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What Are All Of The Majors In College

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Degree Options In Canada

5 Best College Majors (2021)

Postsecondary institutions issue degrees, diplomas and certificates, depending on the nature of the institutions and the length of the programs. At universities and university colleges, there is an emphasis on degree programs. Applied degrees are offered by some colleges. At all other institutions, the emphasis is on diploma and certificate programs.

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The Return On Investment

In todays competitive job market, ROI is critical especially since college is so expensive. Often, you can find data on how many graduates from a particular program find employment within a certain period of time after graduating. You can also find statistics on the earning potential for specific majors. While this shouldnt be the sole determining factor in choosing a major after all, graduates of different majors often go into a variety of careers its certainly something to consider.

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All Stem Fields Arent The Same

Politicians love to tout the importance of science, technology, engineering and math majors. But when it comes to earnings, the S majors dont really belong with the TEM ones. Engineering majors are nearly all high-paying. So are most computer and math majors, and math-heavy sciences like astrophysics.3 But many sciences, particularly the life sciences, pay below the overall median for recent college graduates. Students who major in neuroscience, meteorology, biology and ecology all stand to make $35,000 or less and thats if they can get a full-time job, which many cant. Zoology ranks as one of the lowest-paying majors of any category, with a median full-time wage of $26,000 a year.

Ultimate List Of College Majors

Ranking The Most And Least Valuable College Majors
  • Fish and Wildlands Science and Management
  • Food Science
  • Business, Management, and Related Support Services
  • Econometrics
  • Physical Education Teaching and Coaching
  • Secondary Education
  • Health Professions and Related Clinical Sciences
  • Health Services
  • Hospital and Health Care Facilities Administration
  • Medical Radiologic Technology
  • Parks, Recreation and Leisure Facilities Management
  • Parks, Recreation and Leisure Studies
  • Philosophy
  • Human Development and Family Studies
  • Psychology
  • Physiology, Pathology, and Related Sciences, Other
  • Statistics
  • Foods, Nutrition, and Wellness Studies
  • Forensic Science and Technology

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How Our Editors Choice Videos Are Chosen

The team at College Majors 101 hand selects each video for our individual channels. We base our decision on key factors as: 1) How well the video educates the viewer on the REAL nature the major, and what the student will learn. 2) Quality of film making, how well the video is shot and edited. 3) How well does the video show or explain facilities. 4) The three “C’s”, is the video clear, concise, and compelling. Videos that make our “Editors Choice” list, are those that really stand out as genuinely educational first and formost. These videos clearly show all facets of the major, outcomes, facilities, but are also entertaining and well made.

  • Curriculum detailing course plans nationally
  • Employer and Internship Links
  • Professional and Student National Associations Links
  • Industry Publications

Types Of Engineering Majors And Specialties

These broad categories include a number of unique specialties, as described and listed below. Keep in mind that you can pursue each engineering specialty from many different majors. Petroleum engineers hold degrees in mechanical, civil, or chemical engineering. Marine engineers hold degrees in mechanical or electrical engineering. Not every engineering specialty will have a corresponding major, but you will be able to pursue these specialties with a broader major.

Note: this list is not comprehensivethere are hundreds of engineering specialties. Many specialties intersect multiple categories.

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Final Thoughts: List Of All College Majors

Your college major is the specific area of study that you’ll focus on throughout most of your college career. There are hundreds of college majors you can choose from. Consult this list of all college majors and your college’s course catalog to see what your options are. Remember, if you don’t like your major, you can always change later!

Human Development And Family Studies

The EASIEST College Majors With HIGH Salaries!

This major is a multidisciplinary program that examines the development of individuals and families across the life span. It enables students to prepare for professional, managerial, or scientific roles in health and human services professions, in public and nonprofit agencies, and in business and industry, as well as for advanced professional or graduate study. Students obtain a broad background in individual and family development across the life span. There are many areas of interest a student may select within this major. For example, the children, youth, and family service area focuses on the biological, psychological, and social development of infants, children, and adolescents, with special emphasis on the structure and functioning of the family. Typical employment settings include preschools, daycare centers, hospitals, institutional and community programs for emotionally disturbed, and abused or neglected children and adolescents, as well as a variety of public welfare and family service agencies.

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Wildlife And Fisheries Science

This major provides an integrated program of study for undergraduate students primarily interested in conservation and management of wildlife species and their environments. Graduates may pursue graduate-level training in wildlife and fisheries sciences, or careers in wildlife and fisheries management, research, information, and education.

Choose A College Major By Discipline

Choosing a college major was difficult enough when only a handful existed. Now, hundreds of majors are available to choose fromincluding new and intriguing areas such as exercise studies or informatics. Fortunately, all these college majors fall into six types. Contemplating hundreds of possibilities may cause panic, but skimming six general categories helps winnow things down. Here they are:

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Computer And Information Systems

Computers are powerful tools for gathering, organizing and storing data. If you want to learn more about data management and computer networks, you could major in computer and information systems.

Most computer and information systems programs start with introductory classes in computer systems and programming. Many common courses for this degree discuss database systems and how to design, manage and analyze them. Other common topics that are studied are how to oversee projects, make decisions, and keep information secure.

Editorial Listing ShortCode:

Overall, computer and information technology careers pay an average annual salary of $91,250. This particular degree earns a median salary of $69,000 . A few jobs that computer and information systems majors may pursue and their average salaries are:

  • Computer Network Architect $116,780

Should We Make Career Out Of Business

List Of College Majors

The most famous major of all time has been the business. Completing a major in business covers a large portion of knowledge in multiple domains like finance, accounting, international business, marketing, economics, and many more. A variety of job options is available to business major students who can choose their future and shape them in the way they want. Since it is a multi-disciplinary subject, it also requires proper knowledge and understanding of various domains. Understanding the cause of the falling stock market to invest in the best portfolio takes a long time to learn. Business is the most popular degree, with about 364,000 students graduating in 2015. According to the NCES, business was the most popular field of study for all racial and ethnic groups, but men got the majority of bachelors degrees in business. Business administration is an excellent degree because it ranks first among the most in-demand majors. A business administration major can also help you prepare for a variety of high-paying jobs with an above-average development potential .

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Think About Your Interests

First, consider what you’re interested in. You’ll spend most of your time taking courses in your major, so you’ll want to pick something you actually like studying. If you’re not interested in taking Biology classes, then don’t major in Biology! Pick something you enjoy and want to learn more about.

Health And Physical Education

The purpose of Physical Education, Health and Athletics is to provide a challenging curriculum leading to the development of abilities and convictions in a student’s field of concentration. Students learn to develop the ability to utilize constructively all of his/her potential capacities for movement and movement education. There are many concentrations areas, such as exercise science/sports medicine, wellness and health promotion, or physical education.

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Commercial Art & Graphic Design

Commercial artists and designers create art for a specific purpose. For example, their work may be intended to sell products, relay information or increase brand recognition. To help you use your talents in this way, enroll in a bachelors program for commercial art or graphic design.

Your classes will most likely address 2-D and 3-D design as well as color theory, photography, typography and art history. You may also have studio classes and assemble a design portfolio. Because this line of work often relates directly to branding and product sales, you may take classes in marketing and advertising as well.

Editorial Listing ShortCode:

With a degree in commercial art or graphic design, you may earn an annual salary of around $51,000 . A few jobs that commercial artists may pursue and their average salaries are:

  • Industrial Designer $71,640

Alternatively, some graphic designers look for jobs in marketing, web design or drafting.

How To Satisfy Major Requirements

The 5 MOST USEFUL College Majors in 2021 (High Demand & Pay)

Before you choose a major, it’s important to determine if there are any prerequisites required. For instance, some majors require taking specific high school classes or intro-level college courses. Other majors call for a minimum high school or college GPA.

To earn a bachelor’s degree, you’ll be required to take 120 to 128 college credits. Around half of these are general education courses like algebra, English composition, and a foreign language. Your major coursework will comprise another one-third to one-half of the credits you earn. And the remainder of the credits will be elective courses. Several factors can influence your choice of electives, including personal interest, professional goals, class size, and options for online instruction.

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Majors & Fields Of Study At Canada College

Canada College offers 44 distinct undergraduate degrees, concentrated into 40 majors within 23 broad fields of study. Across all areas of study, Canada College awarded 615 undergraduate degrees in 2018 – 2019.

None of the awards was for a degree taken exclusively online.
The majority of degrees were awarded at the associate level .
27 degrees were awarded to foreign nationals.
201 degrees were awarded to men.

Best College Majors For The Future Rankings

Heres the list of the 30 Best Majors for the Future rankings based on salary, expected growth, and the availability of programs from reputable, top accredited universities.

The best college majors for the future will prepare you for a number of career choices. Salaries are provided by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics .

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Most Popular College Majors

Home » 25 Most Popular College Majors

The most popular college majors are well-loved for a reason. They address interesting topics, and they equip students with in-demand workforce skills.

Editorial Listing ShortCode:

To choose the best major for you, look through these 25 college majors, and consider which one best aligns with your talents and interests.

Speech Pathology And Audiology/ Communication Disorders

Not all college majors are created equal

This major offers a comprehensive program of study for preparing students who want to become speech-language pathologists or audiologists. Students learn to develop fundamental knowledge, skills, and attitudes required for habilitating and rehabilitating persons of all ages with a wide range of speech, language, and hearing problems.

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Your Personal Interests Strengths And Experiences

This combination of factors is probably most important in finding the right major for you. What are your passions? Where do you thrive? What have you achieved in both your academic and extracurricular life? While you can certainly change course in college and try something new, your background can play a pivotal role in shaping your path forward.

Diploma And Certificate Programs

Colleges and institutes offer diploma and certificate programs as their primary activity, while some offer degrees in areas of particular specialization. Where they are offered, degree programs may be two-year associate degrees or four-year applied degrees. Generally speaking, university diplomas and certificates require one or two years of study in a specific field or discipline. However, these programs vary widely from institution to institution, and from province to province.

Community colleges are government-regulated post-secondary institutions offering one- to two-year academic and pre-professional certificates, diplomas, two-year associate’s degrees and even three- and four-year specialized bachelor’s degrees. More than 150 community colleges accommodate approximately 900,000 full-time and 1.5 million part-time learners at over 900 campuses across Canada. Thousands of international students come to Canada for community college study each year.

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Best College Majors For Future Job Market

Wondering what the best college majors are for the future?

According to the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce, 80% of students in undergraduate studies chose their college major based on the potential job prospects. For those of you who are among the 20% wanting your degree as quickly as possible, you may find our article Quick Degrees that Pay Well helpful.

Theres nothing worse than investing in a college major and then finding out the job market for that major is rapidly diminishing! Save yourself the trouble by choosing a major in a field geared for high growth for a good return on your investment.

Below are the best majors for future growth rankings according to data provided by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Architectural Engineering Has A High Median Income And Good Job Prospects

Top 5 College Degrees That Are Actually Worth It (2021)

Architectural engineering rose to No. 1 based on salaries that grads typically earn and the ease of landing a job, along with the comparatively low percentage of grads who went on to earn advanced degrees. The median income for workers who said they majored in architectural engineering was $90,000, and just 1.3 percent of degree holders were unemployed.

The undergraduate curriculum is a demanding one. For instance, architectural engineering majors at Penn State and the University of Texas take a variety of courses in building technologies and materials science. Passing differential equations is a requirement.

While civil engineers learn to build roads and bridges in addition to buildings, architectural engineering emerged as a distinct major for students who want to focus on buildings, says Rich Miller, department head of civil and architectural engineering and construction management at the University of Cincinnatis engineering school.

Architectural engineering is all about building sciences, Miller says. It merges the structural foundations part of civil engineering with mechanical and electrical engineering, specifically the parts that relate to building.

The degree nearly guarantees a job. Architectural engineering majors typically line up full-time gigs well before the end of their senior years.

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Graphic Design And Photography

Graphic design helps prepare students for employment in design studios, in advertising agencies, for publications, for film and television graphics, and as corporate designers. Photography helps prepare students for careers in commercial photography studios and in fashion, product, publications, industrial, architectural, and corporate photography.

How Do I Know Which College Major To Pursue

There are several factors that you should consider when choosing a college major that you believe is the best major for you. Some of the obvious factors include program cost, salary potential, and job demand. If you choose a major that is in the top rankings for one or more of these factors, then you are off to a great start.

One of the biggest factors not mentioned yet is job satisfaction. When finding the best major, you need to look into the future and ask yourself: Will I enjoy the field of work with this college major?

Ultimately, you want to find a certain major that matches closely to your interests, values, and abilities. By doing so, you will have a better chance at achieving happiness with the career path you choose.

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The Most Useful College Majors To Pursue Today

Most people want to major in a field that is both interesting to them and that will allow them to earn a living once they graduate. Several majors are considered useful, with some of the most valuable majors being in engineering and medicine.

In this article, we explore 25 of the most useful college majors you can pursue to increase your chances of landing a high-paying job after graduation.

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