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How To Transfer To Ucla From Community College

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Remedial Classes Wont Transfer

How I Transferred to UCLA | My Community College Story

Remedial means below college level. These would include intermediate algebra and lower, most ESL courses, composition and writing courses below the UC-required English course levels, and bridge/transition courses, among others.

MATH TIP: Any math course that has intermediate algebra as a pre-requisite is college level. One way to determine college-level is to see if the math course in question requires intermediate algebra somewhere along its trajectory. If so, it is college level. However, that alone does not necessarily mean it is transferable, as it may be vocational . Usually it is transferable, but be sure to check.

Here Is The Valuable Information You Will Learn From My Guide

In The 3 Word Truth, you will learn what to do and how to do it. If your SATs were not high enough to meet UCLA transfer requirements, I will show you how to take them again and astound yourself with your improvement. How? Well, its not enough to just study hard. You need to study the right way. My guide will teach you that right way. You will learn how you can score above the 95th percentile. Best of all, you wont have to dedicate months of intensive preparation time. I will show you how to get yourself fully ready for your SATs in under 3 weeks.

You will also learn how to write a knockout essay for your UCLA transfer application One that puts your application at the top of pile and not the bottom.

Isnt that exciting? Isnt that motivating?

Should You Choose Igetc

There are two general ed paths: Breadth andIGETC. IGETC is an acronym for Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum. It is only offered at a CCC and has more classes to complete than simple Breadth. If you are at a CCC and majoring in the social sciences, arts, humanities, etc, you usually should do IGETC. The positive with IGETC is it is accepted at every UC, meaning you will have completed all the gen ed courses for all the UCs with full IGETC certification provided by the CCC.

Points about IGETC: 1. Once started, you must finish.

2. At UCLA you may apply with Partial IGETC , but it depends on college, so be sure and check. Berkeley will only accept full IGETC , so no partials, baby!

3. If you get into UCLA with Partial IGETC, its to your advantage to try and finish in the summer before UC admission.

4. AP scores of 3 or higher may be applied to some areas of IGETC, depending on test.

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Information About Different California Community Colleges

There are hundreds of community colleges in California, and each community college offers different opportunities for students. You should contact community colleges that you are interested in for more information.

The biggest community college in California is Santa Monica community college which sends thousands of transfer students to different UC campuses. Their expertise in transfer admission is unparalleled because of numerous years of counseling thousands of transfer students. If you want to receive excellent counseling for transferring, Santa Monica is an excellent option.

As I said earlier, there are advantages and disadvantages of each community college. While in bigger community colleges like Santa Monica offer great counseling, you will have more leadership positions available in smaller community colleges. There are advantages and disadvantages of attending each community college, and you need to research your options thoroughly.

Transferring From Community College To Uc

UCLA Faculty Association: Community College Transfers to UCLA

UC, the University of California, and its neighboring community colleges have a very intriguing agreement concerning admissions, and unless you’re from California, it will probably come as a big surprise. Ready for it? If you want to transfer to UC from community college, you can do so with guaranteed admission!

In this post, we’ll go over how to transfer to UC from community college, depending on your location and transferrable courses. You’ll also find out the best resources to use along the way to become a UC transfer from community college. Knowing exactly what to do will take a huge weight off your shoulders, making this process a million times easier. So let’s get started!

For California Community College Students

UC offers guaranteed admission for students transferring from a community college in California. Using their Transfer Admission Planner or TAP, you can plan out your courses with an advisor and make sure you satisfy all the requirements. The best part is that your courses are guaranteed to transfer if you join the Transfer Admissions Guarantee program by filling out an application on the UC website.

For Out-of-State Community College Students

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Both Ucla And Berkeley Accept Uc Transfers

There is a misconception that it is near-impossible to transfer from one UC to either Berkeley or UCLA. False! Applicants successfully transfer year after year. UCLA, in fact, gives UC transfers almost the same priority as CCC transfers. The keys to success, in addition to a strong GPA, are fulfilling the major requirements for the major at your targeted UC. You do this by going to, choosing any CCC and fulfilling the course list for the major. The second part is getting a Letter of Reciprocity from your current UC. The letter indicates you have completed all the general ed courses at your UC. While a Letter is not necessarily required I have seen Berkeley rescind UC acceptances when the Letter of Reciprocity that was earlier promised fell through. I suggest getting it completed for Berkeley, and at least checking with UCLA for best practices.

What Majors Are Eligible For Tap

The Transfer Alliance Program is a program of the UCLA College of Letters and Science and applies only to majors within L& S. This includes the majors of most LPC transfers, but does not include the Schools of Engineering & Applied Science Architecture Music Nursing Theatre, Film and Television Public Affairs, or Education & Information Studies.

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Youre Halfway Home Already Let Me Take You The Rest Of The Way

Recognize that you already possess the ability to be a UCLA transfer. If you are thinking that I am a unique genius and that you could not possibly do what I did, think again. I was an average student in high school. The key to getting into UCLA is not your desire, your intellect, or your drive, but in knowing the simple and effective methods that will allow your dream to become a reality.

Dont Go Overboard On Upper Division Courses

How I Transferred From Community College to UCLA!!! (My Story Tips On Transferring)

If you have credits from a four-year college, there are limitations as to how many upper division level courses you can take. These are added on top of the total lower division courses. If you reach the UC transfer maximums you might not get in. UC Berkeley has a transfer max limit of 90 units, whereas UCLA has a transfer max unit limit of 86.5. Heres how it works:

Example 1:

4 year college upper division: 12 Total units: 77

Keep in mind some of the units from other colleges may not be UC-transferable. These will not be factored into the total unit count. Oftentimes you dont know in advance how that will go.

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Is It Possible To Transfer Without Having Chosen A Major

Most UCs will not accept you as a transfer student if you have not chosen and prepared for a major. The CA state budget crisis has resulted in a highly competitive transfer admissions process whereby completion of lower-division requirements for a specific major may be one type of screening criteria.

Preparation For Your Major

You must complete your major preparation requirements by the end of spring prior to transfer.

However, if youre applying to a highly selective major, complete the majority of your major prep as early as possible. The most competitive applicants for business economics, economics and psychology will have completed all major prep by the end of fall prior to transfer.

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If You Only Have Lower Division Courses Dont Worry About The Number Of Units Over 70 They Wont Matter

If you have only gone to a community college all the courses are lower division . You can take as many units as you want but only 70 semester units will transfer. For any overages above 70 you will get subject credit only. If you attended a four-year college, as long as the courses are freshman/sophomore level, the same rule applies.

Benefits Of The Ucla Tap Program

UC streamlines paths for community college transfer students

Through UCLA TAP students who graduate as Honors Scholars by completing at least 5 honors contracts in courses totaling at least 15 units at LPC will be eligible for priority admission review at UCLA. Students must complete the regular admission process and complete all major preparation requirements as well.

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Uc Berkeley Transfer Alliance Project And Ucla Transfer Alliance Program

UC Berkeleys website states Since its founding in 1999, TAP has served over 7,000 students, and more than 80% of TAP participants who applied to UC Berkeley were admitted. Although UCLA does not state on its website, its TAP program also admits over 80% of students who participate in TAP programs according to community colleges TAP coordinators.

TAP is similar to honors college in state universities. It offers academic advising, helps you with your course selections, and also helps with your transfer application. Because of the excellence of the TAP program, 80%-95% of the TAP participants succeed at transferring to UCLA and Berkeley with different admission rates for different community colleges.

While Berkeley and UCLA do not offer guaranteed transfer admission, they do offer priority consideration for students transferring from California community colleges and even higher consideration for TAP participants. If you were denied the first time, you can reapply to UCLA and Berkeley the next year or attend one of the TAG campuses to which you are automatically admitted.

Foreign Language Completion Is Not A Uc Admissions Requirement

Unless it is required for your major, or you are fulfilling IGETC, you do not need a foreign language to apply to Berkeley or UCLA, or any UC for that matter. In terms of IGETC, two years of high school language in the same language fulfills the language requirement, as long as the last term of the second year of that language is a C- or better. Previous grades will not matter as language is a validation subject, meaning if you pass at a higher level, it is assumed you know the lower levels. To apply it to IGETC, you will need show your CCC advisor the high school transcript when he or she does the certification after you are accepted to your UC. Keep in mind, some majors require more years of language than the two year high school equivalent.

Internationals: If you have an international transcript that shows two years of high school instruction in a language other than English, you too have fulfilled IGETC. Bring the transcript to your CCC advisor for sign-off.

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Historically Black Colleges And Universities

California community college transfer students with a GPA of 2.5 or higher are guaranteed admission to HBCU partner schools using either of the following two options:

  • Complete a minimum of 30 UC or CSU units
  • Complete a transfer level-associate degree using:
  • The Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum or the California State University General Education Breadth pattern.
  • Students who qualify for this guarantee can also receive an application fee waiver code for the online Common Black College Application in order to apply to participating partner HBCU . There may be additional prerequisites or other requirements for certain majors.
  • Additional program benefits for students under the agreement include priority consideration for housing, consideration for transfer scholarships for students with a 3.2 or higher GPA, and pre-admission advising.
  • Community College Is Helpful To Your Goal No Joking

    How to Transfer from a CC to a 4-Year University (LACC ? UCLA)

    There are advantages to being in community college for two years before your UCLA transfer. Dont believe me? For one thing, having two schools will give you a greater ability to expand your horizons and make twice as many friends and contacts as you would other wise. As a UCLA transfer student, you will need to know the secrets that will transform you from a community college student to one transferring to UCLA. Thats where my program comes in. You dont need to be the smartest student or the most well-connected. You do, however, need to know the way to do it. I know because I did it. And now I want to help you to accomplish the same goal.

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    A Proven System That Will Get You Into Ucla

    If youre wondering how to transfer to UCLA from community college, you must read my guide. In my no-risk, money back guaranteed ebook, The 3 Word Truth, you will discover that your path from community college to UCLA is not only possible, but easier than you ever thought it could be. With my easy to follow guide, you will learn a proven method with simple and effective tips that will have you transferring into UCLA and on the fast track to academic and career success.

    Latinx Completion And Transfer Academy

    The Latinx Completion and Transfer Academy is here to help. Our goal is to help students who have 30 units or more obtain and complete a degree, certificate, and/ or transfer. We cultivate a holistic approach to self-efficacy through culturally relevant teaching and learning that empowers and supports Latina students and families.

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    What Is The Difference Between Minimum Eligibility And Selection Criteria

    Minimum eligibility means that you have completed the minimum requirements to apply, in short you are eligible. Just because you are eligible to apply to a university does not mean you will be admitted.

    Selection Criteria refers to the set of criteria a university or college is looking for in the students they select. For example, if a student has the minimum GPA for eligibility but the campus selection GPA is higher, the student would most likely not be admitted.

    They Do Not Care How Long It Takes You To Get Through The Ccc

    CCCP â Academic Advancement Program

    If the road you took to get to the UC was more of a winding path with multiple stops along the way, thats fine. Time spent on the road, so to speak, will not be a deterrent. Both UCLA and Berkeley will also not care if you took time off, but will ask to explain any gaps. But dont sweat it they merely want to know the reason, such as you were working, you had family obligations, you werent ready.

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    Take Sequence Courses In Order

    Sometimes courses are listed as part of a series . They may or may not need to be taken in a specific order. To determine if a series must be taken sequentially, look at the prerequisites.

    Example 1: Calc 2 has a pre-req of Calc 1. Calc 3 has a pre-req of Calc 2. These must be taken sequentially

    Example 2:Economics 100 and Economics 102 are not sequential neither has the other as a pre-req so can be taken in any order. Some 3-course Physics series have only the first course as the pre-req, meaning the other two can be in any order.

    The First English Course And Math Requirement Should Be Completed By The Fall When You Apply

    This is not exactly mandatory but it is something they look at closely, so ideally, try to complete by fall. At the very least the first English course should be done. I also suggest all three be taken for a letter grade. Berkeley and UCLA do not demand this, but writing skills are of the utmost importance to them, so I would consider it. Plus, some majors might require the courses be taken for a letter grade.

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    Community College Transfer Recruitment

    The Community College Transfer Recruitment program provides assistance to prospective community college transfer students, with particular emphasis on underrepresented students. The program is staffed by UCLA Undergraduate Admission personnel who visit participating community colleges several times during the academic year to provide admission advising, workshops on a variety of topics such as choosing a major, completing the undergraduate application, financial aid, and EOP/AAP. Other support services are also available throughout the academic year.

    How Do I Transfer To Ucla From Community College A Simple Easy To Follow Plan


    Do you think that going to community college is a dead end? If you do, then you are dead wrong. You have a dream, a goal. Youve been dreaming of transferring to UCLA from community college and the reality is that you can. Dont abandon your dream simply because you went from high school to community college. In fact, Im here to tell you that your choice of community college is something you can benefit from. I can hear you now saying, What? Yes, you can do it. But you cannot do it alone. You need help. You need a system, a very simple system. You need my system.

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    Honors Program Transfer Information & Agreements

    Graduates of the LBCC Honors Program are eligible for priority consideration when they apply to transfer to certain baccalaureate institutions.

    California State University

    UCLA Transfer Alliance Program

    UCLA offers priority consideration to applicants who have completed the LBCC Honors Program.

    Each fall, UCLA holds its Transfer Conference for students interested in transfer opportunities at UCLA.

    University of California, Irvine

    UCIs Honors to Honors program is a transfer agreement available for graduating Honors students with a GPA of at least 3.7. The Honors to Honors program offers priority admission review, automatic admission to the UCI Campuswide Honors Program, guaranteed housing, individual advising, faculty mentoring for a Senior Thesis, and renewable Regents Scholarships. Eligibility requirements are subject to change.

    Students who complete the LBCC Honors Program but are not eligible for the UCIs Honors to Honors program are also given special consideration in the evaluation of their transfer application and may be eligible for admission to UCIs Campuswide Honors Program.

    California State University, Long Beach, University Honors Program

    LBCC Honors students receive priority consideration when they apply to the University Honors Program at CSU, Long Beach

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