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What Is College Credit Plus

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Get Ahead Of The Game By Earning College Credits In High School

What is College Credit PLUS: An Introduction for Westerville Students & Families

Imagine earning credits from Hiram College before you even graduate from high school! Through the State of Ohios College Credit Plus Program, you may have the opportunity to take Hiram classes at your own high school, or you can come to our campus and completely immerse yourself in the Hiram experience before high school graduation.

Accuplacer Placement Test With Accommodations

If you plan to take the Accuplacer placement test to qualify for College Credit Plus courses and need accommodations beyond extended time, it is very important to send your documentation as well as the Placement Test Accommodation Request Form to Accessibility Services at least 3 business days prior to testing.

These documents can be hand delivered to College Center room 234, emailed to ; or faxed to 440-366-4652.

Once documentation is received, a Learning Specialist reviews the submitted documentation and a representative from Accessibility Services will notify the student and school counselor through email on approved accommodations for testing.

Explore Subjectsor Earn A Degree

Once students have completed their high school requirements through CCP, they are free to explore new and different subjects to help them solidify plans for their future college major. And if youre really focused, you might decide to pursue your associate degree from Washington State as a CCP student. Each year, more than two dozen students graduate from high school and college at the same time!

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Important Dates For 2021

Shawnee States new online CCP application will be available to complete. May 1 is our final deadline for incoming students.

Attend an in-person or online CCP information session. If you cannot attend your schools information session, you can watch a CCP information session provided by the Ohio Department of Education.

Accuplacer testing. Testing will be available and free for students who wish to participate in CCP.

Non-public and homeschooled students should apply for admission to the CCP program at Shawnee State University by this time.

May 1

A Letter of Intent to Participate in CCP for the 2021-22 school year needs to be submitted to your guidance counselor and filed with the State by this date.

May 1

Shawnee State University CCP Application needs to be completed online by this date.

May 1

Non-public and homeschooled students should apply for state awarded hours through the MYOHIO ID portal by this date.

May 3: College Credit Plus Orientation

This orientation is mandatory for students who are planning on taking CCP classes on campus for the first time: Register for May 3, 2021 at 6pm

May 6: College Credit Plus Orientation

I Took Some College Courses A Long Time Ago Will My Credits Transfer


The answer depends on a few things:

  • the school and program you previously attended
  • what classes you took
  • where youd like to go to school now
  • what you want to study

Some schools have degree completion programs tailored to people whove begun their work on a degree but havent finished yet. The programs tend to be offered for only a small selection of degrees, but can help students who need a flexible schedule and want to finish their degree work at a more accelerated pace. Classes tend to be offered either online or during weekend and evening hours. Heres an example of offerings from Cal State Onlines degree completion program.

In any case, your first step will be to get a hold of any previous transcripts call your former school or check their website to find out how to request them. You may have to pay a small fee. The federal Student Aid Commission website also has fact sheets on obtaining transcripts from higher education institutions that have closed down. Next, book an appointment with a counselor at the school youre interested in, and they can examine all the courses you took to determine whether you have transferable credits. If you dont know how to get an appointment with a counselor directly, get in touch with an admissions or outreach officer and they can direct you.

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Section B: Faqs For Homeschool And Nonpublic High School Students/parents

1. Are private high school and homeschool students eligible for College Credit Plus?

Yes. College Credit Plus is an opportunity available to all 7-12 grade students who are accepted into the program by a college or university within Ohio. The program operates in much the same way, regardless of what high school a student attends. However, students attending a private high school;and homeschool students must apply to the Ohio Department of Education in order to receive funding for courses.;Please check the main;College Credit Plus page for information, forms and updates.

ORC 3365.02, 3365.03

Do I Qualify To Take Courses Through College Credit Plus

Students who reside in the state of Ohio and are in grades 7-12 may take coursework through the SSU CCP program if they meet the following conditions:

  • The student has a GPA over 3.0.
  • The student has an Accuplacer or ACT score that qualifies them in at least one subject area.
  • The student signs a letter or intent for their high school.
  • The student completes a CCP application for Shawnee State University.

Note: Non-Public and Homeschool students also need to apply for funding their courses through the State of Ohios MYOHIO ID portal.

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What Is College Credit Plus

The goal of the College Credit Plus is to prepare Ohio students for college and career readiness. Under the College Credit Plus program, qualified students in;grades 7 through 12;have the opportunity to take non-sectarian college level-course work at an institution of higher education within the state. Students participating in College Credit Plus earn transcripted credit.

Owens Community College is excited to offer students the opportunity to take college-level coursework under the College Credit Plus program. Owens boasts;three locations;for classes as well as;online courses;to fit busy students schedules. The College also provides a variety of services to students including;tutoring, academic advising, student clubs,;and career exploration. In addition, College Credit Plus students at Owens can take advantage of college;facilities, such as the;libraries, fitness centers,;and;computer labs.

Attend College While In High School With Ccp

College Credit Plus – A Success Story!

Get the most out of your high school years. The College Credit Plus program at Zane State College allows you to earn college credit while earning your high school diploma. The purpose of this program is to promote rigorous academic pursuits and to provide a wide variety of options to college-ready high-school students.;

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Complete The Online Student Application

To request;disability;accommodations, please submit your request for accommodations via our online application portal, AIM*:

The online application is intended to let the students will describe the impact of their disability/disabilities and request accommodations.;

If students are unable to access the online registration form, they can contact ODS by phone at 937-775-5680, via TTY at 937-775-5844, or via email at to request a copy of the application in an alternate format.

Once you submit your online request for accommodations, you will receive an;email confirming receipt of your application.;Your confirmation email will also contain a link and instructions to;upload documentation of your disability;to our online application portal.;

How Do Public School Students Apply For College Credit Plus At Rio Grande

  • Attend a College Credit Plus information session with your parent/guardian at your local high school or at Rio Grande.
  • Complete Letter of Intent and submit to your guidance counselor by April 1, 2019.
  • Complete a Rio Grande College Credit Plus Application. Mail the application, along with a transcript by the desired start term.
  • University of Rio Grande/Rio Grande Community CollegeCollege Credit PlusPO Box 500Rio Grande, OH 45674

  • Students will complete a formal assessment to determine college readiness. Rio accepts ACT scores, Accuplacer , and Writeplacer. Results will determine eligibility and available course options. Accuplacer practice tests available at Next Generation Practice.
  • Students will attend a summer orientation.
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    Lake Erie College’s Ccp Program Allows Eligible Students To Earn High School And College Credit That Will Appear On Both Their High School And College Transcripts

    College Credit Plus was enacted into Ohio law in September 2014. Effective with the 2015-2016 school year, CCP replaces the Post Secondary Enrollment Options program and redefines “alternative dual enrollment programs.”Learn more from the Ohio Department of EducationLearn more from the Ohio Department of Education.

    Did You Know That:

    College Credit Plus (CSCC) Courses / General College ...

    College courses you take at Malone before you graduate from high school can be credited toward your Malone bachelors degree, helping you finish college more quickly? Courses may also be transferred.

    Malones participation in College Credit Plus means that, if you are enrolled at a public high school, there is no cost to the student or parent.;

    Limited funding is provided by the State of Ohio for homeschooled students and private high school students.

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    Ohdela Students Currently Participate With These Great Colleges And Universities

    The Ohio State University- Mansfield Campus, Ohio Northern University, the University of Akron, Walsh University, Zane State Community College. Stark State College, Lorain County Community College, Cuyahoga Community College, Wright State Community College, Kent State University, Washington State Community College, Sinclair Community College and Mount Vernon Nazarene University.

    Students are free to pursue the College Credit Plus at any Ohio higher education institution.

    College Credit Plus Overview

    College Credit Plus is Ohios dual enrollment program that provides students in grades 7-12 the opportunity to earn college and high school credits at the same time by taking courses from Ohio colleges or universities. The purpose of this program is to enhance students career readiness and postsecondary success, while providing a wide variety of options to college-ready students, at no or limited costs to students and families.;

    Please visit the other sections of our website for answers to Frequently Asked Questions, as well as additional information for Students & Families or Program Administrators.;


    For more information, please contact:

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    First 15 Rule And Academic Eligibility

    The recently adapted First 15 Rule requires CCP students to complete 15 credit hours in courses designated as Level 1 by each college before continuing to more advanced Level 2 classes. All of the CCP courses taught at WHS are Level 1. Post-secondary schools are required to list the courses deemed Level 1 on their website and our school counselors can help determine eligibility for the classes youre considering.

    Additionally, students deemed underperforming in CCP courses will be placed on CCP Probation if they have one or both of the following conditions:

    • A student has a cumulative GPA of lower than a 2.0 in college courses taken through the CCP program .
    • A student withdraws from, or receives no credit for, two or more courses in the same term.

    Any student deemed ineligible for a second consecutive term of enrollment will be dismissed from the CCP program. Students may appeal their probation or dismissal status. More Information

    Students placed on CCP Probation or CCP Dismissal will be sent home with an official Probation/Dismissal Form, including information how to appeal.

    Submit Documentation Of Disability

    College Credit Plus (CCP) Virtual Presentation

    After completing the new student application, students should submit documentation to ODS that establishes the nature of a disability. Students are encouraged to have their healthcare providers complete the ODS disability documentation form. ODS has specific documentation guidelines that target the information necessary to establish that a student has a disability and/or temporary health condition.;Students who have record of accommodations at a high school, college, or other entity should provide documentation of the accommodations. Should you have a recent Evaluation Team Report or a neuropsychological evaluation, please submit copies via our secure upload link that will be emailed to you once you complete the above online application.;

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    What Does Being College

    Being college-ready is more than just being academically ready Emotional and social transition to college Time management & organizational skills Grades earned in a College Credit Plus course are for high school AND college. They will be calculated into the students GPA. College requirements vary by school.

    What Are Some Differences Between High School And College

    Numerous quizzes, tests, and homework assignments Fewer tests and fewer, if any, homework assignments will be used to determine final grades
    Parent Role Parents are strong advocates working closely with teachers and counselors Parent serves as a mentor and support for the student; the college views the student as independent decision-maker; The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act protects student education records

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    What Are Other Ways To Get Credits

    Take a test to prove your knowledge: Many schools will allow you to test out of certain courses. High schoolers can take Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate exams that, if passed, can count toward college credits.

    If those exams arent an option for you, you can look into tests like the College Level Examination Program , which are available for subjects such as foreign languages, mathematics, composition and literature, business, and social studies, among others.

    Not every school accepts every CLEP exam as college credit, and some schools wont accept CLEP exams at all, so youll need to check with a school before you decide to go this route. For instance, CLEP exam credits are not accepted at UCs, but some are accepted at California community colleges and CSUs.

    Dual enrollment: If youre still in high school, or finishing up your high school diploma, you may be able to earn college credits at the same time. In California, high schoolers can enroll in any community college and fill out a dual enrollment form that will allow them to attend for free. The only requirement is that they must be taking fewer than 12 college units.The Career Online High School program, which allows adults to complete high school coursework online, also gives you the option to complete a certificate in a number of subject areas.

    Student Tools And Support

    College Credit Plus

    Bus Pass Request: The district will fund bus passes if you do not have reliable transportation between your high school campus and the college campus where you intend to take classes.

    Laptop/WiFi request: The district will provide a take-home laptop and wifi hotspot if you do not have reliable at home computer and internet access for your college level work.

    SAT Prep:;Many colleges use Accuplacer as a test for CCP eligibility. Accuplacer is built to reflect the SAT.;Access Khan Academy’s SAT tools to prepare to take Accuplacer.;

    ACT Prep:;All current partner colleges in the state of Ohio will accept qualifying ACT scores for CCP eligibility. We recommend taking the ACT several times to achieve your highest possible score. ACT scores are important beyond CCP eligibility as they often determine placement into first-year courses once a student attends college full-time.;

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    Risks And Benefits Of Ccp

    • Risks
    • Course transfer depends on your major or where you want to go for college.
    • Grades will be on the student’s college record , and will affect college GPA.
    • There may be financial repercussions if you do not complete the course successfully.
    • The student’s high school calendar may not align with the college calendar.
    • May negatively impact the student’s college career if unsuccessful in courses.;
  • Students earn transcripted college credits based off cumulative grades in class.
  • Students have a chance to explore various fields of study.
  • Taking courses now may eliminate repeating coursework in college.
  • May lower the overall cost of college or shorten the time to complete your degree.;
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    How To Become Eligible For College Credit Plus

    Each college/university has different exam requirements, you may have to take one of these assessments: ACT, SAT, Accuplacer, ALEKS, PlaceU, MapleSoft After you have taken the assessment, colleges and universities will review student score using statewide standards. Students scores must indicate that they are ready for college-level courses in at least one subject area. If a students scores are not college-level, other conditions may be considered depending on the exam scores and if the student has: Overall GPA or Recommendation form/letter

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    What Should I Know About Transferring

    Transferring between schools is pretty common some students do it because theyve moved, want a program thats a better fit, or are building on credits theyve already earned. Here are some things to know ahead of time about transferring while youre already enrolled:

    You can save money in the long run . Transferring from a community college to a four-year school, or from a CSU to a UC, for example, can help cut down the overall tuition of a four-year degree if you plan ahead.

    Some schools have a built-in transfer process. Many schools have agreements with each other that make it easier for students to transfer. There are established pathways for transferring between Californias public colleges from community college to CSUs and UCs , or between CSUs and UCs. Several of these schools also have individual transfer agreements with private colleges within and outside of California. If you look up articulation agreements on a school website, you can find out more details about how to transfer from there to other schools.

    If youre a California community college student, there are some paths you can take for transferring to a CSU or UC:

    Do I Get Any Credit For Work Or Life Experience

    College Credit Plus Presentation January 2021

    Yes, in some cases.

    Some schools have adopted whats known as a Credit for Prior Learning program, which means they validate potential students previous work and life experience as credits toward an academic program. These are going to work differently at each school, so you can contact a schools admissions office for more specifics, or bring your CV or resume to a counselor and ask them to evaluate your experience.Some of the primary ways your experience may transfer:

    Previous certifications or corporate training programs: If you earned an industry-recognized certification or took a training course from an employer, schools may accept these as credits toward a program in a similar area of study. Many schools use credit guidelines outlined by the American Council on Education .

    Military experience: Work experience and training from the military can count as college credits, too. Youll have to request a Joint Services Transcript and present that to the school youre interested in so they can evaluate whats transferable.

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