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What Kind Of College Should I Go To

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How To Consider Everything

Should I Really Go to College?

Okay, we know that reading all those different factors is A LOT. Here are a few ways to make the decision process manageable.

  • Make a Pros and a Cons List – Not every school is going to fit perfectly in every category, and thats okay. Create a pros and cons list for the schools youre considering and try to keep the bigger picture in mind.
  • Talk to Current Students – A lot of this information is hard to find, but any current student will know it off the top of his or her mind. Use current students at the university as a resource! Ask questions.
  • Rank Whats Most Important to You – If youre still overwhelmed by all of the different factors, pick five that are most important to you. Then, only compare those factors when looking at schools. Make the process work for you!
  • Remember that College is What You Make of It – The truth is, there probably isnt a school thats a perfect fit. But college is all about what you make of it. If you go in flexibly and willing to learn, you can have an amazing experience almost anywhere.
  • Now that you know what factors to consider, all you can do is make the best decision you can with the information available to you. We believe in you, geniuses!

    Celine Ives is a college student who enjoys playing field hockey, cuddling with her dog and cheering on her Carolina Tar Heels.

    What’s A Safety School

    Making your college list requires you to do some research on the colleges you’re interested in. Once you have a sense of their respective requirements, you can sort them into safety, match, and reach schools.

    Let’s start with your safeties. You might choose two to three safety schools for your final list. A safety school is one where your academic credentials are much stronger than those of the average accepted student.

    You feel relatively confident that you’ll get accepted. You might have an 80% or higher chance of admission, an estimate you can make with our admission calculator.

    As you saw above, some schools have assured admission for all applicants or in-state residents. If you have one of these on your list, then you could consider it a safety school.

    Safety schools usually aren’t your first choice, but they should still be schools that you’d be happy to attend. So how can you go through the research process discussed above to find your two to three safety schools?

    Myth Number : You Can Only Get A Scholarship If You Are In High School

    Truth: While many awards are geared toward high school students, there are plenty available for undergraduates or working people who have not set foot in a high school in years. In fact, there are several that go directly to people that have children, are over 30, or who have years of experience in the workforce. Some are specifically for people who might not otherwise have a chance of attending a college.

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    What Advice Do You Have For Students And Future Students

    I graduated from University of San Francisco in 2005 with a BA in Media Studies. After graduating, I worked in commercial real estate and insurance for ten years. I decided to go back to school to explore my passion of computer science and technology.

    It is never too late to change your career path. I went back to school and started my new career in my mid-thirties.

    Student / Dental Hygiene / Sacramento City College

    Becky Yang is on a mission. She wants everyone to have access to a dentist and understand the importance of taking care of their teeth. Thats why she went to Sacramento City College and earned an associate degree in Dental Hygiene.

    Her hope is to find a job helping her community by offering her newly acquired expertise and find a work family like the circle of friends she counted on at SCC. Community college rescued Becky from heartbreak and gave her the support she needed to pursue her goals. She says her counselors were extremely helpful by encouraging her to persevere, even after two rejections to the dental hygiene program and the unbearable grief of losing her parents during that time.

    Alum / Diagnostic Medical Sonography / Cosumnes River College

    As a practicing physician in his homeland, Gurvinder assumed that he could carry on his dedication to healing in his newly adopted country. But rules and regulations got in the way, and Gurvinder found himself starting over at CRC, a prospect he at first found a bit depressing.


    In What Ways Are Instructor At Crc Different

    What kind of doctor should I be? It

    When I was taking my CISS 310 class, I chose to go with the hybrid course, which was more of an online class than on-grounds. I was surprised by the abundance of engagement the professor of this course, Lance Parks, had with the students . He was always there to answer questions about topics or concepts, and always made sure to follow-up with me so that I understood them.

    There were times where I would meet with him during office hours to discuss things that didnt make sense to me, and every time I would walk away having a much better understanding. Even after I completed CISS 310, I would continue to take my other required CIS classes with him. Over the years, he has become my mentor while navigating my educational and professional career.

    Since then, we have become good friends and communicate often. It is this level of commitment professors of CRC and the Los Rios Community College District possess regarding the success of their students.

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    Future Scientists Of Ohio

    Full tuition for two years at Columbus State

    Funded by both the National Science Foundation and Choose Ohio First, the Future Scientists of Ohio program provides full-tuition scholarships for incoming freshmen. Students must be enrolled in the Associate of Science major and planning to transfer after earning an associate degree to pursue a bachelors degree in a STEM field. The scholarship is renewable for a second year, allowing students to complete their first two years of a bachelors degree tuition-free. Students with required grade point averages also have the opportunity to take their FSO scholarship with them for reduced tuition at many four-year universities.

    Healthcare Jobs Are Expected To Grow Faster Than Any Other Sector Of The Economy

    Start your career in this high-demand industry with help from Columbus State

    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the health care industry is projected to add 2.3 million jobs between 2014 and 2024 thats more job openings than any other occupation. Many careers in the health care field require only an associate degree, and range from nursing to dental hygiene to respiratory therapy. If you plan to earn a bachelors or masters degree in the medical field, starting at Columbus State and transferring can save you thousands of dollars in student loans.

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    What Would You Like To Share With Current And Future Crc Students

    I would like every future CRC student to know that, here at CRC, they will be supported, respected and connected. We are here for the students and we cant wait to see you on our campus!

    Alum / Diagnostic Medical Sonography / Cosumnes River College

    Gurvinder Sidhu is the first to admit that acquiring his diagnostic medical sonography degree at Consumes River College was rigorous. However, he did have insight while acquiring it that many community college students dont. Gurvinder knew firsthand the benefits of a college education. He and his wife had already earned degrees in their native country India before moving to the United States.

    As a practicing physician in his homeland, Gurvinder assumed that he could carry on his dedication to healing in his newly adopted country. But rules and regulations got in the way, and Gurvinder found himself starting over at CRC, a prospect he at first found a bit depressing.

    Gurvinder didnt realize he had a very American problem. He had to find a way to work and support his family and be a partner in raising two young children while maintaining a full schedule of college-level courses. Luckily, his wife and family were supportive, and so were the faculty and staff at CRC. Gurvinder says they understood his unique situation and helped. Their support and willingness to extend a hand is a kindness Gurvinder wont forget.

    Alum / Information Systems Assurance / Cosumnes River College

    Mostly A’s: Consider A State University

    Should You go to College?

    You’re looking for a college experience that involves a good football team to root for, a large campus to get lost on, and a roommate who has the potential to become your new best friendgoing to a state university will give you all of the above! The benefits of this type of college are lower costs , a diverse student population , and tons of activities to get involved in.

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    Landscape Design And Management

    Landscape students pitch in at the Columbus Zoo

    In the spring of 2019, Columbus State established a collaboration with the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium to provide horticulture support to the zoo while giving students a valuable hands-on learning opportunity.

    Landscape Design and Management students meet regularly at the zoo throughout the semester, where they perform important horticulture tasks such as seasonal cleanup, corrective pruning, as well as edging landscape beds and mulching. Students put the concepts they learn in class into practice, and the Columbus Zoo benefits from the students work. In the spring 2019 semester, Columbus State students were largely responsible for planting new landscaping around Conservation Lake, a main focal point when guests walk into the zoo.

    College Level Examination Program

    If your college or university accepts credit by examination, chances are that they accept the College Level Examination Program, commonly known as CLEP. This exam is accepted at over 2,900 schools across the nation, and its basically the gold-standard for credit by examination. All of their tests are also reviewed and accepted by ACE Credit, which is the organization that determines the general standards for how schools handle .

    Here are some quick facts about the CLEP to get you started:

    • They offer 33 different tests that cover a broad range of college-level subjects
    • The testing fee is $89although the testing center may require an additional fee
    • Study guides and e-guides are available for purchase to help prepare you for the test
    • There are hundreds of different testing sites across the U.S. for these exams

    The CLEP exam fee is non-refundable if you fail to show up to the test or you dont pass the exam. So make sure that you are prepared beforehand! Regardless, each test can earn you up to three credit hours towards your degree, so this option is definitely worth exploring.

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    Why International Students Choose Canadian Universities

    Every year, Canada is increasingly welcoming more international students than ever before. The main factors that are pushing more students to choose Canada as the home for their post-secondary studies are relative ease of obtaining a study permit, affordable tuition, and as well as attitude towards newcomers.

    In fact, the figure of international students making Canada their choice has risen by 154% since 2010. With the limitations proposed to the American immigration system, and increasing unease circling the status of immigrants to the United States under the Trump cabinet, have now inspired more international students to look north to Canada for their future education.

    The Canadian government has reacted to rising protectionism in America and Europe by making it even more accessible for international students to seek Canada as permanent residents after graduating from their education.

    Obtaining Canadian education and as well as valuable work experience, feasible through the Post-Graduate Work Permit, international students in Canada becomes in a very competitive position to secure an invitation to apply for Canadian permanent residency in the country. A certain extra score obtained will be added towards the candidates Comprehensive Ranking System score in the current Express Entry immigration system.

    How Does The College Quiz Find Your Perfect Match

    What kind of doctor should I be? It

    The College Match Quiz helps you narrow college choices through an algorithm. It is a model that research scientists created to predict your perfect schools. It could help you figure which colleges you should apply to. You will answer questions related to three main areas: major, location and fit.

    MAJORThese questions figure out which schools in the United States offer your intended major and area of interest. It may find schools as far apart as New York and Los Angeles.

    LOCATIONThis part asks which regions youd consider. If you prefer to stay local, it asks what you feel an acceptable distance from home is.

    FITMaking sure the school fits your needs and wants.

  • School Structure: size, type and ratio of full time enrollment to part time students
  • Admissibility: about college admissions and your odds of getting into a school based on your grades and how selective colleges are
  • Intrinsic: your personality traits that help you stay motivated, learn and grow.
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    What College Should I Go To

    • step

    What are you planning on studying?

    • Business
    • Whatever will make me most successful in life.

    What does a perfect college Saturday look like?

    • Going to a football game, then going to a frat party
    • Going out into the city with friends
    • Hanging out with my friends on campus, then going to an apartment party

    How much money are you able to spend on college?

    • I’m not concerned about money.
    • I’m not willing to pay out-of-state tuition.
    • Money isn’t a huge problem, but a scholarship would be nice.

    What type of campus do you want?

    • A campus that’s interspersed with the city
    • A huge campus in a college town
    • A small, intimate campus
    • I need my college campus to be exceptionally beautiful.

    Do you want to be in a fraternity or a sorority?

    • Definitely not
    • I don’t really care either way.
    • I’m open to it.

    What kind of student are you?

    • I’m diligent but curious.
    • I only care about what I’m passionate about, and will disregard my other classes.
    • I’m extremely ambitious and always do my best.
    • I’m not a great student.

    Describe yourself in one word.

    • Artistic

    What’s your favorite subject in school?

    • English

    What are your post-college goals?

    • A career in a competitive and prestigious field
    • I’ll get a job, but I’m not sure what I’ll pursue.
    • Grad school, law school, or med school
    • A creative career

    What type of classes do you want to take?

    Only Apply To Schools You’d Actually Like To Attend

    While your excitement about schools is sure to vary, you should still be reasonably excited about all of them. Students sometimes treat safety schools as throwaways, but that approach is unwise.

    Your safeties are on your list for a reason, and you don’t want to end up feeling stuck or without options. There are tons of schools throughout the country. If you haven’t found at least two to three safety, match, and reach schools you like, then keep looking!

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    The Annual Median Salary For A Mechanical Engineering Technician Is $54480

    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, mechanical engineering technicians earn a median $54,480 per year working with mechanical engineers to design, develop, test, and manufacture mechanical devices, including tools, engines, and machines. In this career, youll might do everything from creating sketches and rough layouts to recording and analyzing data.

    Accept Rejection And Then Let It Go

    Ask TSL: What Should I Do After Secondary School?!

    Few things are harder than knowing you didnt make it into your dream school.

    In fact, the only thing harder than dealing with rejection is getting stuck on it and letting other opportunities go by.

    You have other schools you picked out that would be great for you, so keep moving forward on your quest to get a great college education.

    If that still doesnt help you with the sting of missing out on a favored school, remember that rejection often leads you to better opportunities than the ones you thought were open to you.

    Just ask J.K. Rowling or Elon Musk.

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    How To Find Your Reach Schools

    Reach schools will make up the last one-third of your college list. In this next example, let’s consider Boston University. BU accepted students currently average a 3.71 GPA and 1420 SAT.

    A student with a 3.7 GPA and 1290 SAT score has about a 8% chance of getting in. Her chances aren’t impossible, but they’re certainly not guaranteed.

    While you should carefully craft all your college applications, you especially want to make a strong showing to reach schools. If your grades and test scores fall below expectations, then you should consider how you can present other aspects of your candidacy to give you an edge.

    Once you’ve chosen your reach schools, you should be just about finished with your college list! You should have about two to three each of safety schools, match schools, and reach schools.

    While your chances of getting accepted will help you narrow down your list, there are several other considerations when picking your colleges. Let’s review a few of the most important.

    In addition to estimating your chances of getting accepted, make sure to research financial aid! Some colleges these days seem to think this is what the average student’s dorm room looks like.

    Want to build the best possible college application?

    We know what kinds of students colleges want to admit. We want to get you admitted to your dream schools.

    Learn more about PrepScholar Admissions to maximize your chance of getting in.

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