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What Is The Best College For Criminal Justice

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University Of Southern Mississippi

Why Study Criminal Justice at Juniata College?

Hattiesburg, MS

The School of Criminal Justice offers students undergraduate and graduate programs in criminal justice and forensics. The School focuses on professional preparedness, via comprehensive programs with internship opportunities, specialization options, a research center, and several student organizations.

Criminal Justice Degree options:

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Criminal Justice
  • Master of Arts in Criminal Justice
  • Master of Science in Forensic Science
  • Master of Science in Criminal Justice
  • Bachelor of Science in Forensics
  • Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice

School of Criminal Justice Highlights:

  • The faculty includes prominent scholars in their respective areas
  • Home to student organizations, including the Criminal Justice Student Association and the Forensic Science Society
  • Home to the Mississippi Statistical Analysis Center

Accreditation: The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges provides the University of Southern Mississippi with accreditation.

San Diego State University

San Diego State University offers a BS in Criminal Justice that can be completed online or on-campus. San Diego State Universitys best undergraduate criminal justice programs prepare students for careers in law enforcement, loss prevention, city administration, probation, or the county sheriffs office. Classes for SDSUs best undergraduate criminology programs complete classes in law & society, systems of justice, criminal justice policy & planning, criminal behavior, and juvenile justice, to name a few. The criminal justice degree offers tracks in crime & behavior, criminal justice systems, or law in society.

San Diego State University is a public higher learning institution that was established in 1897 as a normal school. SDSU is the 3rd oldest school in the California State University system and the southernmost campus. Highlight -More than 35,550 students attend classes online on the schools 275+ acre urban campus in San Diego.

Program: BS in Criminal Justice

Get A Criminal Justice Degree

Education requirements vary across the criminal justice field. Applicants may pursue some entry-level opportunities with just a high school diploma, provided they successfully complete training. Other areas of criminal justice maintain more extensive requirements for entry-level applicants, such as a certificate, associate, or bachelors.

Education often impacts a criminal justice professionals salary and promotions. Years of experience also play a significant role, but individuals with college degrees typically earn higher incomes and enjoy increased opportunities for advancement.

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Northeastern University School Of Criminology And Criminal Justice

by Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism

Northeastern University fosters a community of future law enforcement professionals with a faculty of nationally acclaimed professors.

Amy Farrell, Professor at Northeastern Universitys School of Criminology and Criminal Justice, was recently bequeathed one of the highest honors in academia today. Lauded for her teaching, Farrell was recently named the Mentor of the Year Award by the Society of Criminology. Much of her work has been in researching and developing theses on human trafficking she has been appointed to the Massachusetts Attorneys General Human Trafficking Policy Task Force.

Students of Northeastern University regularly graduate into the highest ranks of the criminology and law enforcement fields. Some recent students are now working at the Massachusetts Parole Board, the San Diego Association of Governments , and more positions in government.

Founded in 1967, Northeasterns School of Criminology and Criminal Justice is among the most prestigious in the entire world for those wishing to pursue this complex, intricate field.

Its Not Like Television

Top 10 Criminal Justice Colleges in the U.S.

For some people, theyve decided that they want to pursue a career in Criminal Justice based on television shows theyve seen. Sometimes these shows glorify the criminal justice world in such a way where it may seem fun and even glamorous to work in, but the reality is the amount and type of crimes that are being committed around the world, and in your community are alarming, to say the least. This can oftentimes place some type of psychological stress on some professionals. This is why we say that this field of workdepending on which branch you choose to work in, isnt always for the faint of heart.

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University Of Nebraska Omaha

Omaha, Nebraska

The School of Criminology and Criminal Justice, a leader in criminological research and education, offers an array of undergraduate and graduate degree and non-degree options on-campus and online. The Schools blends academic, theoretical knowledge with experiential learning.

The notable faculty conduct research in areas such as criminological theory and juvenile delinquency policy and applied research women, crime, and criminal justice criminal justice issues methods and statistics and international criminology and criminal justice.

Criminal Justice Degree selections:

Accreditation: The Higher Learning Commission provides the University of Nebraska, Omaha with accreditation.

Bachelors Degree In Criminal Justice

A bachelors degree in criminal justice is a 4-year undergraduate program that provides students with a solid grounding in both the theory and practice of criminal justice. Some federal, state and corporate employers will require you to hold a bachelors degree before theyll consider you for the job.

A high school diploma or GED is required before you can apply to a bachelors program. Certificates and/or military experience can often count as credits.

Degree Options

  • Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice: Incorporates humanities courses . Graduates with a BA might consider graduate work in law or a career in social services.
  • Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice: Incorporates science and technical courses . This is a good choice for students thinking about a science-based career .


Most bachelors programs require you to take general humanities and science courses on top of a criminal justice core. General courses are intended to provide you with a wide-ranging perspective on the world the core is focused on training you in all elements of criminal justice. Some curricula will include psychology or sociology.

Core coursework usually covers a swath of criminal justice topics, including the law, policing, courts, criminology, ethics, corrections and criminal evidence. Once you reach your 3rd and 4th years, universities will give you the option to specialize in a particular area of study . You may also be required to complete an internship.

Career Opportunities

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Best Colleges For Criminal Justice In North Carolina

The Best Colleges for Criminal Justice ranking is based on key statistics and student reviews using data from the U.S. Department of Education. Compare the top schools for criminology and criminal justice majors in the U.S. This year’s rankings have reduced the weight of ACT/SAT scores to reflect a general de-emphasis on test scores in the college admissions process. Read more on how this ranking was calculated.

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  • Rating 3.81 out of 5 3,229 reviews
  • Alum: NCSU is great university if you like a campus that is large and diverse! Your learning experience is enhanced as most of the professors hold doctorates. You are challenged as some of the classes are large, and your syllabus becomes your life line! The professors are really good at keeping their office hours and will help as long as they can see you are trying your best. If they have a teacher’s assistant they can help you find tutoring services which are awesome. The opportunities are endless when it comes to networking! Overall, NCSU is a great university to build a strong education foundation!…Read 3,229Reviews

    • grade A+

    #40 Best Colleges for Criminal Justice in America.

    Top 15 Best Colleges For Criminal Justice And Corrections Majors

    Criminal Justice at High Point University | Best North Carolina Colleges

    Middle 50% SAT/ACT: 1150-1340 SAT, 25-31 ACT

    Texas Christian Universitys Criminal Justice major requires some foundational courses, as well as advanced courses in each subcomponent of the criminal justice system: policing, law, court practices, and corrections. Students are also required to get hands-on experience through a criminal justice internship.

    Middle 50% SAT/ACT: 1280-1440 SAT, 27-32 ACT

    Students at the University of Florida have the opportunity to pursue original research via a senior thesis or through a specific Undergraduate Research in Criminology course. Before graduating, students are required to pass an exit exam that covers crime, criminal justice, law and society, and criminological theory.

    Middle 50% SAT/ACT: 1060-1230 SAT, 20-25 ACT

    Criminal justice is the second largest major The Citadel. Students can join the Citadel Criminal Justice Society to hear from guest speakers or take field trips related to criminal justice. They also have the opportunity to participate in academic conferences, fundraising events, and community service projects.

    Middle 50% SAT/ACT: 880-1040 SAT, 18-23 ACT

    University of the Ozarks offers a criminal justice minor, which gives students the chance to take courses in sociology, psychology, and political science. This minor will allow students to become familiar with concepts and research methods throughout criminology in order to prepare them for a career in the justice system.

    Location: New Brunswick, New Jersey

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    Should I Choose A Ba Or Bs In Criminal Justice

    If you are just starting to take your classes, you have a choice between a BA or a BS in Criminal Justice. With a BA in criminal justice, you will focus on the humanities and the artistic aspects of the degree. This can mean that you will learn how to deal with people more effectively. In the legal field, this may mean working as a mediator or negotiator. It can also mean working on the human aspect of an investigation, such as the interview process. The human side of police work and in the legal field is sometimes overlooked in certain situations.

    A BS in Criminal Justice will focus more on the math and science associated with this type of degree. Performing research, investigating crime scenes, and preserving evidence so that it is secured and intact. Much of the work done by police officers, forensic technicians, and investigative researchers has a scientific element that requires both diligence and the highest attention to detail possible. Choosing between a BA and BS in Criminal Justice will depend on what aspect of the career you want to work with. If you choose working with people, a BA will be the answer. If you prefer science, then go for a BS in Criminal Justice.

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    Controversial Topics In Criminal Justice

    Maybe you want to write a paper on a controversial topic. In that case, consider any of these criminal justice controversial topics.

  • Major causes of college violence
  • Biased investigations of African Americans
  • Punishment versus reform- Which one is more beneficial?
  • How good is a restorative justice model as a tool for criminal justice
  • Should an insane person be exempted from liability?
  • Is school-based drug testing ideal for colleges and high schools
  • Is the current judicial system racial?
  • What is the correlation between crime and race?
  • How is juvenile delinquency related to bad parenting?
  • Can prisons be decongested by restrictive housing?
  • How can people protect themselves from false accusations?
  • Should the names of sex offenders be included in public records?
  • What causes controversy about prostitution legalization?
  • How is crime linked to the social class of a person?
  • Selective incapacitation- Is it effective as a crime reduction policy?
  • How can eyewitness testimony facilitate crime investigation?
  • How effective is community policing as a program for reducing homegrown crimes?
  • How effective are youthful offenders boot camps?
  • Should pornography be categorized as a form of sexual violence?
  • How can the state enhance gun control?
  • This category has some of the best argumentative topics. Thats because somebody can argue from different angles when discussing some of these topics. Nevertheless, extensive research is required to compose solid papers on these topics.

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    What Can I Do With A Degree In Criminal Justice

    A criminal justice degree prepares you to pursue a wide range of entry-level positions in fields like law enforcement, investigation, public safety, corrections, and social services. Each of these fields involves extensive work with the general public. Criminal justice professionals work to ensure the protection of citizens, property security, and justice enactment.

    University At Albany State University Of New York

    Top Criminal Justice Colleges in New York

    Youll gain major confidence in socio-political debates with your family at Thanksgiving at SUNY Albany. Its School of Criminal Justice focuses on the interactions between the agencies that make up our criminal justice system and the relationship between these systems in relation to society. Thanks to UAlbanys exhaustive, interdisciplinary curriculum, these big-brained graduates find success in academic and inpractice positions as well as research and teaching. Students can also dig deeper into criminal justice at the Hindelang Criminal Justice Research Center, founded in 1972 by a SUNY Albany professor. Back in the classroom, students learn from distinguished professors like Dr. William Alex Pridemore, who received the 2008 Junior Scholar Award from the American Sociological Associations Section on Alcohol, Drugs and Tobacco and the Radzinowicz Memorial Prize in 2012 for his research on poverty, inequality and national homicide rates. Lets give a standing ovation to alumna Catherine Cerulli, who leads in the field of domestic violence prevention and directs the research lab at University of Rochester Susan B. Anthony Center for Womens Leadership. With outstanding faculty and alumni, youll get all the guidance you need with a degree in criminal justice from SUNY Albany.

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    Best Criminal Justice & Corrections Schools

    College Factual looked at 1,142 colleges and universities when compiling its 2022 Best Criminal Justice & Corrections Schools ranking. Combined, these schools handed out 88,885 degrees in criminal justice and corrections to qualified students.

    Jump to one of the following sections:

    Accreditation For Online Criminal Justice Degrees

    You should earn your online bachelor’s in criminal justice from an accredited institution. Accredited colleges and universities follow the best practices in education, and accredited degrees hold more value on the job market. Independent accrediting agencies evaluate colleges and universities according to their academic quality, student learning outcomes, faculty qualifications, and degree requirements. Accredited institutions must undergo regular reviews to keep their status. The Department of Education and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation recognize valid accrediting agencies.

    Accreditation benefits students in several ways. Accredited institutions can disburse federal financial aid to students. Credits earned at an accredited institution transfer more easily to other schools. In addition, some professional licenses and certifications require an accredited degree. Accreditation comes in several forms: regional, national, and programmatic.

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    University Of Arkansas Little Rock

    Little Rock, Arkansas

    The Department of Criminal Justice provides an array of undergraduate and graduate on-campus and online degree programs. The Department provides students a blend of experiential and theoretical knowledge.

    Criminal Justice Programs:

    • Doctor of Philosophy in Criminal Justice
    • Master of Arts in Criminal Justice
    • Master of Science in Criminal Justice
    • Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice
    • Associate of Science in Law Enforcement

    Department of Criminal Justice Highlights:

    • Home to the Justice Research and Policy Center
    • Internship opportunities provide students real-world experience and connections
    • Offers the only PhD in Criminal Justice in the state of Arkansas
    • The Criminal Justice Society, an on-campus student organization, provides opportunities for students to network and have experiences with professionals in the field
    • Students have numerous scholarship opportunities

    Accreditation: The Higher Learning Commission provides the University of Little Rock, Arkansas with accreditation.

    Jobs In The Criminal Justice Field

    best criminal justice program | top online colleges for criminal justice

    When it comes to career preparation, the study of criminal justice is more versatile than it seems at first. Law enforcement is one of the more direct career paths from a criminal justice degree, even these roles vary.

    Criminal justice graduates may find employment with their local police force, or they may join a federal agency such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation . Many students in a criminal justice degree program go on to work in corrections as probation officers or corrections officers. Still others use their knowledge of criminal behavior and justice system procedures to set out on their own to become private investigators. Some graduates from criminal justice degree programs put their knowledge of the courts and the legal system to work in the position of paralegal, assisting attorneys with cases.

    If youre considering a career in law enforcement, corrections or a related path, criminal justice could be the major for you. For the right student, the study of criminal justice is a fascinating subject that combines scientific perspectives with a focus on human and social behavior.

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    How Long Does It Take To Get A Degree In Criminal Justice

    Earning an online criminal justice degree typically requires four years of full-time study. Like other bachelor’s degree candidates, criminal justice majors usually complete 120 credit hours, including general education classes, major field requirements, and electives. Most bachelor’s degrees include 50-60 general education credits in English, history, communications, math, and science. Major coursework includes introductory courses and advanced concentration classes.

    Incoming criminal justice majors with an associate degree or prior college credit can often earn their bachelor’s degree in as little as one year. Many online programs accept up to 90 transfer credits toward the degree. Some students prefer to study part time and balance school with work or family obligations. Others select accelerated programs to earn their degree in the shortest possible time. Transfer students can request a credit audit from their prospective school to determine how many credits they need for their bachelor’s degree.

    Top Criminal Justice Programs

    Students who study towards a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice at Saint Leo University have the option to take their education in whatever direction they’d like. After earning their degree, students will be prepared to enter a professional role. However, they will also gain ample knowledge to continue their studies and pursue a graduate degree in criminal justice. Saint Leo also offers the degree program entirely only, perfect for those with families or careers they are currently focused on. The curriculum teaches both technical and abstract lessons in criminal justice, giving students an all-around education.

    The CUNY John Jay College of Criminal Justice master’s program in criminal justice is meant to allow students to study what they want, when they want. One part of this is that all classes are offered entirely online, allowing students to continue their career while studying to advance it. Also, the program can be completed in a relatively short amount of time. If they want, students can still opt to study on-campus at John Jay College of Criminal Justice as well. This master’s program can go on to help students further their career or prepare them to continue their studies.

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