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How To Play Softball In College

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Georgina Corrick Rh Pitcher University Of South Florida

Softball tips: Getting recruited by college coaches – Amanda Scarborough

In case a wasn’t enough for you, she also broke the USF single-season shutouts record #HornsUp

USF Softball

Corrick is a pitcher for the USF Bulls who whizzes by batters and is recording rarely-seen career stats in her senior season. Corrick has gone out to throw 217 innings for South Florida and while in the circle has struck out 331 batters 50 more than any other pitcher in Division I softball. She is a leader nationally in:

  • Shutouts
  • Has more wins than any other hurler
  • and Maintains the third-best ERA

Last month she set the Bulls program record for career strikeouts and threw the fourth perfect game in program history. She now holds five school records and two American Athletic Conference records.

Corricks parents are both are from England, where Corrick was born before moving to the United States as an infant. She competed for Great Britains U19 softball team and led it to its first European fastpitch gold medal at the 2016 European Junior Championship in Spain.

How Important Are Grades And Academics

With softball being such an under funded sport, the student must come before the athlete. With 24 to 28 softball athletes on the college roster – and at the NCAA Division I level there only being 12 athletic scholarships to go around, not to mention less scholarships athletically to go around at the other divisions – academics serve as a primary source of tuition funding. Not to mention that some universities have higher minimum GPA and ACT scores for admittance. In addition to that, academics are 100% necessary in order to make the NCAA sliding scale academic requirements. Needless to say, academics are more than half the battle when it comes to college softball recruiting.

College Softball Recruiting Guidelines

Am I good enough to play softball in college?

While only about 1.6% of high school softball players go on to play at the Division 1 level, the other division levels, NAIA schools, and offer many opportunities for promising prospects. College softball coaches evaluate a players athleticism based on arm strength and accuracy, speed, fielding range and the ability to hit for power and average. Softball recruiting guidelines enable prospects to compare their skill with athletes competing at the college level.

What softball measurables do college coaches look for at each position? What skill sets should individual position players have? This section breaks down softball recruiting guidelines by division level to give recruits and their families a better understanding of what will be expected of them at each position.

Keep in mind that while softball recruiting guidelines indicate what coaches generally look for, there are nearly always exceptions to the rule. Coaches also consider things like intangibles, body language and attitude. A prospect who works their tail off day in and day out will nearly always get recruited over someone with superior softball measurables who lacks a strong work ethic.

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D2 Softball Colleges: The Best Of Both Worlds

D2 is an interesting division, as youll find much of the athletic talent seen at the D1 level with a little more balance between athletics, academics and a social life. Here are a few key reasons to play on a D2 college softball team:

  • Strong athletics with a balance. D2 college softball is nearly as competitive as D1, but without all the demands of a D1 schedule. Athletes at D2 schools have a little more time to spend on academics or other extracurricular activities.
  • See playing time sophomore or even freshman year. Many D1-caliber athletes will opt to play on a D2 college softball team so that they can get playing time earlier on in their collegiate softball career. At the D1 level, many players might not actually play in a game until their junior or senior year of college. However, the D2 level can give athletes an opportunity to start competing earlier on.
  • Find a school thats the right size for you. At the D2 level, youll find smaller and larger campuses. According to the NCAA, about 36% of D2 university have 2,500-7,499 students on campus, while approximately 51% have fewer than 2,500. Some campuses have up to 15,000 students. And theres more in between these numbers. In other words, you can find the right campus size for you at the D2 level.

How College Softball Coaches Recruit

High School Softball Players Grapple With COVID

By Joe Leccesi, NCSA Recruiting Coach ManagerJune 5, 2018 9:27 am

By Joe Leccesi, NCSA Recruiting Coach Manager | June 5, 2018 9:27 am ET

USA TODAY High School Sports has a weekly column on the college recruiting process. Here, youll find practical tips and real-world advice on becoming a better recruit to maximize your opportunities to play at the college level. Joe is a former college-athlete and coach at the NAIA level, where he earned an NAIA National Championship. Joe is just one of many former college and professional players, college coaches, and parents who are part of the Next College Student Athlete team. Their knowledge, experience, and dedication along with NCSAs history of digital innovation, and long-standing relationship with the college coaching community have made NCSA the largest and most successful athletic recruiting network in the country.

The more student-athletes know about how college coaches recruit, the better their recruiting game will be. Thats why NCSA recently surveyed NCAA, NAIA and junior college softball coaches about how they recruit players. Their responses give athletes and parents some great insight into the who, what where, when and why of college recruiting.

Below are the coaches responses to questions regarding some key recruiting milestones in softball.

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Hannah Adams Middle Infielder University Of Florida

Adams is an All-American and veteran second baseman for the Florida Gators. As a freshman, she became only the fourth freshman in program history to record a perfect 1.000 fielding percentage . Shes on her way to doing it again in 2022 she currently boasts a perfect fielding percentage this season and has turned a team-leading 12 double plays.

In UF career ranks:

  • shes 10th in runs
  • seventh in assists
  • and sixth in fielding double plays

In 2022, she boasts a .370 batting average. Adams hadnt missed a game in her five-year career with the Gators up until she was injured against Ole Miss on April 15.

Is Walking On A Good Option

The answer to this truly comes down to you and your family’s financial situation and what is to gain from walking on. Most invitational walk ons in college softball are based on the premise that the athlete will be 100% responsible for covering their tuition until their junior and sometimes senior year. Most will agree that it is better to find a program that will invest athletic money in you – be it 10% or 20%. Their investment will motivate you as an athlete to make a stronger connection and grow deeper into their program and coaching philosophy. The walk on option again, is one that is individually specific and should be heavily discussed between the athlete, parents, and the coach.

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You Need Something To Send To Coaches An Athletic Resume

This should include all of the above plus your contact information, academic information and what ever lets the coach know more about you. . It is easy to do, after all it’s about you.

Times have changed, the vast majority of coaches begin their recruiting process online, after all it is efficient. So get on line and get it done. All you need to do is click on the “Increase your scholarship odd!” button, create an account for your recruiting profile for free. Add all your information online including list your upcoming games and camps where they can watch you. Keep it current as things change.

Once you have an your recruiting profile account we will show you how easy it is to be proactive and get noticed by thousands of softball coaches.

Tips To Improve Your Chances Of Playing College Softball

HOW To Start The Process & Get Recruited For College Softball

You’ve buckled down and decided that playing sports in college is a must.

While this article is softball recruiting specific, the team at has put together a list of recommendations and tips for how to get recruited that applies to all sports. It rarely is one game or moment that is the reason a player is recruited, but rather the lifestyle choices and habits they create throughout their high school days . How do you stack up? Are you ready to get recruited?

To help describe the details of getting recruited and everything that it entails, we ‘ve enlisted help from Carie Dever-Boaz. As a former Division I head coach and National Pro Fastpitch Champion, she knows the ins-and-outs of fastpitch better than most and has great insight into the recruiting world. On that note, before you can ever get recruited, you have to get noticed.

Here’s what you can do to get noticed as an elite softball player:

  • Always practice and play hard, even when nobody is watching.
  • Handle failure with grace and learn from your mistakes.
  • Become a leader that others want to follow.
  • Master the intangibles, such as self-confidence and responsibility.
  • Go above and beyond both on and off the field.
  • Be coachable and never make the same mistake twice.
  • Have a skill that sets yourself apart.
  • Learn to market yourself.
Have A Highlight Video

Here are the do’s and don’ts when making a highlight video:

Practice Or Play Every Day

Pros of playing travel ball include:

Cons of playing travel ball include:

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How Important Is Travel And Club Softball

Since the high school softball season overlaps the college softball season, and with diminishing recruiting budgets at the collegiate level, travel softball serves as an easier means for college coaches to see more prospects that they need to evaluate at one ballpark on one weekend. In addition to this, the travel tournament is more likely to close the higher levels of talent, and for the most part, will be constructed of girls who have tried out and made this team as well as spent more time in developing and polishing their skills. In addition to this, if a coach only has a particular number of recruiting days to use, he or she will be better served in visiting a travel tournament where several upper-talent athletes can be evaluated at one time.

Whats Unique About Naia Softball Colleges

For many student-athletes, the charm of NAIA softball schools comes from its smaller class sizes and overall flexibility between athletics, academics and a social life. Here are a few key points that make NAIA softball colleges unique:

  • The campus and class size. NAIA softball schools tend to have smaller campuses and class sizes than DI or even many DII schools. Some student-athletes prefer to know their professors and have smaller, more interactive college classes. There can also be a strong sense of community, rather than feeling like just a number in a sea of students.
  • Flexibility in the recruiting process. The NAIA leaves recruiting up to the collegestheres no recruiting calendars or rules to memorize. Coaches at NAIA softball schools can recruit at any time and through any means they see fit. Softball head recruiting coach Kalee Patterson explained that she liked that the window of opportunity was open longer in recruiting, enabling her to get recruited the summer after her sophomore year at a junior college.
  • The balance between athletics, academics and a social life. NAIA softball colleges are known for their ability to accommodate student-athletes interests. If you want to study abroad, have an on-campus job or join another extracurricular activity, an NAIA softball college might be a good fit for you.

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College Recruiting Tips: The Softball Part

A softball player may decide at a young age that they want to play college softball one day. That is the first step in the recruiting process, making the initial decision. College softball is a four, sometimes five-year commitment, and many will compare being a collegiate student-athlete to that of a full-time job. At the Division I college softball level, athletes will be required to attend 20 hours of practice a week on top of being a full-time student in the fall months. The softball load goes down to eight hours a week in the winter portion of the season, before resuming back to the full 20 hours and travel during the spring season.

When you start the recruiting process with your athlete, its important to do your research first. Once you complete the following list the softball piece to the puzzle comes next.

  • Brainstorm a Major/Career Path
  • In-State vs. Out-of-State Tuition
  • Make a Wants/Needs List

College softball is a four-year commitment. The difference between Division I, II, III, NAIA, and NJCAA is often the softball load. The practice amount, travel schedule, and level of play are the most significant differences at these collegiate levels. Whereas the academic load will be similar. Your preparation and study habits are tantamount to your survival when your work in college begins.

Once you have completed the list above, its time to start thinking about the softball part and where that would fit into the process.

How Likely Are You To Respond To Recruits Introductory Email

A college softball player went to the hospital after her own teammates ...

The survey revealed that a recruit deemed to be a good fit is most likely to get a response from a coach to their introductory email. D3 coaches are the most likely to respond to a good majority of the email they receive, but this is less common at the other division levels. There are hundreds of thousands of athletes out there, Winters emphasizes. Coaches dont have time to respond to every email. We preach the importance of follow-ups dont just send one email. Its all about communication and making sure your name gets into that coachs inbox.

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Advancing Around The Bases

If the player hits the ball and advances to a base without a fielding error or an out being recorded, then that is called a “base hit”. The bases must be reached in order counterclockwise, starting with first base. After hitting the ball the batter may advance as many bases as possible. An advance to first base on the one hit is a “single”, to second base is a “double”, to third base is a “triple”, and to home plate is a “home run”. Home runs are usually scored by hitting the ball over the outfield fence, but may be scored on a hit which does not go over the fence. A home run includes any ball that bounces off a fielder and goes over the fence in fair-territory or that hits the foul pole. If a batted ball bounces off a fielder and goes over the fence in foul territory, or if it goes over the fence at a location that is closer than the official distance, the batter is awarded a double instead.

Runners may advance at risk to be put out: on a hit by another player after a fly ball has been caught, provided the player was touching a base at the time the ball was first touched or after or automatically, when a pitch is delivered illegally.

Runners advance without liability to be put out: when a walk advances another player to the runner’s current base or automatically in certain special circumstances described below.

Special circumstances

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As A Pitcher What Is Most Important

There are many factors that go into developing a successful softball pitcher. In evaluating pictures, the personality, likes, and dislikes of each college coach will come into play. Some coaches look for high, some coaches look for speed, mechanics and leg drive, some will look for movement and command, some are most concerned with spins, and in reality some are looking for a variety and combination of all of those elements. The most important thing to remember is just because one coach says that you don’t fit what he or she is looking for, doesn’t mean the next coach won’t feel like you’re perfect fit for what he or she is looking for.

What Its Like Being A College Softball Player

How to stream games LIVE for college coaches (Softball)

Nicole Mendes, a 2016 pitcher/outfielder who plays for the Diamond Sports Hotshots Davis team and has committed to Oklahoma, is interning with FloSoftball and is a frequent contributor of articles related to the sport.

Today, the No. 11 rated prospect in the 2016 Hot 100 talks to two college standouts and gets their advice and insights on what it takes to make a successful transition from high school and club softball to the college level

What is it like to be a freshman student-athlete in college? Stressful? Exciting? Daunting?

Who better to learn from than two standout athletes whove already gone through the process?

I spoke to two star athletes who are excelling not just on the collegiate softball field, but in the academic and social sides as well in Kelli Martinez, the starting center fielder for the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and one of the best outfielders in the game today, and Paige Parker, the ace pitcher for the University of Oklahoma who comes from Independence, Miss. and earned National Freshman of the Year honors in 2015.

Both players have great advice for girls who will soon play college ball and offer insight on the changes that must be made once they reach college.

Adjusting to College

The transition to college life varies for everyone and these two collegiate standouts had different experiences.


Kelli advises girls make the most of their required study halls and take advantage of all the hours they will spend traveling.


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