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Am I Smart Enough For College

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Apc Students Talk About Their Challenges Studying Emergency Healthcare And How Theyve Overcome Fears Of Not Being Smart Enough To Achieve Their Career Goal Of Becoming An Emergency Healthcare Practitioner

Am I Smart Enough for Nursing School?

A popular concern students have when they first reach out to us is Am I smart enough? When looking at the fast-paced and high-pressure job of emergency healthcare workers, its only natural to doubt yourself and your learning abilities.

  • Perhaps you didnt finish high school?
  • Didnt get the grades you were hoping for?
  • Or maybe youve taken a long break from learning?

Here at APC, we believe everyone is more than capable of becoming an Ambulance Paramedic, or any type of high-end health care role. We believe this because with the right training and supportive environment, anything is possible. Extraordinary people accomplish great things not because of an education or family background, but because they have a success mindset and are determined to succeed.

Becoming a First Responder/Medic/Emergency Medical Technician, whatever you have your sights set on requires dedication and hard work. However, if youre truly passionate about helping others, studying, for instance, the HLT51020 Diploma of Emergency Health Care and working in health will prove to be one of those most fulfilling choices youve ever made.

I Thought I Wasnt Smart Enough For College

Graduation season is upon us, and it has me feeling a little nostalgic. This month marks five years since my own college graduation, a day I thought would never happen. Five years ago I walked across the stage, praying I wouldnt trip, and received my Bachelors degree in the Science of Nursing. It is my second proudest accomplishment to date. Becoming a mother has a firm hold on the top spot.

College isnt for everyone, or so I was told.

I wasnt a traditional college student, meaning I didnt head-off to college following high school graduation. Not because I didnt want to, but because I didnt believe I was smart enough. Typing those words now, feels almost alien. My lack of self-confidence, and the fear of failure, closed the door on my dream of college before I even graduated high school. College isnt for everyone, or so I was told. I accepted this as a fact, and moved forward with my post-graduation plans.

I told anyone who asked, I didnt want to go to college. That was a much simpler response than trying to explain my intellectual deficit, and the fear I would be laughed out of a crowded auditorium. Not to mention, I didnt have the funding to pursue a college education.

I felt confident.


On a beautiful May afternoon in 2011, I graduated, Summa Cum Laude, from one of the most prestigious nursing programs in the state. Thinking back to that moment still brings tears to my eyes. From this vantage point, its hard to believe I ever doubted myself.

You Know You Can Make It Even Without A Degree

Who cant? Because whether we like it or not, we need to make it. We need to find means and ways to move from today to tomorrow because, well, thats how life works. Im not saying that its definite. That college is a waste of time and money and effort. But we do need to acknowledge the people who made it even without a college degree. And we need to give those who are confused a chance to see what it really means if they ditch college. If youre that person, then know this life will still be the same. Maybe having a degree will make it easier, depends on the kind of field youre moving through. But generally, those who skipped college are doing fine. They are working and they have families and theyre okay. They made it and if you choose to, youll make it too. Its about choice, people. And committing to those choices.

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Am I Smart Enough To Get A Degree

Many who are considering going to college may naturally wonder: Am I smart enough to get a degree? It is quite normal to ask this question. In fact, there is probably not a single college student who did not have this question cross his or her mind at some point. The answer is sometimes complicated, because much of a persons success in college often has more to do with internal drive to succeed than it does with book smarts.

Whether a particular individual has what it takes to graduate from college is something that can never be known. Even the administrators of colleges and universities themselves do not have clear-cut answers to this important question. It is because of this that the entrance requirements for many colleges can change. These changes in requirements are often a result of analyzing the qualities of students who go on to graduate, and then tweaking requirements so that admitted students best meet this profile of success.

There are so many factors that may come into play when trying to decide if a person has what it takes. The following are a few things potential students may want to consider:

The Admissions Process: A Good Indicator of Ability to Succeed

The main standardized tests used by most colleges and universities, the ACT and the SAT, are there for a reasonthey serve as general indicators of a students skill level. Your scores on these tests may give you an advance heads-up on how you might do once enrolled in a college program.

Am I Not Smart Enough

Am I smart enough to be an actuary?

Calling yourself unintelligent is not right. Its likely that you dont have the right teachers. Theres an easy fix for this hire a tutor. Additional reading and going through tutorials would also help you understand anything complex.

No matter how smart someone is, theyll always be able to find someone who is smarter. With a bit of hard work, you would be able to understand more complex topics.

Know that being smart does not equal being successful in life. Its all about dedication. Intelligence comes in various forms. Although someone you know could be acing their exams, they may not be the most brightest when it comes to other aspects of their life.

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What Do You Do If You Are Not Good At College

How well you do at college depends on how dedicated you are. There are many ways you can improve your knowledge:

  • utilize office hours
  • study groups
  • tutors

If youre still not doing well, take a semester break. Your student advisor would be able to help.

If youve gotten accepted to the program youve applied for, youre smart enough for it. Colleges have set requirements for a reason. Even if youve gotten the best grades, you may not do well at university. This isnt because its very hard, but because youre not time managing. Anyone you speak to would say that the key to being good at college is hard work. There are many resources you can utilize.

Unfortunately, your teacher may not be the best at explaining. What do you do then? You could switch classes or get the additional help through a tutor.

Melvyn Fein: Am I Smart Enough For College

When I was a teenager, well more than half a century ago, I wondered whether I was smart enough for college. My parents expected me to get a higher education, but I was unsure of my ability to cope with extremely demanding studies.

In fact, during my freshman year, when I took courses in calculus and mechanics, I did not do well. I still remember, with trepidation, the nine books I was assigned to read for a course in political science. Where was I going to find the time to complete so many tomes?

Nowadays, of course, few professors would dare require this sort of workload. They know that if they did, few of their students would peruse these books. Actually, in a growing number of instances, learners dont deign to buy them. They expect to get by with what they hear in the classes they attend.

The fact is that a college education is currently regarded as an entitlement. Prospective students dont ask if they are smart enough for college they assume everyone is. To even contemplate excluding them is regarded as a violation of social justice.

Nonetheless, the only way to accommodate everyone in our universities is to dumb down the curriculum. Standards must be lowered if less gifted scholars are to to pass required courses. The tendency is therefore toward mediocrity. Fewer books are obligatory, most course papers are shortened, and challenging materials are eliminated.

Melvyn L. Fein, Ph.D. is a professor of sociology at Kennesaw State University.

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Youre Going Only Because Of Societys Rules

Oh boy, here we go with society. Please dont. And I mean, please dont do something just because society told you so, or because its trending, or just because everybody else in your girl gang is doing it. Not a bright idea, my friend. It may not affect you now but it will affect you soon, and its going to be negative. See, we love following trends. We love doing something because the people around us do the same thing. But the question is, do we also really like to do it? Are we really having fun with this social trend? Im guessing, when it comes to college education, its a no. I mean, who sees debt as fun? Who sees years of expensive tuition fee as fun? So, my friend, this is your reminder that you can do whatever the heck you want to do. You can take one short course after the other, or you can go to college and get a degree. Anything. Even when society thinks its weird.

Going To College Feels Like Youre Doing It Just For Your Parents

I’m Not Smart Enough For College…

This is a pretty familiar feeling for many of us. Parents love to put pressure on their kids, and we really cant blame them. They only want whats best for us and they want us to have the best education we can get. Parents even juggle two full-time jobs just to pay for their kids tuition! Its typical for them to have big dreams for their children. The question is, do you share that same dream? Just like them, do you also think the best education can solve all your dilemmas and give you a better life? Or does it feel like youre only going to college because your parents want you to, or because you dont want to disappoint them? If it feels like college is not something youre really interested with, and youre only considering it because of your parents, then maybe it really isnt for you.

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Its Impossible For You To Stay At One Place

If youre a traveler by heart, chances are its the only thing you want to do. The only important thing for you is to travel and experience how vast this world is, and get to know the many different cultures you know, the usual desires of a traveler. And its funny because even if the one and only important thing for you is to travel, youre not worried about your future the usual issues like how to get paid, or how you can afford the basic things you need. Because deep inside, you know you dont have to worry about those things. You know you dont need a college education or a typical 9-5 job. Heres the thing, just because youre not sure how youre going to deal with things doesnt mean you cannot deal with things. You can and you will because you need to, or else youll end up homeless and not traveling anymore.

Am I Smart Enough To Go To College

Carla Villanueva For Teens and Parents

Admitting My Fears

I never thought that going to college was possible for me. I am a first generation Latinx student, I went to a traditional public high school, I just didnt think I was smart enough to do anything beyond high school. My parents were really afraid of me going to college and getting into debt. They wanted more for me, but their fear meant that I didnt get very much support from them. My own basic fear was that I wasnt enough. And I had a list of other fears too: I wasnt privileged, I couldnt afford it, I am not smart enough, I will fail, I will be embarrassed, I dont know what college is or how hard it will be, I am on my own, no one has ever done it in my family, what are the rules, I have family obligations, Im Mexican, I have to work and help pay bills, is college even available to someone like me? Have you ever felt like that or have asked yourself some of those questions?

Believing In You

When my college acceptance letter came, I still wasnt sure about going. My sister, who is the oldest out of us 5 kids, sat me down and said, You are going to go because you are smart enough and this is your ticket out of this town. I will always be here for you. Remember how I mentioned those family obligations? They are not your responsibilities and you deserve the chance to work on your own future. Im not sure who needs to hear that, but I know that I did, and my sister was the one who gave me that peace of mind.

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Ep 01: Not Smart Enough For College

by Clarissa | Mar 2, 2019

Ever felt not smart enough for college? What if you could change that belief and transform your college experience? If youre looking at your life right now and your whole world is consumed in feelings and thoughts of Im not smart enough, productive enough, good enough tune into Episode 1 of my Finding Brilliance in the Bs series.

Even Without A Degree Youre Already Putting Your Name Out There

Am I Smart Enough for CRNA School?

And then theres the kind of people who dont really focus on effort and money. They focus on time. Why waste 4 years in a college or university when you can already do what after-college life promises youd be able to do? If youre planning to build a business and you already have the basic needs of an entrepreneur someone willing to learn, take risks and knows how to listen to his guts well then maybe skipping college wont be a bad choice. Maybe college really is not for you. Apparently, the society is still in the process of trying to accept this. Many parents still dread the idea of their kids doing something theyre not used to, like holding up in the garage and claiming theyre building something. Or moving to a friends couch. These are the doings of modern-day students of the society. The point is if you feel like you can already get your name out there, then go!

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Im Just Trying To Pass

Let me first say, college is not some insurmountable challenge. Yes, there are going to be some hard classes and difficult assignment, but the majority of college is extremely doable. They are not making the classes to fail all the students. Most professors want to have a class average of a B, which means theyre expecting you to succeed. They are setting up their classes for you to pass and get your degree.

And Ill let you in on a little secret. The same kinds of students that were at high school are at college.

There are still many kids that dont care about school, cut class, blow off assignments, or genuinely just dont try. When professors are aiming for that class average of a B, they are taking those kids into consideration. That means just being a committed student puts you above the bottom tier of students.

Am I Smart Enough To Be A Doctor Find Out Here

You came to this blog because you have more then likely asked yourself: Am I smart enough for medical school or am I smart enough to be a doctor?.

You also shouldnt subject yourself to reddit, quora and sdn forums to figure this out.

So many students have asked this question.

So, to answer your question regarding if youre smart enough for a medical school, the answer actually lies within you.

How bad do you want to become a doctor?

If you REALLY want to be a doctor, then damn right youre smart enough for medical school.

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To The Straight A Students

If you have done well previously in high school, college isnt going to be something that rocks your world. You will have to study a little more outside of class than you did in high school, but overall, those same skills you developed will translate to college. Just make sure youre willing to put in enough time.

I will be the first to say there is a big difference between getting a B in a class and getting an A in college. It is not overly difficult to get a B in most classes but getting As in every class requires significantly more effort.

So you need to define your goal. Is there a reason you are trying to get straight As? If it is for a scholarship or grad school, then it makes to try to get really good grades. If you are going straight into a career after college, a 3.7 looks a whole lot similar to a 3.8 on a resume. Meaning, its not going to kill you get a few Bs on that report card.

Even if you are trying really hard to get into grad school, a few Bs here and there even an occasional C is not going to keep you out of most programs. So dont overly fret if you dont need to.

Now lets say you are all in committed to getting As. Is it possible? Absolutely. It is not impossible, and many semesters it may not even be overly difficult if you are willing to put in the time and energy to studying. Learn the right studying strategies. Refine how you study. Talk to upperclassman and your professors.

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