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Where Is Los Angeles City College

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Colleges And Universities In California

Welcome to LACC

Californias higher education institutes span across the entire state, allowing students to study by the beach, in the forest, in small towns, and in large cities. The largest university, the University of California, Los Angeles, serves nearly 44,000 students and offers a tuition rate around $13,000. This isnt the only school with a large student body though. California is home to 23 colleges and universities with student populations of over 20,000 students.

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However, more than half of the states schools serve smaller student populations, offering plenty of options for students who crave a more intimate campus experience. Additionally, California boasts 50 religiously affiliated schools. Many of these schools have high graduation rates, though tuition costs can range greatly, from $8,000 at Bethesda University up to $54,000 at Pepperdine University.

Additionally, many of Californias colleges and universities boast influential faculty and alumni, including Neil Armstrong, Jerry Lewis, and Weird Al Yankovic. In addition to famous alumni and professors, Californias schools are also home to some of the countrys top degree programs, including nursing, business, religious studies, education, literature, and law.

To learn more about earning your degree in California, check out some of the states top programs and career paths.

Lacc Swap Meet Revenues Are Down At Least 75%

The school is in talks with another operator to take over, according to Robert Schwartz, executive director of the Los Angeles City College Foundation, which oversees the weekly over-air marketplace.

But it could be a tough sell. Since reopening in April after the pandemic, the swap meet has been making 75% to 80% less money than usual, Schwartz said. Newport Diversified blamed the sharp drop in revenues for their decision to end the arrangement, according to Martha Palaya, director of corporate and foundation relations for the LACC Foundation.

Much of that revenue is supposed to come from fees on swap meet vendors, who would normally pay through a competitive bidding process. But vendors have not been getting charged the normal rates, resulting in a drop in income, even though the operator told Schwartz that the swap meet is now filled to 80% capacity.

“April was free and the past two months have been at half price. That, in addition to reduced patronage, has resulted in the loss of revenue that weve described,” Schwartz said.

California State University Channel Islands

Those who attend California State at their Channel Islands campus never want to leave, thanks to its natural beauty.

The entire campus is nestled at the base of the Camarillo, and offers stunning views, foliage and wildlife.

Unfortunately, the entire campus is haunted by ghosts.

The campus was once the Camarillo State Mental Hospital, and dead patients still linger there.

Some people have reported having their arms or hair grabbed by a malicious, unseen force when they happened to be alone on campus.

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The 10 Best Colleges In California To Spot A Ghost

For some the school year is approaching, for others its ending, and for yet others that means beginning or resuming their secondary education.

Today, we have compiled a list of some of the best colleges in Californiabut for entirely different reasons than you might expect.


Beyond curriculum and cafeterias, some schools are home to a supernatural presence.

Spirits of students, and staff members will come back at times, and haunt the campus they came to love while they were alive.

So if youre trying to decide which school to go to, and you have an affinity for the paranormal, you might want to consider one of these ten California schools.

San Jose State University San Jose


Located in the heart of downtown San Jose, this campus is always a lively place to visit, whether for class or for some fun at the Event Center.

Feeling brave? Consider hanging around the Health building late at night.

The facility was recently renovated, and now seems to be haunted by the ghost of a young man.

The spirit has been known to pace around the front of the building, ranting quietly under his breath.

Those who have dared to interact with him have said that black goo oozes from his nose and mouth and he will scream at you until you run away.

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Academic Pathway & Short Term Programs Offered

As a comprehensive community college, Los Angeles City College offers a variety of classes and programs allowing students to earn an Associate degree, certificate and/or university transfer opportunities. LACC helps students transfer to competitive universities as juniors, enter high-paying jobs and enable them to advance in their careers.

Los Angeles City College will provide educational opportunities for students through the following means:

  • General education classes required for transfer and Associate degree programs.
  • Liberal Arts majors leading to the Associate degree and transfer.
  • Vocational training majors leading to certificates of completion, the Associate degree, or transfer.

East Hollywood Los Angeles

East Hollywood
East Hollywood as viewed from the
Boundaries of East Hollywood as drawn by the Los Angeles Times
East HollywoodLocation within Central Los Angeles

East Hollywood is a densely populated neighborhood of 78,000+ residents in the region of , California. It is notable for being the site of , and a hospital district. There are seven public and five private schools, as well as a branch of the Los Angeles Public Library and three hospitals. Almost two-thirds of the people living there were born outside the United States and 90% were renters. In 2000 the neighborhood had high percentages of never-married people and of single parents.

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How Do We Determine California’s Best Community Colleges

The people affiliated with a school are ultimately what make it great. This is why, at the undergraduate level, we rank the best colleges and universities based on what we call Concentrated Influence. Concentrated Influence takes the combined influence score of a college or universitys top academic influencers and divides it by the schools total number of undergraduates.

Using concentrated influence gives small and mid-sized schools an opportunity to shine by taking away the size advantage of larger universities. A small school with proportionately more influential faculty than a large school, whose influence in absolute terms may be bigger, will nonetheless score higher in a concentrated influence ranking. Our approach highlights undergraduate schools that truly rank for excellence, regardless of size.

If you are serious about finding the best colleges and universities for a bachelors degree, you should be asking where the most influential professors are teaching and whether their graduates are themselves advancing the schools reputation for academic excellence.

Most ranking sites rely on an opaque combination of reputation surveys and arbitrary performance metrics. Concentrated Influence provides a ranking that is free from bias, insulated from manipulation, and reflective of real-world educational outcomes.

Mass Media And Entertainment

LACC Virtual Commencement 2021

and the rest of the Los Angeles area is a major global center for entertainment, with the ‘s being based in or around the area.

The four major American television broadcast networks all have production facilities and offices in the state. All four, plus the two major Spanish-language networks each have at least two in California, one in Los Angeles and one in the San Francisco Bay Area.

One of the oldest radio stations in the United States still in existence, in the Bay Area, was founded in 1909. , one of the “” record labels, is based in . California is also the birthplace of several international music genres, including the , , , , , , , and .

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Lacc Swap Meet Has Lost Revenues As Sidewalk Vendors Have Grown Say Organizers

The Los Angeles City College Swap Meet has operated for more than twenty years.

East Hollywood – The giant swap meet that has been running near Los Angeles City College for more than 20 years may cease operations at the end of the month, when the company that manages the event withdraws from the contract.

City College officials say part of the problem are nearby street vendors, who are drawing away customers and income. They also said an ordinance that bars outside vending within 500 feet of the swap meet is not being enforced by the city’s Bureau of Street Services.

Newport Diversified, which runs several swap meets, has operated the LACC Swap Meet on Vermont Avenue since the weekend event began continuous operation more than twenty years ago. But it is terminating its agreement with the school as of August 1, say college officials.

Californias Best Community Colleges Of 2021

The best community colleges provide an effective springboard into higher education, offering students high-quality two-year degree programs in a wide range of disciplines. The top-rated community colleges in California offer a broad selection of associates degrees, affordable tuition rates, and strong partnerships with public four-year schools so that students can easily transfer their credits into accredited bachelors degree programs.

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Explore Los Angeles Southwest College

LASC Graduate Tyler

Los Angeles Southwest College has been awarded a Predominantly Black Institution Grant through the United States Department of Education totaling more than $1.7 million. Funding will support LASC’s transformational efforts to increase college enrollment and success among Black students at the college in South Los Angeles.

The Los Angeles Community College District understands the uncertainty and hardship the coronavirus health pandemic had on the LACCD student community. To provide relief during this unprecedented time, the LACCD is pleased to announce that students have been awarded a grant to help reduce your out-of-pocket educational expenses.

The Aspen Institute College Excellence Program has announced that Dr. Seher Awan, president at Los Angeles Southwest College, is one of 25 leaders selected for the 2021-22 class of the Aspen New Presidents Fellowship. This program supports community college presidents in the early years of their tenure as they aim to achieve higher and more equitable levels of student success. The Fellowship’s philanthropic partner is JPMorgan Chase.

The Ten Best Colleges In California To Spot A Ghost

Los Angeles City College Student Union

The University of Santa Monica is considered one of the best schools in Californiadespite the fact that some people consider it to be part of a cult.

Individuals who are interested in becoming therapists, coaches and healers would greatly benefit from their programs.

Just be on the lookout for the ghost of a young woman in the library.

Rumor has it that she was failing her courses, and slit her wrists between the shelving units.

Now her ghost and trails of blood can be seen in the evenings.

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Language Academy At Lacc

Improve your English language skills! LACC’s Language Academy can assist you in achieving your goals.

Earn LACC Transferable College Credit in our Level 3 Advanced English course when you transfer into LACC’s academic program.


Our Language Academy consists of three levels: Level 1 – Basic. Level 2 – Intermediate. Level 3 – Advanced. Each Level is comprised of Two Modules. Spring & Fall: Modules take six weeks to complete. Summer Intensive: Eight weeks to complete two modules.

  • Understand written and spoken college level academic materials
  • Establish effective note taking skills
  • Write academic papers that meet college standards
  • Develop critical thinking skills

Vendors Not Interested In Returning

Since 1998, the swap meet has been running continuously in a large parking lot across the street from the Braille Institute – taking up most of a 4.73-acre city block. It usually draws around 170 vendors, Schwartz said. In previous years, the marketplace would typically generate about $650,000 annually, covering the foundation’s operating costs and freeing up funds to be used for scholarships and other support for the college, Schwartz said.

Then came the pandemic. The meet – like everything else – shut down. And while it was closed, vendors started setting up shop outside the gate.

Now that the swap meet has reopened, many of those vendors say they dont intend to come back inside and pay the competitive fee, Palaya recently told the East Hollywood Neighborhood Council.

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Los Angeles City College

Los Angeles City College


Los Angeles City College is a public community college in East Hollywood, Los Angeles, California. A part of the Los Angeles Community College District, it is located on Vermont Avenue south of Santa Monica Boulevard on the former campus of the University of California, Los Angeles . From 1947 to 1955, the college shared its campus with California State University, Los Angeles , then known as Los Angeles State College of Applied Arts and Sciences , before the university moved to its present campus of 175 acres in the northeastern section of the City of Los Angeles, 5 miles east of the Civic Center.

California Republic And Conquest

LACC Faculty Video – Congratulations to the Class of 2020

In 1846, a group of American settlers in and around rebelled against Mexican rule during the . Afterwards, rebels raised the at Sonoma. The Republic’s only president was , who played a pivotal role during the Bear Flag Revolt. This revolt by American settlers served as a prelude to the later American military invasion of California and was closely coordinated with nearby American military commanders.

The California Republic was short lived the same year marked the outbreak of the . When Commodore of the sailed into and began the military occupation of California by the United States, Northern California capitulated in less than a month to the United States forces. After a series of defensive battles in , the was signed by the on January 13, 1847, securing American control in California.

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Vending Restrictions Now Being Enforced

The citys Bureau of Street Services is responsible for enforcing the restriction, according to Dan Halden, a spokesperson for City Councilmember Mitch OFarrell of District 13. Schwartz said the LACC Foundation has been in regular contact with OFarrells office, and that signs alerting vendors of the ordinance have been ordered, but not yet been installed. The Eastsider has reached out Street Services for comment.

Pelayo added, We fear that while the issue of those vending directly outside the swap meet designated area is not resolved …, it will be difficult to get another company to take it over.

That might not just be a problem for the vendors inside the gate, but also those outside. A rare coin seller down the block at Vermont and Normal – who identified his stall as Vermin on the Street — said the absence of the swap meet would impact him, too.

If the swap meet closes, he said, I think theres no people coming.

Sidewalk vendors picks a prime spot near one of the entrances to the LACC Swap Meet.

Los Angeles City College Los Angeles

Los Angeles City College is, unfortunately, considered to be one of the worst colleges in California, unlike all the others on this list.

Many students report that they feel very unsafe while walking on the open campus due to seeing weird shadows moving across the grounds.

To top it all off, the spirit of an elderly woman has been seen wandering outside the buildings at night.

Rumor has it that she was once a homeless person who slept on campus at night, until she was murdered.

Now she haunts the campus, searching for her killer.

Dont approach her, as she will attempt to stab you with a shard of glass she holds in her dead fingers.

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Street Vending Is Booming Along Vermont Avenue

And the number of those outside vendors has grown.

Two years ago there were almost no vendors on Vermont within the block running outside the fencing for the parking lot and swap meet, Schwartz said. There are currently about 45 street vendors along that one block area.

Indeed, on Saturdays and Sundays – the swap meet days – vending tables now stretch along the east side of Vermont Avenue for about half a mile, from Santa Monica Boulevard to Melrose Avenue.

An ordinance should be preventing this, Schwartz said. Outside vendors are barred from setting up sales within 500 feet outside the swap meet. But by all accounts, that law doesnt seem to be getting enforced.

Best Community Colleges Of 2021

Los Angeles City College

The best community colleges provide an effective springboard into higher education, offering students high-quality two-year degree programs in a wide range of disciplines. The top rated community colleges offer a broad selection of associates degrees, affordable tuition rates, and strong partnerships with public four-year schools so that students can easily transfer their credits into accredited bachelors degree programs.

What is a community college? A community college is a public two-year college that awards associate degrees as well as some professional certifications. Community colleges typically attract students drawn from the surrounding region. Top community colleges tend to offer a wide selection of associate degrees spanning a variety of disciplines. Community colleges can be especially attractive to students interested in getting an affordable start on a four-year degree. So too, these schools appeal to students seeking professional two-year degrees designed to provide technical and practical skills for immediate entrance into the job market.

Weve identified 839 community colleges in the US. In order to be included in this list of the best community colleges, a school needs to satisfy the following three conditions:

  • It must be fully accredited.
  • It must have a student body of at least 1,000 students.
  • It must primarily provide two-year, or associate, degree programs .
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