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How To Sell Old College Books

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How Do I Know If My Book Is Worth Money

How to sell your old college text books – College 101 U

The easiest way to know how much your copy of a book is worth on the open market is to check on how much similar copies are currently being offered for. Fill out this form with enough information to get a list of comparable copies. You probably dont need to include every word of the title and authors name.

Why Sell Books On Amazon

  • Get started with just a few books
  • Choose from a wide variety of genre categories
  • Sell books for cash or credit
  • You choose how to fulfill orders
    • Merchant Fulfilled Network Is the DIY Route. List books on Amazon, then pack and ship orders to customers yourself.
    • Fulfillment by Amazon Is the Do It For Me Route. List books and have Amazon store, pack, and ship to customers for you
  • Sell books multiple waysby title, ISBN, weight, or by scanning the barcode

Decide How You Will Fulfill Orders

  • Merchant Fulfilled Network You store inventory, pack, and ship books independently.
  • Fulfillment by Amazon You ship books to an Amazon Fulfillment Center, and they do the rest for you. FBA includes storage, packing, shipping, customer service, and returns. Using FBA to ship your products is also the easiest way to get the Prime badge for most offers. Many Amazon customers look for products with the Prime badge because it represents fast, free shipping.

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Sell Used Textbooks In Person

Selling used textbooks in person can get cash in your pocket easily and quickly. This is the best option if you want to avoid the hassle of entering all the information about your used textbooks online, print shipping label and then ship them out to the vendors you want to sell them to. If you are thinking Where can I sell used textbooks near me?, then you have several options, listed below, to consider.

List Your Books On Amazon

How to Make Extra Money Selling Old College Textbooks
  • Type the book’s ISBN code into Amazon’s search bar. If the book was printed before 1970, enter the title manually.
  • Once on the product listing page, click the “Sell on Amazon” button.
  • Enter the SKU. This can be an SKU of your choice, or if you leave it blank, Amazon will generate one for you.
  • Select your price. To match the lowest price, simply click that button.
  • Enter the total quantity. The default is one unit.
  • Choose the condition. It’s vital to be 100% honest about the quality of each book.
  • Select your fulfillment channel .

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Host A Neighborhood Book Swap

Neighborhood swaps and small community events are fun ways to get to know your neighbors and build better relationships with others in your hyper-local community. Ive never hosted a book swap, but Book Riot has some great ideas about how to host a book swap. Check out their ideas to make your neighborhood book swap a success.

You Can Automatically Manage Pricing On Amazon

  • The Automated Pricing Tool lets you automatically adjust prices for your available inventory based on your pricing rules and preferences.
  • The Match Low Price feature helps you match the lowest price with the click of a button

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Pro Tools For Reselling Books

BookScouter provides a number of additional resources for resellers who are serious about flipping books and making money on book sourcing. These tools have helped so many pro users gain profit faster.

  • Bulk lookup. This tool allows you to look up multiple ISBNs at one time and receive all of the best prices for each on one page.
  • Deals.: View pricing information from our buy and sell vendors to identify potential deals.
  • Historical Buyback Price Lookup. Review the buyback price history for a given ISBN, and identify seasonal pricing and trends.

Do you need these resources? Become a BookScouter Pro member for only $29.99 a month and gain access to all the pro tools!

Donate Books To Your Local Thrift Shops + Charity Shops

How to make money selling college textbooks

Local thrift shops receive lots of donations for things they cannot sell, and it becomes expensive for them to handle these items. However, if your books are in good condition and likely to be resold, thrift stores are a great option for donating books. You can donate books to your local secondhand shop or places like Goodwill, The Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity ReStores, and other charity shops.

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Sell Your Textbooks Online

Many students buy textbooks online to save money. If you already have books, you can use those sites to sell books to other students.

Pros: Websites like eCampus make it easy to compare buyback prices so you don’t get ripped off. Selling online is also really easy. Just enter the book’s information, wait for it to sell, and collect your profits.

Cons: Shipping textbooks might be inconvenient if you don’t live near a post office. The good news is that some websites will pay your shipping expenses.

Giveaway Books In A Buy Nothing Group Or Via Freecycle

Ive raved before about Buy Nothing Groups, and I will continue to sing their praises. I have found new homes for so many things through my local Buy Nothing Group that otherwise would probably have ended up in the trash. You never know when your trash will become someone elses treasure.

As with sales on Facebook Marketplace, youre much more likely to entice a neighbor to stop by to pick up a group of books instead of just one or two books. However, I have found that through Buy Nothing Groups, people are more likely to pick up a group of books on a variety of topics or for a variety of reading levels when they are free.

Before throwing anything in the trash, always post it to your Buy Nothing Group. You never know what a neighbor will love. If you dont have a Buy Nothing Group in your area, check your local FreeCycle group as well.

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How To Sell Used Textbooks For Cash

You generally have three options when it comes to selling used textbooks for cash.

  • Sell Used Textbooks In Person
  • Sell Used Textbooks Online
  • Buy Used Textbooks to Resale Them Online
  • To sell used textbooks online for cash, first, you have to get a quote for a used textbook you intent to sell from one of these used textbook buyback sites. Next, if you agree on the price or buyback offer, most used book buyback sites will provide you with a free prepaid shipping label so you can ship the book out to the vendor for free. Once the used textbook buyback site receives your book, they will send you payment via check or PayPal, depending on the site and your choice.

    Be Honest About Their Condition

    Where can i sell old college books

    If youre going to sell your textbooks online, take good photos of the books and be transparent about the state of your textbooks. Buyers arent going to be happy if you state that a textbook is in good condition, but when they receive it, its all marked up and the cover is bent or torn. As a result, you may not receive payment.

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    Use Bookscouterbest Books To Sell For Profit

    Curious about how to sell books on BookScouter? Check out this article.

    If you click on the caution sign, it shows a minimum amount required to sell to that specific vendor at this time.

    You can use the same vendors to both find and buy textbooks as well as resell textbooks back! If you are connected to a college student group, consider reselling directly to your connections. You can also set up your own accounts on various platforms. These are merely suggestions, but honestly, using the BookScouter tool will help you sell at the best price every time.

    Work from home as a book reseller.

    Resources For Finding And Flipping Books

    Finding books that you can resell for profit is the greatest challenge and also one of the most exciting parts of flipping books . Below are a number of great places where you can find quality books to resell:

    • Online. Of course, start with BookScouter or platforms like Amazon and eBay . You can also check some of the book sourcing sites directly. Other resale sites like Craigslist and Facebook Market place might have some treasures.
    • Colleges. When looking for books, pay attention to college semesters buying from college students could prove to be an excellent opportunity for you. You could gain permission from a college club or organization, partner with a local bookstore, or work with a local coffee shop to set up a shop to purchase books back from students.
    • Local Places. Think of perusing the lines of tables full of treasures that you can make great money from . Places like garage sales, estate sales, thrift stores, library sales , auctions, and markets are all great local places to find books. Sometimes you can come across entire pallets of books for sale. In these moments, having your BookScouter app downloaded will help you quickly see if the books you find will be worthwhile.

    You never know when youll stumble on a book to resell. Download the BookScouter App to look up the resell value no matter where you find your books.

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    How To Recycle Books With Decluttr

  • Get an instant price for your old college books using our valuation engine or FREE app.
  • Place your books into a box.
  • Ship your books for FREE.
  • Youll get paid the day after we receive your books thanks to our Fast Next Day Payments!
  • Sell college textbooks and earn cash for it! Plus, youll be doing the planet some good too.

    Whether you want to sell old college textbooks you no longer need or simply need some extra cash – were here to help you recycle old books for money! Dont forget that we also accept second hand childrens books and all kinds of textbooks you no longer need.

    It’s easy just get an instant price, send your books for FREE and we’ll pay you the same day they arrive.

    Directly To Other Students

    How to Sell Used Textbooks Online for Cash?

    If you know of students who are going to take the same class you just took, you can sell your used textbooks to them at a lower price than the campus bookstore. In this case, its likely you can still earn more than what youd get by re-selling it to the bookstore, and the buyer will also save money.

    But if you dont know any new students who are about to take that particular class, or you dont have a good way of getting the word out about your books for sale, you might need to look into other reselling options.

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    How To Find Out How Much My Used College Textbooks Are Worth

    According to The New York Times, college students spend an average of $700 to $1,100 a year on textbooks. Unfortunately, many of those books collect dust on dorm room shelves after finals. But there is a way to get some cash from last year’s books. Many reliable websites that sell textbooks also will help you sell yours on the open market for a much better price than your college bookstore will give you. Get on the internet to find out how much your college textbooks are worth.

    Sites That Specialize In Buying Back Textbooks

    My personal experience tells me that these sites are often the best places to sell not only college textbooks but any kind of book.

    You are more likely to get the highest payout from these sites than giants like Amazon.

    And with these sites you usually get free shipping since they give you prepaid shipping labels to ship your books with.

    I LOVE BookScouter!


    Because it has a great feature where you can get quote from 40 or so book buyback sits within seconds.

    All you have to do is visit BookScouter and enter the ISBN of your book and hit enter.

    It then shows you how much each site will pay for your book.

    And if you read my BookScouter review, youll find an easy way to use their app to make a nice side hustle that will make you money in your spare time!

    This website allows you to receive payment within 3 days of selling your books to them.

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    Why Sell Your Used Textbooks With Valorebooks

    Purge your bookshelf of old textbooks you’re not reading and score more cash. Selling your textbooks online is a fast, easy, and smart way to make money, but selling your textbooks online with ValoreBooks is even smarter. With us you get:

    Highest textbook sellback prices.Our marketplace model connects you to hundreds of buyers who are looking to acquire your textbooks, meaning you get top dollar for your old textbooks.

    Free shipping and easy order tracking.Sell your old textbooks with ValoreBooks and we’ll give you a prepaid shipping label. That means you get to ship your used textbooks for free! Plus we’ll keep you updated on the status of your sellback order, so you always know where your shipment is and when you’ll receive payment.

    Biggest variety of textbook titles.Selling your used books with ValoreBooks is awesome because you can sell almost anything: student textbooks, novels, biographies, non-fiction, and more. If it’s on your bookshelf, chances are you can sell it with us.

    Fast and flexible payment.ValoreBooks offers two payment options when you sell your used textbooks online. Choose to receive a check in the mail or payment via PayPal.

    Which edition is my book?

    IMPORTANT: When entering your textbook ISBN, make sure to remove any stickers that are over the ISBN barcode.

    The valid ISBN will be printed directly on the back-right corner of the book.

    US edition textbooks These are the most typical textbooks you find. They may be hardcover or softcover.

    How it works…

    How To Sell Used Textbooks For Cash 12 Ways College Students Get Paid

    Sell your old college books
    • Pin108

    If you are looking for ways to make some extra money, it is always nice to look for things you no longer need or want to use so that you can sell them for some cool cash. For example, if you have a stack of used textbooks, sitting on your shelves and just collecting dust, you can sell your used college textbooks online and in person.

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    Best Time To Sell Used Textbooks

    The best time to sell used textbooks is at the beginning of a new semester when the demand for textbooks is high. So, sell your used books during August and January when a new semester begins to get the best price for your used textbooks.Sell your used books immediately after your final exams, each semester, and once you no longer need them.

    Sell During Peak Resell Season

    Once a newer edition of a textbook comes out, the amount of money you may be able to receive for that book decreases. So, youll want to sell that textbook quickly after youve finished it in order to capitalize on the highest bid.

    Another way you can get the most money for your textbooks is to make sure you sell during peak resell season. This means selling your books at the beginning of the fall semester or spring semester . After all, this will be when most students are looking to purchase books for their upcoming classes.

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    Send A Book On A Bookcrossing Adventure

    For your favorite books that you want to share with others, release your book into the wild with BookCrossing. BookCrossing is a website that creates a network of book sharing around the world. After downloading a unique code to add to the book, you can send the book out into the world to be passed along to future readers. The unique code allows others to track when they catch a book so you can see how far your book has traveled and how many others have enjoyed it.

    BookCrossing is such a neat way to create community between readers and to share your favorite books with the world. If youre planning to release your book into the wild , be sure its not going to be confused as trash and viewed as disrespectful disposal of waste. But if you are pretty sure it will find a good home and a new set of eyes to enjoy it, its a great way to prevent the book from ending up in a waste stream.

    Consider Postage And Packaging Costs

    What To Do With Old College Books?

    Credit: Louis N Shutterstock

    Postage can be pricey, meaning that it’s possible to make very little profit when using websites like and eBay to sell your books.

    That’s where newer sites like are a bit more transparent. They cover the postage costs, so the valuation they give you should be the exact amount that you’ll receive when your books are snapped up .

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    Where To Donate Books

    Donating used books is also a great alternative to selling books. If you just have a few books to donate or dont want to deal with the hassle of resale, consider donating books in your local community or to a larger organization that supplies books to underserved communities around the globe.

    There are many options to donate used books. Ive organized the book donation options below by ease of donation and local proximity. Its often easier to donate books in your local community. However, there are many worthy recipients of books around the world who will benefit from your donations if you dont have a local donation option or have a special connection to a national or international program.

    When donating used books, be mindful of the condition of the books and their relevance. If books are outdated or in poor condition, they wont be any more useful to the recipient than they were to you .

    As a general rule, if you wouldnt buy the book or give it to a friend due to its condition, it might not be great for donation either. Most books that are dirty, moldy, damaged, are missing covers or pages, or have lots of writing or markings in them wont be useful to the donation recipient. Here are more than 25 places to donate books.

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