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How To Record College Lectures

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Quality Camera And Mic

How I record my lectures

It is, by far, the most vital piece of hardware that you WILL need if you wish to record lectures. It doesnt matter how good your lectures are, without a quality camera and mic, it will be average at its best. It is an investment, since should you choose to dive into making YouTube videos of the same, this same camera and mic will come in handy. Rode, Sennheiser, and Shure offer some good voice recorders for lectures while Canon and Sony lead the camera game.

Olympus Voice Recorder Ws

Price: $60.00

Color: black.

Looking for a handy recorder to study more effectively? If you learn a foreign language or attend informative tutorials, Olympus Voice Recorder allows you to slow down a recording or speed it up, when itâs necessary. You can set speed up from 0.5X to 2.0X. So it can be easier to decipher recordings and complete your notes.The Olympic voice recorder has a large amount of space for your recordings: 8 GB of internal memory. The device contains a micro SD card slot, it supports mp3 format so your files can be deciphered on PC.

It is possible to pause your recording and then start over with the help of the REC button. You can also change the file name, whenever you want. Remember that by default the device records what you hear straight away.

However, it has a timer mode, that is easy to activate.

The voice recorder matches with Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows 7, and 8. It also works with mac book pro.

You shouldnât worry about damages during transportation and daily movements. Olympus Carrying Case for WS Series Voice Recorders, which is also attached, is made of a neoprene-type material. It helps you to keep your recorder safe.Rechargeable lithium batteries are embedded with voice recorder.

Open Possibilities For Collaboration

Providing a way to share lecture material across geographic boundaries makes it easier for faculty to collaborate on a class and for students to benefit from that collaboration.

  • In some situations, a student would like to take a class that is not offered locally, but may be available at another campus of the university or within the broader academic community.
  • Professors from different campuses, locations, or even universities can jointly develop and offer classes where the lectures are divided among them for a collaborative teaching environment.

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Preparing To Record Lectures

  • 1Compare the advantages and disadvantages. You may want to record a lecture for a variety of reasons, such as illness or complicated subject matter. However, recording has its disadvantages as well as advantages. Take these into consideration.
  • If the course subject matter is complex and difficult, it may help to listen to a lecture two or three times to help you understand it, especially when youre reviewing for an exam.XExpert SourceAlexander Ruiz, M.Ed.Educational ConsultantExpert Interview. 18 June 2020.
  • If you know youre going to miss a class lecture and dont trust another students notes, you can record a lecture to make sure you dont miss any important material.XResearch source
  • If you cant keep up with how quickly your professor speaks, you may consider recording a lecture. Its important to make sure in this case, however, that its not because you feel the need to copy down everything she is saying instead of what is important.XExpert SourceAlexander Ruiz, M.Ed.Educational ConsultantExpert Interview. 18 June 2020.
  • Recording a lecture can be distracting to other students and the professor, as well as to you. Students have complained that worrying about things such as battery strength takes away from their experience of the live lecture.
  • Recording the lecture may even encourage you to participate in class less actively. You may choose to pay less attention or take less complete notes if you think you can get back to it later.XResearch source
  • Record Online Video Lectures By Choosing Rec

    How to Get the Most of Recording College Lectures: 14 Steps

    Here is the last step for you. Just hit REC and then you can record the online video lectures as MP4 at ease. Just wait for the 3-second countdown, you can open online video lectures and record online video lectures. When the whole recording has done, click to the Red-stop button and Save button to save recorded online video lectures.

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    So Is It Illegal To Record Class Lectures

    Universities have a right to privacy in the classroom and professors have a right to copyright for their own material. While the policy restrictions and implementations will vary by institution, its best to approach recording a classroom with responsibility and transparency.

    If you have a documented learning disability, are hard-of-hearing, or have an approved ADA accommodation, you have the right to record lectures under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. Although you have this right, it is your obligation to go through the appropriate approval process for your institution.

    Recording Lectures Without Permission

    Can you record college lectures without permission? Remember, we mentioned that you need to ask for permission before recording the lecture and confirm with the school policy. However, if you disregard this, you might face disciplinary actions for contravening the school policy or even get on the wrong side of the law for unlawful recording.

    Recording a lecture comes with its fair share of advantages. However, make sure that you ask the lecturer for permission and confirm with your school, or better yet, ask an attorney to clarify the applicable laws in your region.

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    Using A Laptop To Record Lectures

    Many college students record their lectures with their their laptops. After all, they are usually taking notes on them already. There are also free recording programs already installed that make it super easy. On Windows, theres Windows Voice Recorder. If youve got an Apple computer, the built-in QuickTime app works fantastic and Garageband is another good option.

    Another application we can recommend is Evernote – this popular note taking software works on Mac, PC, iOS, and Android. What makes it unique is you can create a note to type up your class notes, and also record an audio file directly into the note, keeping everything together.

    However, many students soon realize that the recording is low-quality and difficult to use. This is usually due to the type of microphone in their laptop and where it was placed.

    Is It Illegal To Record Courses

    How To Record and Edit Class Lectures with an iPad – Fast and Easy Method

    Is it illegal to record class lectures? No! It is perfectly fine to record courses if it has been accepted as accommodation for the disability of the student to offer significant access to the educational experience. However, there are certain rules that you should take into consideration while recording the courses. Here are the rules:

    • Students with disabilities who are not able to read or take notes have the right to record courses only for personal study reasons.
    • Courses recorded for personal study should not be shared with other individuals without the permission of the educator.
    • Information in the recorded courses is protected below copyright laws and should not be quoted or published without the permission of the educator and without providing appropriate credit and identity to the educator.

    Apart from the abovementioned laws, here are some points that should be taken into consideration:

    Check if the courses take self-disclosure from students

    Check if the teacher has the right to privacy/protect copyright

    How the audio-recording takes place

    What are the responsibilities of students here?

    Exceptions to the rule

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    How To Record Online Course Videos At Home

    Rachel Burns

    From recording equipment to on-camera confidence, follow these four steps to record pro-looking videos for your online course.

    Jump ahead

    You have an idea for your online course. Youâre passionate about the subject, and you canât wait to start teaching new students and sharing your expertise with the world.

    But before you can start selling online courses, you have to create your online course content.

    And to create an engaging online course, you need to make some videos.

    Video is the âgold standardâ for online course content. Video content is multi-sensoryâââstudents see and hear your contentâââmaking it more interesting and memorable.

    If recording video content sounds intimidating, donât worry. You donât need pricey gear or years of on-camera experience to make high-quality videos for your online course.

    In fact, you can do it all from home.

    In this guide, weâll take you through every step of the video recording process, from choosing the right equipment to feeling confident on camera, and everything in between.

    Zoom Zh1 H1 Handy Portable Digital Recorder

    Color: black.

    Price: $119.99.

    Afraid of missing a key part of a lection because of distractions and a noisy environment? Then you probably need to think about buying an up-to-date digital voice recorder.

    Stay confident when it comes to comprehensive learning and enhance your academic results. It is time to find out about the advantages of the digital recorder below:

    Reliable construction. The brand-new enclosure of a matte digital recorder protects the microphone from being damaged. So it helps you to extend the period of recorder use. The recorder is lightweight and quite similar in size with iPhone 6.

    Comfortable interface with a one-touch button and quality battery.

    It easy to operate when a device has a pretty intuitive menu and thatâs a case. You can easily control the speed of recording and overdub stereo functions. That digital recorder also has a voice emphasize filter.

    Not only mono. The mic input provides you an opportunity to record in stereo.

    Embedded mic condenser. 90-degree x/y format.

    Can you record college lectures with ease now that you know all the basics? We think so.

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    What Is The Best Voice Recorder For College Lectures

    Most audio recorders in various price ranges offer decent quality that youll be able to playback with clarity. But you dont want to make your desk a mini-production studio. Youll want to respect the learning environment of your fellow classmates when considering what kind of equipment to bring to class. Heres a list of possible recording devices:

    • Audio recording device
    • Smartphone with a voice recorder app
    • Laptop or tablet with audio recording or dictation software

    If you plan to transcribe your audio files, you should consider using an external audio recording device or phone so that you can aim it towards the speaker for optimal clarity.

    Aomago Pen Digital Voice Recorder

    How to Get the Most of Recording College Lectures: 14 Steps

    Feel like James Bond when you rock up to lectures with this pen recorder. Thats right! This is a recording device built into a working pen.

    Its a fun gimmick that would certainly be useful to make quick voice notes on as you frantically scribble down your lecture notes. But, we are a little dubious about the sound quality at long distances.

    So, we recommend this device as a good tool to record those ideas and questions that pop into your head mid-way through a class. If you are looking to record whole lectures in large lecture theatres then this one is probably not for you.

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    Sharing Video Lectures With Students

    These previously recorded videos are easy to access and do not need to be rerecorded by students to watch again because they are available on the learning management system. If you want to have the videos on your computer, you need to see if you can download them or if your professor will send them to you directly.

    Professors can use several ways to make the video lectures available to students using web-based resources like Google Classroom, Blackboard, and even email. This is good for students because they can access video lectures and slides anywhere, which will help them study the content efficiently. Be certain to appreciate these extra resources from your professors.

    How To Record Online Lectures On Your Pc

    If you have to record an online lecture on your PC, you have to use a reliable online lecture recording program, such as Bandicam. Here is how it works.To record online lectures with Bandicam, follow the detailed step-by-step guide below:

    Step 1: Open

    Step 2: The next step is to record the tutorial playing on your screen.

    For this, you have two options â record an area of the screen or capture the entire screen.

    • a. To record an area of the screen, click on the arrow next to the first menu icon to reveal a dropdown. From there, choose the ‘Select a recording area’ or ‘Rectangle on a screen’ menu.
    • b. Alternatively, to record the full screen, on the dropdown, select ‘Fullscreen’ and choose your monitor.

    Step 3: Record and save the online lecture

    After selecting the recording area, it’s time to begin capturing the video. To start recording the online tutorials, you must trigger the function. At the top-right of your screen, hit the REC button while playing the tutorial. This button changes to the STOP button when you click it.Bandicam can record for unlimited hours, so you can leave it on until the online lecture is complete. When you are okay with the recording or the video is finished, click the STOP button to end and save the video.

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    The Best Way To Record Class Lectures Online

    Once limited to a few college classrooms equipped with dedicated audio and visual equipment, lecture capture technologies have evolved to let instructors record course-related video just about anywhere.

    Today many auditoriums and classrooms on college campuses are set up to make lecture capture simple. Nearly all of the audio and visual equipment in these spaces is possible to preset for easy, one-touch lecture recording enabling teachers to just walk in, press record, and start teaching.

    Frequently, lectures and other online course content are recorded outside of the classroom, too. In most cases, all a teacher needs to record online course materials outside of the classroom is lecture capture software and a laptop with a built-in webcam and microphone, or a mobile device. This is one of the best ways to record class lectures.

    While the lecture capture setup outside of a classroom can also be quite simple with select software and apps, there are a few tricks of the trade that can improve the quality of your recordings.

    Feel More Comfortable In Class

    How to Record Lecture for Online Classes in College

    While no current technology will make an Organic Chemistry lecture seem more interesting, an audio recorder can make you feel more comfortable in class. You wont need to be stooped over for hours desperately trying to get down everything that was said. Instead, you can relax and concentrate on the main points of the lecture.

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    Make Lectures Accessible To All

    When you create a video, always ensure youre making it accessible. This not only includes making viewable on multiple devices, but also that captions are included. Captions allow viewers with hearing impairments to watch videos and still receive the full value of the content.

    Captions are also important in a university setting because they allow students who speak English as a second language to more easily consume the material.

    How To Record A Lecture On Windows 10

    EaseUS RecExperts for Windows is an all-in-one screen recorder on the market, and it can help you record a lecture easily. Its simple and intuitive interface is friendly to all levels of users, especially the novices. This screen recording software allows you to record your screen in customized sizes, like a full screen or a selected area.

    Besides, it offers you many other options, like recording audio , capturing webcam, gameplay, zoom meeting, streaming audio and video, etc. This best app for recording lectures ensures that the recorded files are of high quality.

    More Features:

    • Support recording webcam and audios easily
    • Support trimming recordings and adding opening title & closing credits
    • Schedule recording tasks to capture what you want automatically
    • Export files in various output formats, like AVI, MP4, GIF, etc.

    Best Way to Record a Lecture on Windows:

    Step 1. Launch EaseUS RecExperts. There are two different options for screen recording, i.e., “Full Screen” and “Region”. If you select “Full Screen”, you will capture the whole screen.

    Step 2. If you select the “Region” option, this software will ask you to customize the recording area. Make sure that everything you want to capture is within the bounds of the select box.

    Step 4. If you want to record the webcam simultaneously, . Tap on the button to enable the webcam recording, and there will be a drop-down menu to select the recording device. Click on “OK” to confirm your settings.

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    How To Record Lectures In College

    After finding out whether your school policy allows recording of lectures and whether your professor is okay with it, it is now time to figure out how to record lectures in college. One of the most common ways of doing this while in college is through a recording device.

    Therefore, you can settle on a voice recorder, also known as an audio recorder to capture everything the lecturer says. However, ensure that the device you decide on has hundreds of hours of recording time. This will come in handy if you are attending year-long classes or have unending lectures.

    Luckily, there are voice recorders that can store thousands of hours of audio time. A notable hack that people fail to take note of is transferring the files to your computer after the lecture is over.

    This will help you minimize the chances of losing the recordings or accidentally deleting a file before you are done listening to it. While still on the same, removing a file creates more room for other data.

    If your recording device does not have enough space, you can settle on one with a USB flash drive. You can easily record lectures and transfer them to your computer immediately. Fortunately, most voice and audio recorders have room for USB.

    Lastly, you can use your smartphone to record the lectures. This will save you money since all smartphones have a pre-installed recording feature. You can email or back up the recording to your cloud after it is done.

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