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What Is The Best College For Video Game Design

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Bachelor’s Degree In Video Game Design

The Rhode Show – NEIT named among the best Game Design Colleges

A bachelor’s degree is the most popular pathway to game design. Game design degrees at this level teach both foundational and advanced concepts in the field, and usually take four years to complete. Transfer students with associate degrees should be able to complete their bachelor’s degree in two years.

Bachelor’s degree courses explore more focused subjects in video game design, such as interactive design, color theory, and digital imaging. Students can also choose to specialize in certain aspects of game design.

Concentrations like audio engineering and game production can position degree-holders for success as designers in corresponding subfields. The following lists a few variations of bachelor’s in game design degree programs.

  • Bachelor of arts in game design
  • Bachelor of fine arts in game arts
  • Bachelor of science in game design and development

What’s the Difference Between a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, and Bachelor of Fine Arts in Video Game Design?

Each bachelor’s degree in game design leads to an undergraduate degree, but their curricula and learning outcomes differ significantly. A bachelor of science program emphasizes how game design interacts with technical disciplines like programming and computer science. A BS also provides basic instruction in STEM topics such as math and technology.

Best Game Design Degrees 2022

Choosing the best game design program for your goals requires time and research. To aid in the process, we created and frequently update this ranking of the best programs for game design. The ranking considers factors including graduate success rates, cost, and accreditation status.

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    Based in Brooklyn, New York, the Pratt Institute offers an associate of occupational studies in game design and interactive media. The two-year, 66-credit program teaches from an artistic standpoint. Enrollees learn narrative and worldbuilding techniques for game design and how to navigate industry programming languages. They also explore development through collaborative processes.

    Taught at Pratt’s Manhattan campus, the all art-and-design-based curriculum provides capstone courses, internship opportunities, and a professional portfolio upon graduation. Highlight studies include immersive sound design, serious and subversive games, and mobile app design.

    Admission requirements include official transcripts or GED, a visual or written portfolio, and an essay. ACT/SAT scores and recommendation letters are both optional.

    Pratt is regionally accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.

  • University Of Texas At Austin

    The University of Texas at Austins BS in Computer Science with a Game Development Concentration degree program is one of the best gaming programs in the world, and its about to get better. In 2020, UT Austin will offer a brand-new video game design degree a BS in Arts & Entertainment Technologies. UT Austins new cutting-edge game art degree program is offered in partnership with the schools Department of Computer Science with the Department of Arts & Entertainment technologies. Animation Career Review recognizes UT Austins game design program among the top 10 offered by public institutions of higher learning.

    The University of Texas at Austin was established in 1883 and is the flagship university of Texas. It is also a member school of the University of Texas system. In the 21st century, Austin has seen massive growth as a leading tech hub, with major events like SXSW and an influx of startups and major corporations bringing international attention.

    What We Like: Only California has more video game studios than Texas and Austin has more career opportunities in game development than anywhere else in the state.

    Degree: BS in Computer Science Game Development Concentration

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    Howest University Of Applied Sciences

    Digital Arts & Entertainment is a state-of-the-art, yet accessible, English-taught Bachelors degree. Fully accredited, 3 years, amounting to 180 ECTS credits. DAE is taught at Howest, a modern and unconventional university of applied sciences, situated in a small but beautiful historic city in Flanders, Belgium, in the heart of Western Europe. At DAE you can choose between 4 study majors: Game Development, Game Graphics Production, Independent Game Production or 3D Production & VFX. It is an industry-approved and award-winning curriculum, with alumni in leading companies and studios all over the world, such as Blizzard, Bungie, Ubisoft, DICE, Rocksteady, Guerrilla Games, Larian, Unity, Studio Gobo, Sumo Digital, ILM, MPC, DNeg and many more…


    Eligibility To Become Game Designer

    The 11 Best Video Game Design Schools in New York

    An aspirant does not require a degree or diploma to become a game designer as numerous employers give more preference to experience and game knowledge. For becoming a game designer a candidate must have a certain set of skills which he/she can acquire after completing relevant courses like B.Sc in Graphics, Animation & Gaming, B. Tech in Computer Science and Game Development, BA in Digital Filmmaking & Animation, M.Sc in Multimedia and Animation, M.Sc in Game Design and Development, Advanced Diploma in Game Art & 3D Game Content Creation, Advanced Diploma in Game Design and Development Application, Certificate in Game Art & Design etc. Enlisted below are the minimum eligibility conditions required to become a game designer.

    • A bachelors degree in game design can be earned soon after completing class 12/intermediate successfully.
    • Game designers must possess a bachelors or diploma in game designing or a bachelors degree in computer science engineering or other equivalent fields.
    • It requires no specific entry-level. Although if a candidate has an undergraduate degree he/she will be preferred more.
    • Candidates with a degree in engineering have an upper hand over other candidates. They have a better insight into the technical aspects of computer applications.
    • Various colleges offer different programmes specifically build for game design. Aspirants can opt for game design courses in order to enhance the skills required in the field of game designing.

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    What Kind Of Degree Do You Need To Design Video Games

    The typical entry-level degree needed for gainful employment working at game design companies is a bachelors degree. These can be Bachelor of Arts Degrees in concentrations such as Game Art. Degrees are also in Bachelor of Science for more technical Game Design careers such as Game Development or Game Programming.

    Southern Methodist University Guildhall

    Dallas, Texas

    S.M.U. was founded in 1911 and currently enrolls nearly 11,800 students in more than 200 programs across seven schools. Meadows School of the Arts offers a B.F.A. in Art/Master of Interactive Technology in Digital Game Development for those interested in the game designing realm.

    S.M.U.s Guildhall School of Video Game Development sponsors the BFA/M.I.T. Throughout the curriculum. This program mirrors the rigor of a B.F.A. degree while providing an in-depth examination of comprehensive digital game collections development fundamentals.

    S.M.U. Guildhall is one of the best graduate schools for game development. The universitys multidisciplinary Team Game Production curriculum, which consistently delivers award-winning student games, is praised for its industry-level faculty and specializations in all four cornerstones of game development.

    Whether you enroll in a B.F.A. or M.I.T. program, you can specialize in programming, game design, production, or art. As well as the Master in Information Technology in Digital Game Development, Guildhall offers a Professional Certificate in Digital Game Development that is designed for students looking to enter the game development industry.

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    Video Game Design Degrees

    A variety of certificates and degrees are available to teach you the basics and not-so-basics of game design. With courses including topics like psychology, economics, 3D graphics fundamentals, and even intros to computer programming, the generalist discipline of Game Design is likely the most well-covered by US schools.

    10.5 semesters

    Top Game Design And Development Schools And Colleges In 2021

    Things to consider when choosing a Game Design Degree

    The official rankings for 2021 have been calculated based on the performance of students work submitted to our industry panel. Full details can be found further down the page about how we calculate and rank schools.

    I’m a video game passionate since I was a little kid. but the day I first realised I wanted to work in the video game industry is the day I played “The Last of Us” back in 2013.

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    Find Your College For Game Design Degrees

    Creative students with a passion for strategic thinking often succeed in game design degree programs. With the increasing popularity of video games, most game designers work with electronic media. Some game designers focus on developing story arcs, while others create games visual elements.

    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics , multimedia artists and animators earned a median salary of $75,270 in 2019. The BLS projects employment for these professionals to increase 4% between 2019 and 2029. Game designers typically collaborate with programmers and other artists. They create engaging games that inspire players to complete challenging yet enjoyable tasks.

    This guide explores game design degree requirements and highlights the best programs for aspiring game designers. The following sections also cover career options and scholarships for game design students.

    What Skills Do You Need To Be A Game Designer

    Game Designers main skills are animating, drawing, graphic design, and storylines and game conceptualization for Game Art careers. Game Designers who develop and code the games need computer science skills such as programming languages, math, and software development. These are the more tangible or measurable skills. Intangible skills that would be helpful would be imagination, a love of video games, ability to devise compelling game concepts and storylines, and the ability to take abstract concepts and make them understandable to others, which is the ability to communicate well.

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    Visual College Of Art And Design Of Vancouver

    VCAD offers a Game Development and Design programand the school is right in Canadas game dev hotbed.

    Youll develop skills and knowledge in topics like:

    • Storytelling
    • Visual Effects
    • And More

    When you graduate, youll be prepared for work in a variety of CGI-based industries like computer animation studios, game development companies, post-production and special effects studios.

    Where Can I Find Video Game Design Scholarships And Grants

    Where to Learn Video Game Creation in Tennessee

    Although the video game design degree is still in its development stages educationally, there are still options for students seeking scholarships and/or grants.

    Remember that the best stop to getting scholarships or grants for a video game design degree is the financial aid office of the school you are attending or planning to attend. They can help you find funding opportunities, fill out forms, and more at no charge. If you are not yet enrolled in a video game design school, you can still ask the financial aid office of a prospective school how much financial aid you qualify for and even get an estimate for out of pocket costs before deciding.

    There are differences between scholarships and grants. While both are free money that do not have to be paid back unlike a student loan scholarships are more competitive with only a few students winning, while grants are given to everyone who qualifies and applies for one and are usually done on a needs basis.

    Video Game Design Schools is a guide to accredited video game design schools. On our website we maintain a comprehensive list of all video game design programs in addition to answering many students considering attending a video game design degree program in our FAQ section.

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    Next Step: Request Degree Information


    • One of the Lowest Tuitions in the U.S.
    • Reputable Non-profit University

    Online students in the BS in Information Technology: Gaming Design degree learn competencies such as graphic design, digital imaging, programming, and information technology.

    • Liberty is one of the largest universities in the U.S.
    • One of the lowest tuition rates
    • Accepts transfer credits

    Is Going To College For Video Game Design Worth It

    Game design is a small and niche field, which means you need great contacts and a solid background to further your prospects in the gaming industry. A college degree does just that by improving your portfolio and connecting you with professionals. Plus, once youre in the job, a degree can lead to promotions or even extra job mobility.

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    What Sorts Of Careers Are Common With A Video Game Design Degree

    You dont need a specific video game design degree to be employed in one of the careers below, but it doesnt hurt.

    • Video Game Tester: A simple love of video games is what is needed to be product testers for makers of video games. Writing concise and useful reports are also part of the job.
    • Video Game Demonstrator: Show both future players of the game, buyers, and executives what the game has to offer in this career.
    • Video Game Promoter: These professionals work on the business side of video games including promotional and marketing aspects.
    • 3D Artist: Because the medium of video games is shifting more and more towards the three dimensional, designers with knowledge of 3D are sought for the video game industry.
    • Software Designer: Often video games are also released as software to be played on computers and designers are needed.
    • Associate Video Game Producer: Assist in the actual production of a video game and work with producers to create a unique video game.
    • Video Game Producer: Take the lead in producing a game from design to the store shelves.
    • Software Project Manager: Another leadership role, this career is also involved in every stage of developing software from its design to sales.
    • Video Game Designer: Design and build games for major and up and coming video game companies in this career.
    • Java Game Developer: Learning how to turn Java into a marketable video game is a career that is in demand.

    So Why Even Go To The Game Design College

    Which DigiPen Game Design Degree is Right For Me?
    • It just works for some people. Some folks prefer this way of learning. And that’s totally ok
    • You’ll start to gather your first contacts. And trust me – networking is important and uber helpful.
    • And of course, in the end, you’ll learn some stuff.

    So it’s really up to you to decide if you really want to go to college.

    But if you feel that it’s something that you’ll benefit from – let’s go with a promised list of colleges with game design programs.

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    Drexel University Antoinette Westphal

    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    The Game Design major at Drexel Westphal provides students with a solid foundation in animation and interactivity and design and programming skills. Another college for gamers is Westphal College of Media Arts & Design which offers a Bachelor of Science in Game Design & Production.

    It reflects an industry that has experienced an explosion in consumer gaming and enterprise gaming. Over the past few decades, the gaming industry has evolved from just a source of entertainment to one that includes education and training through the use of serious gaming.

    In Drexels B.S. in Game Design & Production program, students learn about the latest technologies, innovations, and trends in the gaming industry. Drexel Universitys Game Design program is based on experiential learning. At Drexel, game design and production students gain a solid foundation of knowledge about digital media tools while demonstrating creativity and problem-solving abilities through team-based project management. During their six-month co-op experience, undergrads in Game Design also apply their studies to real challenges and industry projects.

    And Now For The Awkward Part Someone Has To Say It

    Listen – at 8Bit, we’re here to help you on your gamedev journey. We want you to grow and create some awesome games that we will play with pleasure.

    One of our core values is that we don’t BS game developers. You trust us. And we respect that. We also hate to waste your time. .

    That’s why I think it’s only fair to let you know at the very beginning that YOU DON’T NEED A DEGREE to work in the game industry.

    Of course, it would be easier to write this article and sell you an idea.

    An idea, that having a bachelor’s degree in game design will instantly transform you into a game designer.

    But without putting your hard work and time into creating your personal projects – it won’t do much help. You need knowledge and experience. That’s it.

    What can you do?

    …and still, be a successful game designer. Yes, without a degree.

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    Digipen Institute Of Technology

    Consistently ranked among the top five schools for game design, DigiPen has been educating students in game creation for over 30 years. They offer three Bachelors Degree courses relating to game creation. The first BS in Computer Science in Real-Time Interactive Simulation, apart from being a bit of a mouthful, focuses largely on the technical aspects of game creation. Its geared more towards programmers and developers than game designers.

    But the Bachelor of Arts in Game Design course is where the real treasure trove is for those who want to create breathtaking game worlds. This program covers both the theory and mechanics of game design. Youll learn how to tell a compelling story through a video game, be placed on a team where youll create your very own game with original mechanics, and finally create a playable prototype to use in your portfolio.

    Finally, for those who want to learn both computer science and coding aspects of game creation, as well as the art and storytelling side of things, theres the BS in Computer Science and Game Design. This course is the best of both worlds. DigiPen goes even deeper than most schools by delving into the psychology of what makes a video game fun in the first place, offering a great education to the fledgling designer.

    The Top Colleges And Grad Schools To Study Game Design

    RIT ranked No. 1 game design school on East Coast

    One of the best schools in the world to study computer game design started out as a private company. DigiPen Institute of Technology, a for-profit school with 1,200 students in Redmond, WA, was founded in 1988 as a computer simulation and animation company based in Vancouver. As the company grew, it had a tough time finding qualified workers, so in 1990 it started offering a training program in 3D animation. That same year it approached Nintendo of America to form a post-secondary program in video game programming. The collaboration turned into DigiPen Applied Computer Graphics School, which opened in 1994, eventually developing eight different four-year bachelors degrees, from a BA in game design to a BS in engineering and sound design as well as a masters degree in computer science and digital arts. In 1998 it opened the Redmond campus. It also has campuses abroad, in Singapore and in Bilbao, Spain.

    See our slideshow above for the top 25 undergraduate institutions and the list below for the grad schools.

    To put together its list ,Princeton Review looked at 150 schools in the U.S., Canada and abroad that offer game design coursework and/or degree programs.

    Princeton Review teams with PC Gamer magazine as its reporting partner on the rankings.




    • What technologies or engines does your school utilize?
    • Does your school offer game labs for students to use?
    • Does your school offer a game library for students to use?


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