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What Jobs Can I Get Without Going To College

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Farmers Ranchers And Other Agricultural Managers

How To Get a High Paying Job Without Going To College

Median Annual Wage : $69,300

Education Level Required: High school diploma or equivalent

Projected Available Jobs : 150,200

This kind of job may not exactly be the kind that always requires employees to wear a suit and tie, but it is one of the best-paid jobs a high school graduate can get. Working on the farm would mean managing the establishments that produce goods such as livestock, dairy, and crops.

Social Workers Didn’t Always Have Degrees

Although professionals have delivered social work in some form for hundreds of years, Columbia University offered the nation’s first course dedicated to the field in 1898. This sparked what many consider the birth of modern social work.

During the 20th century, states began requiring social workers to secure college degrees and demonstrate their competence through licensing processes. The National Association of Social Workers sets most of the field’s standards, credentials, and continuing education requirements for licensure.

While you can still provide social work-like services without a college degree, you need at least a bachelor’s degree to practice with a license.

Good Careers You Can Get Without A Degree

Thinking about the future can be a stressful endeavor if youre not sure what you want to do with the rest of your life. The key is to first question whatever anyone tells you. Try without fear of failure, and know that each thing that doesnt work will bring you one step closer to what does. Conventional wisdom may tell you that you need to graduate high school, go to college, get your bachelors, then masters, and finally, a PhD. While there is nothing wrong with this path, dont make the mistake of thinking its the route you should take. Each student is different, and as youre about to see, you can find a great career without racking up the student loan debt and having any fancy degrees. That doesnt mean your path will be easier, though, so make sure that you plan to extend your education beyond high school, whatever you do. Here are 50 Good Careers You Can Get Without a Degree to help you along.

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Enhance Your Earnings Job Security & Enjoyment With Top

The top earning jobs without degrees are often the most essential or upcoming careers in todays rapidly expanding, competitive marketplace. Choosing not to earn a degree doesnt decrease the amount of research it takes to find a profession that fits, and often still requires some amount of postsecondary or technical education to enter, excel, and succeed. Those willing to take on certification courses, get licensed, and train could end up saving lives, owning their own businesses, supporting the U.S. economy and living comfortably with the satisfaction of a hard-days work.

GetEducated hosts information on the diplomas, certificates, and vocational education available to working adult students who want to move forward. Earning these credentials online is a valuable option for those balancing work, family, and education. Often these accreditations can lead to higher academics in the long run, considering the salaries reached without a degree could better supplement this goal. Truly, the opportunities are endless for those seeking jobs without a degree.

Connect Your Skills To The Job Listing

The 10 highest

When you dont have the educational requirements, be sure to show how you are a good fit for the job in every other way. The best way to do this is to connect your skills and experiences to the job listing.

Include any keywords from the job listing, particularly skill words. For example, if the job listing says applicants need to have Experience in data analytics, you might mention your years of work in data analytics in your resume summary or in your summaries of previous jobs.

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Jobs That Surprisingly Don’t Require A College Degree

Studies have suggested there are clear correlations between attaining higher levels of education and employment rates, with 2020 data showing more than two-thirds of young adults with a bachelor’s degree are employed.

However, rising tuition fees, coupled with the prospect of spending years more at college, means tertiary education is not an option enjoyed by everyone.

Fortunately, excellent jobs are still available to those eager to kick-start their career with an enviable starting salary straight out of high school.

We’ve picked out 25 such jobs and how much you can expect to earn, using data from PayScale. Take a look through the list below.

At Home Call Center Agent

Working from home is a dream for many people, and its an achievable one.

Nowadays, there are many jobs that you can do from home, like virtual assistant and transcriptionist, as mentioned above.

But, another lucrative, at-home job for those that dont have a degree is at home call center agent.

Nowadays, many customer service agents operate from home, in a virtual call center, rather than in a traditional call center setting.

As an at home call center agent, its your responsibility to assist customers over the phone. Youll need to answer questions that they have, resolve issues and advise them too.

Whats great about this job, aside from the fact that you can do it from home, is that, for the most part, you get to set your own work hours.

Here are a few places you can look for jobs

Depending on the company or organization, however, the pay can vary.

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Why You Should Enroll In A College Cybersecurity Program Anyway

Just because we can get a job in cyber-security without a degree, doesnt mean we should avoid pursuing a degree completely. Attending a college security program offers a number of other benefits that are guaranteed to help you at some point in your career moving forward. College programs are usually very good at helping us build up our writing skills and communication ability because they often require written assignments or writing and speech classes. Soft skills like written and verbal communication are highly prized by cybersecurity employers because its often a challenge to find an employee that knows technology and can communicate well with customers. See our review about how hard completing a cybersecurity degree can be here.

Enrolling in college also provides the benefit of networking and being around other people who are trying to learn the field as well. The value of being in a positive environment like a college classroom cannot be understated. One thing that I have always enjoyed about college is that, for the most part, everyone on campus is there to better themselves. That can be powerful, especially when youre just getting started on your cybersecurity journey and doubt creeps in about whether you can be stay the course and find success.

High Paying Jobs Without A College Degree

10 Highest Paying Jobs You Can Learn (Without College)

The cost of a 4-year college degree from a reputable intuition is now five times more than it was two decades ago. Thats a shocking statistic. Considering that most university students use student loans to facilitate the payment for their studies, its not surprising to learn that the national federal student debt for outstanding loans presently exceeds $1.6-trillion.

However, having a college degree behind your name does not necessarily mean you are guaranteed a job when you graduate from your studies. Many students are finding out that their B.Sc. in humanitarian studies and psychology have very little practical value in the working world.

As a result, more students than ever are graduating university with crushing debt loads that they cannot afford nor have the capacity, to pay back. Since all student loans are essentially Federal loans made by the government, the taxpayer has to foot the bill when the student eventually defaults on the debt. Some analysts say that a mass student debt default could be the catalyst for the start of the next financial crisis.

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Subway And Streetcar Operators

To enter this occupation, you will need at least a high school diploma and several months of OTJ training. These positions are mostly government jobs, which mean they usually come with solid benefits, and youll get to travel a lot, though it may not be particularly exciting since youre seeing the same parts of a city over and over again. Still, the $56,880 median salary is enough to make up for it.

How To Get A Programming Job Without A Degree

With the advancements in technology today, computer programming skills are becoming more in demand. These specialized jobs require in-depth computer and software knowledge, but people without degrees can still find a way into the industry and succeed. While you can consider going for basic computer training, all you really need is some experience and technical skills. In this article, we’ll explore what a programmer does and how you can get a programming job without a degree.

Read more:How To Become A Computer Programmer

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Elevator Installers And Repairers

Median annual wage: $79,780Projected job growth through 2026: 12 percent

These workers install, fix, and maintain elevators, escalators, moving walkways, chairlifts and other lifts. Elevator repairers typically earn a little more as their job requires a greater knowledge of electronics, hydraulics and electricity than do installers, since a large part of maintenance and repair work is troubleshooting.

Becoming an elevator installer or repairer starts with a four-year apprenticeship program sponsored by a union, industry association or individual contractor. To enter such a program, you’ll need a high school diploma. Even after the program, on-going training is required and 35 states, currently, require an installer or repairer to be licensed.

Elevator Installer And Repairer

Making Bank: 7 Best Paying Jobs for Community College Grads!

Median salary: $88,540Education needed: high school diplomaJob growth: 7%

This is one of those random jobs that most people take for granted! As it turns out, elevator installers and repairers make good money working with their hands. Its no surprise that they often work in cramped spaces around heavy machinery. Theyre often required to be on call 24 hours a day for repairs. But if youre afraid of heights, this probably isnt the job for you!

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Police Officers And Detectives

Median salary: $67,290Education needed: variesJob growth: 5%

Law enforcement is a demanding, exciting and rewarding career. Obviously, its pretty straightforward: Protect those under your care, get the bad guys, and solve the case. Most positions do not require anything beyond a high school diploma, but certain positions prefer hiring candidates with an associate or bachelors degree, so going back to college might be worth it.

What Skills Do You Need To Be A Programmer

Computer programmer skills have several applications in workplace settings. Programmers often work alongside software developers and may even design programs. Some tasks programmers may be responsible for can include:

  • Planning software: You may use models and flowcharts to detail how to write a code.
  • Design and create applications: You may create a mobile app or complex operating system.
  • Write programs: You may use a variety of computer languages to write a software program for a business or client.

Aside from technical skills such as knowing how to code, computer programmers also benefit from having the following skills:

  • Critical-thinking

Read more:Computer Programmer Skills: Definition and Examples

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Finding Your Way To A Trade Job

Harris says she wishes she had found this path sooner. Back in high school, “nobody ever talked about apprenticeships,” she says. “I think there was always a misconception about trade workers and skilled trades and the viability of that career and how it could actually provide the same type of lifestyle that a bachelor’s .”

One thing that could help correct that misconception, according to the report authors, would be for schools to employ more career counselors to guide students through the complex web of post-high school options.

“The simple advice to high school students to ‘go to college’ no longer suffices,” the authors write. Instead, counselors need to walk students through the many different paths they can take.

But career counselors can be hard to find. In the 2014-2015 school year, the student-to-counselor ratio was about 482:1, according to research from the National Association for College Admission Counseling.

“There is a lack of access to college counseling,” says Jonathan Ruiz, a college adviser working with KC Scholars in the Kansas City metro area. He’s been in schools where counselors are overworked with too many students to serve. He says not only is there not enough time in the day to meet one-on-one with students, but there are so many other demands that get in the way of college and career talk.

Automobile Service Station Manager

How to Get a Cybersecurity Job in 30 Days without Going to College

Automobile service station managers will forever be in demand thanks to the fact that through good times and bad, people will need maintenance done to their vehicles. In the role of station manager, you will make sure staff is conducting repairs in a timely fashion. You will keep costs as low as possible. And the good ones make $72,000 per year and up.

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Jobs That Can Pay Over $60000 Without A Degree

No university degree? No problem. You can still make a good living without a post-secondary education. Want proof?

Here is a list of ten jobs you can get without a bachelors degree that pay over $60,000 a year. Some of them even pay over $100,000.

Take a look:

Transit driver:$31,740 $71,582

About: Requirements for transit driver jobs vary. Torontos TTC, which pays $31.40/hr after 24 months, requires a high school diploma, a non-probationary Ontario drivers licence in good standing showing no suspensions. You also must meet all legislated standards governing the issuance of a Class C Licence. See driver jobs on Workopolis.

Air traffic controller:$48,000 $174,002

About: Its commonly known as one of the highest stress jobs in the world. But if you can hack it, you can make a good living. You will need a high school diploma, a basic radio telephone operators licence, completion of a NAV Canada training program, and an air traffic controllers licence. See air traffic controller jobs on Workopolis

Nuclear reactor operator:$73,097 $232,445
Web developer:$33,458 $74,504
Executive Chef: $40,184 $80,921

About: High school may be required to get in the door at certain kitchens, as well as trade certifications. Executive chefs would also be well served with management training, and an ability to handle stress. See chef jobs on Workopolis.

Realtor:$35,557 $122,044
Plumber:$33,475 $84,757
Fire Chief: $49,316 $154,534
Court reporter:$33,724 $72,129

The Cybersecurity Associate Degree Alternative

Even though we discussed earlier that more than 80% of cybersecurity postings requested a bachelors degree or higher, an associates degree will probably fill the void for many of those jobs, especially given the job market and immense need that employers have. The great news is that an associates degree is a relatively short college program, which in most cases can be done in the evenings, online or part time. And an associates degree means to an employer some college, which is better than no college. So if a bachelors degree is beyond your time or cost commitment ability, an associates degree may end up being a good fit. In fact, in many ways an associates degree may be your best option.

Related Questions

What things should I look for in a college cybersecurity program? Any college cybersecurity program that offers a feasible schedule at a reasonable price and provide hands on lab practice opportunities where you can learn the skills is worth looking into. Overly expensive exam cram programs or boot camps, or those programs that only accept full-time enrollment may not be the best option for most people.

About the author

Matt Day

Matt Day is a cybersecurity professional with over twenty years of experience in the IT, cybersecurity, and technology training fields. He has a degree in Computer Information Science and CompTIA A+, Network+, Security+, Server+, CySA+, and Cisco CCNA certifications.

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Learn A Programming Language

To understand the programming field, it’s best to first learn its language. You can take online or in-person classes, watch webinars, read books and listen to programming podcasts. Some of the most popular programming languages for beginners are Python, JavaScript, Swift and Java. Each are useful in different ways, such as:

  • JavaScript: Best for web development
  • Swift: Best for mobile development
  • Java: Best for new coders
  • Python: Best for flexibility in different industries

Your Personal Brand Is Essential For Your Career Success

5 high

In her article, Why Personal Branding Is More Important Than Ever, Caroline Castrillon outlines key reasons why a personal brand is essential for career success.

According to Castrillon,

One reason is that it is more popular for recruiters to use social media during the interview process. According to a 2018 CareerBuilder survey, 70% of employers use social media to screen candidates during the hiring process, and 43% of employers use social media to check on current employees.

The first thing I do as a recruiter when I want to check out a candidate or coaching client is to look them up on LinkedIn or other social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Your digital footprint is the window that highlights to the world who you are. When you have no control over how you want to be seen, you are making a big mistake because you are leaving it up to someone else to make a judgment for you as to who you are.

As Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, once said, Your brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room.

In her book, Becoming, Michelle Obama writes about the importance of having a personal brand and her journey to defining her personal brand. She wrote that:

if you dont get out there and define yourself, youll be quickly and inaccurately defined by others.

When you have a personal brand, you are in control. You know exactly what people will say about you when you leave the room.

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