is the best time to visit a college campus?

    Connecticut College was established in New London, Connecticut in 1911, and given that its seal prominently features a tree at its center, its probably no surprise to discover that there are plenty of them peppering the institutions picturesque campus. In fact, the schools entire 750-acre site has been declared part of an arboretum, with the grounds boasting an array of interesting trees such as the Japanese pagoda and blooms of Chinese witchhazel, among myriad other specimens. Meanwhile, eye-catching architectural features like the colonial Georgian-look Harkness Chapel also amaze. Replete with a lofty spire and Ionic columns, this granite structure was conceived by academic architect James Gamble Rogers and has been a mainstay of the campus since the chapels consecration in 1940.

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    Berry College Mount Berry Georgia

    Boasting over 27,000 acres in Mount Berry, Georgias Berry College holds the honor of having the worlds most sizable contiguous college grounds. That huge expanse holds a wealth of woodlands, meadows, streams and even deer, whose population may number as much as 2,500. For those keen on outdoor pursuits, its ideal, offering students the opportunity to cycle, hike or horseback ride across over 80 miles of trails. English Gothic-style buildings give the campus an elegant European air, with some of the structures beautifully reflected in the waters of decorative pools. Equally as impressive are the Mountain Campus Mirror and Swan lakes, the latter of which sees the birds its named for glide gracefully across its calm waters. Possum Trot Church accommodated Berry Colleges predecessor, a school for boys founded in 1902, and the building is still present on the colleges campus.

    University Of Cincinnati Cincinnati Ohio

    What Travel + Leisure has termed a strikingly modern look marks out the two campuses of the University of Cincinnati in style. The universitys pledge to commission new buildings designed by leading architects has led to some arresting and often beautiful structures across its 473 total acres. Chief among these is the Vontz Center for Molecular Studies, a collaborative effort by famous Canadian-American architect Frank Gehry and Ohio-based firm BHDP. Completed in 1999, the center attracts the eye with its distinctive, squat red brick sections. Alumnus Michael Graves designed the equally remarkable Engineering Research Center, which was finished in 1994 and rather playfully resembles a four-cylinder engine. The University of Cincinnati began life as the Cincinnati College and the Medical College of Ohio in 1819, getting chartered in 1870 and relocating to its current campus in the Heights area of Cincinnati in 1893.

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    Living With Your Best Friends

    Your freshman year roommate probably wonât become your best friend the same is true of the roommates youâll have after you graduate. During the college years in which you get to pick your own roommates, though, youâll probably have your best friends around pretty much all the time â and itâs kind of fabulous. Some of my favorite memories from college involve impromptu gatherings around our kitchen table, random trips to nearby 24-hour diners, and all sorts of other things you can only do when you live with your favorite people.

    College Of The Atlantic Bar Harbor Maine

    Alumni Advice: How to Choose the Best College For You

    Perched on the coast in Bar Harbor, College of the Atlantic enjoys a terrific location right by the ocean, which it describes as its front yard. This setting guarantees jaw-dropping views and excellent opportunities for kayaking, sailing or otherwise exploring the local marine habitat. As befits a college with a strong investment in ecological issues it even boasts a sustainable business program the natural world is prized here. Abundant garden areas provide beautiful green spots in which to study or just sit and relax, and among these spaces is the Beatrix Farrand Garden, created by its noted namesake landscape architect in 1928. Instituted in 1969, the small college sits on 37 acres of Maines Mount Desert Island.

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