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What Macbook Should I Buy For College

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The Best Time To Buy A Macbook In 2021

Should I Buy NEW MacBook Pro For College?

Apples MacBooks are superbly made machines, but all that quality comes at a price. Not only are its laptops some of the most expensive on the market, but they also rarely go on sale. Thats why scoring a cheap MacBook deal is one of the few ways to save money on an Apple laptop.

With that in mind, you might be wondering when the best time is to pull the trigger and buy a MacBook. Fortunately, there is no great mystery to it. As long as you are careful, you can save yourself some cash and avoid a nasty case of buyers remorse while youre at it. Follow our guide and you will know exactly when the best time is to buy a MacBook in 2021.

Buy As Much Processor Speed As You Can Afford

Apple doesn’t allow you to swap out parts on any of the current MacBook models. With this in mind, zero in on what you can afford and go with it — starting with the processor speed. Expect to pay around $200 more as you move up to a better processor. However, don’t go overboard.

If you’re only purchasing a new laptop to take notes and write reports, save yourself some money and purchase less. Conversely, if you’re planning on doing creative work using an Adobe product or something like Final Cut Pro, go with a bigger processor.

Which Gpu Should I Get

Recommended: AMD Radeon, Minimum: Intel Graphics, Overkill: External Graphics Card

Mac uses either an Intel Iris Plus graphics card or an extra discrete AMD graphics card for better performance, which is more expensive. You will not need a discrete graphics card for any of your computer science classes however, if you can afford one, then get a discrete graphics card because you might need it for other things. If you want to learn intensive graphics modeling, a discrete graphics card would be a good companion. If you are learning parallel computing, then the GPU and CPU running side by side would speed up the program execution time.

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Should I Buy A Macbook Air Or Ipad Pro

If you’re looking to get real work done, the MacBook Air is still the best choice for most people, especially students. The iPad Pro comes with a lot of extra functionality, but the MacBook Air still excels at all of the elements that are most important in a work machine. It offers software that’s much better-suited for productivity than iPadOS, a typing experience that’s superior to keyboard cases, and longer battery life.

The iPad Pro is Apple’s most powerful tablet yet, but it will always be a tablet first and foremost. It has powerful cameras that the MacBook Air lacks, a sharp edge-to-edge screen, and Face ID.

However, the iPad’s software isn’t as ideal for multitasking and will likely come with a steep learning curve for those who are accustomed to working on a laptop. You also have to spend a lot to turn the iPad Pro into a laptop replacement. The base MacBook Air starts at $999, while the 12.9-inch iPad Pro starts at $1,099 without a keyboard case.

Check out our full comparison for more details about how the iPad Pro compares to the MacBook Air.

Why You Might Not Want A Macbook Air

iPad vs MacBook

Outdated CPU: A college freshman buying a new laptop should expect it to last at least through graduation. The MacBook Air is from early 2015 and uses an Intel 5th Generation Core Series processor, whereas, in 2017, the latest PC laptops are on a 7th-Generation Core.To be fair, if your main computer activities are surfing the web, editing documents, sending emails and updating social media, you’ll probably be able to get by with the old processor in the Air four or five years from now. But don’t expect great performance from 2022-era software.

Some PCs Offer Better Value: If you don’t have your heart set on a MacBook, you can find a more powerful PC ultraportable for around the same price as the Air. For example, the 2.68-pound Asus UX330UA costs just $699, $100 less than the best sale price for a MacBook Air, but it comes with a 1080p screen, a 256GB SSD and the latest 7th Gen Core i5 processor. The HP Spectre x360 13-inch, our favorite 2-in-1, starts at just over $1,000, and can be found on sale for under $1,000 with the new Core i5 CPU, a 256GB SSD and a touch screen.

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System: Mac Vs Windows

Recommended: Mac

The advantage of Mac is that it is a UNIX-based system and computer science courses are mainly taught in UNIX. Most development software is made for UNIX-based systems, and it is the most widely used in the industry. Moreover, users can still install Windows on a Mac using either Virtual Machine or Oracle , and it will run as it would on a native Windows computer. Mac systems are more stable, with barely any sudden shutoffs, a user-friendly interface and no forced system updates. However, with all these benefits, the downside for a Mac is the cost. The graphics card, in general, is not as good as the one on a Windows computer within the same price range, although it is more than enough for computer science courses.

The advantage of Windows systems is that most programs are compatible because almost everything is designed with Windows in mind. However, that is not the case for programmers, and UNIX systems are undeniably better for developers. With a Windows system, you can set up dual boot so you can use your systems full capabilities in both Windows and Linux in order to use a UNIX system. Alternatively, you can set up a virtual machine for quick access to both systems at the cost of performance. You can buy a PC inexpensively and still have a good system and Windows is far better for gaming.

Keep An Eye Out For Other Sales

While flagship events like Amazon Prime Day represent the most dependable times to look for MacBook deals, that does not mean they are your only chance to score some money off. In fact, Apples laptops regularly get discounted throughout the year you just have to keep your eyes peeled.

One thing that can help is to bookmark our MacBook deals page. We regularly scour the internet for the best MacBook deals out there, and you might be surprised by how much money off you can get at random times throughout the year.

Now its confession time we might have told a little fib earlier. Apple does actually discount its own MacBooks, but only if they are refurbished, never new. This means Apple has taken a returned or secondhand MacBook, replaced any faulty parts, given it a cleaning, and spruced it up so it is like new. You get the reassurance of Apples stringent testing process, plus a chunk of money off. Check Apples refurbished MacBook section on its website and you could find some very decent savings.

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Cool Macbook Accessories You Should Consider

You will need to carry your MacBook around and protect it from the environment. A wide range of sleeves, plastic cases, and vinyl MacBook skins exist.

Probably the best sleeves you can get are made from neoprene, which is a soft, flexible fabric. It will isolate your MacBook from cold air, water, vapor, things in your bag, and occasional bump against a wall or other people. If you get a decent brand , the zipper wont jam so easily. It wont necessarily protect your MacBook from falling on a concrete ground, but its a good choice if you carry your laptop a lot in a temperate or chilly climate. The downside is a poor range of colors or artworks available. At most, you will find black plus few basic colors.

Plastic MacBook cases are trendy right now and are available in different solid colors or transparent only. They are sold by multiple brands, although almost exclusively made in China. They protect your MacBook from scratches. Some plastic cases also tend to heat up devices, which can be a problem in a warmer climate or in the summer. You can also get MacBook case from Keyshorts, which has vent holes for air circulation and can be combined with colorful skins.

If you will work with complex software, consider buying editing stickers with keyboard shortcuts and icons for most used tools. It can greatly increase your speed in given software, and you’ll learn a few tricks, which will help you in your future work.

Best Macbook For Graphic Design

iPad vs MacBook – Which Should you Buy for College?

Graphic design is a wide subject and depending on what you will do specifically can mean different hardware requirements. 3D modeling/sculpting will require more RAM, processing power and storage than web design.

In general, laptops for graphic design should have at least 13-inch high-density screen . In MacBooks, it means a Retina IPS screen with high PPI , available in current MacBook Pro models. Why its needed? Most graphic design apps are complex and take a lot of room on your screen. Working with Photoshop on a 12 or 13 screen can be uncomfortable.

Laptops for graphic design should offer exceptional stability. You cant work efficiently when suddenly everything freezes or crashes, or if you need yet another library/driver for something to work. You cant beat Mac OS X in conjunction with MacBook hardware when it comes to this. MacBooks are also traditionally widely used by creative people, so there is also a mature market of niche apps for design .

Graphic design also needs lots of RAM. 8 GB is a minimum . This size option is available in new MacBooks Air 13, MacBooks Pro 13 and 15. Remember that MacBooks arent easily upgradeable. If you choose 8 GB of RAM, a particular processor or storage option, you will stick with it. It is a good idea to choose something above your current needs – you will thank yourself in the future .

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Which Is Better The Macbook Air Or The Macbook Pro

In recent years the line between these two Macbook models have blurred significantly. Typically, Macbook Pro laptops offer slightly more power but are somewhat heavier than Macbook Air laptops. At the end of the day, it depends on personal preference as to which is the best Mac for students. Most modern Macbooks feature gorgeous screens that are perfect for school attendees.

Best Apple Refurbished Macbook Air And Pro

So, this is a refurbished MacBook Air with Retina Display that features a Intel Core i5 8th Gen Dual-Core Processor. You can save from $100 to $300 dollars on MacBook Air, Mac Mini and MacBook Pro. Apple refurbished laptops are professionally tested and any defective parts are replaced with new genuine Apple Spare parts.

Since the 2019 MacBook Air utilizes a similar processor as the 2018 model, you can spare a decent arrangement of cash by going with the refurbished model of MacBook Pro. Comes with Retina display, but no Touch ID, yet its as yet a genuinely able machine, regardless of whether the processor is a couple of years old now.

  • Old processor
  • Low base stockpiling

You ought to likewise have enough battery life to get past your every day outstanding burden. Like the later models, the refurbished MacBook Air is appraised for as long as hours of battery life.

While Id at present suggest the freshest MacBook Air for the vast majority, the refurbished model is as yet a strong other option in case youre hoping to set aside some cash. Its not showy, and it wont win any honors for speed, yet itll despite everything be a trustworthy gadget all through your scholastic life.

Where to buy refurbished MacBook?

You can buy refurbished MacBook Air or Pro from official Apple Store or from Best Buy or also from Amazon. All the refurbished Mac systems are quality products at great prices and are Covered by Apples one-year limited warranty.

Are refurbished macbooks good?

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Is A Mac Or Pc Better For College

So, how do you choose between a Mac or PC for college?

A Mac is technically a PC too , so really, the question is, do you want a Mac or Windows for college?

The main difference between the two devices is the operating system youre running. Though you technically can download Windows for a Mac .

The Mac is the go-to product for creatives, promising excellent reliability, performance, and even flexibility. Youll be able to access both Mac and Windows apps from your Mac device, and you can expect a pretty durable device too.

Many people stick with the same Mac product for years at a time.

Unfortunately, Macs are also notoriously expensive. While students can get a discount, youre still looking at a pricey investment for your studies. Youd probably spend less if you simply searched rate my paper in Google and found someone to do the work for you.

Windows is a much more affordable option. When choosing between a MacBook or Windows for college, you can generally find a range of powerful laptops, with higher quality graphics cards, more memory, and advanced features, for less than the price of a basic Apple computer.

Windows might not be able to run Apple applications, but it can connect with things like Google apps, and even your Android smartphone. Plus, you get a wonderfully easy-to-use operating system.

Are Macbooks Worth It For Students In 2021

iPad or MacBook: What Is Better To Buy For College

Apple products have long had a reputation for being high-priced, and while they’re certainly not cheap, they’re also not overpriced a PC laptop that’s similarly thin and light while also offering high performance and specs would cost just as much, or often more.

That’s especially true of the latest MacBook Air, which offers as much performance as a desktop PC, yet in a tiny fanless design nothing that runs Windows currently comes close to what it can do.

However, there is a hidden cost to consider: most of Apple’s current laptops only use USB-C ports, which means you often need to buy adapters to attach regular USB hard drives or accessories. So that’s an extra purchase you’ll need to factor in another £30/$30 to £100/$100 depending on how many ports you want this adapter to have .

On the flip side, though, there’s something that adds a huge amount of value to Apple’s machines: they’re extremely reliable and easy to get repaired if anything does go wrong. Apple is the only big laptop maker with widespread stores that all have a repair presence, where you can literally take the laptop in a talk to someone employed by the same people who made the machine. In terms of speeds of repairs and peace of mind when deadlines are looming, the importance of this can’t be overstated.

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Best Macbook For College

Choosing the best Mac for college or university depends on what you are going to be studying as well as how much you have to spend.

We’ve created this student’s guide to buying a Mac to help you choose the right Mac for college, school or university. We consider what students are likely to need from their Mac, what features are worth paying more for, and how students can save money on a new Mac.

We also take a look at Apple’s range of Macs and the built to order options available that might be useful. Plus, we’ve collected together some accessories, software and services that could come in handy during your course.

Which Mac to choose depends on what your needs are as a student, and the course you are taking. If you’re doing a degree in film and video, or music, or graphic design then it might make sense to also look at one of our other Best Mac For… guides for that subject area:

We’ll look at each Apple laptop option as well as the iMac and Mac mini below.

If you are looking for a Mac for your children to use for school work the MacBook Air or Mac mini might appeal as low cost options, but there are other ways that you might be able to get a more powerful Mac for less money, we’ll explain your options below.

How Much Power Do You Need

Laptops offer a wide selection of processors across both budgets and usage casesyou can choose one that maximizes performance, or one that favors battery life. Or you can select one that plays to both strengths: Intel’s 11th Generation “Tiger Lake” Core CPUs confer the benefits of both power and battery efficiency. AMD’s Ryzen mobile chips are less common but are also emerging as a viable pick for ultraportable laptops.

If you desire all-day battery life, and spend almost all of your time in a web browser, you might want to consider going with a Chromebook. These typically run on low-powered processors , but these CPUs suffice for the kinds of workaday online tasks that Chromebooks excel at. If performance, on the other hand, ranks high on the list, a Mac with an Apple M1 chip or a Windows laptop with at least an Intel Core i5 or AMD Ryzen 5 gives you the most oomph.

The good news is that, in most other cases , integrated graphics solutions should suffice for the day-to-day tasks you’ll face. This is the graphics silicon built into the processors of most budget and midrange laptops. Today, that overwhelmingly means some form of Intel integrated graphics: Intel HD Graphics, Intel UHD Graphics, Intel Iris/Iris Plus graphics, or Intel Xe Graphics. Our reviews will detail their comparative performance levels, but none is a match for even a moderate dedicated GPU.

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