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What Colleges Have Sports Management Majors

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Professional Accreditations & Recognition

Dean College Sports Management Major

Certification Opportunities

Qualified students have the opportunity to earn certifications in Respect in Sport Certification, National Coaching Certification Program , Multi-sport Competition Introduction module, and Automated External Defibrillator training.

Additional requirements may apply.

Note: The requirements for the additional credential are determined by the granting body, which is independent from the College. Students are encouraged to obtain the specific requirements directly from the granting body before enrolling.

How To Get Into A Sports Management Bachelor’s Program

Admission requirements for sports management bachelor’s programs are fairly similar across schools. Most programs require students to submit official high school transcripts, ACT or SAT scores, and letters of recommendation. Other programs may require a minimum GPA usually between 2.0 and 3.0.

Check with your prospective school for exact requirements.

What Classes Would Someone Take

Some of the core classes and general prerequisites required to pursue a sports management degree include principles of management, economics, financial accounting, algebra, general psychology, physical or biological science as well. Statistics, humanities, public speaking and introduction to sports management are some of the classes sports management students have typically taken by the end of the fourth semester. Some of the classes sports management students typically take after the fourth semester include business finance, sport and society, sport facility design and management, principles of marketing, ethical issues in sport, sport and business finance, legal issue in sport and physical activity and sport marketing as well. Some of the best colleges provide internships with sports management firms as well.

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Why Get A Bachelor’s In Sports Management Degree

Sports management schools prepare students for entry-level positions with sports organizations and other business opportunities. Many careers open to sports management graduates offer competitive salaries, and bachelor’s-holders make higher salaries than their less-educated counterparts. In addition to career and salary opportunities, a sports management degree offers less tangible benefits, including a personal sense of accomplishment. We describe these benefits in more detail below.

  • Better Career Opportunities: Students who earn a sports management degree qualify for a variety of career opportunities in the sports industry and beyond. The business skills sports management majors develop apply to nearly any industry.
  • Potential Salary Increase: Earning a bachelor’s degree in sports management helps learners land jobs with higher salaries than they might qualify for otherwise.
  • Personal Enrichment: Many people find immense satisfaction and take great pride in putting in the work and determination it takes to earn a bachelor’s degree in sports management.

University Of South Carolina

79 Careers for a Sport Management Major

Department: College of Hospitality, Retail, and Sports Management


  • B.S. in Sport and Entertainment Management
  • M.S. in Sport and Entertainment Management


USC is the only university in the country that has a wholly separate department for the study of sports and entertainment within a business-centric curriculum. Coursework is designed to teach students about the conditions and demands that are specific to the entertainment and sports industries.

As a requirement for graduation, students must participate in an immersive practicum, which runs for a total of 520 hours over 13 weeks, in addition to a required internship.

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University Of Alabama Main Campus

Department: College of Human Environmental Sciences, College of Education


  • M.S. in Education: Sports Management Concentration
  • M.B.A. in Sports Business Management


The University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, Alabama offers two different graduate degree programs for students: an M.S. degree and an M.B.A. degree. Each program requires 30 hours of degree-related credit hours, and internships are a required component for graduation.

Because U of A is the home of the Crimson Tide, students are afforded with multiple opportunities to work with one of the best collegiate football programs in the country.

Best Colleges For Sports Management In Ohio

Explore the best colleges for sports management and leisure studies. Read reviews and rankings based on research funding, faculty ratings, and more. This year’s rankings have reduced the weight of ACT/SAT scores to reflect a general de-emphasis on test scores in the college admissions process. Read more on how this ranking was calculated.

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  • Rating 3.44 out of 5 669 reviews
  • Sophomore: Denison is the best school. With COVID-19, there have obviously had to be some restrictions, but they are livable and I still made tons of great memories, went to class, and partied with friends. They literally bought us all fire pits and heaters so we could party outside after they built us social housing for parties last year. The food is great – sometimes the dining halls have steaks if you like meat, and you can always get grain bowls and salmon greek salads and good healthy food like that. Theres also an on-campus market where you can get things like driscolls berries and local cheese. They recently made us all an ice skating rink, put up ice sculptures, and had a build-a-bear type thing for Valentines day. The stuff they do for us here is insane. One time in the dining hall a guy made me fresh steamed local kale and brought it to my table because I asked if there was any. They go out of there way here for the biggest and smallest things and it shows. GO HERE!Read 669Reviews

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    Online Bachelors Degree In Sports Management


    • Sports Marketer: $76,000, Public Relations Associate: $56,770, Advertising Sales Manager: $48,490, Merchandising Manager: $59,620


      The BLS projects a 6% increase in jobs throughout the industry over the next few years, which is roughly in line with national averages. In some specialty areas, the projections vary slightly but also reflect trends that cross all industries: careers in marketing should increase by 9% public relations, by 7% and merchandising by 2%.

    What Certification Will I Need

    Sport Management Major – York College

    The two most popular certifications available in sports management are the sports management certificate offered to those students who are pursuing a bachelor’s degree, and the graduate certificate in sports management, which allows already practicing sports managers a way to enhance their skills and professional credentials.

    Professional associations such as the International Fitness Professionals Association , who offers an accredited Certified Sport Management Specialist credential, help make becoming certified much more convenient by offering online and distance learning programs.

    Other professional agencies offering professional development certifications include:

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    University Of Central Missouri

    Department: Department of Nutrition and Kinesiology


    • B.S. in Sport Management


    Unlike other sports management programs, the program offered by Bethel College is an interdisciplinary program that was created for students who plan to pursue a career in the sports industry.

    In order to graduate, all students are required to complete an internship. The program also offers a minor in sports management.

    How To Choose A Sports Management Bachelor’s Program

    There are many factors to consider when choosing a sports management program. As curricula are often tailored for different occupations, you should first consider each program’s available classes and concentrations. Some programs feature more business courses to prepare you for administration and marketing roles, while others focus on kinesiology and athletic development to better prepare you for coaching and scouting positions.Other important factors include cost and program type. Online degrees in sports management are great options for students who also need to raise families or work full time. Additionally, some schools charge all online students the same tuition rate, regardless of residency.

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    Professional Organizations In Sports Management

    Professional organizations for sports management provide valuable resources to sports agents, administrators, and other sports colleagues. Sports management organizations and associations build networks through face-to-face and online events. They also provide updates about trends, changes, and issues in the discipline.

    Membership in professional organizations can give sports management students access to job boards and career guidance. Through professional organizations, working professionals also enjoy professional development and continuing education opportunities.

    Top 10 Colleges For Sports Management Majors 2020

    Sports Management Degree Guide

    Becoming a big-time employee in the sports world requires big-time dedication and work. The sports industry is evolving, and it needs canny individuals to help run everything. Want to work in college sports, or move up to the NFL, NBA and NHL? Well, you want to pick the perfect college to pursue your sports management degree. We scoped out schools with the top internship opportunities, resources, career opportunities and proximities to professional teams. Some of these programs even expand across borders and explore sports on a global platform . Ready to play ball?

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    How Much Will A Sports Management Degree Cost

    Sports management degree costs compare favorably with institutional averages. However, many factors affect tuition rates. For instance, out-of-state learners typically pay more to attend public institutions, while other schools offer reduced costs for their online programs.

    Prestige also affects pricing, especially among private institutions. Schools with excellent reputations among employers and programs with high-profile, accomplished faculty members often charge higher tuition rates.

    The cost of undergraduate education in the United States continues to trend upward, and many learners need help covering their expenses. Students should first explore sources of aid that do not require repayment, including scholarships, bursaries, grants, and fellowships. After pursuing these options, degree-seekers can consider federal or private loans.

    University Of North Carolina At Chapel Hill

    The University of North Carolina offers an MA in Sports Administration that is considered one of the best masters programs in sports management in the country. These best sports management masters programs offer a highly structured curriculum that includes legal issues in sports, sports finance, and event management, among others. Students enrolled in UNC Chapel Hills best masters programs for sports management obtain first-year teaching assistants and then internships in the final year.

    The University of North Carolina was founded in 1789, and one of several universities that stake claim to being the oldest institution of higher education in the country. AS the flagship campus of the University of North Carolina System, UNC Chapel Hill is also recognized as a public ivy league school and home to one of the best masters in sports management programs.

    Highlight UNC Chapel Hills university-town campus

    Degree Sports Administration, MA

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    What Does A Sports Management Degree Comprise

    Many times a sports management degree may be offered as a combined degree program with business, finance, law, health or some other related field. The focus of many of these sports programs is to prepare and enable students to apply critical thinking and techniques to solve real problems related to the sports profession. Many times colleges offer a Bachelor of Science in Sport Management, require a minimum 2.0 GPA and 120 credit hours to graduate with the undergraduate degree. Its important for students to remember that these sports management programs mainly are structured towards teaching how to identify, monitor, manage and manipulate the business dynamics and applications that routinely drive sports organizations.

    An Endicott Education Means You’ll Graduate With A Degree And A Resume

    How This Sports Management Major Ended Up Working at Under Armour

    Whether you pursue graduate school right away, or embark on your career after graduation, we believe that your time at Endicott will prepare you for the next step. Take a look at what our graduates have been up to lately.

    Recent Internships

  • IMG Worldwide Global Sports & Media
  • New England Patriots
    • University of Tennessee at Knoxville
    • University of Arkansas at Fayetteville

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    Discover What Sets Asu Apart

    • Arizona State University offers over 15 bachelorâs and masterâs degree programs online.
    • W. P. Carey School of Business is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Bussiness .
    • Enrollment coaches, academic advisors and success coaches support you in exploring financial aid options, transferring any preexisting credits, finding the right courses and staying on track.
    • 15+ years of experience leading innovation in education online.
    • Global network of over half a million alumni.
    • Over 35 online clubs and organizations creating a vibrant virtual community.
    • #6 in the U.S. for total research expenditures among universities without a medical school – National Science Foundation HERD survey, 2021.

    University Of New Haven

    The University of New Haven Pompea College of Business offers a Master of Science degree that is ranked among Connecticuts best masters programs in sports management. Students enrolled in UNHs best sports management masters programs must complete 30 36 STEM-related graduate semester units to graduate, depending on the concentration. The concentrations available to students enrolled in UNHs best masters programs for sports management include college athletics, business analytics, or a general degree. The AACSB accredits UNHs best masters in sports management programs.

    The University of New Haven was founded as a private institute of higher learning in 1920 as an extension of Northeastern University in Boston. The universitys 100+ acre campus in West Haven is home to nearly 7,000 undergraduate and graduate students.

    Highlight US News ranks UNH among the top 100 regional universities in the country.

    Degree Sports Management, MS

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    Top 5 Career Options For Sports Management Majors

  • Top 5 Career Options for Sports Management Majors
  • Whether youre a die-hard pro football fan or just becoming interested in sports, now is a great time to start a career in sports management. Sports entertainment is a huge business. There are many job opportunities for new graduates with sports management degrees and the playing field is open to all levels of education. It doesnt matter if you want to become a coach for a middle school or try your hand with working for the NFL, the doors are wide open. Read on for a list of the top five job careers when you have a sports management degree.

    Internships & Work Experience

    Details: Sport Management, Master

    All students in the Sport Management bachelors degree program participate in four semesters of practicum, an on-campus work experience with the Department of Athletics and Campus Recreation located in our state-of-the-art Grumbacher Sport and Fitness Center.

    In your senior year, youll also fulfill a required off-campus internship in an area that aligns with your desired career path. Students have worked at internship sites all over the country, including:

  • Madison Square Garden
  • Under Armour
  • How to get a sport management internship

    Sports involve teamwork, and sports management professionals are in high demand, but it is still a competitive field. As a Sport Management major at York College, youll receive personalized guidance as you decide which niche in the sports industry interests you most. From there, youll develop a strong academic foundation, coupled with real-world experience in your practicum courses.

    Youll have the opportunity to build a network, with help from YCP faculty and the campus community and with a history of successful YCP internships nationwide, youll have a wealth of industry connections at your fingertips.

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    Online Doctorate Degree In Sports Management


      Olympic Games: Structure and Function, Psychology of Elite Performance, Advanced Coaching Theory, Labor Relations in the Sports Industry, Organizational Theory & Behavior


    High School Diploma or Equivalent N/A

    Broadcasting is a popular career choice for retired athletes and people with a background in communications. Requiring an extensive knowledge of sports, broadcasters work in news media as announcers or reporters. Color commentators or sports hosts conduct game analysis in real time, explaining the intricacies of particular game plays or strategy, and offering their professional opinions on the game. Other broadcasters are employed by news agencies that cover spectator sports, providing after-the-fact coverage of sporting events. Most sports broadcasters work in television, though a growing number are branching out into internet-based outlets. Broadcasters must know the sport they call intricately, and should feel comfortable working in the public eye. It’s worth noting that there’s a projected drop in growth rate in the field over the next decade.

    Popular Bachelor’s In Sports Management Courses

    Specific sports management courses vary by school, but most programs focus on the business aspect of the industry. Most bachelor’s in sports management programs require general education, core, and elective courses. Many students complete a sports management internship. Below, we describe some typical classes students may take in a sports management bachelor’s program.

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    What Is Sports Management

    The field of sports management focuses on the business of athletics. Sports managers oversee athletic organizations and athletes. Some sports management professionals engage directly with athletes, while others work mostly behind the scenes to deal with administrative issues.

    Though some sports managers start their career as amateur or professional athletes, personal experience playing sports is not necessary to work in sports management. A bachelor’s degree in sports management provides the necessary foundation to understand the business fundamentals of the sports industry.

    Potential sports management jobs include athletic directors or administrators, sports marketing managers, and sports lawyers. Some of these positions require additional education or experience. Some sports management graduates focus on the fitness aspects of sports and pursue careers in the health and wellness industries.

    Major employers of sports management professionals include professional and recreational sports teams and associations, universities and K-12 schools, sports centers, and parks and recreation departments.

    Best Colleges For Sports Management Degree Programs 2018

    College Advice from a Sport Management Major – UMass

    The institutions ranked below represent the 10 best colleges for on-campus or online degrees for sports management from U.S. colleges and universities. We created these rankings using a unique methodology that blends a wide range of data provided by the National Center for Education Statistics. Read on to learn more about these featured colleges, or click on the button below for more insight into how this list was created.

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