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When To Apply For Community College

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How to Apply to Community College

To get a loan, you must apply through a lender, which includes banks or private institutions such as Sallie Mae. Each will have their own set of requirements to apply. They will then decide if you are eligible, how much you can borrow, the interest rate, and the repayment terms.

Be sure to research a few lenders to make sure youre getting the best options for your financial scenario.

Take Any Academic Skills Assessments

As I mentioned earlier, you donât really need to do SATs or ACTs to get admission to a community college. However, most, if not all, community colleges ask you to take an academic skills assessment test. This is usually a test of your math and English language abilities.

âThe reason why these two skills are tested is that they lay at the foundation of any education program, and weaknesses in these skills need to be addressed before you will be allowed to take higher-level classes. If you wish to skip this test you can do so by getting a decent SAT or ACT score.

This may vary from school to school but the generally accepted scores for SAT are 450 each on Reading and Math. For ACTs you need to get a 47 on English and Reading combined and a 22 on math.

The good news is you will not likely get rejected if you score low on these placement tests. You will simply be asked to take remedial classes to help you catch up with the rest of the class.

How To Get Student Loans For Community College

The Department of Educations Federal Student Aid provides several types of student loans for community college. Since federal loans tend to have low interest rates and flexible repayment terms, they should usually be your first stop as a borrower.

But if you need additional funds to pay for school, you could also consider a private student loan. Here are your four main options for student loans for community college.

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A More Affordable Option

There are two ways you can save on tuition or those punishing student loans. Compare the tuition for the various options mentioned below:

Get an associateâs degree and start your professional life

Tuition for a private four-year college costs almost ten times more than a public two-year college! If you canât afford that then just get your associateâs degree and start your professional career.

Get a bachelorâs degree and still save money

If you are determined to get a bachelorâs degree then one smart way to get it and still save on a lot of tuition is to complete the first two years of your intended major at a community college at a tenth of the cost. This will land you an associateâs degree.

As mentioned earlier as well, you can then take this degree and transfer to a university program to get your bachelorâs, saving you a good chunk of tuition costs.

Send A Complete Application Packet So As To Not Delay Your Acceptance

Community college application

While admissions requirements vary by institution, the community college system is fairly standard with the requirement of a recent high school transcript for high school seniors or a proof of graduation in the form of a diploma or final high school transcript for those applicants already out of high school. Students that submit a complete application for admission will likely hear of their acceptance within two weeks of submission.

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I Want To Take A Gap Year

If this sounds like you, when do you apply for college? Actually, your timeline might still involve applying senior year. Lots of schools allow you to defer your admissions decision for a year. Deferring your admissions decision means you would still apply by an early or regular deadline, or rolling admissions, and then if you got accepted, you’d defer your enrollment for one academic year.

You might be thinking that you want to travel and then figure out where to go to college. This could be a good option too, but remember that your deadlines might still be in January. That means you’ll still need to have your SAT scores finalized, letters of recommendation gathered, and essays written throughout the fallpossibly while you’re traveling the world!

If applying to colleges while youre traveling doesnt sound like the plan for you, remember this: Not all that much time will have passed since high school, so it could be a lot easier to get your application materials collected while you’re still in the swing of school and used to being a student.

If you’ve been out of school already for a year or two, then that’s a different story.

Show Proof Of Immunization

Some states require that community colleges ask for immunization records for all full-time students taking twelve or more credits to ensure they have been vaccinated against specific diseases. You may be asked to show immunization for the following, but get in touch with your college to see what exactly they require from you.

  • Covid
  • Tdap
  • Three doses of Hepatitis B
  • Two doses of MMR
  • Two doses of varicella

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Access Our Scholarships Application

To apply for scholarships using our general scholarship application, you must have a student ID number and be able to login to the MyCCP portal, meaning you are either a current student or you have already applied for admission. To access the application:

  • Expand the Student Quick Links folder in the lefthand menu
  • Select Apply for Scholarships
  • Please note: You must first apply to the College and receive MyCCP login credentials in order to apply to scholarships. Complete our free application today.

    Direct Subsidized Student Loans

    How to Apply to Community College – Step by Step

    This federal loan is available to students who prove they have a financial need. You can borrow up to that needed amount, which is determined by the school. To qualify, you must be enrolled no less than half-time at an accredited community college.

    The Department of Education will pay the interest on this loan while youre still in school and for the first six months after you leave school.

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    How To Apply For Community College: 9

    Did you know that almost half of all undergrads in the U.S. go to community college? In fact, there are 1,100 community colleges nationwide, and they enroll 13 million students!

    If you’re looking to make that 13 million and one, read on to learn how to apply for community college: from deciding where to apply to enrolling in classes. Before getting the ball rolling, let’s review what community colleges offer their students and some good reasons to apply.

    Private Student Loans For Community

    Even if you get federal aid and scholarships, you still might not be able to cover the entire cost of your education. Thats when you might consider taking out private student loans to cover that gap in coverage. Not all lenders will offer this option, but heres everything you need to know about how to get student loans from a private lender.

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    When Should I Apply For Community College

    Dont wait until the spring to submit your application Given that the community college is becoming less of a back-up option, students should submit their applications in the fall and early winter when they submit their four-year college and university applications. This also includes financial aid applications.

    I’m Graduating High School Early


    There are rare advanced students who earn enough credits, perhaps from courses at a local community college or online, to graduate high school early and go straight into college at a young age.

    These students push their timeline earlier by a year or two, taking the SAT or ACT as freshmen or sophomores, and gathering all their documents early. If this sounds like you, you’ll probably want to work closely with your counselors, administrators, and teachers to make sure they agree with your choice.

    You might take your tests in freshmen and sophomore year, ask your sophomore year teachers for recommendations, and apply in the fall or winter of your junior year. You may also have to take the GED to earn the equivalent of your high school diploma. Make sure you’ve met all graduation requirements and, of course, have concrete, realistic reasons for graduating high school early and enrolling in college.

    The aforementioned situations are exceptions rather than the rule, but can be great options if they apply to your situation and needs. In closing, let’s review when most students submit their applications to colleges.

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    Direct Unsubsidized Student Loans

    With a Direct unsubsidized loan, you dont need to demonstrate a financial need, but the school will still decide on how much you can borrow. Rather than basing the amount off of your financial need, your school will look at the cost of attendance compared to the other types of aid youre receiving.

    You are responsible for paying the interest, and the interest will accrue if you decide not to pay while youre in school.

    Can You Use Pell Grants For Community College

    Yes you can! For families with financial need, the Pell Grant is an amazing way to help pay for school. When you fill out the FAFSA, you will receive an EFC number which determines your Pell Grant eligibility.

    As of the 2021-2022 school year, you can qualify for up to $6,495 per semester. All you need to do to check your eligibility is fill out the FAFSA.

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    Submit Your Online Application

    Depending on what state you are in, you will have to fill out the online application form. One of the most frequently asked questions is how to apply to a community college in California. States like California have a single system to apply to any of the colleges within that state. Itâs called CCCApply and is very easy to use. Similarly, the State University of New York also has its central application system called SUNY.

    Most colleges, however, have their own application form that you need to fill out if you want to apply to that college. All these application forms are more or less the same and ask for your basic information such as your full name, address, nationality, residency, the high school you went to, and what you want to major in.

    They will also ask you for your intent which means whether you want to apply for certification and enter the workforce, an associateâs degree, or an associateâs degree with an intent to convert to a bachelorâs degree.

    Why Study At A Community College

    How to Apply to Everett Community College’s College in the High School Program

    Looking for the benefits of attending a community college? This section will provide you with just a few including the reasonable tuition and fees associated with a community college education. Here you will also learn the difference between the application requirements for a university versus a community college and details on standard class size, student resources, and activities at community colleges.

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    Submit Your High School Diploma Ged Or Transcript

    Unlike four-year universities, community colleges donât ask you to submit SAT or ACT scores. You just need your high school diploma or GED. In case you havenât received your diploma yet, you can ask your high school to have transcripts mailed to the community colleges you are applying to.

    If your certificates or transcripts are from a school outside the United States then you need to have them evaluated by a recognized credential evaluation agency. This is done to determine equivalency to US standards.

    When Do You Apply For Rolling Admissions

    Your timeline for applying for rolling admissions depends on a few factors and may vary from student to student. Schools with rolling admissions accept applications throughout a period of time, usually ranging from the fall to the spring. For example, the application for ASU opened July 1 this year and will remain open through Spring 2022.

    Since most schools with rolling admissions accept applications on a first come, first served basissometimes notifying you of admission only a few weeks after you submitit’s advisable to apply as early as possible. Sticking to an early deadline of November or regular deadline in January, even though you don’t absolutely have to, is a good guideline to follow.

    Not only will setting a deadline for yourself help you keep better track of your college planning, but it will help you apply early and thereby impress admissions officers, which gives you a better chance of admission.

    Some schools with rolling admission also publicize a priority deadline, meaning students who apply by that deadline have an advantage. University of Maryland’s priority deadline, for instance, is November 1. They’ll still accept applications after, but you’ll have improved chances if you apply by then.

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    Important Dates Fall 2021

    Fall applicants can begin applying

    Class schedule will be available online

    Deadline for student to file appeal for priority registration date.

    Deadline for student to apply for admissions & priority coding of Active Duty, Veterans, DSPS, EOPS, Foster Youth, Calworks & Athletes. .

    Student will be able to view their registration via mySDCCD.

    Online Registration, appointment dates and times will vary based on special population and priority registration. For details See page 25-25 of college catalog.

    Open enrollment dates for all eligible students with an active application who applied after June 16, 2021.

    Deadline to file a petition to challenge prerequisite/corequisite with Admissions for Fall City College course. Submit petition online here.

    How Can I Go To Community College For Free

    Browns Town Community College Application Form 2020

    Each state has its own programs that help students pay for community college. California residents can attend community college entirely for free through the California Promise program. You must meet certain financial need requirements to qualify for this program. Illinois has a similar program for families below a certain income threshold.

    If your state does not have these same programs, you might still be able to go to community college for free through grants. You can combine Pell Grant money, private grants, and institutional scholarships. This can bring your cost down significantly and even end up in you going to community college for free.

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    F1 Visa For Community College Approved

    Heres another student who got his F1 Visa sharing his experience.

    I have received five years F1 visa for a community college in Los Angeles. Heres how?

    I applied in January, but I got rejected.

    Reason. I could not convince the VO why I am selecting a community college over a university. They need a solid proof.

    I applied again in July of the same year, and I got my visa.

    I took the course curriculum with me telling them whats the main reason for community college and what exactly am gonna do. Same classes at university were at community college but at four times the price of community college.

    So, I explained the VO why should I pay more for same classes when I can cover them at much affordable price plus how flexible is a community college.

    I got my visa and I am typing this sitting from LA. I did some mistakes but not I am on track again. I am transferring to UCLA, and I would recommend everybody stay honest to yourself and Be confident good wishes from LA.

    Visa officers expect students were going to community college to tell them their plans to transfer to 4-year college. You have to make this argument to get F1 Visa for attending the community college. If you cant convince your visa officer, then you cant get the visa.

    Now, you know the trick. Its time to save some money by studying first two years in a community college and then transfer to the 4-year university.

    To Minimize The Financial Burden

    I’ve mentioned a few times that community colleges tend to be less expensive than 4-year colleges. Exactly how much less expensive are they?

    According to the National Center for Education, the average community college cost for a year was $9,574 in 2013. While this is a significant sum, it’s less than half of the average for 4-year schools of $23,872.

    In addition to saving money on tuition, community college students are eligible for financial aid, including federal grants, federal loans, state aid, and institutional aid. Plus they may be able to choose evening, weekend, or online classes that allow for a part-time or full-time job.

    Students considered “in-state residents” get in-state tuition, which is why most community college students choose schools close to home . If they transfer to a state school through an articulation agreement, then they further save money with in-state tuition. Ultimately, their diploma comes from the institution from which they graduated, same as any student who attended for four straight years.

    Now that we’ve gone over the main reasons that students attend community college, let’s go over how you can apply!

    Do as the Atlantic puffins do. Take things one step at a time.

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    Southern Alberta Technology Center

    The Southern Alberta Institute of Scientific Technology is one of Canadas international community colleges offering over 100 courses in arts, technology and business. The college, located in Calgary, Alberta, is one of the oldest institutions of higher learning in the province and supports close to 11,000 or more students. This gives it a place on our list of the best community colleges in Canada.

    It Is Easier To Get Admission

    How to Apply for Admission to Southwest Tennessee Community College

    Is it hard to get into a community college? No. Because community colleges are public schools with a mandate to uplift their communities they have an open admission policy. This means that if you meet the minimum requirement of having a high school diploma or GED you can get admitted.

    Does GPA matter in community college? Yes. Community college does not mean that there are no entry standards at all, you have to have a minimum GPA of 2.0 to 2.5 depending on the college as well as math and English levels which are required for college-level studies.

    Still, in case you miss the mark on any of these, most community colleges will ask you to attend remedial classes rather than outright reject you.

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