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How Much Is The Lvn Program At American Career College

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Ontario Campus: Voted Best Trade School in the 2021 Inland Valley Daily Bulletin Readers Choice Awards

LA Campus: Voted Favorite Career College in the 2021 LA Daily News Readers Choice Awards.

OC Campus: Voted Best Career College in the 2021 San Gabriel Valley Tribune Readers Choice Awards.

*Due to the current COVID-19 outbreak, the College has moved some of the on-ground courses into a distance education modality. However, as soon as the COVID-19 circumstances change, students will be expected to return on campus to complete their program onsite in the regular learning modality as approved by ABHES and outlined in the college catalog.

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In 2017 Lvns Are Needed More Than Ever

Vocational nurses continually make major contributions in the expanding health care system not only in America, but also worldwide. As the US population lives longer than ever, LVNs are playing an increasingly vital role in our healthcare system. If youre considering becoming an LVN, there are many options available to you. LVN programs in California are increasing in number to help meet the demand of people like you who are considering a career in nursing.

If you live in Orange County and are searching for information about healthcare programs, youre likely to come across American Career College. ACC currently has 5 campuses in California. Their Anaheim campus offers more than just an accredited Licensed Vocational Nursing program. They also offer training and certification in Medical & Dental Assisting, Respiratory Therapy, Medical Billing & Coding, Pharmacy Technician, PT Assistant, and Surgical Technology. ALL of their degrees and certifications are fully accredited. ACC in Anaheim focuses not only on world class training, but also prepares you to take the NCLEX. No matter which of the accredited LVN programs you decide to take, ALWAYS find out what their NCLEX pass rate is. According to the NCLEX-PN pass rate page at the California Department of Consumer Affairs website, over the last 5 years ACC Orange County has had a first-time pass rate between 63% and 78%.

Acc Orange County Lvn Program History & Costs

ACCs Orange County campus opened its doors in late 1990. Located in Anaheim at 1200 North Magnolia Ave, the campus is housed in a sprawling 58,000 sq. ft. facility. ACC Orange County has well-equipped laboratories and classrooms. Most of the things you can expect from the campus are the industry-standard and advanced equipment, as well as technologically advanced simulation. One of the benefits of attending a private nursing college is that the equipment is typically cutting edge.

At the Orange County Campus, one of the most popular programs offered is for aspiring licensed vocational nurses. The vocational nursing certification has open enrollment, which means its much easier to get into compared to the public community colleges in Orange County. Prerequisites are minimal when compared to public institutions. Of course, that comes at a cost! The LVN program at ACC Anaheim is approximately $34,000. The majority of students who attend the ACC Anaheim college receive financial aid.

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Heres How The Process Works:

  • Visit a career college campus and meet with an Admissions Advisor. This is an important first step. We encourage you to bring your family and involve them in the process.
  • Fill out an American Career College Admissions Form.
  • If you have your High School diploma or equivalent, you’ll need to take the Wonderlic SLE entrance evaluation exam as one of the college entrance requirements. The Wonderlic SLE covers topics like basic math and English, and the required scores vary by program.
  • If you’re interested in either the Vocational Nursing program or Respiratory Therapy program, you’ll need to take the HESI exam in addition to the Wonderlic SLE. The HESI exam covers subjects relevant to health care training, and applicants must earn a score of 70% or higher.

Set up an appointment with your American Career College Admissions Advisor right away to get all of the detailsthats all it takes to start your path to a new career at American Career College!

Tuition and Fees vary by program. For the most up-to-date school tuition information, please call 1-877-693-4912 to speak to a school admissions advisor, or view our school’s course catalog.

Note: The California Board Of Registered Nursing

American Career College Puts Real Effort Into 2021 Virtual Heart Walk ...

NOTE: The California Board of Registered Nursing protects the public by screening applicants for licensure in order to identify potentially unsafe practitioners. The law provides for denial of licensure for crimes or acts which are substantially related to nursing qualifications, functions or duties. At time of licensure application, all convictions must be reported except for minor traffic violations.

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Preparing For The Nclex

Aside from the mentioned modules earlier, the Orange County Campus shares the goal of the entire American Career College, which is to make aspiring licensed vocational nurses fully prepared to take and pass the NCLEX-PN with flying colors. That said, expect the program to tackle the areas mentioned in the modules, as well as nursing theory, experiential learning, nursing research, psychosocial sciences, and basic statistics.

What is even more beneficial about the program offered by the campus is that it also integrates relevant concepts that will hone your skills when it comes to research, communication, critical thinking, and leadership all of which are extremely useful once you get a hold of your license and finally decide to practice your profession.

After completing the training and program of the college, earning the diploma, and passing the national licensure exam, working as a vocational nurse will come naturally for you. The LVN program at ACC Orange County with all the necessary qualifications that will make you capable of offering nursing care with the help of registered nurses and physicians. Along with this capability of providing care as a licensed nurse, youll receive an LVN salary that is projected to rise by 36% by 2024!

American Career College LVN Program 714-763-90661200 N Magnolia AveAnaheim, CA

Acc Los Angeles Campus 12 Month Lvn Program

If youre looking for one of the most well known LVN programs in California, the one offered by American Career College might fit the bill. If you are in or near Los Angeles County, then the American Career Colleges LA campus may be a great fit for you. ACC LA currently offers Vocational nursing, an Associate Degree in Nursing, Surgical Technology, Medical Assisting, Dental Assisting, and Medical Billing & Coding. In all, ACC Los Angeles offers 13 healthcare degree and certification programs.

American Career College has multiple campuses throughout California. Its a private college, which means theres rarely, if ever, a waiting list. Although private colleges typically cost more than California Community Colleges, programs can usually be completed quicker, with more one-on-one help and financial aid assistance available. Lets get into some of the specifics of the LVN program at American Career College in LA.

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Top Nursing Schools In California: Most Expensive To Least Expensive

The cost of nursing school depends on a wide variety of factors including the type of school you attend , the type of program you choose , where you live , and whether you commute or live on campus. With this in mind, aspiring nursing professionals can expect to pay anywhere from $1,000 to $20,000+ per semester for tuition fees. Other expenses include $200-1,000 per semester for books and supplies, several thousand dollars per semester for housing, $2,500-10,000 per year for health insurance and living expenses, and a nominal fee of $50-200 for California nursing exams and licenses. Thankfully the nursing profession is one of the most lucrative and stable career fields in the healthcare industry, and California’s nurses are at the very top of the pay scale. California-based RNs average an impressive median salary of $94,310 per year, while licensed vocational nurses in the state average $51,620 per year. If you decide to begin your career as a certified nursing assistant, you can expect to earn a median salary of $28,210 per year.

Vocational Nursing Program At Acc Los Angeles

How to Become an LPN / LVN Nurse

Being in California makes it a bit easy for you to access plenty of LVN programs considering the many schools offering it. However, it is also important to check the reputation of the school and the quality of the programs it offers. With that, American Career College will definitely be one of your top options. The flexibility of the different LVN programs at American Career College allows for students to attend college while still working or raising a family. With the average LVN salary increasing year after year, its never been a better time to consider a career in nursing!

The LVN program in the Los Angeles campus actually comes with four class modules. It takes around thirteen weeks to complete each module. However, for those who take evening or weekend classes, the duration will reach up to twenty weeks. To start your training, expect to be introduced to your duties and responsibilities when you become a student nurse through the offered program. You will also learn more about the nursing profession.

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About Licensed Vocational Nurses

Licensed Vocational Nurses provide direct patient care under the supervision of physicians, dentists, and registered nurses in a variety of health care settings such as clinics, long-term care, home health, and in some cases acute care settings. Students who successfully complete the Vocational Nursing Program are eligible to take the NCLEX-PN examination to become a Licensed Vocational Nurse.

The VN program is three semesters in length and includes supervised clinical experience in local health care facilities. Students should be prepared to be in class or clinical as early as 6:30 am. Some classes may be scheduled in the evening hours and/or on weekends. In addition to the nursing courses, each student must satisfactorily complete required general education courses which may be taken prior to or concurrently with nursing courses . We strongly recommend that the general education courses be taken prior to the nursing courses. Basic computer skills are strongly recommended.

Vocational nursing courses must be taken in sequence. A minimum grade of C or better is required for classroom classes and CR in laboratory/clinical courses in each nursing course to continue in the program.

The Nursing Program policy supports the provision of reasonable accommodations to assist students with disabilities in the program

Application Documents & Instructions

Before filling out the online application, gather all required documents and forms found on the checklist. Download, print and fill out the physical exam and immunization forms . Pages 1-2 are filled out by you. Your healthcare provider/doctor will fill out pages 3-4 and pages 5-7 . Scan your completed forms and a copy of your immunization records and/or titers , including flu shot, and TB test results.

Important note: Give yourself and your doctor/healthcare provider ample time to complete the physical exam/immunization forms.

Update related to CoVid-19 vaccine: As of September 30, 2021, all major Healthcare Systems in San Diego County require students and faculty to be fully vaccinated for CoVid-19. Applicants to any SWC Nursing and Health Occupations programs will be required to submit proof of vaccine status at time of application.

Once you are ready to apply, you will upload the required documents and forms as attachments when you complete the online VN application using the button below.

  • A student may be ineligible for entry into the program due to:

  • Academic probation .
  • Previous dismissal from a nursing program for cause.
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    Lvn Training At Acc Is Completed In 4 Different Modules

    After the initial training, you can start taking up the four modules. The first of which is the introduction to client-centered care module. In this module, you can gather information about the most important nursing care concepts, especially those related to the surgical client, whether post- or pre-operatively. The module also covers pharmacological, nutrition, anatomy and physiology subjects.

    The second module is client care with health care deviations I. Then there is the 2nd and more advanced version of the client care with health care deviations. You will then move on to the advanced client-centered care and nursing license preparation all of which are designed to improve your knowledge about the vocational nursing industry both in the theoretical field and practical/hands-on training.

    The entire program, including its modules and practical and theoretical classes and training, takes 12 months to complete when you take the regular weekday program. If you choose the weekend and weekday evening class, it can take 18 to 20 months to complete the LVN program at ACC.

    Quick Facts Lvn To Rn Program


    Length of Program The LVN to RN program is 1 year. Students complete a summer bridge course, and then enter the RN program in the 3rd semester. Prerequisites Students must complete the same prerequisites as the RN program, as well as Speech and Sociology or Cultural Anthropology. See the Nursing General Information Sheet on the Nursing website for details. Requirements

    Students must have the following to qualify for the LVN to RN Program:

    • Active California LVN license
    • 6 months recent full time equivalent LVN work experience

    Application The application is available on the nursing website from October to February. Grant Funding The LVN to RN program is grant funded, which means that it is not guaranteed to run every year. Students should check the Nursing website to stay up to date on program details. Questions? Please send all questions to

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    The Lvn Program At The Orange County Campus

    If your goal is to pass the national licensure exam designed for aspiring vocational nurses, then the LVN program at American Career Colleges Orange County Campus is right for you. The vocational nursing curriculum of this college is actually divided into a few modules. Note that the duration is up to thirteen weeks . If you choose the full-time vocational nursing route, the entire program takes 14 months.

    Here are the specific class modules that you can expect from the program:

    Introduction to client-centered care Such module will cover nursing care concepts as they pertain to pre- and post-operative surgical clients. The course material also covers the basics of physiology, pharmacology, anatomy, and nutrition.

    Client care with health care deviations I The module focuses on nursing intervention as well as psychosocial aspects related to providing client care. You can also take part in some clinical experiences, making it possible for you to put into practice the most relevant nursing skills.

    Client Care with health care deviations II The course material covers psychosocial aspects and nursing interventions relevant to providing client care with reproductive, immunology, gastrointestinal and urinary disorders. Just like the previous module, it also lets you have clinical experiences.

    Advanced client-centered care Some of the vital areas covered in this module are pediatrics, obstetrics, mental rehabilitation or health, and neurosensory system.

    American Career College Has Both Lvn And Adn Programs

    There is also a medical training suite built specifically for the ADN program. The main Los Angeles campus is less than a mile off the 101 freeway, so location is a major plus. Just take the Vermont Avenue exit, stay straight on New Hampshire Ave, and turn left on Rosewood Ave. The campus is the large building on the left. Its also close to public transportation, being only 0.2 miles from the Metro Red Line 802. So, whether you take your own car or take public transportation, ACC Los Angeles is easily accessible.

    Aside from the popular LVN program and the programs listed above, the LA campus of American Career College also takes pride in its other programs. ACC Los Angeles has programs designed for people who want to become a respiratory therapist, occupational therapy assistant, physical therapy assistant, massage therapist, or optical technician.

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    Acc Prepares You For A Great Future As A Nurse

    The goal of the LVN program at American Career Colleges LA Campus is to prepare you for the licensure exam and to work as a competent nurse. With the knowledge youll gain from the program, you can graduate from ACC with a high level of confidence. You will also have more than enough qualifications to start your career once you pass the licensure exam.

    American Career College LVN Program 323-668-75554021 Rosewood AveLos Angeles, CA

    About American Career College Los Angeles Campus

    American Career College-Ontario: Full Tour

    ACCs main Los Angeles campus is located at 4021 Rosewood Ave., Los Angeles, California 90004 . The LA Campus of the American Career College is a HUGE 50,000 sq. ft. facility. It has modern laboratories and classrooms with each one having highly advanced and reliable equipment. In fact, the campus holds advanced labs for vocational skills and simulation.

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    Quality Health Care Education And Training Since 1946

    Glendale Career College is a proud leader in nursing and allied health care education, serving students in Southern California for more than 70 years with affordable training programs and career education.

    At Glendale Career College, your success is our success, and our short-term affordable training programs are designed to provide you with the practical job skills and education you need to succeed in the healthcare industry today.

    Discover for yourself how Glendale Career College can help you prepare for a rewarding career working in health care, nursing, medical billing, surgical technology and more.

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