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What Degree Do You Get After 2 Years Of College

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Associates Degree In Nursing

What is a College Degree

The associates degree in nursing teaches students the foundational knowledge they need to pursue entry-level nursing positions or other careers in the healthcare field. Programs can be completed in 2 or 3 years and are structured as a combination of classroom learning and hands-on rotations at local hospitals and clinics. Once you earn your ADN, youll have to pass the NCLEX-RN, the national nursing licensing examination before you begin working as a nurse.

How Long Does It Take To Get An Associates Degree

Associates Degrees are worth roughly 60 credit hours. While the schedule you complete those credits on is flexible, most students choose to complete them in two calendar years. If you need to balance school with other responsibilities like your job or family, you can take a part-time course load of 4 classes or less each semester, although this will result in your program taking longer than two years to complete. Keep in mind that some programs may require additional requirements like internships, practicums, and national board exams to earn licensure, so be sure to factor those into your academic timeline.

If I Have An Associates Degree How Long Will It Take To Get My Bachelors

Associates degrees are designed to be stacked with a bachelors degree, meaning you upon completing your A.A. or A.S. you can transfer directly into a bachelors degree program. Instead of taking the standard four years to complete a bachelors degree, your associates degree will count towards the first two years of study so you only need to complete two years at your transfer college to finish your B.A. or B.S. Of course, this is contingent upon your transfer school accepting all of your course credits for your two-year college. Before you decide which university to transfer to, you should work with your two-year college transfer counselor to make sure your top transfer schools will accept all of your credits.

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Certificates Diplomas And Degrees Explained

Learn about the most common types of certificates, diplomas, and degrees offered by post-secondary schools.

Consider types of Minnesota State schools and a liberal arts education to see how these awards might match your educational goals. Also check the requirements for each school. You might need a specific degree before being eligible for another.

You Want A Bachelors Degree From A Selective College But Your High School Grades Or Sat Scores Were Low

Humanities Majors, You Can Get (practically) Any Job You Want.

You likely can’t get accepted into a top-notch college if your high school grades were mostly D’s. And these days, even state schools are quite competitive. If you want to earn a bachelor’s degree from a name brand college or your states well-known university, you may need to prove yourself in an associates program first. As an associate’s student, you could use your newfound passion and determination to rewrite your educational track record. Schools may look more favorably on the improved grades you earned during your associates degree program and be more willing to overlook poor performance during high school.

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College Credit For Life And Work Experience

The National Center for Education Statistics reports that the age of college students is on the rise. There were over 8.2 million students over 25 years old who were attending college.

So what have you been up to the last few years?

Maybe you were working in law enforcement or health care, traveling, or piloting a plane. Those experiences count. You can make them count in a big way now that you have started college by using your experiences for college credit.

Is Getting An Associates Degree Worth It Associates Vs Bachelors Comparison

Is there a big payoff in obtaining either an associates degree or bachelors degree? Of course this answer may vary wildly if comparing specific fields, but in general terms, if we look at the earnings of an associates degree holder over a 40 year work life and subtract the cost of an education and compare that to those that do not earn a degree or to those who earn a bachelors degree, you can get a pretty good idea of which path may be more palatable for you. After all, earnings and cost are only two factors in the decision process when thinking about an associate degree vs bachelor degree.


40 year calculations were derived by multiplying the median annual wage by 40 years. It is important to note that these estimates are not exact because they assume that $1 in future earnings has the same value as $1 earned today, i.e., the future earnings were not discounted. Over a 40-year horizon, discounting can make difference. Average college costs and foregone earnings also assume that the degree earner earns their degree in a 2 or 5 year span respectively which implies attending college full time.

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Some Careers May Only Expect An Associate Degree Vs Bachelor Degree

Many of today’s in-demand careers only require two years of college education as an entry-level credential, which would suggest an associate degree should be you rpick when considering associate vs bachelor. The following list represents just a few of them:

Job Title

Paralegals and Legal Assistants

Associate’s Degree

Computer Network Support Specialists

Associate’s Degree


Associates Degree In Business

Why You Need A College Degree To Be Happy

An associates degree in business prepares you to pursue a career in business or further studies in the business field. Business programs teach students a solid understanding of management skills, business technology, and key soft skills like communication, critical thinking, and project planning. Many associates degree programs let you choose a focus in a certain area of business, like human resources, business information systems, and health care administration.

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List Of Two Year College Degrees


Whether you visit a gym, classroom or a local government agency, you are likely to encounter employees with two-year college degrees. These degrees, formally titled “associate degrees,” are offered by two-year community colleges across the United States. The degree is the first of several degrees of higher education. After completing the degree, students wishing to continue their education can transfer to a four-year institution.

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Which Path Is Right For You

The assortment of certification and degree options might seem intimidating at first, but the varying possibilities exist so that you can find the perfect path toward the career best suited for you and your family. Theyll thank you for taking the time to carefully sort out your education plan one day!

Now that you have a better understanding of the level of commitment each degree requires, its time to explore! Check out Rasmussen Colleges Career Roadmap and begin your journey to a fulfilling career.

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Sports And Physical Education

Weight and health issues are just two of many pressing issues facing children and adults. Professionals working to solve these problems can earn formal degrees in sports or physical education. Part of the curriculum includes understanding nutrition, dieting, wellness and exercise methods. Those earning degrees in sports or physical education are equipped to work in public and private schools, gyms, non-profit organizations and government. Degree earners are also equipped to open their own practices, such as a gym or a local nutritional wellness center.


Why Choose An Associate Degree

Why Attend?

There are many reasons that people choose an associate degree, but it really boils down to two major motivations: a faster education, and a cheaper price tag.

Associate degrees are two-year degrees, so for someone who wants to get in, get out, and get to work, they are excellent options, especially the associate in applied science degree. While bachelor degree studies can take four years or more, and earning a doctorate can take a decade of focused education, an associates degree can take less than two years if you take summer courses! Additionally, because associate degrees are often taught at , the per-semester price can be a fraction of the cost compared to major universities and private colleges.

Flexibility is also a popular motivation for earning an associate degree. Many on-campus and online associate degree programs work for non-traditional students people with families, jobs, and busy schedules who cant take classes at, for example, 9:00 am on a Tuesday. Instead, they need classes taught on the evenings, the weekends, or asynchronously online. An associate degree fills this need.

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What Are The Different Types Of Degrees

By Jess Scherman on 05/28/2014

At this point in your life, you know yourself well enough to determine that after years at your current job, its the right time to look into earning a degree and discovering all of the career possibilities that await you. But getting started is the tough part.

Youve undoubtedly encountered the tangled alphabet soup graduates list next to their names: AS, AA, BA, BS, BFA, MA, MB, MFA, PhD, etc. And you definitely wouldnt be the first to feel both confused and intimidated by all of the alphabetical possibilities for your education.

Everyone needs a hand getting started, especially in the wake of such an important decision! So take a look at an essential breakdown of the different types of degrees and move forward deciphering the education plan thats perfect for you.

Associates Degree In Computer Science

An Associates degree in Computer Science offers an excellent return on investment in terms of high-paying career opportunities. Even without additional education at the bachelors degree level, youll be prepared for entry-level employment in information technology, programming and development, and cybersecurity. Coursework includes computer languages, programming, and troubleshooting, and often includes hands-on internship opportunities.

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Ready To Start Your Journey

  • To avoid debt, many students are training for jobs that only require a two-year degree.
  • The careers in this list are projected to grow significantly faster than average.
  • You can apply for many of these positions after earning a high school diploma or certificate.
  • Earning a two-year degree can give you an edge over candidates who haven’t gone to college.

While a four-year college education does prepare many people for career entry, the financial commitment can be hefty. Student loan debt in the U.S. is around $1.7 trillion, and the average bachelor’s degree-holder owes more than $20,000 in student loans.

To save money and time, some Americans opt to pursue trade and technical careers that only require a high school diploma, certificate, or associate degree. The National Center for Education Statistics reports that, for the 2017-18 academic year, students attending two-year colleges spent an average of $10,700 on tuition, fees, and room and board, while learners attending four-year universities paid $27,360.

Many trade and technical professions pay well, and they may also be less competitive because high school graduates often overlook them as viable options. For example, a survey by the Associated General Contractors of America reveals that 70% of construction companies actually have trouble finding skilled employees to meet the demands of their growing industry.

Highest Paying Associate Degree Jobs


When someone says college, what comes to mind? If youre like most people, you probably think about four-year programs. However, there are many alternatives to the four-year approach. Associate degree jobs are booming and represent a popular, lucrative alternative path.

One of the most attractive alternatives to a bachelors degree is an associate degree. These programs offer fast, and often more affordable routes for education, making them a popular choice, especially among non-traditional students.

There are reasonable questions that arise with associate degrees. Do good associate degree jobs exist? What fields offer jobs you can get with an associates degree? Are they satisfying and financially rewarding? The answer is a resounding yes!

In general, you can step immediately from school to the work force and make a sizable income. The highest paying associate degree can result in a six figure salary. From technical careers to jobs in the medical profession, we list the best 2 year degrees for landing high paying jobs below. And, they pay more than you probably think!


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How Does It Work

First, pick a college that offers 5-week, 6-week, or 8-week classes online.

You can take 18 credit hours, about 6 classes for each fall, spring, and summer semester. So, in 12 months you would have 54 credits! Most students would have 30 credits after sitting in classes for a year.

But if you like your education caffeinated with a shot of espresso and you can keep your GPA above 3.5, you can even petition to get approval to take 4 classes every 8 weeks at some universities.

That would be CRAZY! And really hard! You would be running like a caffeinated squirrel, but Id do it if someone gave me the green light!

Earning up to 72 credits in 12 months.

That is double the regular speed.

Types Of Degrees And Diplomas

The Universities in Canada grants three types of degrees:

Bachelors degree at the undergraduate level

The students should have completed the secondary level or 12th-grade examination successfully to be eligible to do a Bachelors degree course. It usually takes three to four years to complete the program, depending on the province and whether the course is general or specialised. Honours in a subject indicate a higher level of academic achievement and may require an additional year of study.

Masters degree at the post-graduate level

The eligibility to pursue a Masters degree is a Bachelors degree. Its duration usually is of two years.

Doctoral degree

Generally, a Masters Degree is required by a candidate who wishes to pursue a doctoral program. But, in some exceptional cases, students may be allowed to join a doctoral program directly after an honours baccalaureate program. It takes from four years to seven years to complete the course. Usually, a PhD degree is awarded to successful candidates, but in Canada, Doctoral degrees like D. Mus. for Music or LLD for the law may be awarded in specific fields of study.

Associate Degree

This vocational degree program trains students on both theory and practical. Its duration is of two years.

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Sample Timeline: How To Get Your Bachelors Degree In 2 Years

You should know how quick you finish does depend on where you start. To help you get your bachelors degree in 2 years I am going to break it down depending on where you are right now.

Whether this is your first time attending college or if you are coming back to college with a few credits. Or if you have already completed 2 years and have 60 credits already.

You can do this. Choose which one you are and lets get that 2-year degree.

Determining Your Educational Path

How to Become a Teacher if You Already Have a 4 Year Degree

What is the degree that will help you advance your career? To define your path, take some time to explore job descriptions and industry news to better understand the educational requirements of your chosen field.

While advancing your education can have significant economic impacts, each career has its own unique job requirements and there are often benefits to remaining in the workforce while working toward a college degree. Many companies offer tuition assistance programs, for example, that can help pay for more advanced degrees.

Do some research and reflect on your long-term goals and youll be on the path to choosing the college degree level that is right for you.

A degree can change your life. Find the SNHU degree that can help you meet your goals.

Danielle Gagnon is a freelance writer and marketer focused on higher education. Connect with her on .

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Diploma And Certificate Programs

Colleges and institutes offer diploma and certificate programs as their primary activity, while some offer degrees in areas of particular specialization. Where they are offered, degree programs may be two-year associate degrees or four-year applied degrees. Generally speaking, university diplomas and certificates require one or two years of study in a specific field or discipline. However, these programs vary widely from institution to institution, and from province to province.

Community colleges are government-regulated post-secondary institutions offering one- to two-year academic and pre-professional certificates, diplomas, two-year associate’s degrees and even three- and four-year specialized bachelor’s degrees. More than 150 community colleges accommodate approximately 900,000 full-time and 1.5 million part-time learners at over 900 campuses across Canada. Thousands of international students come to Canada for community college study each year.

Associates Degree In Accounting

Students interested in pursuing a career in accounting can study towards either an Associate of Science in Accounting or an Associate of Applied Science in Accounting. Classes are typically in areas like math, finance, business law, and taxation. An A.S. or A.A.S. in Accounting is not enough to pass the Certified Public Accountant exam, which is an industry-standard credential for accountants but is a building block for further study.

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Associates Degree In Spanish

An associates degree in Spanish will teach you conversational, reading, and writing skills in Spanish beginning with basic Spanish and ending in advanced-level coursework. Many programs also include classes in Spanish culture and literature. Your associates degree will prepare you for a job in translation or give you a competitive edge in business careers. If you want to teach Spanish, youll have to transfer into a bachelors degree program.

High Paying Jobs That Require 2

Is a Cyber Security Degree Worth it? (My Tips)

If you’re looking to return to school, but the idea of a four-year degree just doesn’t fit with your time or budgetary constraints, many high-paying jobs only require a two-year degree. These two-year programs are often referred to as associates degrees. If making the big bucks is what you want to do, consider investing your time into one of these high-paying career options that only require a two-year degree.

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