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How To Verify College Degree

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Applicants will go to great lengths to land a job. With this in mind, it should come as no surprise that nearly 80% of job applicants have lied or would consider lying on their resumes. This falsification includes making up their education credentials.As a hiring manager, you should always conduct education background checks. This process will ensure you hire someone honest and qualified. Background screening will also protect you from liability. Not sure how to work with a background check company to conduct education background checks? Look no further! This post will tell you everything you need to know about the processand how to make it as quick and painless as possible.

How Employers Should Verify College Degrees Of Candidates


Academic Verification

Is your hiring manager verifying college degrees and performing educational background checks of your job candidates? The truth is many of your applicants are gambling you wont. Research shows more than half of people falsify their resumes in order to try to earn a job.

According to a new report, 85 percent of the 4,000 survey respondents said they uncovered a lie or misrepresentation on a candidates resume or job application during the screening process. A number that increased, from 66 percent only five years ago. Even for individuals who have earned degrees the right way, advancing within a company may require having a certain degree or level of education. Which makes educational credentials matter now, more than ever.

So how can you protect your business from educational fraud? It is important to know the purpose and the process of how education background checks work. Heres the guide on how employers should verify college degrees for their candidates.

Why Do You Double Check Your Education

More and more jobs are double-checking to make sure youre not making things up about your schooling on your resume. When applying for a job, verifying someones educational background is an essential component of any background check. Background checks help companies hire qualified applicants even though checking their college degrees is often …

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Is Almeda University A Diploma Mill

Almeda University, which has been called the leading diploma mill in the United States by Alan Contreras, administrator of Oregons Office of Degree Authorization, is listed even more frequently than Rochville. A search of LinkedIn for professionals listing Almeda on their educational resumes yielded 1,791 results.

Credential Verification For Authorized Third Parties

Degree Verification

Humber has partnered with AuraData to verify the credential completion status of Humber graduates for authorized employers and other third parties. This service can be used for any Humber graduate and any credential .

AuraData is a Canadian company specializing in secure online education verification. Subscribers to AuraData are able to confirm the post-secondary education claims of Humber graduates efficiently online at any time.

Confidentiality is a primary concern of AuraData and Humber. AuraData adheres to all Federal and Provincial privacy laws and a signed authorization from the Humber graduate is required by AuraData before any information is released.

For fast, economical and convenient credential verifications for Humber graduates,

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Why Do Employers Ask For A Test

Many employers will ask you to do a test to see if you qualify for the job or even just for the next round of interviews. They are trying to filter out the unqualified applicants. Sometimes, if there are certain certificates or diplomas stated on the resume, they will ask you to present a copy of it too.

Documentation For High School Diploma

Applicants may verify completion of high school or its equivalent by presenting CCSF with one of the following:

  • A High School diploma or a transcript showing high school graduation. In place of a diploma or transcript, a letter from a school official on school letterhead stationery indicating high school graduation and date is acceptable as proof of high school completion.
  • GED verification: The applicant must present verification of GED final scores. Each score must be at least 35. All five scores together must average 45 or more. To request a copy of your GED transcript or certificate visit
  • CHSPE : called Certificate of Proficiency is legally equivalent to a high school diploma. For information contact California Proficiency Testing at 342-4773.

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Be Aware Of Diploma Mills

One way that some applicants try to pad their resume is by using fake universities or diploma mills on their resumes. Diploma mills are phony colleges that crank out fake degrees and transcripts at a dizzying pace. These degrees may claim to give credit for relevant life experience, evaluate work history and require submission of a thesis or dissertation for evaluation to give an appearance of authenticity.

The truth is that they are not accredited institutions. Most diploma mills have very convincing websites and will provide their students with official-looking degrees and transcripts. Diploma mills constantly change locations and expand degree offerings, and employers should be aware that an educational achievement might seem legitimate but may have come solely from buying it and not earning it.

How Do You Verify An Applicants College Degree

How can I verify my graduate degree? William Carey University, Shillong || WCU Shillong || WCU

Whether your company independently performs the degree verification or you decide to utilize a third-party partner to run the education background check, there is some necessary information youll need to collect from the applicant in order to properly verify an applicants educational credentials:

  • The name of your candidate when they attended and graduated from the institution
  • The institutions name and full address
  • The dates they attended
  • The name of their degree they acquired
  • A copy of the physical diploma, certificate, or degree
  • A copy of their transcripts
  • A copy of the signed authorization release

This information would be shared with your background screening provider to use and obtain the education history of your candidate. Universities and other higher institutions provide verification through third-party services. If the institution is registered with a third party service, the degree can be verified quickly and on the same day. This third party assistance is certainly not free as they operate their own business like yours, they charge a fixed rate for access verification. Many providers have partnerships with these organizations to reduce the cost.

If the candidate is female, be sure the information you submit reflects the actual name with which your candidate graduated with, as frequently, female candidates apply for the position under their married names and fail to provide their maiden names.

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How Do Employers Perform Education Verification

Too many employers forgo education verifications. There are lots of reasons for this, one of the most common being that employers think the process is too complicated. In reality, the process is quite simple. You will start by collecting basic information from the applicant. This data includes:

  • The full name of the candidate
  • The name and address of the degree-granting institution
  • The dates attended
  • The title and field of their degree
  • A signed authorization release from the applicant

Your candidate will likely be familiar with the hiring process and be ready to give you this information. Once you have the information, whats next?

Can Employers Check For College Degrees

The answer is yes! An academic verification can be performed to see the school, professional program, and degrees an applicant has truthfully earned. Some institutions may need to receive consent from the candidate before any information is released, but its certainly legal.

Through an education background check, employers can validate the following:

  • An applicants degree, diploma, or credentials
  • Their graduation or completion date
  • Their major
  • And the accrediting body of the institution

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Why Verify A Degree

Long gone are the days where the shame and embarrassment of lying about a degree would prevent cheaters, and it’s critical to verify the academic degrees of anyone who claims to be an authority on any subject. The influx of fake degrees on resume’s in the IT profession is due to several factors:

  • Expanding demand – As the need for computer professionals outstripped supply, desperate companies were forced to lower their hiring standards. For example, companies who used to required newbies to be graduates from AACSB accredited universities were now forced to entertain applicants from community colleges.

  • No barriers to entry – Unlike other professions that require licensing and certification , anyone can hang out a shingle proclaiming themselves to be a computer expert.

Given these market conditions, fly-by-night computer “colleges” sprang-up everywhere, enticing marginal blue-collar workers with the promise of a well-paid professional lifestyle. Offshore diploma mills sprang-up on the web, offering instant degrees, complete with a telephone answering service disguised as a Registrars office, all of this with the intent to deceive HR departments when verifying a college degree.

The lucrative lifestyle of an IT profession attracts thousands of

Legit Ways To Verify A Degree

University Of Madras  confirmation of verification of my degree ...

The only legitimate way to verify educational records would be through the mail. If you find a company offering to sell you a fake degree and they are willing to add verification services, make sure to get the mailing address. It’s important that you know the address any records will be mailed form.

An example of why this is important to know is because there was once a company called DiplomaXpress that did this. They had a mailing address in Arizona but if your school was in not Arizona, it would immediately raise flags. People would ask questions like, why is this mail verifying a diploma from a Massachusetts college coming from some random po box in Arizona?

The only way this would work would be if the company selling you the degree fake had a mailing address in every city and town and a phone number in every area code. That would equate to an astonishing 335 phone numbers and 30,825 po boxes! Yikes!

Yes there are companies that can provide mail forwarding addresses and phone numbers in any area code, but that is a major investment for any company and likely something they could not feasibly put together.

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When College Coaches Call You

Coaches use phone calls to get to know you and ask questions about your academics and athletics. A phone call is one tool for a coach to tell if you would be a good fit for their team. Often, a college coach will already be emailing you or have watched you play in-person before they decide to call you.

How Does It Work

Launched in fall 2020, MyCreds offers member colleges and universities from within Canada to load confirmations of graduation into a secure, online credential wallet.

Each college and university will notify their recent graduates that their confirmation of graduation is available for them to share with potential employers, recruitment firms, government and regulatory bodies. Digitized transcripts will also be available.

With MyCreds Verify, graduates will send you an official, digitized and certified confirmation of graduation instantly at the push of a button. They only need your email and contact details.

Once the graduate shares the email link with you, you will be able to access that official document and move ahead with your internal assessment or hiring process, easily and seamlessly. If you receive an official credential, badge or credential through MyCreds, there is no need to contact the college or university for further verification.

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What Do You Learn In Bible College

A Bible college, sometimes referred to as a Bible institute or theological institute, is an evangelical Christian or Restoration Movement Christian institution of higher education which prepares students for Christian ministry with theological education, Biblical studies and practical ministry training.

Spotting Diploma Mill Universities

How to verify degree | how to verify backdate degree | how to verify degree from a university

It’s not always easy to spot fake degrees. I?ve been working with one crumbum who got his PhD from the notorious LaSalle University of Mandeville Louisiana, one of the worst diploma mills in America! I was not until I checked his resume that I discovered his fraud!

Founded by scammer James Kirk , LaSalle University gave out hundreds of baloney degrees shortly before he went to prison for mail fraud, listed hundreds of companies that they said had accepted andpaid for their degrees.

?La Salle University in Louisiana, is a notorious degree mill that was shut down by federal authorities after a raid of its offices in 1995. Its founder, James Kirk, served more than four years in federal prison for mail fraud and tax evasion.?

I?ve now learned to look-up degrees and not take anyone at face value anymore, a sad commentary on the lying scum who send me resumes every day . . .

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Do Small Employers Really Check For Degrees

Heres the guide on how employers should verify college degrees for their candidates. Be Aware of Diploma Mills. One way that some applicants try to pad their resume is by using fake universities or diploma mills on their resumes. Diploma mills are phony colleges that crank out fake degrees and transcripts at a dizzying pace. These degrees may claim to give credit for

Never Assume Somebody Else Has Already Done The Checking For You

It is not enough to assume someone has their degree simply because they list it on their resume, and have been working in a related field. There are famous instances of people lying about their education with great success, such as the Dean at MIT, who didnt have the three degrees she claimed shed earned!

Never assume that another employer has done the due diligence for you. Before you make an offer to someone for an important job within your company, check all of their credentials, including their education history.

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How Long Does Degree Verification Take

Waiting around to verify a candidates education history doesnt take as long as you would think. When an employer works with a trusted background screening provider, the process can take as little as 48 hours before results are returned to the hiring manager.

In some rare cases, certain institutions have a formal request process that can take longer and delay any hiring or promotional decisions. Some institutions may prefer verification requests via mail, which can also add to the length of the process. Depending on the circumstance, some education checks may take a few weeks or even months to return. Accredited schools will understand the urgency of these requests and sometimes can work with employers or providers to expedite a request.

Having a background screening provider verify your applicants education removes the stress of finding a match between the candidates alleged schooling and your educational requirements.

At Barada Associates, we have 40 years of experience confirming not only enrollment and graduation dates but also degrees and/or certifications earned at a specified school. Request a call with one of our trained experts today.

Your Opportunity To Comment

Don Rudisuhle

The National Small Business Ombudsman and 10 Regional Fairness Boards collect comments from small businesses about federal compliance and enforcement activities. Each year, the Ombudsman evaluates the conduct of these activities and rates each agency’s responsiveness to small businesses. Small businesses can comment to the Ombudsman without fear of reprisal. To comment, call toll-free 1-888-REGFAIR or go to

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Can Employers Check To See If You Graduated College

How do employers verify university degrees? Pick your university, course and qualification and within 48 hours its yours, complete with seals and crests. The purveyors of these documents often offer a verification service, where their provenance can be confirmed online, by email or phone, if employers choose to check.

Should You Get A Job During College

Having any sort of job while in college looks great on a resume. It tells employers you can balance an intense schedule and are hard working. Working a job adds valuable experience to your repertoire and gives you a chance to gain contacts that will give you recommendations or networking opportunities.

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Education Verification Minimizes Risk

Of course, employers want to avoid the risk of misrepresentation on the candidates part. Even entry-level positions can require more than a high school diploma in our competitive job market. To improve their prospects, some candidates will exaggerate or flat-out make up qualifications. Whats more, they know they might get caught, but they will take the chance.

Finally, there is the danger of diploma mills to reckon with. These companies sell certificates, diplomas, or degrees without the need for the client to make any academic effort in return. These companies are not accredited as educational establishments, so their degrees are not legitimate.

Equivalency Evaluation Via Uscis

Verify Degree/Diploma Online || What is NAD ? ||National Academic Depository

Heres the last stop, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services . This body has the authority to assess and validate your information if need be individually. The body will help you decide on whether the degree needed within your field of specialization or prospective workplace or industry is equivalent and has been accrued via a blend of work experience, focused training and education related to field o specialization.

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It Ensures You Hire Someone Qualified

An education background check not only ensures your candidate has good moral character. It also ensures they have the qualifications to do the job. A candidate with the proper education will adequately fulfill their role. Additionally, hiring a qualified candidate protects employers from liability. This matter is crucial in healthcare, education, and other highly specialized fields. If you hire someone who falsified their credentials, your company will be responsible.

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