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What Colleges Have Social Work Majors

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The University Of Texas At Austin

Nursing to Social Work Major | Black Social Work Student |

Bachelor of Social Work

Tuition: $14,356

Score: 74.03

The Steve Hicks School of Social Work at the University of Texas at Austin offers a bachelor’s degree that prepares students for professional human service positions. Before being admitted to the major, students are classified as “pre-social work majors,” as they complete the general education requirements in areas such as mathematics, social and behavioral sciences, natural sciences, humanities, and language arts. After two years of this standing, students apply to the upper-division professional sequence this is when major courses are undertaken.

Class sizes range from 25 to 35 students, field seminar sizes range from 15 to 20 students, and in total, the program has around 300 undergraduates enrolled per year. Study abroad opportunities are available, as is an honors program. Uniquely, UT-Austin’s program in social work offers a certificate in Public Safety. Faculty emphasize the importance of social work curriculum within the context of the justice system.

University Of Oklahoma At Norman

University of Oklahomas Anne and Henry Zarrow School of Social Work offers a bachelor of social work degree along with a master of social work. The program educates students on the importance of providing assistance to underserved individuals and larger populations. Students are taught to become generalist social workers upon graduation and are encouraged to find a specialty to focus on as their career advances. The school offers a dual degree program for those who want to earn a master of social work along with a related masters degree.

The University of Oklahoma at Norman is part of the public university system in Oklahoma and is home to a student body numbering 20,000. The Norman campus is home to many liberal art majors including arts and sciences, communications, law, engineering, liberal studies and architecture to name a few. The largest school, the College of Arts & Sciences, enrolls over 35% of the total students on campus at any given time.

Degree: Social Work, BA

Concordia University New York

Bronxville, New York


Concordia’s New York location is just one of several campuses this top Christian college for social work offers. The baccalaureate program at Concordia includes a wide array of classes that will have particular appeal to aspiring religious counselors, such as Services to Families and Children, Working with Special Populations, and Social Welfare as a Social Institution. Students also get practice in skills such as writing case notes and can apply to field experiences as well. In addition, study abroad programs help young students develop a more global perspective and learn to appreciate other cultures and artistic styles around the world.CSWE Accreditation: Baccalaureate Masters Tuition: $28,718/yr

Students who seek a degree a Christian college social work program that focuses on others’ well being and emphasizes the common good will have a great experience at TCC. Small class sizes and rigorous courses that have CSWE accreditation combine to create an experience that is both comfortable and academically challenging. Trinity Christian College is committed to its students’ long-term success, and annual outcomes reveal that the vast majority of graduates identify as professional social workers and feel that they can successfully apply ethical principles and critical thinking skills in their work.CSWE Accreditation: Baccalaureate

Anderson, Indiana


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What Kind Of Job Can I Get Out Of School

While some individuals are lucky enough to land an entry level social work position, its sometimes difficult to land social worker positions as entry level social work positions. Fortunately, there are a variety of entry level social worker positions that arent actually working as a social worker. One example of entry level social work positions are group home positions.

Other social worker entry level jobs include substance abuse counselors and mental health workers. Social worker entry level jobs may also include family intervention specialist positions.

Social worker entry level jobs could be in a variety of fields, such as substance abuse, child services, or mental health.

Social work jobs for new graduates could also include jobs in education. For instance, one of the social work jobs for new graduates in education is an academic advisor.

Entry level social services jobs are highly in need. Therefore, people may have no trouble finding entry level social services jobs.

Additionally, once a person gains experience from entry level jobs for social workers, more opportunities become available. For instance, its much easier to land a position as a social worker after having experience from entry level jobs for social workers.

Ohio State University Main Campus


Bachelor of Science in Social Work

Tuition: $18,042

Score: 95.88

Impressively, the College of Social Work at Ohio State University is the oldest program that has been continuously accredited by the Council on Social Work Education. As such, it offers bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees. Undergraduate students can also complete a joint BSSW / MSW program in five years. OSU also makes available certain study abroad options that have included Guatemala, India, and Australia.

In terms of departmental funding and scholarships, the College of Social Work awards as many scholarships as possible to its students. Each scholarship averages between $2,500 $3,000. Field placements are required for this program, but students can complete them out-of-state if they desire. 420 hours of internship are necessary to fulfill the standards set forth by OSU’s social work program.

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San Diego State University

Bachelor of Arts in Social Work

Tuition: $13,363

Score: 90.14

San Diego State University offers a BA in Social Work that requires 65 hours of major-specific coursework, on top of a liberal arts basis that includes courses in psychology, biology, economics, and statistics. While other programs make international opportunities available to students, SDSU makes international experience a requirement for their degree. This can take place through a study abroad, student exchange, student travel, or specific global-oriented courses.

Another distinguishing feature of SDSU’s program is its offering of specializations. Students can choose from Community Corrections Case Management or Environmental Social Work. The former studies forensic social work and criminal justice, while the latter focuses on providing equal access to quality living conditions. Students committed to careers in Social Work can apply for a Title IV-E Child Welfare Stipend program which can help fund their collegiate journeys.

With Your Affordable Degree In Hand You’ll Be Qualified To Care For The Ba

The law of supply and demand. In fact, most colleges will not require you to choose your major until the end of your sophomore year. Second, social work majors must often complete a series of general studies courses. The college of social work admits students to the major for fall semesters only, because major courses are offered one time per year and junior if you are transferring into the social work major from another university or college, you must complete the application process to the ohio state. The choice to go into social work is a big one. Your college major is the specific area of study that you’ll focus on throughout most of your college career. While the education gained in the classroom is without a doubt beneficial, you’ve chosen a degree that relies. Learn all about social work degree programs and the careers they can lead to. Therefore, each student should choose a major that aligns with their. Clinical roles require a master’s degree. As the name of the field suggests, social work entails a lot of social interaction, usually with a particular population, such the innate assessment sets you up for success by pairing you with majors, colleges and careers that fit your unique skills and abilities. Social worker, mental health counselor, camp counselor. For sure, some who major in sociology or social relations and then go into social work, or who major in environmental.

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What Can You Do With A Degree In Social Work

Social workers enjoy stable jobs and satisfying professional activities as they help people understand their rights, provide diagnoses for people experiencing mental, behavioral, and social instability, and manage cases to assist people in accessing charitable and healthcare benefits.

Social workers often exist in nonprofit organizations, private for-profit companies, and government agencies to provide care and support for people stuck in cycles of exploitation, like substance or physical abuse, as well as work with couples and families to provide therapy services.

How We Rank Schools

The Motivation of a Social Work Major

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UND offers a bachelor’s in social work that students can complete online or on campus. This program helps prepare students for state exams to get bachelor’s-level licenses.

Admission requirements for first-year students include a minimum 2.75 GPA. The program’s curriculum includes 120 credits of coursework. Notable courses include social work research, social policy, and human behavior and the social environment. All students complete field experience before graduating.

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University Of Washington Seattle Campus

Bachelor of Arts in Social Welfare

Tuition: $9,443

Score: 94.40

At the Seattle Campus of the University of Washington, the School of Social Work offers a bachelor of arts degree that prepares students for work in multicultural contexts. In most cases, students at the University of Washington apply to the School of Social Work during the Spring of their sophomore year, and they find out later that semester if they have been admitted. Specific coursework for the Social Welfare major begins in the Fall of junior year.

The School of Social Work also maintains a partnership with Cambodia’s Royal University in Phnom Penh, giving students in the department a unique opportunity for cross-cultural learning. In addition, there is the Carol LaMare Scholars Program which “supports education and research efforts in oncology social work, and palliative care for people with cancer and other life-threatening conditions.” This program has progressed to become a national model for programs that address medical oncology social work.

University Of North Carolina Wilmington

Bachelor of Social Work

Tuition: $16,831

Score: 82.54

The University of North Carolina Wilmington offers their Bachelor of Social Work through its College of Health & Human Services. This program teaches its undergraduates to properly engage in community service and scholarly inquiry. Though it is based in Wilmington, the program is also offered at the university’s Onslow extension site in Jacksonville. The department gives itself an assessment every semester to ensure the quality of faculty, curricula, and department goals.

In preparing students for a generalist practice, the social work program takes a strengths-based approach to education. During the field practicum, students also attend a strengths-based seminar where they discuss, among other things, how their strengths and weaknesses affect their ability to be effective in their internship contexts.

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Ssrv 2000 Introduction To Social Welfare In Canada:

This course will introduce students to the role that social work and allied professions play in the ameliorating of the social welfare conditions that affect people andcommunities. Through course assignments, students will be able to relate the contexts of their own experience to the social contexts of disadvantaged people.

Directory Of Texas Social Work School Programs


Note: Student Reviews are based on the experiences of a few individuals and it is unlikely that you will have similar results. Please review the âData, Student Reviews and Other Informationâ section in our Terms of Use and Disclaimers.

Schools with an asterisk have programs accredited by the Council on Social Work Education .

Abilene Christian University*

Central Texas College 6200 West Central Texas Expy Killeen, TX 76549-4199

Student Review: âTexas A& M has a great social work program. I have enjoyed it thoroughly. The professors are always willing to help you. The only reason I rated the program a 4 out of 5 is because class sizes are pretty large. If you are shy or backwards, the large classes may be a problem because everyone has to ask for help sometimes. Overall though, great campus and great program! Love going through a program that is designed for you to succeed. The professors always stay late which is also very helpful. They are there to answer any questions and they actually want to help you succeed.â â Student at Texas A& M University

Texas A& M University-Commerce*

Tyler Junior College

University of Texas at El Paso* 500 W University Ave

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Social Work Associations And Organizations

After earning a degree in the field, many social work professionals are required to be licensed. As such, they must complete continuing education requirements in order to maintain their license. Social workers have a variety of places they can turn to for professional support and development. Some associations and organizations include:

  • National Association of Social Workers The NASW is a professional association for social workers that advocates on their behalf and offers continuing education support. They also offer voluntary credentials for social work professionals.
  • Clinical Social Work Association The CSWA is a professional organization that campaigns for support and advocacy for clinical social workers. Memberships are available for individual practitioners.
  • Society for Social Work and Research The SSWR is dedicated to the advancement and dissemination of social work research. They work closely with other social work organizations, hold an annual conference, and publish their own professional journal.

Ology: How We Ranked The Most Affordable Social Work Degree Programs

For students who are looking for an affordable bachelors in social work, cost isnt everything. For the ranking of the most affordable social work degrees, Bachelors Degree Center editors began with accredited, legitimate programs, then ranked them according to the key factor: tuition cost, according to IPEDS data.

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General Social Work And Social Services Program Requirements

Social work and social service programs require an Ontario Secondary School Diploma or equivalent, with a grade 12 English credit. Courses in family, society and human development are also encouraged.

Many colleges require a Police Records Check for admission to the program, and may also require specific immunizations and documents before allowing students to participate in a field placement.

What Can I Expect From An Online Bachelor’s In Social Work Program

Why I chose to major in Social Work

Students usually earn an online bachelor’s degree in social work because they want to make a difference in people’s lives. Social workers educate and support community members. Empathy, open communication, active listening, organization, and commitment to advocacy are all important qualities for these professionals.

Students in social work programs learn to identify people and communities who need help. Coursework typically covers assessment, advocacy, and best practices for clinical intervention. A bachelor’s degree in social work prepares graduates to work with individuals, groups, and community organizations.

Common concentrations include the following:

  • Social justice and diversity
  • Policy and practice
  • Case Management

Taking classes online requires computer literacy and self-motivation. Asynchronous online programs often feature weekly modules with discussion boards, video chats, presentations, and assignments to upload. Students can easily communicate with their instructors and classmates through email, discussion boards, and shared files.

A bachelor’s degree in social work typically requires 120 credits. In addition to coursework, most programs feature fieldwork, which online students can often complete in their local communities or at their current workplace.

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University Of South Florida Main Campus

Bachelor of Social Work

Tuition: $11,766

Score: 82.01

A preeminent research university, the University of South Florida Main Campus offers a limited access social work program. Considering that it’s a research university, it makes sense that undergraduates studying social work have access to unique research opportunities. Faculty research projects are commonly grant funded. Not only is the curriculum accredited by the Council on Social Work Education, but it is also developed in light of recommendations made by the National Association of Social Workers.

The program seeks to develop student understanding of human behavior, and how that fits into different contexts answering questions about social, economic, and political factors that can contribute to social work. The field program requires 460 hours which is about 32 hours for 15 weeks. In order to stay in this competitive program, students must maintain above a 2.75 GPA in major courses, and cannot earn a C- or lower in any course.

What Should I Look For In A Traditional School Of Social Work

For students looking for the best social work schools, there are several factors to consider, Including the following:

  • The best schools of social work prepare students for entry-level positions or graduate studies in social work.
  • Students should only consider accredited social work schools since employers and graduate schools may not recognize degrees from unaccredited universities.
  • Also, the best schools of social work have internship and mentorship programs that help students with career development both before and after graduation.

Students looking for traditional, on campus programs want to feel part of a community that includes faculty members willing to mentor them. Networking opportunities at the best social work schools include things like job faird, career development programs and internships at reputable public and private organizations.

Choose a program that addresses major theories and practices as well as the history of social work. Programs should cover case management, professional identity and psychology and offer specializations to help students develop their career goals. Students also need a program that builds their soft skills such as critical thinking, collaboration, and patience.

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Is The Social Worker Licensure Exam Hard

A person may wonder about the licensure exam for social workers. Fortunately, if a person studies hard during school, the licensure exam for social workers isnt hard. However, the test is rather entailed. The social worker licensure exam is rather lengthy. A person will need to study hard prior to taking the social worker licensure exam.

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