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How To Send Dual Credit Transcripts To Colleges

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Eligibility Criteria For Dual Credit Students

Request Any College Credit Transcripts for College Applications
  • Be at least 16 years old or have successfully completed at least one-half of the high school graduation requirements as certified by their local school district/home school administrator *
  • Maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA
  • Meet the prerequisites/placement requirements of a course or have instructor permission
  • Obtain permission of high school administrative representative and signature of parent/guardian
  • *Students under 16 or who have not completed half of their graduation requirements, may still participate in the program by submitting the Sophomore By Exception form included within the Dual Credit registration packet.

    How Do I Pay My Dual Credit Enrollment Fee

    You can pay for your dual credit classes on the JJC dual credit homepage. Click on the Dual Credit Enrollment Fees form in the purple box on the right side. After completing your demographic information, select your high school and then he course number and section. If you miss the window to make payment through our website, you will need to contact the Student Accounts and Payments Office at 280-6688.

    If you qualify for the free or reduced lunch program, this fee has been waived for you. You will not need to make any payment.

    Unfortunately, any fee waivers earned through taking dual credit courses or any COVID waivers cannot be used to pay the enrollment fee.

    Do I Have To Transfer All College Credits

    If youre concerned youll need to transfer all of your credits to a new school , you can relax. Most colleges wont accept transfer credits unless you earned at least a B. Others will give you credit as long as you earned a passing grade. Since these policies vary from school to school, the best answer to this question will come from the registrars office of the school youre transferring to.

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    Transfer Credit For Online Courses

    Georgia Tech accepts credit for coursework completed online. If the course is not listed on the transfer equivalency site, the course must be submitted for review to Transfer Credit site. You must be an accepted GT student or current GT student to use the Transfer Credit site for course review.

    If the transfer equivalency site states: No Credit for Online Section, you will need to submit a syllabus for the course to be reviewed. Please allow time for review and the update on the equivalency table.

    How Do Quarter Credits Converts

    completeonlinedesign: How To Send Dual Credit Transcripts To Colleges

    If you have taken courses at an institution that uses quarter credit or units other than semester credits, we will convert your quarter credits/units to semester credits. If you have attended an institution that uses quarter credits, you will not lose credits in the conversion. For example, if you have 40 quarter credits , you will receive 27 semester credits.

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    Keep Track Of Dual Credits Earned

    Students and parents need to be organized

    Use the Dual Credit Tracking Sheet in to keep track of credits from different institutions. There are many options for students to receive college credit through dual enrollment. They can receive credit through Running Start, CTE programs, AP and IB classes, and College in the High School through several institutions.

    Logging all the dual credits earned in one place will make it easier to request official transcripts from the different institutions.

    Petitions And Core Transfer Credit

    Coursework completed at other institutions is evaluated by the Office of Admissions to determine whether it may be transferred to the university for credit.

    Students whose transfer work has been evaluated in such a way that it does not automatically satisfy a core requirement that the student believes it should can submit a core petition online. If the student wishes the credit to apply to a major requirement, he or she must petition through the appropriate college or school. Contact your academic advisor if you have questions.

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    How Will My Courses Transfer

    We award transfer credit for college-level, baccalaureate courses that apply to academic programs offered by UW-Madison and are taken at a degree-granting, regionally accredited college or university. If the course content and level are similar to a UW-Madison course, a direct equivalent may be given as transfer credit. If it is not similar enough, elective credits in the relevant department will be granted. We award credit for coursework with a grade of D or higher. Please note that elective credits are transfer credits that can fulfill various degree requirements.

    Returning To The University Of Oregon To Complete A Degree Or Start A New Degree Program

    How to: Send Transcripts to UVU

    Official transcripts need to be sent to the Office of the Registrar for evaluation of transfer credit if:

    • It has been more than 10 years since your last date of attendance at University of Oregon.
    • You attended another college/university since last attending the University of Oregon.
    • Do not submit a University of Oregon transcript.

    It is important that your transfer record reflect accurate coursework and grades. Transfer equivalents are based on current transfer tables.

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    What Is A Transcript

    A transcript is an official report of a studentâs record of courses studied and grades received. Every MSU dual credit student builds a Missouri State transcript of the courses taken through the dual credit program. Find out how to order a transcript, what it costs, how it will be delivered and more.

    Do I Have Access To The Jjc Library As A Dual Credit Student

    With your student ID, you can check out materials from the JJC Libraryincluding books, audio books, LCD projectors, laptops, MP3 players, and DVDs. Dual Credit students also have access to the library databases, which can be accessed off-campus using your JJC login credentials. The library is located at JJC Main Campus, in A-2000.

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    Archived Dual Enrollment Policy

    The State of Michigan mandated that all public universities, effective January 3, 2013, must award credit for college-level courses taken by high school students. Accordingly, President Coleman signed the following statement which commits LSA to change its policy on dual enrollment credits:

    The University certifies that, by January 3, 2013, it will not consider whether dual enrollment credits earned by an incoming student were utilized towards his or her high school graduation requirements when making a determination as to whether those credits may be used by the student toward completion of a university degree or certificate program.

    Previously, LSA restricted the granting of transfer credit for incoming students when dual enrollment credits were used to meet high school graduation requirements and/or our own internal admissions requirements. Under our new policy we will lift these specific restrictions and allow transferable dual enrollment credits to count toward LSA degree requirements.

    LSA Office of the Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Education

    Executive Director of the Newnan LSA Academic Advising Center April 2013

    Determining The Purdue Equivalent To A College Course

    Requirements, Transcripts, and Dual Credit, Oh My!!! Part 2

    Our main resource for checking transfer course equivalency is the Transfer Credit Course Equivalency Guide. This huge database includes courses transferred back and evaluated from hundreds of U.S. and international colleges. The search can be made using Purdue’s course abbreviations and numbering or the other college’s.

    Another tool for incoming students is Purdue’s new Transfer Equivalency Self-Service database . TESS creates a report that puts your potential transfer courses into the context of your chosen Purdue degree. Just make sure that you enter a Purdue major and not “Explorers,” as we don’t have a degree plan to check incoming courses against!

    Once courses transfer to Purdue from another college, students can double-check where the course counts in any degree plan by using “What-If Worksheet” on MyPurdue Plan. We teach students how to use this resource in EDPS 10500!

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    Transcripts And Transfer Credit

    Current University of Illinois undergraduate students should contact their college office for information on transfer credit restrictions prior to enrolling in courses at other institutions.

    Students may use Transferology to view what coursework will transfer to the university. The transfer course equivalencies and the reports generated from the system do not constitute a contract between the student and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Students still need to contact their college offices to verify how the transfer coursework will be accepted and used towards graduation requirements in that college.

    After permission has been granted to take off-campus coursework and the student has completed the course, an official transcript must be sent directly from the institution where the coursework was taken. Official transcripts can be sent through U.S. mail, an electronic transcript vendor or secure online exchange from the sending institution. Mailed transcripts should be sent to:

    Office of Undergraduate AdmissionsUrbana, IL 61801

    Transcripts received directly from a student and/or emailed as a PDF are not considered official.

    How Do You Send Them

    Use your AP ID to access your scores, unless you took AP Exams before 2019. Prior to 2019, you would have been assigned a different AP number for each year you took AP exams. In the 2019-2020 school year, AP students received a permanent AP ID instead. When you try to access older scores before this change, you will need your AP number and and the year you tested with that number. If you did not select to have them automatically sent to the college of your choice, you will want to send them. To learn more, visit College Boards website directly and check out their Frequently Asked Questions.

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    College Records And Privacy

    While parents may communicate with the high school teacher about students’ high school grades, the college instructor of record may not communicate with parents regarding students’ college grades. The college instructors of record will make every attempt to communicate with the student as this is an important maturation point for college students.

    Under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act , rights belong to the parents with respect to high school records and belong to the student with respect to postsecondary recordsregardless of the student’s age.

    Requesting Transcripts For Dual Credit Courses

    MyIvy Student Guide: Apply to Graduate and Request Transcripts
    • Dual credit courses will transfer to many colleges or universities if a grade of “C” or better was achieved. When an NHS student earns dual credit, the grade, course number and awarding institution are noted on the student’s transcript. However, colleges and universities will not accept a high school transcript as proof of credit earned. Students must request that their transcript be sent from the college/university that awarded the credit to the school that they plan to attend. In some cases, students may have to request transcripts be sent from multiple schools. If, however, the student plans to attend the institution through which credit was earned, nothing needs to be done. To request transcripts from our dual credit partners, please view the links below:

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    Where Can I Get Help With My Courses

    As a dual credit student, you have access to the Tutoring and Learning Center located at Main Campus in room C-2010. Call them at 815-280-2823 to schedule an appointment.

    You also have access to free online tutoring with Smarthinking, which is available in Canvas. Available subjects include business, computer and technology, mathematics and statistics, reading and writing. For questions about Smarthinking, call 815-280-6613.

    What Is Doctrinal Coursework

    Doctrinal coursework promotes an ideological, political, and/or religious doctrine. Doctrinal coursework is commonly found at private, religious institutions and in countries that enforce ideological political education. As noted in our Transfer Credit Policy, doctrinal coursework will not receive transfer credit.

    The following are examples of coursework that may be considered doctrinal:

    • Learn & Teach in Latter Days
    • Mao Zedong Theory
    • Outline of Modern Chinese History
    • Situation and Policy
    • Theoretical System of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics
    • Social Catholic Teaching

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    Recommended Documentation For Transferring Credits

    Official Transcripts All students wanting to transfer credits from one college to another will need to request an official transcript be sent to the new institution. Students earning credit through CWU who would like to send their official transcript to another institution can request transcripts from the CWU Registrar .

    • If students are participating in dual credit opportunities through other institutions, they will also need to make sure that they request their transcripts from each of those institutions as well. Colleges and universities do not award college credit based on unofficial transcripts or high school transcripts.

    Unofficial Transcripts While students are not awarded credit with unofficial transcripts, it is a good idea for students to provide their advisor with a copy of their unofficial transcript when they are first enrolling at their new institution. The timeline for awarding transfer credit varies from institution to institution and their credits may not be evaluated in time for them to sign up for classes. If a student has a copy of their unofficial transcript when they enroll in classes for the first time, they can avoid enrolling in redundant coursework.

    • If a student no longer has a copy of their syllabus, they can reach out to the High School Partnerships office for assistance. The office keeps a copy of each syllabus used for all classes.

    Requesting Your Transcript From Dallas College

    Requirements, Transcripts, and Dual Credit, Oh My!!! Part 3

    Transcripts are available to all Dallas College students and alumni who have taken courses for credit.

    Currently, continuing education students cannot request transcripts through the methods listed below. If you are a CE student, please contact your campus for information about requesting a transcript.

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    Can I Choose Which Credits To Transfer

    Yes and no. Although you can choose not to transfer certain course credits , you also dont get to decide what your new school will accept. For example, if youre majoring in American history and you took several core courses required to graduate from school A, school B still might not accept them. Each school has its own major requirements.

    Add And Request Transcripts

    Submitting a Transcript Request for Colleges Already Listed in your Account:

  • Log in to Naviance Student.
  • Navigate to Colleges > Apply to College > Manage Transcripts.
  • Click the Add .
  • Select either College Application Transcript or Other Transcript.
  • Follow the steps depending on what transcript selection selected.
  • Submitting a Transcript Request for Other situations like Military, Athletics, Scholarships, etc

  • Log in to Naviance Student.
  • Navigate to Colleges > Colleges I’m Applying To > Manage Transcripts.
  • Click the Add .
  • Select Other Transcript’.
  • Follow the steps depending on what transcript selection selected.
  • Note:

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    How Do My Credits Apply At Msu

    Dual credit courses are considered official courses at the university level. All dual credit courses taken through MSU dual credit will appear on a studentâs transcript. The grades earned in the courses contribute to the studentâs GPA at Missouri State. You will want to learn about the general education program and courses that are included in that program. Our Academic Advising and Transfer Center can assist with developing your educational plan.

    How To Request An Official Kc Transcript:

    Apply TCC – Dual Credit Application

    Kilgore College has authorized Parchment to provide secured, PDF electronic transcripts, as well as print/mailed transcripts. The cost for a transcript is $6 . Students and alumni can order transcripts using any major credit card. The card will only be charged after the order has been completed.

    Parchment will guide students and alumni through placing an order, including delivery options and fees. Multiple transcripts to multiple recipients can be ordered in one online session. Order updates can be sent via text alerts, emailed or tracked online per Parchment.*

    *Holds on a students account may prevent the student from receiving his/her transcript. Holds may be applied for any of the following reasons: unpaid bill through the business office, incomplete exit loan counseling through the financial aid office, parking fines, etc.

    Please allow 2-3 business day for processing transcripts.

    If this is the first time using the new system, you will be asked to create an account. After that, you can log in each time to track orders.

    To order your official transcript: click here.

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    New Student Transfer Credit Information

    Once an official transcript is received, it is evaluated, and the awarded credit is posted to the student’s academic record. That credit may be viewed immediately after it is processed. Please review your account to verify that the credit has been awarded before requesting a duplicate transcript. To view your Tentative Evaluation of College Transfer Credit please follow the “Viewing Transfer Credit” directions above.

    Courses will appear in the Transfer Credit Equivalency Tables after they have been evaluated. Please check this table to see if your courses have been evaluated. If you see “Approp Dept Must Evaluate” it will be your responsibility to have the course evaluated by the appropriate department. In order to assure a successful transition to Georgia Tech, you will need to follow the important listed below.

  • If you are missing classes from your initial transfer credit evaluation, please first verify receipt of all official transcripts online in BuzzPort. If receipt of official transcripts has been confirmed and courses are missing, please contact the Office of Undergraduate Admission.
  • Courses transferred by the Institute are subject to approval by your major.
  • Georgia Institute of Technology only accepts Chinese transfer credit from partner institutions. To view this list visit the OIE website. Credit will not be evaluated or granted for any Chinese institution not on this list.
  • Investigate Transfer Policies Before Enrolling

    Every college has published policies indicating what transfer credit it will accept. Take these policies into account when choosing where you want to graduate from.

    How to check if a college will accept your credit:

  • Request an unofficial transcript from your previous college .

  • On your future colleges website, locate the most recent academic catalog.

  • Compare the credit you have with the schools catalog. Take note of which of your transfer courses match courses the school offers by comparing course codes, titles, prerequisites, and descriptions. This is the credit your future college will accept.

  • Accepted credit isnt always the same as applicable credit. Next, locate your desired degrees requirements . Does the degree you want have room for your accepted transfer credit? You may think, If my college accepts the credit, why do I need to check the specific degree? The fact that your desired college accepts your transfer credit in general doesnt necessarily mean that those credits all apply to your particular degree programs specific requirements. So be sure not to skip this step!

  • Now do a search on the website for the schools transfer policy to discover:

    • How much transfer credit it accepts

    • What kind of transfer credit it accepts

    If you have questions, direct them to the schools registrar.

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