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Should I Buy An Ipad For College

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Does The Ipad Belong To Me

SHOULD YOU Buy an iPad? | Students Guide 2021

The iPad is considered university property until your graduation. Upon graduation from the University of Kentucky, ownership will transfer to you. If you leave the university for any reason prior to graduation, you are expected to return your iPad or purchase it at its depreciation value. You may not sell or otherwise change ownership of the iPad at any time.

Ipad Pro Vs Macbook Air: Ipados Vs Macos

This is the biggest difference between the iPad Pro and the MacBook Air. The iPad Pro runs iPadOS, which is a touch-first operating system that now supports cursor input across the OS. You can now easily select text using a Bluetooth mouse, external trackpad or Apple’s own Magic Keyboard with trackpad, as well as perform various gestures, such as flicking with three fingers up to see all of your open apps.

iPadOS continues to support multitasking features like Slide Over and Split View , and the customizable Today Screen gives you helpful widgets to stay on top of your day. Plus, only iPadOS supports Apple Pencil for drawing, note-taking and marking up documents.

macOS provides a more traditional desktop experience. The Dock is always visible, and you get more robust desktop applications. For example, the Chrome browser on macOS has a bookmarks bar, something the iPadOS version lacks. You also have a lot more choice in terms of software and what you can download on macOS, whether you choose to go through the Mac App Store or the web.

That said, macOS Big Sur added the ability to run iOS and iPadOS apps, provided your computer is running on an Apple Silicon processor.

Winner: Draw

What To Choose For College

If you are a student, you should not buy an iPad. MacBook is a good solution for study. Apparently, its much more convenient to read from it than from any laptop or computer. But through it all, MacBook has more advantages than the iPad. The first one is that the MacBook has a physical keyboard with backlit.

It comes in handy when you have to write college essays or add your feedback to expert writing reviews section on the writing service website.

Of course, you can connect the keyboard to your iPad via Bluetooth, but that way you can use up the battery faster, and theres always the risk that the connection will fail. The second advantage is that work programs are more convenient.

As you know, a tablet is not the best device for office software packages. The touch-sensitive keyboard on the screen reduces a view, and its inconvenient to scroll. MacBook works excellently with programs for documents.

Besides, it has an open-source system and the ability to run programs not only from the AppStore, which often doesnt have everything you need. Whats more, MacBook allows you to work with several programs at the same time.

If your tablet PC needs to wind down one program and connect another, using MacBook, you dont need to do it. Making a couple of clicks and you manage to work with another program.

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Should I Get An Ipad For Nursing School

One of the most prevalent tech questions I get from prenursing students is whether or not they should get an iPad for nursing school.

Heres the short answer to whether or not you should get an iPad for nursing school:

Getting an iPad can give nursing students a lot of functionality they wouldnt get with a traditional Windows laptop or MacBook. If you can only afford one get the laptop because for most students an iPad will not easily replace a traditional laptop.

*Disclosure: This article on iPad for nursing school may contain affiliate links. If you click and make a purchase, I may receive a commission. For more info, please see my disclaimer.

  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Why Choose An Ipad To Take Notes

    discounteddesignermenswear: Should I Buy An Ipad For College

    I might be biased here but from my experience, theres no reason not to choose an iPad except for the feel or price. While writing on glass might feel weird at the beginning, I personally got used to it. I dont think that the glass feel is inferior to paper. I just think that theyre different, and I actually like glass more. This is a personal preference however, so I would advise you to try it for yourself a couple of times.

    An important factor that could make someone choose an iPad would be the amount of data you can store in a thin device. I have all of the class books, notebooks, a calculator, google, editing softwareetc in a relatively small device. This would have seemed insane just ten years ago.

    Being able to go to college just holding an iPad and an Apple Pencil in the pocket is amazing. Its also easier to organize all of your classes, as well as your studying plan in one place. Do you want to study at the coffee shop today? no problem, youre just gonna carry this little magic device with you.

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    Ipad As A Compact Entertainment Gadget

    These days iPads, tablet computers designed for both work and entertainment, are the most popular among students. They weigh not so much, have a quality and large display, and are able to digest heavy mobile games platforms and programs. The characteristics depend on the certain model of the iPad.

    For example, iPad Pro weighs 713 grams and has a display of 12.9 inches. An iPad tablet is a good choice for people who prefer to surf the web a lot, look for information, watch movies and read books and Reddit pay for homework reviews. Its screen is perfect for any task. There are also a great number of games that arent available in MacBooks.

    But entering information using the touch screen is not as convenient as using a usual keyboard, and the document software doesnt work as well as on an Apple laptop. The benefit is that iPad considers as a great option for fans of travel.

    If you are going to travel for a long time and distance-a battery that can last at least 10 hours is great support on the way. So, feel free to spend time reading books, watching movies or playing games on the tablet.

    Thousands of games are available on the AppStore for those who like to play. MacBooks dont have such a variety of games because not all developers port their games to Mac OS.

    Reasons Not To Buy An Ipad For Your College Student

    If your child is trying to convince you that an iPad is essential for an effective, productive college experience, this list will help you stand your ground.

    Dear parents: With summer slowly coming to a close, back-to-school shopping is in full swing. Your college-bound child is probably in the midst of asking for more and more money to buy the “essentials” for class and dorm life. And it’s likely that your kid has also mentioned needing an iPad. Perhaps you’re wondering whether to consider an iPad instead of a laptop for kids heading off to school.

    These crafty kids think they found a perfect time to strike! They’ll come at you with all sorts of “reasons” why the iPad is a “valuable tool for learning.” Are you prepared to fight back? Are you armed with the knowledge you need to protect your dollars? You better be, because — as we’ll show you — the iPad just isn’t worth the money for a student.

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    Your Guide To Using An Ipad In College

    Published by Jenny on April 16, 2019April 16, 2019

    Technology is so incredibly useful in college, but it can also hinder your learning if you dont use it correctly. I have perfected the integration of technology into my college curriculum and have worked out the kinks to create this simple guide to help you use an iPad in college.

    Disclaimer: some of these links are affiliate links. If you order through them, I get some money on the side with no extra cost to you! For more information, look at my disclosure policy.

    Hard To Layout Everything

    Do I NEED An iPad for Nursing School?? | Should I Buy One??

    But of course everything has its pros and cons. One disadvantage compared to using physical paper is that you cannot lay out all your notes side by side. Because all of your notes are concentrated on one device, you can only view a maximum of two documents using the iPad’s split screen function.

    When I was working on a research paper where I had to compare and analyze multiple sources of information, I found having physical copies much easier to use. The same goes for when I was reviewing for exams, where it was much more convenient to have all my notes and textbook laid out in front of me. That way, I could easily reference my textbook, my class notes, and other lecture materials at the same time. Though an iPad is easier to carry around, I find studying with physical pieces of paper more effective.

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    Face Time And Isight Cameras Enhance Learning

    Other not so traditional ways the new iPad can help you study include using the built-in FaceTime and iSight cameras. With the FaceTime camera you can do more than take photos. You can chat with classmates or teachers with the help of the Face Time app or Skype. That means if leaving the house to study with friends isnt really in the cards for whatever reason, you could always meet up with your study-buddy, each from the comfort of your own homes. You can also show the project youre working on and ask questions, or take photos of your artwork to send to teachers for advice. The 5Mp iSight camera on the new iPad comes in handy for taking higher resolution photos and recording 1080p high-def video.

    Surface Vs Ipad: Battery Life

    Check out the Verges review of the iPad Air above.

    Apple states that you can surf the web on an iPad Air for between nine and ten hours on a single charge, depending on whether youre using Wi-Fi or cellular data. The Surface Pro 3 is fairly comparable, with Microsoft stating the Surface Pro 3 has up to nine hours of battery life. A recent update to the Surface Pro 3 improved battery consumption.

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    Macbook Is A Powerful Portable Computer For Business People

    MacBook suits people who have to work with papers and spend a lot of time on the Internet. This device has a keyboard backlight, large, high-quality touchpad with a vibrating response. It weighs 1.5 kg and has a 13-inch screen.

    If you need a fully functional gadget for college paper writing and having an easy typing MacBook is perfect for you. But it wont be able to cope with programs taking up a lot of computer memory because of simple characteristics and a lack of cooling.

    Digital Text Books Are A Marvel But There’s No Secondary Market

    Why You Should Buy An iPad Instead Of A MacBook For ...

    Your child will make the argument that an iPad can display digital textbooks and, since the device is lighter than a stack of dead-tree tomes, you’ll be preventing years of backache and possibly a future addiction to painkillers / chiropractors.

    After a cursory examination of eBook prices, you’ll notice that they’re generally cheaper than their printed counterparts. Don’t be fooled! There’s no secondary market for digital textbooks. That price you see for the digital version is the only price you’ll get. You can’t buy them used or at a discount, and you can’t sell them back once the semester is over.

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    What Size Screen Do You Need

    Tablet screen sizes range anywhere from 7 to 13 inches, and the user experience can be entirely different based on what size you get. Bigger screens are also more expensive, so consider how you might want to balance price point with screen real estate. Our best advice: if youre buying a tablet as a secondary device to your laptop, a 7- or 9.7-inch screen will work well, but if youre buying a tablet as your primary device, a 10.5- or 12.9-inch screen is a better choice.

    Best For Gaming: Macbook Pro 16

    Shifting the focus to gaming, what you absolutely dont want to experience when playing your favorite high-paced shooter is your screen lagging behind due to the CPU not coping. As most games today are more demanding than ever, you should always pick the top hardware you can find. In the case of Apple its the new 16-inch MacBook Pro.

    The 16-inch MacBook Pro can handle up to eight cores of CPU , 16 GB of RAM, 8 GB AMD Radeon Pro 5500M graphics card, and 60 GHz refresh-rate screen. Even though this large and powerful MacBook is not cheap, starting at $2,399, for the gamers at heart, its certainly worth the cost.

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    Welcome To The New School

    iPad is designed for the thinkers of tomorrow. Its like a computer, unlike any computer. It can be a notebook, a blank canvas or an art studio with Apple Pencil. Students can power through schoolwork using the Smart Keyboard. And with over 180,000 education apps on the App Store, students can turn a classroom into ancient Egypt or even a living aquarium. Welcome to the new school.

    Ipad Pro Vs Macbook Air: Performance

    Should You Get An iPad For College?

    The iPad Pro has arguably one of the most powerful processors in any tablets, and the MacBook Air similarly changed the game when it comes to being much faster than any Air that came before.

    The M1 Apple Silicon chip in the new MacBook Air and the A12Z Bionic chip in the iPad Pro both have 8-core CPUs. The Air is sold with either an 7-core or 8-core GPU, while the iPad Pro only has 8-core GPUs.

    On Geekbench 5, which measures overall performance, the iPad Pro used to be faster, when it was compared against the Intel MacBook Pro. The iPad netted a 1,126 on the single-core portion of the test and 4,720 on the multi-core portion. The MacBook Air did even better, hitting 1,303 and 5,925, respectively.

    Winner:MacBook Air

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    Buying Guide For Best Tablets For College Students

    A small size and portability is a big plus with a tablet, especially when choosing a tablet for a college student. Tablets excel at web surfing, e-books, app usage, and streaming. A keyboard or stylus peripheral adds functionality, and can be particularly good for note taking as well as art disciplines. Tablets offer a great replacement for textbooks, since downloading is instant and often cheaper. In some cases, a tablet may offer all the technology a student needs, although some college programs insist on a laptop. Even then, a tablet is also a good bet as a supplemental tool for additional uses including social media and connectivity, like video chat. Look for a tablet with long battery life, a decent display size, and good storage space.

    What Makes It Desirable To Your Kid Makes It Desirable To Criminals

    Your child’s desire to get an iPad is second only to the desire of a criminal to steal one. Sure, there are security locks available, just like the kind you can get for a laptop. But who — especially among the devil-may-care college-age set — really takes the time to a) lug that cable around and b) actually use it?

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    Whats Common In Ipad And Macbook

    Whatever device you choose, it will need protection as its easy to damage your gadget in the crazy rhythm of modern life. There are several categories of protective accessories for Apple laptops:

  • handy carrying bags which are used to transport your device without the risk of damaging it
  • special linings for your keyboard to protect it from abrasion while working
  • soft and stylish case linings that are clung to the bottom and top of the laptop and are tightly attached to it. Some people might think that Apple decided to release new MacBooks with red or any other color cases.
  • Tablet cases for iPad can protect your tablet from scratches and chips on the screen and case. You can choose the most suitable protective accessories among the following ones:

  • practical book tablet cases that can be used as a tablet stand
  • lining tablet cases protecting only back part of the device
  • special pockets to carry the device from place to place safely.
  • Best For Media: Ipad Air

    discounteddesignermenswear: Should I Buy An Ipad For College

    For many, the main use case for iPad or MacBook could simply be consuming media movies, books, magazines, the web in the most natural way possible. Should they then go for the iPad Pro vs MacBook Air? Probably neither.

    iPad Air is a surprisingly robust choice for all your casual, everyday media consumption habits: its lightweight, easy to hold, has a beautiful Retina screen, powerful processor, and long battery life. Its also much more accessible than its pro-level counterparts, starting at just $499.

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    Can Students Use An Ipad Instead Of A Laptop Here’s What You Need To Know

    The iPad can be an incredibly powerful computer for students, but it has some limitations too here are the pros and cons

    ByMatthew BoltonLast updated 2021-08-08T06:50:01.036Z

    As we enter back-to-school season, lots of people are looking at what computer to get for school or uni work. While the best student laptops will dominate the conversation, it’s also worth noting that there are plenty of people heading further or higher education who’ve been using iPads for most of their lives, and will be wondering whether an iPad would be a smarter buy for students actually.

    It’s a good question the iPad is flexible in some ways that even touchscreen laptops can’t match, after all. But the opposite is true also, and there ways that traditional laptops can be more open, especially for students who might change their interests while they study.

    So before you head over to our list of the best iPad deals, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of using the iPad as your main student computer.

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