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Which Colleges Offer Aerospace Engineering

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Best Colleges For Aerospace Engineering In California

Aerospace Engineering 2021 | Best Colleges | Job Trends | Salary Trends | Recruiters

We rigorously analyzed earnings after graduation, student loan debt, and a host of other variables to determine what colleges and universities offer the best Aerospace Engineering programs in California. We looked at 12 programs to put our Aerospace Engineering rankings together to help you find the absolute best schools for Aerospace Engineering in California….Read More

If youre still wondering whether Aerospace Engineering is the right field of study for you, check out our guide tomajoring in Aerospace Engineering: what you can do with the major, how much youll make, and more.

For the purposes of these rankings we prioritized earnings after graduation 6 years and 10 years out for students that majored in Aerospace Engineering in California. Earnings are by no means the most important mark of success for a Aerospace Engineering undergraduate program, but it is a variable that is widely used across universities and colleges in California. In addition to salary, we also provide average student loans metric and other admissions data points.

In addition, if you scroll all the way through the list youll find every college or university that offers a Aerospace Engineering degree in California.

University Of Toronto Canada

Institute for Aerospace StudiesPrograms Offered: Master of Engineering in Aerospace Science and Engineering Master of Applied Science in Aerospace Science and Engineering Doctor of Philosophy in Aerospace Science and Engineering

If you are looking for Aeronautical Engineering colleges in Canada, the University of Toronto is amongst the best colleges in Canadaand offers a wide range of degree courses in the field of Aeronautics and Aerospace Engineering. Graduates of the institute have gone on to work in top-notch international aerospace companies. The department also has numerous industry and academic tie-ups with organisations and institutions around the world.

University Of Notre Dame


The University of Notre Dame is among the leading universities established in 1842. The school of engineering at this university offers both M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in mechanical and aerospace engineering.

Their programs are specifically designed for students pursuing Ph.D. degree programs covering the following programs: fluid mechanics and aerodynamics, bioengineering/biomedical engineering, robotics and controls thermal and materials science, and manufacturing computational science.

The school has a graduation rate of 96% which is very high and ABET as its accredited body. Considering all these factors and its popularity, has ranked this it #7 in the list of top school for aerospace engineering students.

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Georgia Institute Of Technology

Address: North Avenue, Atlanta, GA 30332

Georgia Tech is a large public school located in the large city of Atlanta. Its The Guggenheim School of Aerospace Engineering boasts one of the oldest and largest aerospace programs in the country. Its also among the 8 schools in Georgia University and one of the best aerospace engineering schools.

Aerospace engineering programs in this school covers areas like aerodynamics, aircraft and spacecraft structures, flight mechanics and control, avionics, propulsion, and the design of aerospace systems.

Over 50 degrees in aerospace and aeronautical engineering are offered in this school.

With a graduation rate of 82% and accreditation by ABET, the school made its way to the top. Due to this, has ranked this school #2 best aerospace engineering school out of all schools that offer this degree.

About Aeronautical Engineering In Nigeria

Aeronautical Engineering Colleges in Vizag

Aeronautical Engineering involves the development of the latest technology in the field of aviation, space exploration and defence systems. This branch of engineering is concerned with the design, construction, development, testing, operation and maintenance of commercial and military aircraft, spacecraft, satellites, etc. In general, aeronautical engineering in Nigeria deals with the works that bring about the fixing and development of aircraft.

This field of engineering involves loads and loads of research in order to develop and maintain aircraft and their various parts. Because engineering is a versatile field, it is not uncommon to see people who studied aeronautical engineering working in a different field like mechanical engineering, and as the this discipline grows and is more widely embraced in Nigeria, many schools have begun to add it to their list of available courses.

While there are misinformation about a few schools in the country offering this course on the internet, what we shall be focusing on as we progress in this post is to give you a comprehensive list of the approved tertiary institutions of higher learning in Nigeria that offer aeronautical engineering.

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Best Aerospace Engineering Schools 2020

These are the best aerospace engineering schools based on alumni earnings in the year after graduation. Massachusetts Institute of Technology is at the top of the list, with California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo and University of Southern California following closely behind. Graduates of these top aerospace engineering schools earn median annual salaries of over $62,000 in their first year after graduation.

Tuition, median salaries, and median debt were reported by the U.S. Department of Education in November 2019. View our methodology for more details about these rankings or read more about the top-ranked schools.

Cincinnati Cincinnati $26,994

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Aerospace engineers design and build flying machines such as spacecraft, airplanes, and missiles along with developing and constructing their various parts like instruments, navigation systems, and communication devices. They also develop quality control standards, design testing processes, and find solutions to known issues.

Aerospace engineering is generally divided into two branches: aeronautical engineering and astronautical engineering.

  • Aeronautical engineers focus on aircraft that fly within the earths atmosphere.
  • Astronautical engineers attend to aircraft that operate outside of the earths atmosphere.

Ready to launch yourself into this interesting and rewarding field? If so, keep reading to learn what schools offer an aerospace engineering major and what to look for in an aerospace engineering program.

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Best Aeronautical Engineering Schools In Nigeria

Aeronautical engineering is a very challenging field in engineering with the capacity to expand and develop into one of the best and most lucrative branches of this broad discipline as a whole. What this article seeks to establish is a comprehensive list of the best aeronautical engineering universities in Nigeria this 2022 and the requirements for studying this course in Nigerian schools today.

This discipline, aeronautical engineering, is a very rare course to study in Nigerian schools currently and there are not many universities that offer it. Notwithstanding, it is a very good course with a lot of potential and being an engineering course, aeronautical engineering salary structure in Nigeria is very lucrative for the very few people who take up the profession as aeronautical engineers upon graduation from the university.

How Much Does An Online Aerospace Engineering Degree Cost

Aeronautical vs Aerospace Engineering 2020 | Best Colleges | Job Trends | Salary Trends | Recruiters

The median annual tuition for all online bachelor’s degrees on our site is $13,919, drawn from a sample of 846 schools. The median tuition for programs on this page is $9,912, but this is drawn from a very small sample size. Distance learners typically pay a technology fee each term of enrollment on top of tuition, and their school may charge additional fees. Students are also responsible for additional fees, books, and supplies.

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What Are The Course Requirements Most Majors Will Need To Take

Students studying aerospace engineering require exceptional STEM skillsthe knowledge and application of science, technology, engineering, and math are all vital to succeed in this demanding field. Freshmen and sophomores in an aerospace engineering program receive coursework focused on building foundational skills, while upperclassmen take more field-specific classes such as:

What Is The Difference Between Aeronautical And Astronautical Engineering

Aerospace engineering is a broader term encompassing both aeronautical and astronautical engineering. Aeronautical engineering deals with aircraft in the earth’s atmosphere, whereas astronautical engineering covers vehicles that leave the atmosphere for space. Bachelor’s students often learn concepts from both, although engineers tend to specialize in one or the other during their careers.

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Careers With An Aerospace Engineering Degree

Aerospace engineering and engineering technology students can learn valuable soft skills, such as deductive reasoning, analytical problem-solving, and clear writing. These skills may help them succeed in the aerospace industry when combined with a knowledge of flight mechanics and dynamics.

In general, aerospace engineers and technologists concentrate on either atmospheric or space flight:

Aeronautical specialists help design and manufacture aircraft or weapons that fly through the atmosphere, such as missiles. They might work for commercial aircraft manufacturers, defense companies, or government agencies that create and update quality and safety standards.

Astronautical specialists work on spacecraft. Many of them secure jobs at NASA or other agencies that deploy satellites, but they can also work for firms pursuing commercial space flight.

We’ve provided details on aerospace engineer and engineering technology careers below. The Bureau of Labor Statistics provided the median annual salaries and job growth data through 2030.

Aerospace Engineers

Aerospace engineering technologists help build the aircraft and spacecraft that engineers design. They oversee teams that assemble airframes, install monitoring instruments, and perform rigorous safety and quality checks on finished craft. They collaborate closely with engineers, but much of their time is spent in manufacturing environments.

Top 20 Best Schools For Aerospace Engineering In The World In 2022

Best Aeronautical Engineering Colleges in Chennai is P.B. engineering ...
  • 13 minute read

To be rooted in the aerospace engineering field requires not just commitment but acquiring knowledge and skills from any of the top aerospace engineering schools in the world.

That explains why men like Neil Armstrong, George Cayley, and Elon Musk are known as fathers and pioneers of aerospace engineering.

Aside from that, Aerospace Engineering is a competitive field that the easiest way to land a good job is by ensuring you get the right knowledge and skills.

Currently, over 200 schools that offer aerospace engineering exist in the world today. Trying to make a choice without proper guidance can result in you making the wrong choice.

Thats why in this post, we have put together a comprehensive list of the top 20 schools in the world that are good in aerospace engineering degree programs.

We have also included some relevant information in detail about aerospace engineering which will be beneficial to you.

Glancing through the table of contents below first wont be a bad idea.

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    North Carolina State University At Raleigh

    Address: Raleigh, NC 27695, United States

    The next top school that any aerospace student should dream of going is North Carolina State University. This is because the school ensures that the students get to experience excellent education. Actually, This Universitys department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering is the largest in the state and among the largest in the country.

    The department offers BS, MS, Ph.D., and accelerated BS/MS degrees in both mechanical engineering and aerospace engineering. Each year, the school graduates up to 77% of its students. Due to these factors and more, has ranked this school #17 in the list of top aerospace engineering schools.

    Harbin Institute Of Technology

    Address: 92 West Dazhi Street, Nangang District, Harbin, Heilongjiang, 150001, China

    Harbin Institute of Technology is a multi-disciplinary and world-class university established in 1920.

    The school majors in engineering, research, management, and liberal arts, economy, and law. In terms of popularity, the school is ranked 5th according to US News engineering college rankings of the world. Also, its ranked 2nd among all universities in China.

    HIT as its popularly called has 20 schools offering over 2,000 undergraduate and 1,900 postgraduate courses, for its 40,000 plus student body.

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    Best Colleges With Aerospace Engineering Degrees In America

    Ready to get your aerospace engineering degree? Then, based on the criteria above, these are some of the best schools for aerospace engineering which youll want to consider adding to your list. But, as always, do your research before you apply to make sure you meet the general requirements and qualifications. Students who want to get into these programs will have to have competitive applications.

    All Important Info For International Students In Germany

    Fulton Schools Degree Webinar: Aerospace Engineering (Astronautics)

    Pursuing your Masters studies in Aerospace Engineering at a German university can be a great door opener for your career, in Germany or elsewhere. One great advantage the degree programs in this field of study offer, is that they work in close contact with leading players in the aerospace industry. If you study one of the programs offered in Berlin, for example, you will be in the center of the Berlin-Brandenburg region of space research and private industry players. Did you know that the Technical University of Berlin is the university with the most satellites in orbit worldwide? In one of the programs offered in Bremen, you will be close to Germanys second biggest Airbus location. This provides excellent opportunities for internships throughout your studies.

    With our StudyFinder, finding the perfect choice for you to study Aerospace Engineering in English at a German university isnt Rocket Science!

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    University Of Michiganann Arbor

    Address: Address: 500 S State St, Ann Arbor, MI 48109, United States

    University of Michigan is a prestigious public school established in 1817. At the university, the school of engineering which houses the department of aerospace engineering offers rigorous curriculums for masters, doctoral and interdisciplinary programs, and classes emphasize project-based learning.

    The school is ranked #5 according to US News best Aerospace Engineering school #6 by, and #18 by best Value Schools. Considering the ranking, its 3,247 student enrollment, and 50% graduation rate, has ranked this school #6 in the list of best aerospace engineering school.

    The Importance Of Accreditation

    Institutional accreditation is a stamp of approval from an independent agency asserting the overall quality of a college. Regionally accredited institutions are more prestigious than nationally accredited schools because the standards are more academically rigorous. Attending a regionally accredited college improves your chances of being able to transfer credits to another college or graduate school, which is important if you want to switch schools during your bachelor’s program or earn a graduate degree in the future. You may be able to use federal financial aid at a college with either type of accreditation.

    Graduating from an aerospace engineering program without ABET accreditation may have adverse effects on your employability.

    In engineering, programmatic accreditation is also important. Many employers prefer to hire candidates who graduate from programs approved by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology. However, none of the online programs on this page are ABET-accredited. Graduating from an aerospace engineering program without ABET accreditation may have adverse effects on your employability. You’ll also be unable to earn a Professional Engineer license. Although a PE license usually isn’t necessary for beginner aerospace engineers, it could help improve your employment prospects in the future.

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    Aeronautical Engineering Colleges In India

    Now that you are familiar with global colleges offering various courses in Aeronautical Engineering, now let us take a look at some of the popular institutions of India. Here are the top Aeronautical Engineering colleges in India:

    Aeronautical Engineering Colleges in India Location
    University of Petroleum and Energy Studies Dehradun

    Top 10 Aerospace Engineering Colleges In India

    Aerospace students star on ITV News

    The Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology is one of the top 10 aerospace engineering colleges in India. It is located in Thiruvananthapuram and is one of the most popular educational institutions for aerospace studies in India. IIST is governed directly by the Department of Space, Govt. of India.

    Many guest lecturers are from ISRO and this institution boasts faculties with higher proficiencies. This college functions with the single moto for the need of manpower for ISRO. It has state-of-the-art lab facilities and many upfront frontiers for students willing to make a career in the field of aerospace engineering.

    Learn JEE Main Exam Concepts

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    Massachusetts Institute Of Technology


    Massachusetts Institute of Technology is a large private university situated in the city of Cambridge. Its another school you should consider if you are looking of a top aerospace engineering school to study.

    Different degree programs at various levels are available in this school for both national and international students. In terms of popularity, the school was ranked #45 out of all colleges and universities that offer aerospace engineering degree.

    With the graduation rate of 94%, a retention rate of 99%, and accreditation by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET, has ranked this school #4 best aerospace engineering school out of all schools that offer the degree.

    California Institute Of Technology Usa

    Department of Aerospace, Graduate Aerospace Laboratories Programs Offered: Master in Aeronautics Master in Space Engineering

    The postgraduate programs in Aeronautics and Space Engineering offered by the illustrious GALCIT at the California Institute of Technology encompass the field of Space Technology as well. The specialisations offered in these masters degree programs include Fluid Mechanics, Propulsion and Bio-inspired Design, Solid Mechanics and Materials and Space Engineering. It also offers several scholarships and funding options.

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    Should I Get My Aerospace Engineering Degree

    Based on all of this information, if youre still wondering whether or not you should get your aerospace engineering degree, our best advice would be to research each of those schools further to learn more about the program.

    With an aerospace engineering degree, youll be able to work in several different industries and many different types of important projects, which means that if youre not loving one area of the field, you can always get into another.

    One reason that people might be hesitant about pursuing a degree like this is because of the cost of the degree itself. Though the University of the People doesnt offer a degree specifically in aerospace engineering, we do offer degree programs in computer science, which can be a healthy stepping stone to see whether or not engineering is for you.

    UoPeople is the only online university thats based in the United States and tuition-free. So, if youre not sure if you want to be an aerospace engineer quite yet, you can start on this path without having to worry about losing money.

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