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Should College Athletes Be Paid Essay

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The Shifting Debate Over How College Athletes Should Be Paid | WSJ

For and against claims within this student-athletes matter are plenty. Examine all the opinions and take the direction you feel like agreeing with. And remember that your essay must represent your thoughts as well. If you merely compile several views of other people, you wont get an A.

You may be asked to compose this type of paper for classes like English composition, culture studies, sports, gender studies, and even business-related courses. But how do you choose a topic? Think about something you want to debate about and have enough knowledge of. Here are some issues students can discuss in their essays about whether college athletes should be paid:

  • A full-time job as a college sports team member.
  • The requirements of professional leagues.
  • Mens basketball teams vs. womens teams.
  • College athletic teams as a billion-dollar industry.
  • The role of the Collegiate Athletic Association.
  • The issues student-athletes are usually dealing with.
  • NCAA is a non-profit organization that cant be involved in paying athletes.
  • Student-players cant be compared to professionals.
  • Californias Fair Pay to Play Act and its effects.
  • Should college athletes be paid based on skill segregation?

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Reasons Why Student Athletes Should Be Paid

The argument raised most often in favor of allowing college athletes to receive compensation is that colleges and universities profit from the sports they play but do not share the proceeds with the athletes who are the ultimate source of that profit.

  • In 2017 , the NCAA recorded $1.07 billion in revenue. The organizations president earned $2.7 million in 2018, and nine other NCAA executives had salaries greater than $500,000 that year.
  • Elite college coaches earn millions of dollars a year in salary, topped by University of Alabama football coach Nick Sabans $9.3 million annual salary.
  • Many of the athletes at leading football and basketball programs are from low-income families, and the majority will not become professional athletes.
  • College athletes take great physical risks to play their sports and put their future earning potential at risk. In school they may be directed toward nonchallenging courses, which denies them the education their fellow students receive.

Why College Athletes Should Be Paid

Another reason why college athletes should get paid is because they spend more time on the field than in classrooms. This means that they put in so much time for their sport and they are so dedicated to it they barely have time for anything else. A quote from Gale SR says to us that athletes work hard and long and that they should get paid because being a college athletes is like having a full time job. While the NCAA contends that college football players are not employees in a legal sense, a study found that the average college football player committed 43.3 hours per week to train, practice, and play. Considering the standard workweek is 40 hours, those who support the pay-for-play model argue that playing college football is similar to holding a full-time job, one that generates large revenues for the parent company yet offers virtually no pay. This really shows us why college athletes should get paid. As you can see, college sports are no joke and that sense they take them as serious as can be, like a job they should get paid.

College athletes should get paid because they make money for their school but get barely anything in return, they spend more time on the field than in classrooms, and lastly coaches earn millions a year and players who work hard are not rewarded. There are many different views on this topic and I hope I helped you pick one. This concludes my argument about why college athletes should get paid.

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Compensation Of College Athletes

The grand debate of whether to pay college athletes or not is ongoing however, there are so many amenities that are provided to college athletes that they are paid through those. The whole debate can hinge on one thing and that is amateurism people should not receive any material award when participating in a sport.

What Is The Ncaa

essay examples: Should College Athletes Be Paid Essay

In order to understand the context surrounding the question, Should student athletes be paid?, you have to understand what the NCAA is and how it relates to student-athletes.

NCAA stands for the National Collegiate Athletic Association . The NCAA is a nonprofit organization that serves as the national governing body for collegiate athletics.

The NCAA specifically regulates collegiate student athletes at the organizations 1,098 member schools. Student-athletes at these member schools are required to follow the rules set by the NCAA for their academic performance and progress while in college and playing sports. Additionally, the NCAA sets the rules for each of their recognized sports to ensure everyone is playing by the same rules.

The NCAA website states that the organization is dedicated to the well-being and lifelong success of college athletes and prioritizes their well-being in academics, on the field, and in life beyond college sports. That means the NCAA sets some pretty strict guidelines about what their athletes can and can’t do. And of course, right now, college athletes can’t be paid for playing their sport.

Athletes who violated the NCAAs rules about compensation could be suspended from participating in college sports or kicked out of their athletic program altogether.

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Should College Athletes Be Paid: Next Steps

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Athletes Take Time Away From Study To Play Sports

To go great things with his team, a college athlete must make sport his first priority, which leads him to put fewer hours into studying than a non-athlete. This impacts his academic performance with long-term effects in his future professional career. As we can see in this research paper on should college athletes be paid, success in sports comes sometimes to the detriment of academic achievement. Read essay examples to educate yourself as to why paying athletes is necessary in this case.

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The Pros: Why College Athletes Should Be Paid

Since the argument about whether college athletes should be paid has gotten a lot of public attention, there are some lines of reasoning that are frequently called upon to support the claim that college athletes should be paid.

In this section, we’ll look at the three biggest arguments in favor of why college athletes should be paid. We’ll also give you some ideas on how you can support these arguments in an argumentative essay.

Their Studies Get Compromised

Persuasive Speech: Why College Athletes Should be Paid.

Athletes have to commit a considerable amount of time to their sports sessions. And it affects their study time. If he needs to spend at least 35 hours per week on their sports, how will they manage their academics? Many student athletes have to miss class to play sports.

Athletes lose their chance of getting good grades in academics and getting a market competitive job. This is another valid reason for paying college athletes. As they represent their college on a national level.

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Why College Athletes Should Not Be Paid

The average FBS scholarship is worth $36,070, and thats just the cost of tuition and boarding. College Football players that are on scholarship are receiving a free education, along with free meals and boarding. Jeffrey Dorman, a economics professor at the University of Georgia, wrote in Forbes magazine that a college football scholarship is worth

Should College Athletes Be Paid Reasons Why Or Why Not

  • Keeping education at the center of college sports
  • Since its inception in 1906, the National Collegiate Athletic Association has governed intercollegiate sports and enforced a rule prohibiting college athletes to be paid. Football, basketball, and a handful of other college sports began to generate tremendous revenue for many schools in the mid-20th century, yet the NCAA continued to prohibit payments to athletes. The NCAA justified the restriction by claiming it was necessary to protect amateurism and distinguish student athletes from professionals.

    The question of whether college athletes should be paid was answered in part by the Supreme Courts June 21, 2021, ruling in National Collegiate Athletic Association v. Alston, et. al. The decision affirmed a lower courts ruling that blocked the NCAA from enforcing its rules restricting the compensation that college athletes may receive.

    • As a result of the NCAA v. Alston ruling, college athletes now have the right to profit from their name, image, and likeness while retaining the right to participate in their sport at the college level.
    • Several states have passed laws that allow such compensation. Colleges and universities in those states must abide by these new laws when devising and implementing their own policies toward NIL compensation for college athletes.

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    Argument : The Talent Should Receive Some Of The Profits

    This argument on why college athletes should be paid is probably the one people cite the most. Its also the easiest one to support with facts and evidence.

    Essentially, this argument states that the NCAA makes millions of dollars because people pay to watch college athletes compete, and it isnt fair that the athletes don’t get a share of the profits

    Without the student athletes, the NCAA wouldnt earn over a billion dollars in annual revenue, and college and university athletic programs wouldnt receive hundreds of thousands of dollars from the NCAA each year. In fact, without student athletes, the NCAA wouldnt exist at all.

    Because student athletes are the ones who generate all this revenue, people in favor of paying college athletes argue they deserve to receive some of it back. Otherwise, the NCAA and other organizations are exploiting a bunch of talented young people for their own financial gain.

    To support this argument in favor of paying college athletes, you should include specific data and revenue numbers that show how much money the NCAA makes . For example, they might point out the fact that the schools that make the most money in college sports only spend around 10% of their tens of millions in athletics revenue on scholarships for student-athletes. Analyzing the spending practices of the NCAA and its member institutions could serve as strong evidence to support this argument in a why college athletes should be paid essay.

    Why The Debate Arises

    Should College Athletes Be Paid?

    The debate on whether to pay college athletes has been going on for a long time. An argument against paying college athletes is that they are still amateurs players. All around the world, being part of a college sports team is like being part of an academic program. For which students are paying their fees. Its not seen as a job or a career. Most athletes at the college level rely on financial aid and look for free tuition to commit to their sport. Believe it or not, it is a full time job. A college student athlete has to attend college, get an athletic scholarship, go through tiring training sessions, maintain good grades and compete academically with non athlete students.

    Advertisers and college administrations get a lot of money from college sports. The public doesnt know that the athletes bringing in all this money are not even getting the smallest share of it. College students sacrifice a lot to achieve success in sports. But they dont get any compensation for their efforts. Some entities are struggling to provide payment rights to college athletes, including college students, college management staff, and some student welfare private organizations.

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    College Athletes Should Not Be Paid

    Many college athletes help their school receive revenue, but that doesnt mean these athletes should get a percentage because of their contributions. ESPN wants us to view college athletes as if they are in training for a job or working for an unpaid internship . If college athletes were paid, college sports would be abolished

    Major College Sports Now Generate Billions In Revenue For Their Schools Each Year

    For decades, colleges and universities have operated under the assumption that scholarships are sufficient compensation for college athletes. Nearly all college sports cost more for the schools to operate than they generate in revenue for the institution, and scholarships are all that participants expect.

    But while most sports dont generate revenue, a handful, notably football and mens and womens basketball, stand out as significant exceptions to the rule:

    Many major colleges and universities generate a considerable amount of money from their athletic teams:

    • The Power Five college sports conferences the Atlantic Coast Conference , Big Ten, Big 12, Pac 12, and Southeastern Conference generated more than $2.9 billion in revenue from sports in fiscal 2020, according to federal tax records reported by USA Today.
    • This figure represents an increase of $11 million from 2019, a total that was reduced because of restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic.
    • In the six years prior to 2020, the conferences recorded collective annual revenue increases averaging about $252 million.

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    A Salary Would Help Student Athletes Invest In Their Future

    By having a salary, college athletes would leave school not just with a degree, but with significant savings as well, which will help them begin their adult life securely. In addition, not all student athletes get drafted in a salaried position on a sports team when they graduate. This puts them in a tough spot once theyre out of college. If they dont end up playing professional sports, all their efforts leave them with nothing.

    The Effects Of Exercise On Hydration Status Of College Athletes

    Why College Athletes Should Be Paid

    With human body mass being made up of about 60% water, proper hydration with exercise is essential . According to Mayo Clinic, fluid replenishment before, during, and after exercise is necessary for accurate body performance . Pervious research has shown that dehydration of 2% to 3% body mass loss or more is connected with impaired

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    Writing An Essay On This Where To Get Your Essay Edited For Free

    Writing an essay on whether college athletes should or shouldnt be paid? CollegeVine can help! Our peer review tool allows you to receive feedback and learn the strengths and weaknesses of your essay for free.

    Looking for more debate, speech, or essay topics? Check out these other CollegeVine articles for ideas:

    Top 10 Reasons College Athletes Should Be Paid

    Top 10 Reasons College Athletes Should Be Paid

    College sports brings a lot of money to advertisers and college administrations, but the only people who dont get any financial benefit are the student-athletes themselves. The public does not know that a college athlete doesnt receive any compensation for his efforts, even if he sacrifices a lot to achieve success in the chosen sport. In this essay, we will explore the reasons why paying college athletes is a fair thing to do and give you examples of similar mistreatment.

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    Argument : College Athletes Dont Have Time To Work Other Jobs

    People sometimes casually refer to being a student-athlete as a full-time job. For many student athletes, this is literally true. The demands on a student-athletes time are intense. Their days are often scheduled down to the minute, from early in the morning until late at night.

    One thing there typically isnt time for in a student-athletes schedule? Working an actual job.

    Sports programs can imply that student-athletes should treat their sport like a full-time job as well. This can be problematic for many student-athletes, who may not have any financial resources to cover their education. While it may not be expressly forbidden for student-athletes to get a part-time job, the pressure to go all-in for your team while still maintaining your eligibility can be tremendous.

    In addition to being a financial burden, the inability to work a real job as a student-athlete can have consequences for their professional future. Other college students get internships or other career-specific experience during collegeopportunities that student-athletes rarely have time for. When they graduate, proponents of this stance argue, student-athletes are under-experienced and may face challenges with starting a career outside of the sports world.

    Because of these factors, some argue that if people are going to refer to being a student-athlete as a full-time job, then student-athletes should be paid for doing that job.

    Argument : College Athletes Already Get Paid

    Should College Athletes Be Paid Essay

    On this side of the fence, the most common reason given for why college athletes should not be paid is that they already get paid: they receive free tuition and, in some cases, additional funding to cover their room, board, and miscellaneous educational expenses.

    Proponents of this argument state that free tuition and covered educational expenses is compensation enough for student-athletes. While this money may not go straight into a college athlete’s pocket, it’s still a valuable resource. Considering most students graduate with nearly $30,000 in student loan debt, an athletic scholarship can have a huge impact when it comes to making college affordable.

    Evidence for this argument might look at the financial support that student-athletes receive for their education, and compare those numbers to the financial support that non-athlete students receive for their schooling. You can also cite data that shows the real value of a college tuition at certain schools. For example, student athletes on scholarship at Duke may be “earning” over $200,000 over the course of their collegiate careers.

    This argument works to highlight the ways in which student-athletes are compensated in financial and in non-financial ways during college, essentially arguing that the special treatment they often receive during college combined with their tuition-free ride is all the compensation they have earned.

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