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What To Get Someone Going To College

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Knowreally Knowhow You Feel About Greek Life


Do not get involved in fraternities and sororities for the wrong reasons. Do you really want to join, or do you feel like you should? There are a lot of fraternities and sororities out there, and plenty are worth joining for friendship, growth, and service. But they can also harbor outdated, dangerous, and even misogynistic ideals and people. Think about why you want to get involved with Greek life and if the brothers and sisters youve met so far meet your expectations, if their practices sit right with you. Trust your gut. Be smart, be yourself, and do not let anyone make you feel you need to do something or be a part of something if it is not in line with your values.

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Mekamon Berserker V2 Gaming Robot

College is a time to explore your interests with new, like-minded individuals. For the intelligent students with a passion for tech and programming, the Berserker robot provides a fun opportunity to enjoy the latest technology and engage with friends. The Berserker gaming robot is an emotive, lifelike creation that your student gets to program for movement and tactics in preparation for incredible augmented reality gameplay. Play single-player mode to discover all the potential, or battle friends in battle-mode to see whose reigns supreme! Either way, this gift is sure to engage and satisfy your young designer for some time to come.

An Introduction To College Life

Going to college is basically like a trial run at #adulting. Youre mostly responsible for your own life, but youre still learning a lot about what you want your future to look like and how to get there . Plus, youll be figuring all of this out with a lot of help from your friends, classmates, professors, and university mentors.

While you will have access to tons of support while youre in college, your unique experience will depend a lot on how you respond to some of the things about college life that are new and exciting…like living on your own, managing your commitments, and deciding how you spend your time.

In the context of your newfound freedom, it’s important to aim for balance. What balance looks like will be your choice, but thinking about how you want to approach the different demands on your time will help you thrive during your college years.

To help you envision your future as a college student, well answer the question, What is college like? in regard to six major aspects of the college experience: academics, extracurriculars, social life, time management, working while in school, and living arrangements.

Depending on the size of your college, you may find that some of your classes are held in large lecture halls.

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Cm Makes It Easy With 10 Gifts Your Girlfriend Actually Wants

Girls have to put a lot more thought into a gift for their boyfriends then they do for her. His eyes wont glaze over for something shiny unless youre wearing sparkly lingerie. So whats a girl to do when shes deciding what to buy her beau for Christmas or Hanukkah or all those other gift-giving holidays?Well ladies, youre in luck.

Let Relationships Be What They Will Be

SparkLife » Why People Aren

You werent meant to get along with or hang out with everybody, including your new roommate. And thats okay! There are generally thousands of people on a college campus. Some of them you will get along with, some of them you will grow very close with, and some of them…not so much. If someone treats you poorly, do not put up with it. You deserve to be treated right and to spend time with people who make you feel strong, worthy, happy, cared for, and confident. If anyone is making you feel anything less, let them go. Surround yourself only with people who want to lift you higher. In turn, your job is to lift them higher and care for them genuinely as well.

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If Youre Not Getting Accolades At Work Be Prepared To Get A New Job

Sadly, the office can be a competitive place. The key advantage of creating a five-year plan is that you can always use it to see where you are on your projected timeline. If you havent been promoted in three years, its time to find a new job. At least youll have all the technical skills and soft skills youve developed, ready to put on your resume.

Memorabilia From His Favorite Video Game

Sometimes guys obsessions with video games can seem a little hard to understand. But if your boyfriend loves them, you cant pass up an opportunity to hand him something related to it. Buying your man something related to his favorite game, like Overwatch, will show him how much you care. Even if she hates video games, said University of Iowa junior Wyatt Dlouhy, its nice to see her go out of her way to learn about something she doesnt care much about. Your thoughtfulness will mean so much more than a video game session.

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Attend A Work College

This option is close to being just another 4-year college, but with one crucial difference. You are actually required to work 10-15 hours a week to help pay your tuition. Because of that, at these work colleges, you pay significantly less in tuition, and in a few cases, you pay no tuition.

In all other regards, its a normal college experience, but you arent strapped with the debt that cripples so many students and their families. You also get the valuable experience that comes with working a job while also engrossed in your studies. These institutions admit youll probably work harder than at other schools, and have a harder time learning how to balance your responsibilities, but youll come through the other side stronger than most of your peers.

There are only seven federally recognized work college in the country, so your options are a bit more limited, but they are definitely worth considering. Learn more at

For The Kid With The Bad Back: Sleep On Mattress Topper

Should I Really Go to College?

Dorm mattresses have been slept on by multiple people before your kidthat’s why some choose to just bring their own, even though a lot of colleges frown upon that. Why not opt for a sleeker solution instead, and nab your giftee a nifty little mattress topper? While we named the Casper option our best overall for 2021, they can be a little hard to find. A great second choice is Sleep Ons natural latex topper, which we said delivered an amazingly comfortable sleep experience.

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For The Kid Who Loves To Whip Up A Little Something To Eat: Always Pan

If your student has a hot plate, theyre going to need something to use on it. We love the , which is basically eight different appliances in one. It can fry, steam or even act as a saucepan. It also comes in a variety of adorable colors and, is a storage-friendly solution for those who live in a small apartment or share space with others. Sounds like a dorm to us!

The Desire To Explore And Be Lost Is So Strong

Dont we all want to explore? Dont we all want to try new things? And most certainly, dont we all want to do something so big well be remembered for it? You probably answered yes. However, most young individuals are trapped in the idea that they can only achieve such wants if they go to college and get a degree. Sure, a college degree greatly helps in more ways than one. But that doesnt mean we need to rely on it. That doesnt mean we need to bury ourselves in debt only to get this degree thing society told us to. If you feel the urge to explore and be lost and be found, if you feel like its the one and only right thing to do now, and youve been feeling that for years, its probably a sign. Its probably the universe telling you to go take that leap and dont listen to what others say.

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Benefits Of Going To College

When considering your career, you will likely face one of the most important decisions of your life: deciding whether to go to college. Often considered the next step after high school, college prepares you socially and intellectually to begin your career and adult life.

In this article, well discuss some benefits of earning a college degree.

Reasons College May Not Be For You

Students Get Onto School Bus Stock Footage Video (100% ...
  • The Career You Want to Pursue Doesn’t Require a Degree: Many occupations do not require a college education and earning a degree will do nothing at all to improve your chances of getting a job or advancing. You should get all the training you need by attending a vocational school or doing an apprenticeship if required.
  • You Are More Interested in Partying Than in Studying: While a fair bit of…um…socializing goes on in college, if visions of beer bongs and red plastic cups are your primary focus when you think about college, consider postponing going. You may not have given enough thought to the hard work involved in earning a bachelor’s degree. Perhaps wait until you are a bit more serious about your education before heading off to college.
  • Your Parents Think College Is Important, But You Don’t Really Want to Go: Your parents have your best interests at heart when they urge you to continue your education, but you have to want to earn a degree. No matter how much your parents want you to succeed in life, they will not be the ones who will have to put in all the hard work. However, you should consider what your parents are telling you. They may know enough about you and your aspirations to realize that college is a good choice.

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    For The Kid Who Really Loves A Good Pillow: Coop Home Goods Pillow

    Speaking of sleeping: Pillows. Everyone needs them, and no one wants to spend the money to get a good one for themselves. Thats why we love the idea of giving a nice pillow as a gift, especially for a sure-to-be snoozing college kid. We weighed dozens of options and landed on the Coop Home Goods Original pillow as our favorite pillow of 2021, hailing its washability and the inclusion of a little pack of extra stuffing, just in case that pillow isnt as fluffy as they might like. Coop even offers a generous 100-night sleep trial, just in case the person you gift this to isnt vibing with the pillows feel.

    For The Kid Who Needs Their Quiet: Sony Headphones

    If your grad has a roommate, then theyd absolutely adore a nice set of noise-canceling headphones. Our favorite headphones right now are the Sony WH-1000XM4, which we found are incredibly comfortable, great-sounding, and have among the best we’ve ever tested. Take that, roommate whos just learning acoustic guitar!

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    Take Free Online Classes

    Want an Ivy League education without forking up $200,000 to pay for it? Free online courses are the solution for you.

    Online learning sites like Coursera, Harvard Extension, edX, and others have made it cost-free and simple to get your learning on. All you have to do is sign up and youre getting a world-class education in whatever subject you desire.

    This way youre getting a feel for what subjects youre passionate about before wasting time paying for college and switching your major four times in your freshman year.

    Many 18 year olds could use this extra time before jumping into college. Its a shame more dont.

    Or you can forgo college altogether by using the knowledge and skills you learned from these classes.

    You can use what you learned to pursue another alternative on this list.

    If youre interested, check out this guide to learn how to study at Yale, Harvard, and other top institutions, for free!

    For The Kid Who Hates Cleaning: Roomba Robot Vacuums

    NOT Going to College was the BEST Decision of My Life

    Keeping their dorm room clean might be a hassle, especially amidst early classes, extracurriculars and more. A useful gift they’ll love is a robot vacuum and iRobot makes some of our favorites. Roomba’s are universally well-loved and if you’re willing to shell out the extra cash, they’ll make your child’s life a lot easier. Our favorite is the iRobot Roomba i7+ for its strong suction and self-emptying capabilitiesthey’ll never have to touch the dirt. It could also easily pick up 10 grams of debris per run and works with both Alexa and Google voice assistants for a hands-free experience.

    If the i7+ is too far out of your budget, consider our favorite affordable Roomba, the i3+. The i7+ might come with extra disposal bags and an extra cleaning side brush, but the i3+ was able to offer the same powerful cleaning and packed a sleeker design.

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    For The Kid Who Never Wakes Up In Time For Breakfast: Kind Bars

    No college student wants to get out of bed a second earlier than they have to, even if it means missing breakfast in the dining hall. Thats why were big fans of giving the gift of food to college-bound students. There are a lot of solid options for dorm room grub, from ramen to Emergen-C, but you really cant go wrong with a case of Kind bars, which offer protein and energy, and come in delicious sweet flavors. Were partial to the dark chocolate, nuts, and sea salt option, but theyre honestly all pretty solid.

    See Smell Touch Present

    Go for something unique. Iowa State University senior Haley Ballou once got her boyfriend a few of his favorite things to please his senses, like his favorite cologne and a restaurant gift card. He loved it, said Ballou. It was super fun because I wrapped them individually. You can make him guess them with his senses, too. Consider getting him a candle and letting him guess the scent, or a fuzzy blanket and letting him guess what type of warm item hes feeling. Itll turn your typical date night into a fun guessing game.

    Sometimes the simplest gifts are the most meaningful. Engrave it with your anniversary or the lyric from your guys favorite song. Its not too flashy of a bracelet, so your modest man wont be afraid to wear to class or when hanging out with the guys. You cant go wrong with some manly jewelry.

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  • Jax2 May 2017

    I think that if the answer to why you are doing anything is I dont know,everyone else is doing it,its what Im supposed to do then its probably a good idea to wait and reassess what you think you are going to get out of it.

    I absolutely agree that not everyone needs to go to college, or they dont need to go straight out of high school-especially if they have no idea what they want to do as a job/career! Theres no point in spending that money if there isnt a good plan.

    I disagree a lot with your opportunity cost assessment, though. Unfortunately, many decent paying jobs require a college degree even if the job itself doesnt require skills normally learned in college. An annual salary of minimum wage comes to $15,080. Some jobs on your list may not require a college degree, but they do require training and certification to the tune of thousands. Take pilots-just getting the certification isnt enough to get a job at a major airline making a good wage. First you have to get enough experience and that means lower tiered airlines and barely making above minimum wage.

    You do a really good job of getting the conversation about the necessity of college going! So many people go just because its the next life step but as you pointed out there are many alternatives. College will always be there-but if youre not jazzed about it then its in your financial interest to explore other alternatives first.

  • Go To The Career Center Your First Month On Campus

    Miles to Go: Bringing School Transportation into the 21st ...

    Okay, maybe within the first two months. Im not even kidding! You need to use the career center. This is something I wish someone forced me to do early on as an undergraduate. During high school, I had no idea what I wanted to be when I grew up, which is okay, in and of itself. But no one questioned me. Or offered me advice. Or asked me what I saw myself doing long-term. Or painted a picture for the types of jobs that I could pursue. Or told me about all of the other majors that are out there. Do the research now. Trust me. I know it feels like you have a long four years to figure it out, but I wish someone had pushed me early on. The time goes by very fast and creating the future that you want requires devising a plan to get there. Career centers have databases of hundreds of resources, like internship or mentorship programs, not to mention a trained, dedicated staff there to help you. Oh, and remember, it is not all about the money. Find a passion, pursue it, and money will come.

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