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What Colleges Major In Nursing

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Dallas College Announces Four-Year Bachelor’s Degree Program In Nursing
  • Take care of people
  • Promote health and well-being and prevent illness
  • Teach others how to maintain or restore their health
  • Accompany people and their families in the most critical moments of their lives: birth, major illness, death
  • Problem solve and make decisions about healthcare Have the flexibility to work days or nights, weekdays or weekends
  • Gain skills that are needed in every community
  • Enjoy a career that offers many opportunities to try new things and keep learning

Then the Nursing Program could be for you.

Your meaningful career in nursing starts with a clinical placement during the first semester of the Nursing Program at Dawson College. Throughout the program, you will experience hands-on learning in Dawsons labs and high-tech simulation rooms and during weekly clinical placements. Students practise their skills on Dawsons high-fidelity mannequins that breathe and react to interventions. Clinicals and labs are taken as part of a small group . By graduation, students have trained in many different aspects of healthcare in acute-care hospitals, long-term CHSLDs, active rehabilitation centres and day care settings. The program culminates with an internship in the final semester, which often leads to a first job in nursing.

I chose to be a nurse because it is satisfying to contribute to the restoration of someones health. Wedcher R.

  • To intervene with patients of all ages

Master Of Science In Nursing

A Master of Science in Nursing is a graduate program of study designed for nurses who want to practice in a specialized role known as an advanced practice registered nurse .The curriculum is an MSN program thats far more tailored than a general nursing degree. Youll dive deep into a concentrated area of study while taking advanced courses in topics such as leadership, management, healthcare policy, and research.

University Of Texas At Austin

University of Texas at Austins Bachelor of Science in Nursing program empowers students to thrive in both theory and practice. They work in numerous clinical settings for a wide range of experience to help them gain employment upon graduation. The program focuses on clinical judgment, planning, implementing, and evaluating nursing care. Students also study nursing leadership in a variety of clinical settings. Students are able to take the exam for RN license upon graduation.

From Austin, TX, the University of Texas is the Lone Star States flagship and one of the most influential public institutions in the nation. As one of the leading nursing schools in the nation, UT Austin School of Nursing is known for their academics and service. In the past, they have been ranked 17th in the nation by U.S. News & World Report, as well as 15th in research funding by the NIH. The Longhorns are known to be a diverse group focused on servicing the community. The UT Austin School of Nursing hopes to build a solid group of graduates that not only thrive in employment, but also continue nursing research.

  • Degree:BSN


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Choosing A Great Nursing School

Your choice of nursing school matters, so we have put together these rankings to help you make your decision. We derive our Best Overall Nursing School rankings by rolling up our degree-level rankings after weighting them by the number of degrees awarded at each school.

You may want to choose one of the degree levels below to find the schools of most interest to you.

University Of Illinois At Chicago

Several Houston area universities among top nursing ...

The University of Illinois at Chicagos Bachelor of Science in Nursing offers two separate paths: the Traditional BSN path and the RN to BSN path. UICs Traditional BSN program is completed with face-to-face and real-world experience. Traditional BSN candidates must possess 57 credit hours to be accepted. The RN to BSN path is designed for licensed registered nurses ready further their education to include a baccalaureate degree. The RN to BSN path is delivered through their flexible distance-learning platform.

The University of Illinois at Chicago is a public university established in 1859. The main campus runs adjacent to the famous Chicago Loop. The University of Illinois at Chicago School of Nursing baccalaureate degree programs are spread among three of the UICs six campuses: Chicago, Springfield and Urbana. UICs School of Nursing seeks to be the premier educational leader in advancing the field of nursing.

  • Degree:BSN, RN to BSN
  • Annual Tuition:$$$$$


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University Of Wisconsin Madison

University of Wisconsins traditional Bachelor of Science in Nursing , Accelerated BSN, and Online RN to BSN, are some of the strongest nursing programs in the Midwest. The traditional BSN allows students to learn skills in combination with clinical experience and interactive simulations to transition into employment. Students are able to take the exam for RN license upon graduation. The Accelerated BSN allows students who have a Bachelors Degree to earn a BSN in about one year. The Online RN to BSN program allows students who are currently RNs to get a BSN by completing a program that is mostly online. This works well for students who arent able to move to UW Madison campus.

The University of Wisconsin located in Madison, one of the most beloved college towns in America is central to professional life and work in Wisconsin. The School of Nursing has been part of the community since 1924. University of Wisconsin is a leading research institution and part of the states health care system. The school grounds their research in practical application, which immediately has a positive influence on the communitys hospitals and schools.

  • Degree:BSN, Accelerated BSN, Online RN to BSN
  • Annual Tuition:$$$$$


Registered Nursing Applicants With Outside Transcripts

All official transcripts must be submitted to the Admissions & Records Office for evaluation of prior credit.

To obtain an Evaluation Of Prior College Credits you must submit the following to AD/SS-100:

  • Submit All Official College Transcripts
  • If you are using AP credit with a score 3 or higher official college board results
  • Request a Evaluation of Prior College Credits Earned from admissions and records

Evaluations of Prior Credit and application timeline

Request Evaluation
Fall 2022

If evaluations are not complete in time for nursing application, nursing application will not be accepted. Please verify on evaluation if any courses has on them and see note. You do not need 12 units of residency, but instead be done durig the evaluation time frame. This is only for transcripts outside of SBVC.

Students must submit all official transcripts including Crafton Hills and request for an evaluation during the following dates in order to apply for the nursing program. Transcripts will not be collected in the nursing application. Instead, evaluations of prior credit are required within admissions application.

Please be advised: in order to re-evaluate your transcript from other colleges and universities only if you have any new class added on to the transcript. Otherwise, you can use the existing evaluation to apply for the nursing program.

For more information on Transcript Evaluation, .

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Csis 2022 Spring Virtual Infosessions: Nursing Aas Bs And Advanced Degree Programs: 2/23/22 And 3/17/22 At : 00pm

Join us virtually to discuss the College of Staten Islands prestigious Associate’s, Bachelor’s and advanced degree programs in Nursing. CSI’s RN to BSN program has been ranked a top ten in New York State* with NCLEX pass rates at 98100% for the past four years. Students have the opportunity to remain at CSI to pursue a Master’s and ultimately a Doctor of Nursing Practice in Nursing.

Barbara Dicicco-Bloom, RN, PhD, Associate Professor, Interim ChairpersonRegina Gonzalez-Lama, RN, BSN, MSN, Faculty-Lecturer

Virtual Site Review For Continuing Accreditation

Day in the Life: UCF Nursing Major

The College of Nursing at St. Petersburg College will host a virtual site review for continuing accreditation of its Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing program.

You are invited to send written comments to the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education prior to our virtual visit on November 15 to 17, 2021.

Written comments are welcomed and should be submitted directly to CCNE to using the following link:

All written comments should arrive at CCNE by .

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Nurse 437 Nursing In Complex And Multiple Patient Care

  • Units:12
  • Hours:108 hours LEC 324 hours LAB
  • Prerequisite:NURSE 427 with a grade of “C” or better
  • Enrollment Limitation:Enrollment in the Associate Degree Nursing program
  • Transferable:CSU
  • Catalog Date:January 1, 2022

This final semester course presents theory and evidence-based practice related to multiple patient assignments for patients with complex, critical health problems in the acute medical surgical setting. The student will use the nursing process to provide for the patient’s basic human needs in a safe and effective care environment. The learning experiences in the classroom, simulation lab,and acute hospital setting, including clinical preceptorships, provide the student with opportunities to continue refining assessment skills, emphasizing priority setting, time management, clinical decision making, critical thinking, leadership, management, ethical/legal concepts, teamwork, and collaboration. There is continued integration of the curriculum framework and sub-concepts throughout the course, including basic human needs, life cycle development, communication, nutrition, pathophysiology, pharmacology, and cultural/spiritual diversity. There is emphasis on entry-level nursing practice, the professional nursing role, use of informatics, quality improvement, and current health care policy and finance.

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

Academic Policy And Progression Criteria

The academic standards in the Nursing program are very rigorous and require full-time commitment.

  • A grade of C or higher must be earned in General Education and Program Specific courses.
  • The ASN Program uses the following grading system: .
  • A grade of “C” or better must be earned in each Nursing/NUR course in order to progress in the program.
  • A grade less than “C” in a Nursing/NUR course will require a reattempt.
  • A Nursing/NUR course may be repeated or reattempted only once. If a grade of “C” or better is not achieved when the course is repeated or reattempted, dismissal from the program will result.
  • If a grade of “C” or better is not achieved or Withdrawal/W grade occurs in two or more Nursing/NUR courses, dismissal from the program will result.
  • Dismissal from the Nursing Program will occur if a student is deemed unsafe or unprofessional in clinical practice/patient care.
  • The Academic Review Committee will evaluate each student who is unsuccessful in a course or has an interruption in their program sequence. An alternate program plan will be developed by the committee in collaboration with the student.
  • Attendance and punctuality is mandatory for all classroom, laboratory, and clinical activities. The third and each subsequent classroom absence and/or partial absence will result in a 5-point deduction from the final course grade. Attendance is required for all laboratory and clinical activities.

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Nurse 417 Nursing And Health Maintenance Through The Lifecycle

  • Units:12
  • Hours:108 hours LEC 324 hours LAB
  • Prerequisite:NURSE 407 with a grade of “C” or better
  • Enrollment Limitation:Enrollment in Associate Degree Nursing program
  • Transferable:CSU
  • Catalog Date:January 1, 2022

This course continues integration of the conceptual framework of the curriculum . The second semester provides theory and clinical experiences for medical surgical, pediatric, and maternal-child patients in need of preventative, restorative, or rehabilitative nursing care, in acute, home, or community settings. Content focuses on application of patient-centered care and health promotion principles to prevent illness and achieve optimum wellness. There is emphasis on the utilization of the nursing process, critical thinking, evidence-based practice, safety, life cycle development, nutrition, communication, human sexuality, cultural/spiritual diversity, self-advocacy, legal/ethical aspects, quality improvement, teamwork and collaboration, pharmacology, and pathophysiology. Learning experiences provide students with opportunities to acquire new clinical skills, develop clinical judgment, use reflective practice, and apply previously learned concepts and principles in a variety of settings including the classroom, clinical, and simulation lab.

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

My Journey In Mcmaster University

UF to offer new accelerated bachelors degree in nursing ...

I got to know about this university, when I was in 11th grade, from one of my teachers in school. At that time, her daughter was pursuing her graduation from here. When I showed my interest in pursuing my higher education in Canada, she told me about the preparation and process of getting admission. In order to improve my language aspects, I joined coaching in Delhi. Apart from that, I started participating in several group discussion activities in my school and online social media platforms. In a matter of one year, I bolstered my language aspects to meet the eligibility criteria. When it comes to the admission process, It started with my online application. I applied through the OUAC 105 portal and it cost me worth $190. Along with my application, I had to submit all the required official transcripts, i.e. 2 letters of recommendation from my teachers, an essay on my profile, my official academic transcripts, and an updated resume, via mail. I got further updates regarding my application after five weeks. Thereafter, I received a mail mentioning my offer letter and got intimations of further events in the same. Soon I applied for my study VISA and the application cost me worth $110. The documents asked for during my VISA process were my acceptance letter, study plan, passport, and financial evidence. Apart from these, I had to provide my health insurance fee and my accommodation fee of one semester in advance before entering college.

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What You Can Do With This Degree

Earning an Associate Degree in Nursing will make you eligible to take the NCLEX-RN, a prerequisite for RN licensure in all U.S. states. With RNs in high demand, nurses can often then secure jobs that offer tuition reimbursement to continue their nursing education at a reduced personal expense.

After earning their license, the BLS says more than half of all RNs go on to work in hospitals, but you can use your credential in many types of environments. Consider pursuing a career in:

  • Ambulatory healthcare services


Salaries for nurses vary widely depending on their education, level of experience, setting in which they work, and any specialty they may have. That said, the BLS reports the median annual salary for RNs to be $75,330. Those working in high-level roles within the government, research facilities, or pharmaceutical companies could earn significantly more.

Scope After Studying At Nursing Colleges In Usa

Students can earn an average of 53,000 to 104,000 USD per annumafter completion of a program in nursing colleges in the USA. However, to practice as a nurse, you must have a registered RN license. Students who pursued a degree in nursing can apply for the NCLEX -RN exam. After scoring a passing pass, you will be provided the RN license and thus given the opportunity to practice in any hospital or clinic in the USA.

Although, anyone with a degree in nursing such as certificate, diploma, associate degree, bachelor’s or master’s degree can apply for an RN license in the USA. Yet, most of the organizations prefer to hire students having at least a bachelor’s degree in nursing.

Following are the available jobs in USA for nursing graduates:

  • Work in hospitals

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Changes To Our Nursing Application Process Starting August 2021

  • We are now requiring a Professional Resume, not a functional resume as we have in the past.
  • Pre-requisite classes may be completed the quarter in which you apply.
  • We will no longer require proof of Hep B vaccination.
  • No entrance exam is needed for application.

Washington is experiencing a shortage of registered nurses in all medical settings. Students who complete Pierce College’s Nursing program are trained and ready to begin their career immediately.

Fsw Nursing Mission Statement

Best Undergraduate Nursing Schools in USA

The Florida SouthWestern State College Nursing Program’s mission is to inspire life-long learning and prepare a diverse population to serve as caring nurse leaders in the healthcare community.

  • The fall 2022 application will open in March 2022 and the deadline to apply will be May 15, 2022.
  • Due to COVID-19, certain practicum or clinical experiences at partner sites may require face coverings or other mitigation measures.
  • Prospective applicants interested in learning more about our ASN program, application requirements, and admission process, may register for a virtual information session.

Florida SouthWestern State College offers an Associate Degree in Nursing and a Completion Certificate in a Nurse Refresher Continuing Education course leading to professional licensure. Nursing requires both a degree and the successful completion of additional criteria such as licensure exams, field placements, or clinical hours. If your future plans include achieving licensure or certification, you should know the requirements vary by state.

Graduates of the Associate in Science in Nursing Program are prepared to become licensed as an entry level Registered Nurse .

Current occupational employment and wage data for Registered Nurses are published by the United States Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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Best Value Colleges For Nursing Degrees

Prairie View, TX


These best nursing schools represent some of the most affordable programs available. From our initial list of selective schools, we sorted them by net price, defined on College Navigator as a value generated by subtracting the average amount of federal, state/local government, or institutional grant or scholarship aid from the total cost of attendance. Total cost of attendance is the sum of published tuition and required fees , books and supplies, and the weighted average for room and board and other expenses.

At the end, we had 50 schools with low costs but high selectivity . And yet, each of these colleges has something unique to offer, so its worth exploring your options and doing the research to make the best choice for you.

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