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What Is The Best College For Cosmetology

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Body Pro Beauty & Aesthetics Academy Inc


Body pro is one of the accredited cosmetology schools in Canada in Brampton, Ontario precisely that is known for offering enriched learning experiences for its students. They have advanced programs in Esthetics and Cosmetology.

Students in this cosmetology school are prepared on the skills, experiences and techniques which will help them become professionals in the industry.

Their graduates earn highly sought after certificates and are known for ending up in high-end spas, salons as well as retail stores.

They are located at

What Is The Highest Degree That You Can Earn For Cosmetology

The highest degree that you can get for cosmetology is an associate degree, which is two years. Community colleges, universities, or cosmetology schools have set their curriculums, classes, and training for cosmetology that are completable in two years. However, depending on your chosen course or specialty, there are cosmetology courses that can be completed in six months to one year.

Permanent Make Up Technician

This is one of the training students are given. This field requires training skills like tattooing and permanent make-up. Most times they are done on the eyes, eyebrows or even on the lips.

Sometimes it is done on clients who wish to hide their scars. Sometimes a tattooing license will be required for these.

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Tricoci University Of Beauty Culture

Fresh out of high school or working in beauty for years? Tricoci University of Beauty Culture provides courses on cosmetology, aesthetics, nail technology and barbering. Its simply one of the best cosmetology schools in America. As well as teacher training for those whove established a career in this industry.

From advanced make-up skills to the art of barbering and versatile training for everything hair-related, Tricoci University also prioritises the availability of options for each students situation. Furthermore, with financial aid and scholarships available, theres something here for all interested parties.

With a whopping 16 locations across three states, Tricoci University definitely has the widest reach of any school on this list. However, its dramatic reach doesnt mean that its education is any less robust.

Finding The Right Beauty School Is Critical In Becoming A Top Professional So Discover Some Of The Best Cosmetology Schools In The Us

Cosmetology Comes to Life at Empire in Warminster, PA ...

There are so many different beauty schools available out there. It makes sense that you would want to ensure youre getting the best beauty school experience from one of the best cosmetology schools in America. No matter where youre planning to go to school in the country and where youre planning to practice at the end of it.

There are plenty of schools available across the United States. However, here are a few of the very best that you might want to look into.

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# Hollywood Institute Of Beauty

Maintaining three locations in Hollywood, West Palm Beach, and Orlando, the Hollywood Institute of Beauty offers training in a variety of fields including barbering, esthetics, nail technology, massage therapy, skincare, and cosmetology.

Also known as the General Beauty Culture program, the Cosmetology certification requires 1200 class hours.

The average full-time day student can complete this in about 10 months, while the evening attendees will take about 17 months.Some of the courses in this school are:

  • Cosmetology
  • Skin care
  • Electrology

Classes are also available in Spanish. In addition to the 500 classroom hours, students are expected to complete approximately 700 hours of service or practical application.

Throughout the various courses, instructors encourage students to think and act like designers.

They have job fairs and career seminars that are built to help their students grow and evolve outside the classroom.

Upon completion of the program, students will be prepared to sit for the state licensure examination and could be confident applicants for the field.

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New Zealand Institute Of Electrolysis And Beauty Therapy

Established in January 1984, New Zealand Institute of Electrolysis and Beauty Therapy is the modern and advanced institutions of the nation, dedicated towards offering courses and diplomas in beauty therapy and electrolysis. The courses and training programs are designed by keeping the specific demands of the beauty industry and equip the students with the knowledge and skills to handle different problems they may encounter in their day to day work. The institute offers full time courses on beauty therapy and electrolysis and a course on beautician is also offered at this institution. Students may also enroll for post graduate courses on Swedish Remedial Massage, Spa Therapy, Electrolysis course and Lash Technician course.

What Do Cosmetologists Do

How to Choose A Cosmetology School: (2019)

Cosmetologists can perform a variety of tasks, including styling and cutting, giving facials, applying makeup, and doing manicures. Some cosmetology programs cover more of these skills than others.

Many professionals in the field specialize in 1-2 areas. For example, a cosmetologist may style and cut hair and offer hair-removal services. Another cosmetologist may focus on nail services.

Many cosmetologists are self-employed, while others work as employees at spas, salons, and resorts. Makeup artists may even work on studio sets or at photoshoots.

Cosmetology professionals need technical skills, such as haircutting techniques and safe application methods for hot wax. However, they must also possess strong interpersonal communication skills to build a loyal client base. Self-employed cosmetologists often need marketing and accounting skills to run their small business.

Cosmetologists must stay current on beauty trends. For this reason, many of these professionals read beauty magazines and blogs. They often follow industry influencers on social media to stay apprised of styles clients may request.

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Elite International School Of Beauty And Spa Therapies

Elite International School of Beauty and Spa Therapies is the private, government funded training establishment in New Zealand, offering highest quality training and programs on Beauty Therapy and Spa Therapy Training. Elite International is registered with NZQA and specializes in offering highest educational qualifications over levels 4 & 5 in adherence to New Zealand Qualifications Framework. The institute holds exceptional recognition and reputation globally for its outstanding endeavor in offering quality and sought-after graduate programs in Beauty and Spa Therapy. It offers diplomas and certifications in beauty and spa therapy.

Why Attend Any Of The Cosmetology Schools In The World

Many people claim they can become hairdressers without going to a cosmetology university or college, and yes this is true, but attending a cosmetology school will give you an upper hand in the beauty industry.

when you attend an accredited cosmetology school, you will be thought all the things you need to know in the field and you will receive a professional guide on how you can use the current technology in the world to stand out among others, not to mention that you will also receive a certificate after you have completed your studies.

This will attract high profile individuals to you and provide you with the foundation to receive other licenses that you will require to succeed in the field after studying at the best universities for cosmetology.

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Difference Between A Cosmetologist And An Aesthetician

Whilst most people use both terms interchangeably, the difference between the two is not much.

Esthetics has a narrower focus, compared to Cosmetology which has a broad focus.

Esthetics focuses more on the health and beauty of the skin while Cosmetology covers a wide range such as hair, nails, makeup, skincare treatments.

A cosmetologist is trained in varieties of areas and sometimes they choose two from the wide range of varieties.

Estheticians learn the intensive procedures that require advanced technology or how to adequately provide medical treatments.

Estheticians focus on the skin. They obtain an overview of everything that is skin related. In this field, there are people who choose to specialize in microdermabrasion and some others on chemical peels.

Some even go to the extent of obtaining licensure that enables them to work as people who provide medical treatments which are not obtainable for cosmetologists.

Top 5 Cosmetology Schools In The Usa

Why Cosmetology Educators Will Get You

At any cosmetology school, technical instruction and practical operations are used to cover the course with proper guidelines. The technical instructions include demonstration, lecture, classroom participation, or examination. On the other hand, practical operation means the actual performance of the students to compete in all types of mannequins. Here is a list of some of the top cosmetology schools in the USA where you can enroll yourself:

  • Fremont Beauty College, USAAt Fremont Beauty College the cosmetology course goes way beyond just professional beauty services. A student taking this course makes a career in sound business strategies as well as excellent customer care. The college is also committed to preparing the students to their maximum capacity for a long and healthy career ahead. The curriculum here is designed as such that it inspires them to think beyond the chair and opens opportunities like salon management, print advertising, film, sales, product management, and lot many similar opportunities.

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    Best Associate In Cosmetology Programs 2021

    Learners pursuing an associate degree in cosmetology should devote time and research to finding the right program. This list of the best and most affordable cosmetology associate programs can help students narrow their search. Prospective students can use this list as a starting point but should contact their school’s admissions department for more detailed information.

    Central New Mexico Community College is the largest two-year college in the state. The associate of applied science in cosmetology, delivered primarily on the Joseph Montoya campus, prepares students for state cosmetology licensure. Students can complete the degree’s theoretical courses and labs in 4-5 terms. The program requires 62-63 credits and uses the Pivot Point curriculum, a leader in beauty education.

    Students complete limited general education courses in areas such as math and reading. Major courses cover cosmetology fundamentals, salon theory, skin/nail procedures, and hair services. Enrollees also learn about state cosmetology laws and regulations. All participants complete a practicum that pairs them with a licensed salon owner. The practicum exceeds the minimum 1,600 clock hours required for certification by the New Mexico Board of Barbers and Cosmetologists.

    Learners with a current New Mexico master barber or cosmetologist license receive credit for prior learning, which speeds up degree completion. Admission requires a high school diploma or the equivalent and SAT or ACT scores.

    Colleges With Cosmetology & Beauty Degree Programs In Wisconsin

    Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College offers a wide range of programs to choose from that are designed to get you hired upon graduation. In this high-quality, two-semester Cosmetology program, you will learn the essential technical skills required to properly care for peoples hair, skin, and nails. The Cosmetology program prepares you with essential theory and hands-on instruction to develop your skills in cosmetology. Youll learn theories and techniques that are reflective of industry standards and apply these skills working with real clients in WITCs state-of-the-art salons.

    Founded In: 1912Tuition & Fees Approximately: In-state 4,545 USD, Out-of-state 6,598 USDFinance and Admission Office Contact: +1 715-234-7082

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    What To Look For In A Cosmetology School


    Beauty school is designed for specific areas of study: hair and body services. A four-year college curriculum often includes general studies as well as major concentrations. If you want to cut hair, though, you dont necessarily need a class in philosophy or art appreciation. Nor would Biology 101 help you decide the best hair color shade for Mrs. Jones. Beauty school is focused on teaching you the skill set you need to perform hair and body services. You get all the education you need, but dont pay for college-type courses you dont need.

    Bear in mind that each state requires certifications. You must pass an exam to be licensed as a cosmetologist. Beauty school prepares you to tackle the required testing and pass with flying colors.

    Also, instead of attending school for four years and then often not finding a job in ones field, beauty school typically takes about a year, costs far less and beauty professionals are always in demand.



    With many baby boomers working beyond traditional retirement age and people switching careers more than ever before, is anyone too old to make a change that could make them happy?




    About AAC School

    What Are Some Online Cosmetology Courses To Look Out For

    How to Choose a Beauty School or Cosmetology School

    Below are some of the cosmetology courses which can be studied online and which you should look out for:

    1)Retail Management Course: This course is for professionals who are interested in selling make up products. They are taught how to chose a merchandise and setting prices.

    2) Customer Service Course: This course teaches artists how to build a strong customer base.

    3)Airbrushing Technique Course: This course teaches artists the airbrush technology and how to create and advance make up looks. They also learn how to enhance facial features.

    4)Runway and Fashion Make-up Course: This course usually covers how to handle beauty product campaign. This course equally teaches backstage management and make up application for runway shows.

    5)Special Effects and Fantasy Make-up Course: In this course, students will learn how to correctly apply prosthetics, wigs, casts and foams in order to create extraordinary looks for screen or television

    6):This course is geared toward teaching make-up application for photography or film purposes.

    7)Wedding and Bridal Make-up Course:Students will learn many techniques and tips utilized by make-up professionals to ensure a lasting and polished image especially for for ceremonies.

    8)Day and Evening Make-up Course: This course covers the basic make up fundamentals.

    Therefore walk into any of the cosmetology schools in USA of your choice and tell them what you want.

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    Career And Salary Outlook For Cosmetologists

    The table below highlights the median salary for barbers, hairstylists, and cosmetologists. However, factors such as location, experience, and specialization can impact a professional’s earning potential. For example, hairstylists generally earn different salaries than cosmetologists, and professionals with significant experience typically earn higher salaries.

    Additionally, earning potential depends on the individual’s place of employment. Hairstylists who work in salons may earn less than self-employed stylists who set their own rates. Similarly, makeup artists located on the East Coast may charge more than those in the Midwest. Learners can research current job listings to become familiar with typical salaries in their region.

    Career Salary Potential

    Source: BLS

    How We Ranked Illinois Cosmetology Programs

    We began our search for the best cosmetology schools by determining the programs approved by the state or accredited to provide cosmetology education and training according to Illinois licensing requirements.

    The schools on our list enrolled more than 100 students in 2019 and are also Title IV schools, meaning they participate in the federal student aid program. We also chose programs with a weighted average graduation rate in 2018 and 2019 greater than 50%.

    We then sorted the programs by the highest weighted average graduation rate . If schools had the same rate, we ranked schools with a lower student-to-teacher ratio higher on the list.

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    Which Cosmetology Program Should I Go To


    You know the rush of confidence and happiness you get when your hair looks just the way you want it to, or your makeup really makes your eyes pop? Haircuts and styles, makeup application, and even a new manicure are about a lot more than just vanity. Sometimes, attention to outer beauty helps you open up and express your inner beautythe precious qualities that make you uniquely you. If youre familiar with this transformative power of cosmetology, perhaps you should consider a career in the beauty industry, and dedicate your working life to helping others unlock their inner confidence through beauty as well.

    Finding the right cosmetology school is the first step in a successful beauty career, and like any career decision you make, you want to make the right choice. Beauty school is fun, but it’s not easy. And you’ll be spending a lot of time there, so it’s important to choose the best cosmetology school for you. Consider the following questions when exploring your options:

    • Are you looking for a full-time or part-time program, and what does the school offer?
    • Will you be able to practice on real clients instead of just wigs?
    • What is the total cost of the program?
    • Is financial aid available?
    • Does the school have a continuing education program?
    • Will they help you with job placement after graduation?

    Overwhelmed by trying to choose the right cosmetology school? Read on for our top five picks for the best cosmetology schools in the United States.

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