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What Is Fine Arts In College

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How Teaching The Fine Arts In School Benefits Students

Fine Art Overview, School of Arts – Oxford Brookes University.

There has long been an ongoing debate about the validity of fine arts education within schools. Some think that they are frivolous in comparison to the Common Core and STEM-focused subjects, others argue the fine arts are intrinsically valuable to both education and life.

The fact of the matterand yes, we can indeed say fact as the many benefits of arts education has been thoroughly researchedis that the arts can teach life skills, inspire students, and allow them to experience the world in a different way.

Read on to discover some of the many benefits of arts education!

Fine Arts Course Details

  • Fine Arts courses are a study of the creation of diverse visual forms of art such as , Drama, Painting, Sculptures, Architecture, Theatres, etc.
  • One can pursue Fine Arts courses at different levels of study such as Certification, UG, PG, Diploma and Doctorate.
  • Some of the most sought-after Fine Arts courses are Certificate Course in Music, Certificate Course in Handloom Weaving and Handicraft, Diploma in Fine Arts, Bachelor of Fine Arts, etc.
  • The average fees of Fine Arts courses can range anywhere between INR 1,000 to INR 3,00,000 in India.
  • Top Colleges offering Fine Arts courses in India are Banasthali Vidyapeeth Jaipur, University of Lucknow, Amity University Lucknow, Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth Pune, etc.

The 17 Best Fine Arts Colleges In The Us

If you’re interested in attending a fine arts college, your college search may be trickier than the average student’s. It’s relatively simple to compare standard undergraduate degree programs, but fine arts schools can be so different: they have different specialties, different facilities, and different curricula. How do you know which fine arts colleges are the best, and how do you know which ones would be good fits for you?

I’ve taken the first step for you by compiling a list of the top fine arts colleges and bachelor’s programs in the country. Each one offers something a little different, making this ranking list a bit more unique than your average college ranking list.

Because it’s difficult and perhaps unhelpful to give these schools a definite ranking on this list, I’ve separated them into school type. I’ve also prepared some strategies for figuring out which schools best meet your own personal needs.

But before all that, I’ll answer a more basic question: what is a fine arts college exactly?

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Music: Concerts And Performances

College of the Mainland’s many talented musicians perform concerts throughout the year. Admission is free, and all concerts are open to the public.

Fine Arts Building, Rm 154409-933-8348

Fine Arts Building, Rm 116409-933-8347

College of the Mainland is a learning-centered, comprehensive community college dedicated to student success and the intellectual and economic prosperity of the diverse communities we serve.

College of the Mainland is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges to award associate and baccalaureate degrees and certificates. Contact the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges at 1866 Southern Lane, Decatur, Georgia 30033-4097 or call 404-679-4500 for questions about the accreditation of College of the Mainland.

At COM, we believe that everyone deserves an education. As a learning-centered institution, we strive to boost the intellectual and economic prosperity of the diverse communities we serve. Be sure to take a moment to view the College District’s Resume regarding enrollment, cost, financial aid, student success and degrees and certificates awarded.

Performing And Fine Arts

National Art School: Semester Two Short Courses

The one-year Performing and Fine Arts Certificate offers an academic introduction to a variety of arts and cultural topics with some performance options for those students interested in pursuing them. This program is ideal for students coming directly out of high school with an interest in the Performing and Fine Arts, or mature students returning for enrichment or a new career direction. The purpose of the PEFA Certificate is to build citizens who are culturally literate, active supporters of the arts.

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More On What You Can Do With A Fine Arts Degree

You may have taken a degree in fine arts to nurture your creative side, and follow your dreams of working as a creative artist.

Your career options however, are not limited to such work. Aside from becoming a creative artist, you can use your degree as the foundation for a broad range of career directions, from teaching to management, to media and advertising.

While a fine arts degree may not ‘get you a job’, per se, it can make you highly employable, and arm you with the skills necessary to succeed in a variety of occupational fields. For example, an education in fine arts helps shape an inquiring mind, and inquiring minds can help employers evaluate conflicting points of view during their business operations. Your employability becomes even greater when you use it as a foundation for a graduate or professional degree.

So, if youd like to know more about what you can do with this degree, read on below. This careers guide contains detailed occupational information on career paths relevant to this degree. Included are job descriptions, expected salaries, educational requirements and other pertinent information related to these careers.

Kala Bhavana Visva Bharati

Kala Bhavana of Visva Bharati is a well-renowned college of Fine Arts. The institute is known for its top class faculties. The college introduces a large variety of courses to the students. The college offers diploma, bachelors and masters degrees. If you want a career in dancingthen this institute is for you. It is one of the best fine arts colleges in India.

Courses Offered:

  • Graphic Art

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College Of Art Delhi University

The College of Art was founded in 1942. It is one of the oldest fine art colleges in India. Home to an experienced faculty of professors and scholars, the institution provides an encouraging environment to inculcate knowledge of fine arts to the students. The college offers both bachelors of art and masters of art degrees. It is a top choice of students amongst the fine arts colleges in India.

Courses Offered:

  • Sculpture

What Can You Do After Studying Fine Arts

BFA Fine Arts at School of Visual Arts – Department Overview
  • Acting on Broadway
  • Acting in Hollywood and other film locations
  • Acting many other places around the country.
  • Stage combatant and choreographer.
  • Professional stage managers and production managers
  • Producers/Directors/Playwrights
  • Teachers: elementary, high school and college
  • Entertainment technology sales
  • Sing in college, church or community choirs
  • Play the piano to accompany other musicians

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Department Of Art And Art History

The Department of Art and Art History is one of the largest and most diverse in the country. It includes programs in studio art, art history, and art education and reflects the rigorous standards of a flagship institution, while offering an intimate environment for students to train as scholars, practitioners and educators in the arts.

See How Art Affects And Reflects The World Around It

Art is a product of humanity, and thus it is used and celebrated in a variety of ways. It can create movements or styles that inspire fellow artists in every mediummusic, visual art, architecture, etcsuch as the Baroque period.

However, art is also a reflection of the current world. It can be used to make a statement on social commentarylike modern performance art pieces. It can be a snapshot of a different time, a window into what life was like back then in that place. Once again, these can lead to having a different perspective. It also teaches critical thinking skills.

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Fine Arts Courses After 10th

After completing class 10th, students can pursue Fine Arts courses in numerous specializations such as Graphic Design, Sculpture, etc. at UG Diploma and Certification levels.

Below we have provided a tabular representation of some top Fine Arts courses after 10th along with their duration and average fees.

Course Name
Certificate Course in Fine Arts 3 months
Certificate in Crafting Creative Communications 1 year
Certificate Course in Drawing and Animation 8 months
Certificate in Visual Arts: Applied Arts 1 year
Certificate in Plate Making and Offset Printing 1 year
Certificate in Performing and Visual Arts 1 year
Certificate in Visual Arts: Sculpture 1 year INR 4,000

Difference Between Fine Arts And Applied Arts

Boston University College of Fine Arts, 808 + 855 ...
  • Fine arts and applied arts both are art courses but the difference between them is the work created out of them.
  • Fine arts is the traditional field that focuses on the aesthetics of art and has a freehand approach. Whereas applied arts focus on the application of art including technical aspects and processes and focuses more on the aspects of utility of art with aesthetics.
  • Fine arts include areas of study like painting, drawing, sculpture, pottery, ceramics, metalwork, etc. Whereas applied arts include the study of subjects like Industrial Design, Advertisement, Graphic Design, Animation, Calligraphy, etc.
  • Fine arts focus more on creativity and pleasure. The primary focus is to study the preferred artform along with its history, its contemporary usage, and the techniques used. Whereas Applied Arts focus on the utility and commercialization of the product of art.
  • Fine arts is just beauty, but applied arts is beauty with purpose.

Learn more about:

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California College Of The Arts San Francisco Ca

California College of the Arts is primarily dedicated to educating students in the arts. It offers an array of 15 majors and minors in the fine arts, including an individualized major option for students who may have extremely niche interests.

The college has a highly accomplished faculty and regularly welcomes visiting artists, designers, and writers. Its student-faculty ratio is an impressively low 8:1.

  • Degrees Offered: BFA

College Introduces New Associate Of Fine Arts Degree

  • Posted February 23, 2022

Independence Community College is pleased to announce the newest Associate of Fine Arts Degree with degree tracks in Theatre Performance and Technical Theatre. Students can begin this degree track starting Fall of 2022.The addition of the Associates of Fine Arts in Theatre Performance and Technical Theatre completes the picture of educational opportunities in Theatre Arts at ICC, said Heather Mydosh, Arts and Humanities Division Head. ICC, whatever the dream, be it Broadway, the silver screen, a classroom of their own, or somewhere in between, we now have the degree opportunities that will help to open those doors.Previously, students interested in Theatre were encouraged to get an Associate of Arts with a Theatre emphasis this degree is still available for students interested in Theatre Education or on track to get their Bachelor of Arts Degree in Theatre. Sudents with an Associate of Fine Arts degree will be able to transfer to get a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from a four institution of their choosing.Looking to complete a Bachelors of Fine Arts on your way to becoming a professional actor or technical director? Co e hone your skills with us to craft an advantage when you transfer, said Mydosh. ICC is a place where you can choose your own path, now more than ever before.

What is the Difference?

Associate of Fine Arts in Theatre Performance

Associate of Fine Arts in Technical Theatre

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What’s A Fine Arts College

Simply put, a fine arts college is a school that educates students in the visual or performing arts. These schools offer a couple of different degree options:

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts : If you get a BFA, or a Bachelor of Fine Arts, the majority of your undergraduate education will consist of practical studio work instead of more traditional lecture or discussion classes. For example, a typical BFA program might have students in fine arts courses two thirds of the time and general education courses one third of the time.
  • Bachelor of Arts : A BA, or Bachelor of Arts, is the most common type of undergraduate degree. Most people with BAs didn’t study the fine arts specifically. If you choose this type of degree program, it just means you’ll take more general education courses than if you picked a BFA. For example, you might spend one third of your time taking fine arts courses and two thirds of your time on general liberal arts studies.

Once you choose your degree type, you’ll most likely have to choose an arts specialty. This is similar to a major that helps you home in on and excel within a particular field or area. Many fine arts colleges have a wide variety of specialties to choose from, such as acting, musical theater, ceramics, computer animation, creative writing, dance, sculpture, painting, and drawing.

I’ll present the top degree programs at both fine arts colleges and other colleges and universities in the following ranking list.

Transferrable Skills You Can Develop

Centennial College: Fine Arts Studio Program

Apart from the skills that are specific to careers in fine arts, you can also acquire general, transferrable skills as a result of your studies. You can apply these skills to plenty of careers that are, and are not, directly related you degree:

The ability to develop individual ideas and collaborate with others

Strong observational, research and analytical skills

Creative problem solving

The ability to learn from criticism and be objective about your work

An openness to new influences and concepts

The ability to meet deadlines

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Visual Arts Fine Arts

The Visual Arts program at Massasoit includes the areas of graphic design, web design, illustration, animation, painting, printmaking, sculpture, ceramics, and photography.

The Associate in Applied Science in Visual Arts Fine Arts option offers foundation courses in drawing, color and design, sculpture, painting, art history, and printmaking in preparation for a career in art education or as a professional fine artist. Students may design their own track by selecting from an array of electives in drawing, printmaking, painting, ceramics and photography.

Visual Arts also offers an Art & Graphic Design degree.

In each option, students are expected to develop an individual aesthetic within their chosen discipline. The Visual Arts faculty is dedicated to encouraging and supporting students in their individual course of study and preparing them for transfer to a bachelors degree program or entry-level career paths in the visual arts field.

What Can I Do With A Degree In Fine Arts

The career options for fine artists are limitlessespecially for artists with technology skills. Possible job titles include 3D Artist, Animator, Art Restorer, Cartoon Artist, Clay Artist, Comic Illustrator, Commercial Artist, Art Director, Fashion Artist, Illustrator, Forensic Artist, Landscape Artist, Medical Artist, Model Maker, Multimedia Artist, Game Artist, Digital Artist, Mural Artist, Interior Designer, Pattern Illustrator, Scenic Artist, Scientific Illustrator, Sculptor, Graphic Designer, Art Gallery Dealer, Stained Glass Artist, Technical Illustrator, Advertising Designer, Muralist, Sculptor, Craft Artist, Ceramist, Editorial Photographer, and Visual Artist, to name a few.

Schools to Consider:

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What Is Applied Arts

  • Applied arts is the art that deals with the design and decoration of essential, everyday, practical objects in order to make them aesthetically pleasing.
  • It emphasizes both theoretical knowledge as well as hands-on training.
  • The curriculum includes the history of art and design and also offers hours of training on designing on the basis of concepts and ideas.

What Is The Meaning Of Fine Art


In European culture and academic traditions, fine art refers to art that is developed foremost to be enjoyed for its aesthetics or beauty. This definition distinguishes fine art from commercial artworks produced for business, or decorative art or applied arts such as ceramics and weaving, which also serve some practical functions.

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The Best Fine Arts Schools In The United States

The following schools are primarily dedicated to art and design education.

The real standouts herethe fine arts schools that tend to be ranked at the top of lists year after yearare the Rhode Island School of Design, the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and the Savannah College of Art and Design.

You may notice when you review the list that these schools tend to be relatively larger than some others, with a wider variety of program offerings.

Savannah College Of Art And Design Savannah Ga

The Savannah College of Art and Design, or SCAD, is one of the most prestigious art and design institutions in the United States and is home to an impressive variety of fine arts specializations for undergraduates. Students can earn a degree in almost anything you can think of, from animation and visual effects to fibers and furniture design.

The school also has an impressive faculty and alumni networka big plus when it comes time to apply to grad school or jobs.

  • Degrees Offered: BA, BFA

What could be more fun than a studio course?

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Required Skillset For Fine Arts

The students who pursue fine arts are generally artistic individuals who are highly passionate for their art. There are some basic skills that help employers and colleges segregate and select the best artists. Some of them has been listed below:

  • Creativity skills One of the most important things to be a successful artist is to be creative, innovative, and true to yourself. An art, which is a representation of an artist, sells better than a copied version. If you are not creative, youll soon be out of the game. Art is the representation of ones creativity therefore creativity is a must-have.

  • Imagination skills An individual who has new, inspiring ideas and the enthusiasm to portray those ideas in their work are true artists. Art is a product of an artists imagination.

  • If you want to make photography your career you must be already vested in photography. Therefore, having sound knowledge and skill will help you seek admission.

  • Patience– There are plenty of artists out there, making the competition tougher. Therefore, to get recognised youll have to work consistently even if you dont get appreciation and acceptance in the beginning. Patience is the key to be successful.

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