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What Is The Cheapest College Tuition

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What Makes One College Cheaper Than Others

Cheapest Colleges in Toronto | Low Tuition Fee Colleges In Toronto

Most colleges that appear more affordable are public institutions that receive their funding from state and city governments.

The reason private colleges may seem more expensive is that the state government does not fund them. However, a few private colleges have made low-cost education a part of their mission and usually have more funding for grants and scholarships. This significantly reduces the advertised sticker price.

Rhode Island Rhode Island College

  • Out of state tuition cost: $21,289
  • Total tuition cost: $35,465

Situated one hour away from Boston and three hours from New York, this 180-acre campus in the Mount Pleasant region of Providence combines the benefits of a metropolitan hub and the calm of a suburban atmosphere. How has this school done this? In recent years the school has undergone massive expansion and renovation to accommodate the 9000 students enrolled in its programs. RIC offers students a 14:1 student to faculty ratio meaning that students will be able to get the personalized attention they need when they have questions or struggles with coursework. One of the hallmarks of RICs academic programs is its commitment to undergraduate research. At RIC undergraduate students are given opportunities to conduct research under the guidance of faculty mentors an opportunity usually reserved for graduate students.

  • Out of state tuition cost: $13,140
  • Total tuition cost: $23,120

Tuition Costs Of Colleges And Universities

Question:What are the trends in the cost of college education?


For the 201819 academic year, annual current dollar prices for undergraduate tuition, fees, room, and board were estimated to be $18,383 at public institutions, $47,419 at private nonprofit institutions, and $27,040 at private for-profit institutions. Between 200809 and 201819, prices for undergraduate tuition, fees, room, and board at public institutions rose 28 percent, and prices at private nonprofit institutions rose 19 percent, after adjustment for inflation. The price for undergraduate tuition, fees, room, and board at private for-profit institutions were 6 percent lower in 201819 than in 200809, after adjustment for inflation.

U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics. . Digest of Education Statistics, 2019 , Chapter 3.

Average total tuition, fees, room and board rates charged for full-time undergraduate students in degree-granting institutions, by level and control of institution: Selected years, 198586 to 201819
Year and control
44,662 28,627

1Constant dollars based on the Consumer Price Index, prepared by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, adjusted to an academic-year basis.2Room and board data are estimated.

U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics. . Digest of Education Statistics, 2019 , Table 330.10.

Related Tables and Figures:

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Cheap Universities In Canada For Undergraduate Courses

UG programs from leading Canadian universities can cost up to INR 1Cr or more.

Although most universities offer financial support, this can still be overwhelming for international students.

Some of the affordable universities in Canada are listed below with details on fees and popular courses:


These are not the only schools that offer MBA progroms in Canada, there are plenty of them. In addition to these full-time and on-campus programs, there are also universities that offer affordable MBA programs online.

To name a few: University Canada West, McMaster University, University of Alberta and others offers online MBA in Canada. Nonetheless, the Program fees range from CAD 19,000 to CAD 50,000.

Look For Secondhand Or Digital Textbooks

Public Universities with Cheapest Out

Textbooks are expensive but necessary for your education. Thankfully, you dont need to pay full price for your copy you may find an alum in the area selling secondhand textbooks at a discounted price. Some online retailers charge less, and e-books are quickly becoming the norm. Even better, you can often check out textbooks from the library completely free.

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Which Louisiana Colleges Are The Cheapest

Going to an in-state college has the huge cost savings of in-state tuition fees. You can obtain a college education at an even lower cost by going to one of the lowest in-state tuition colleges in Louisiana, which are laid out in our list below. For those wanting to come out of college without any debt, or minimal debt, attending a low in-state tuition college is the right choice for you. Students will want to remember that there are numerous other expenses to account for each month, so keeping tuition low is a big help.


New Jersey William Paterson University Of New Jersey

  • Out of state tuition cost: $19,654
  • Total tuition cost: $35,711

The biggest strength of William Paterson University when it comes to students is helping them find their own individual strengths. In an environment that is supportive and challenging enough to push students ahead, students are able to develop the confidence and knowledge that remarkable things are in their reach. Located in suburban New Jersey, William Paterson is home to more than 10,000 students and offers a range of undergraduate and graduate degrees. Among the schools distinguished faculty are 41 Fulbright scholars and two Guggenheim Fellows. This shows that the school is definitely not lacking in academic credential and that students will receive a high-quality education.

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South Texas College Mcallen

South Texas College is a public community college located in the Rio Grande Valley region of South Texas. It was established on September 1, 1993.

The South Texas College offers more than 100 degree and certificate program options, including associate degrees in a variety of art, science, technology, and allied health fields of study. The college also offers 20 online degree and certificate options.

The college has also developed two intensive academic programs for students interested in pursuing degrees in the medical and engineering fields,

The Dual Enrollment Medical Science Academy and the Dual Enrollment Engineering Academy respectively.

Each consists of concentrated two-year programs of study and internship opportunities for qualified students to pursue an Associate of Science degree during their junior and senior years in high school.

The South Texas College has an in-State Tuition of $2,330. The University tops the Chart of Cheapest Universities in Texas

Alcorn State University In Mississippi

Cheapest Colleges in CANADA for International Students 2020 – With Tuition fees

Alcorn University was founded in 1871 in Claiborne County, Mississippi, with a goal to provide education to descendants of previously enslaved African Americans. Today, it offers more than 50 degree programs to over 4,000 students with diverse ethnic backgrounds.

The university also collaborates with educational institutions from around the globe. Among others, it lets students spend a semester in South America or Africa, participate in videoconferencing sessions with organizations from around the world, and take action to improve the lives of people living in developing countries.

Students and graduates are called Alcornites. According to the universitys website, if youre an Alcornite, youre an individual with both the knowledge and the character to achieve your dreams for your career, for your family, for your community.

Annual tuition for international students:$6,888

Percentage of international students:2.8%

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Elizabeth City State University

Elizabeth City State University is a historically black college and member of the University of North Carolina System located in Elizabeth City, North Carolina. Currently forty academic programs at the baccalaureate and masters levels are offered to around 2,000 students. An active distance education program is also available through Elizabeth City State University, both online and through other distance learning formats such as CDs and DVDs. Currently 92% of students receive grant aid of some sort, lowering the average net price of attendee per year to $1,993.

  • Campuses: Elizabeth City , Online

What Is The Cheapest Way To Go To College Out

1. Attend a state school in an academic common market Some states have come together to offer lower tuition rates for out-of-state students. If you live in one of the states covered by the organization, you could pay a lower price to attend the institution.

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University Of The People

University of the People is the worlds first non-profit, tuition-free, accredited online university. With a groundbreaking online learning model and instructors from the worlds foremost academic institutions, UoPeople offers the opportunity of a high-quality, accessible, affordable American degree programs.


Annual tuition for international students: University of the People is tuition-free, which means there is no charge for teaching or instruction. To help support the universitys continued operation, UoPeople Assessment Fee per course completed.The estimated total fees for the associate degree are as followed: $2,060

The estimated total fees for the bachelors degree are as followed:$4,060

Percentage of international students:54%

What Are The Lowest Cost Colleges In The Us

The 10 colleges with the lowest out

We scoured the list of US Colleges, looking for the ones that offered the most affordable tuition rates. While the primary criterion was the lowest tuition cost, we looked at other aspects that made the schools special, unique, and beneficial to students. The survey excluded community colleges and four-year colleges that did not offer multiple bachelors degree programs.

We also noted some important trends. Many states have upgraded and expanded community colleges into four-year degree institutions. These expansions often took the form of inductions into State University Systems and State College Systems. The addition of state resources and education standards helps ensure that students get high-quality education.

Educational costs in the form of tuition expenses and post-graduate student debt are important issues in American education. This review offers students information about access to high quality low-cost education, both on campus and online. Our results are based on In-State Tuition.

Our Methodology

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Why Is Accreditation Important For Online College

The best online colleges and universities as well as many of the programs they offer hold accreditation from third-party accrediting organizations.

Considered the gold standard among schools, regional accreditation means that an institution has undergone extensive evaluation and meets high educational standards. National accreditation, on the other hand, is typically associated with technical and vocational colleges. Credits earned from a nationally accredited college may not transfer to a regionally accredited institution.

Programmatic accreditation focuses on programs or schools within a college or university. For instance, a college’s business school may hold accreditation from the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business.

Appropriate accreditation helps ensure quality education, transferable credits, financial aid eligibility, and a degree recognized by employers. The Department of Education provides a searchable index and full list of accredited schools.

North Carolina Elizabeth City State University

  • Out of state tuition cost: $18,130
  • Total tuition cost: $27,180

Elizabeth City State University is part of the The University of North Carolina System, a system of schools that governs over 17 schools across the entire state. Since the schools founding in 1891, ECSU has served the northeastern region of North Carolina, providing affordable education in a nurturing environment that helps students become productive and intelligent members of the global community. ECSU takes pride in its multicultural student population and uses this heritage to help meet the needs and aspirations of the community. ECSU is a small community of students with enrollment hovering just shy of 2000 students and offers 31 different degree programs.

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Hidden Fees For Online Students

While online students save on some on-campus fees, most schools apply some form of distance learning fees. These fees can add up. Some schools charge on a per-credit or per-course basis. These fees may include the following:

  • Technology FeeTechnology fees vary dramatically and cover the school’s costs associated with the technology required for online learning, such as learning platforms, virtual technology, and technical support.
  • Access FeeThis fee covers the costs related to maintaining an interactive learning environment, such as cloud services and VoIP solutions. It may also include access to library databases and tutoring.
  • Assessment FeeThis fee covers tests used to determine an online student’s aptitude and course placement.

Some colleges offer optional fee packages for local online students who want to use campus services, including access to student athletics, recreation facilities, and the health center.

Alternatively, some schools may make it mandatory for all students to pay all standard fees. These may include student activities fees services that an online student may never use. In this case, you can try and contact the school to find out if they offer alternatives or exemptions.

Texas A & M University Corpus Christi

Top 10 Cheapest Universities in Canada for International Students. Lowest Tuition in 2021 Undergrad

Texas A& M University-Corpus Christi is a state university established in 1947. The university has an official website at

Texas A& M-Corpus Christi offers 33 undergraduate majors, 25 graduate programs, and five doctoral programs through five colleges including

The College of Liberal Arts The College of Business, The College of Education and Human Development, The College of Science and Engineering, The College of Nursing and Health Sciences.

The Texas A & M University, Corpus Christi has an in-State Tuition of $4,719

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What Are The Best Online Colleges With The Lowest Out

Is your school on this list? Get the BestColleges ranking seal.

University of Central FloridaOrlando, Florida

At BestColleges, we believe a college education is one of the most important investments you will make. We want to help you navigate the college selection process by offering school rankings that are transparent, inclusive, and relevant for online students.

Our rankings are grounded in a few guiding principles and use the latest statistical data available from trusted sources. Read our Ranking Methodology. We hope our approach helps you find the school that is best for you.

Tuition And Fees: Real

Here, I’ll go through a couple of examples of tuition and fee breakdowns at real schools. This way, you’ll be able to see exactly where students’ money is going.

Example #1: Arizona State University College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, Full-Time In-State Student

An in-state college student at ASU would be responsible for the following tuition and fees before any financial aid funds were applied:


A lot more expensive than ASU, right? The major difference here is that ASU is a public school whereas BU is private. To learn more about why these sticker prices are so high, read our guide explaining why college has gotten so expensive.

Although BU might come with a pretty high sticker price, that doesn’t mean the average student pays $48,436 every year for tuition and fees. At schools like BU, students’ average Net Price tends to be much lower. For more info on sticker price versus Net Price, check out our guide to college costs.

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Are Online Colleges A Cheaper Option

Online colleges are typically more affordable than traditional physical universities because online colleges dont need to pay for physical facilities and support staff. More so, you can reduce your expenses by not needing to live on campus or pay for transportation costs.

However, finding the right place and the proper setup for online learning can be challenging. From the right technologies to a stable internet connection, building a space for yourself could also be financially draining. Conversely, choosing a traditional face-to-face college may be more expensive, but you are paying for all the other facilities you may need to supplement your learning.

Private colleges may cost more since the state doesnt fund them, but there are generally more scholarship and grant options that can help you cut down on the cost of education.

Pennsylvania Slippery Rock University Of Pennsylvania

10 states with the cheapest public college tuition
  • Out of state tuition cost: $14,193
  • Total tuition cost: $28,365

Slippery Rock University is a four-year public, coeducational university that offers a broad selection of undergraduate and graduate degrees to its student population of more than 8500 students. Located in the rolling hills of western Pennsylvania, this school is less than an hour away from Pittsburgh. The schools proximity to the city means that students are able to enjoy the energy and culture of the city while focusing on their studies. SRU students are able to complete their degrees on their own time thanks to flexible online learning programs. SRUs dedication to quality education has earned it many awards in the last few years and the school is considered one of the best regional universities in the state.

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How Utsa Is Investing In Students To Make A College Education A Realityyour Browser Indicates If You’ve Visited This Link

Guided by a commitment to make college more affordable, UTSA has had the lowest dollar increase in tuition and fees among all UT System … the general application in the UTSA Scholarship Hub, an online portal that shows what university scholarships …

University of Texas at San Antonio

As Colleges Move Classes Online Families Rebel Against The Cost

Schools face rising demands for tuition rebates, increased aid and leaves of absence as students ask if college is becoming glorified Skype.

By Shawn Hubler

After Southern Californias soaring coronavirus caseload forced Chapman University this month to abruptly abandon plans to reopen its campus and shift to an autumn of all-remote instruction, the school promised that students would still get a robust Chapman experience.

What about a robust refund? retorted Christopher Moore, a spring graduate, on Facebook.

A parent chimed in. We are paying a lot of money for tuition, and our students are not getting what we paid for, wrote Shannon Carducci, whose youngest child, Ally, is a sophomore at Chapman, in Orange County, where the cost of attendance averages $65,000 a year. Back when they believed Ally would be attending classes in person, her parents leased her a $1,200-a-month apartment. Now, Ms. Carducci said, she plans to ask for a tuition discount.

A rebellion against the high cost of a bachelors degree, already brewing around the nation before the coronavirus, has gathered fresh momentum as campuses have strained to operate in the pandemic. Incensed at paying face-to-face prices for education that is increasingly online, students and their parents are demanding tuition rebates, increased financial aid, reduced fees and leaves of absences to compensate for what they feel will be a diminished college experience.

Students are feeling tempest tossed, too.

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