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How To Get Ready To Go Back To College

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How Will You Get To School And Back Home

10 Ways To Get Ready For Back To School LIKE A BOSS!
  • Will you walk or ride your bike?
  • Will you go by yourself or do you want a family member to come with you, maybe even just for the first while?
  • How long will it take you to get to school and what time will you have to leave the house? Should you practice the route to check the time?
  • Do you take the bus? If so, do you know where your stop is and what time you need to be there?

How To Get Ready For Going Back To School

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Summer is coming to an end, whats next? Back to School of course! If you are nervous, learn how to get ready to go back to school!

Get Involved In Extracurricular Activities That Interest You

Your first year of high school is the perfect time to start exploring the different kinds of academic and non-academic interests you have through clubs, volunteering, and other groups. You can ask other students, your teachers, or your counselor what kinds of clubs, societies, and sports teams your school offers.

If theres an informational club fair at the start of the school year, this would be an excellent time to learn more about what kinds of groups your school has .

Remember, too, that you dont necessarily need to do activities through your school it’s fine to look for volunteer organizations and other groups you could join outside school.

Another alternative is to carve out more time for a particular hobby you have, such as writing short stories or coming up with ideas for inventions. The point here is to start figuring out what your biggest interests and passions are, and how these could translate into possible academic or professional paths.

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Organize Your School Supplies For The Coming Year

  • Buy the supplies you need and get everything set up before classes start. Your list of supplies will likely be different for in-person school than it was for virtual school. Shop early for the best selection so you can get stuff that you really like and will be excited to use. Put everything in your backpack for your first day and get it ready to go.XTrustworthy SourceChild Mind InstituteNonprofit organization providing evidence-based care for children with mental health and learning disorders and their familiesGo to source
  • Your school will have information about the specific supplies you need for your classes. Ask your parents if they’ve gotten a letter about it. The same information might also be available on your school’s website.
  • You can also take this opportunity to turn your virtual schooling area into your homework area. Having everything there ready for you will make it easier to get started when you come home every day.
  • You can make homework more fun by giving yourself rewards for completing it.XExpert Source
  • Talk With Your College Faculty

    Four Things You Should Do Now to Get Ready for Back to School

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    Its easy to be intimidated by college professors and advisors when youre new to the university system, but remember theyre guides for your educational growth. Visit the professors and ask questions during office hours, said Levine. Theyre here to help, and it can only help your final grade. But professors arent just useful resources for when you have questions about class assignments, projects, or readings. Ask their advice on how to explore your chosen field more deeply. University advisors and professors can recommend courses to take in other departments or things to research outside of class materialsand can even be a reference for future internships and jobs!

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    Going Back To College At 30

    Going back to college at 30 or in your thirties requires a lot of focus and commitment. Not only do you have the demands of being a student, but you also most likely have the demands of a day job and a family. But, at 30, your brain is fully developed and most 30 plus-year-olds are able to handle hard work and commitment better than they were in the late teens and early 20s. So, is it right for you?

    We spoke with a number of adults who went back to college at 30 or in their 30s. We found that there were 5 common things they found to be key to their success.

    Heres their advice:

    Should You Go Back To School In Your 20s Or 30s Youll Know After Reading This

    I dont know what I want to do. I might just go back to school for now to figure things out.

    Ive heard this many times from readers who arent sure with what to do next in life. Never go back to college for another 4 years just because youre not happy with your current job or because you dont know what to do. You wont figure anything out by spending more money on college to attempt to find yourself.

    Spending money on yourself is always the best investment. However, more formal education isnt always the best investment. In todays article Im going to help you decide if you should go back to college for more education in your 20s or 30s

    15 Ways to Make Money After College

    Get our best tips to make money easily without getting a 9 to 5 job.

    Some people are earning 6-digits from home!

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    Proactively Check In About Mental Health

    This was a collective trauma, and we dont yet know the impact that its going to have long-term. We do know that rates of anxiety and depression have been soaring in kids and teens as their usual structure, guidance, coping mechanisms and, for many, even basic needs like food security have been ripped out from under them by the pandemic.

    We also know from past pandemics that symptoms related to mental health have historically lasted many years after periods of isolation.

    Parents should plan to proactively check in about their childs mental health, even if it has never before come up as a concern. Look for signs and symptoms that something is wrong, like isolation, irritability, low mood, difficulty sleeping, lack of motivation, lack of enjoyment of normal activities, or concerns about safety.

    Id recommend having a very low threshold to getting professional help. When in doubt, ask your pediatrician. You can also go to a therapist, school counselor or psychiatrist for an evaluation to see if there is something that needs treatment, or for reassurance that what your child is experiencing is a normal reaction to the current stressor.

    Take Placement Tests Early

    Getting kids ready to go back to school

    If you know that youll be heading back to school soon, do yourself a favor and sign up to take your placement tests early.

    If you havent attended class in ten years, your English or Math may be rustier than you dared imagine.

    Since theres no reason to set yourself up to fail, it just makes sense to schedule a simple test that will allow you to see how competent and confident you can be heading into your first classes.

    Its much better to do away with potential problems ahead of time when you have greater power to make changes and take action.

    Dont wait until the last minute and then freak out once classes begin.

    Find a fast handle on where you sit with the various skills and classes youll be signing up for.

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    What Will Your Typical Morning Be Like

    • What time will you need to leave?
    • What time will you need to get out of bed?
    • Knowing how much sleep you need, what time will you need to go to bed?
    • If you need to shift your bedtime and wake up time before school starts, when should you start making this shift?
    • Would it be helpful to practice your morning and evening routine?

    Learn How To Toot Your Own Horn With Panache

    Create your plan for self-promotion. Regardless of whether you are a boisterous extrovert or a restrained introvert, expand your professional networks and let people know your capabilities. Make a list of who can help you achieve your objective and then strategize how best to directly and indirectly gain their notice.

    The most important place to start is within your own company. When you win a piece of business or create an attractive website or advance a project in any way, you really have to let people know. Dont be shy. Also, dont assume that you can just dash off an email that the higher ups will necessarily read. You need to get comfortable with promoting your achievements. No one will do this for you.

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    Read Through The Syllabus For The Year Ahead

    Another way of readying yourself for the year ahead is by reading through the syllabus for each of the subjects youre taking next year. The syllabus outlines the areas of each subject prescribed by the curriculum, as well as noting what detailed topics youll be studying within each of them. Absorbing this information will help you mentally prepare for the new school year, as well as giving you an overview of what to expect, so that nothing comes as a surprise once term starts. Its always a good idea to get a clear picture of the bigger picture for each of your subjects, so that you can see how and where each specific topic fits in. While youre reading the syllabus, you could also have a look at how each subject is assessed, so that you know what youre working towards this year.

    What Adult Colleges Are Available To Go Back To School

    How to Get Kids Ready to Go Back to School

    According to the National Center for Education Statistics , there were over 6,500 post-secondary institutions in the US as of 2017-2018. Needless to say, youve got choices!

    Choosing a School

    This time around, you probably dont have a guidance counselor, parents, or teachers to help you sort out your options, so youll have to do a lot of the research yourself.

    Here are some factors you should consider when choosing a school:

  • MajorStart off by making a list of schools that offer the major youre interested in. Only include schools that are accredited.
  • Scheduling
  • Next, narrow the list down based on how and when youre able to attend classes.

    • Do they offer fully online degree programs?
    • Do they offer night and/or weekend classes?
    • Do they offer online classes?
    • Will you have access to the library, computer services, advisors, and professors during hours that work for you?

    You want to find a school that can fit into your lifestyle so that it isnt a hassle for you to attend, get involved, or keep up with coursework.

  • Cost
  • Next, compare the costs associated with each option.

    • What is the tuition?

    Be sure to find out how long it will take to earn your degree.

    • Will your existing credits transfer?
    • Can your work experience be used as credit?
    • Are there accelerated courses or programs to help speed up the process?

    Online Programs

    You can find online programs in nearly every field.

    You can find online programs like these at brick and mortar schools as well as through online-only schools.

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    Do Well In Core Courses

    Aside from your states high school graduation requirements, youll need to pay attention to the class requirements of most US colleges and universities.

    In general, youll have to take at least the following in high school to be able to attend college:

    • 4 years of English
    • 3 years of social studies/history
    • 2 years of a foreign language

    If youre already thinking of eventually applying to Ivy League institutions or similarly competitive schools, then make sure to take the following in high school:

    • 4 years of math
    • 3-4 years of science
    • 3-4 years of a foreign language

    Naturally, you also want to ensure youre doing well in your core classes, so keep up your grades as best as you can9th grade is when your grades really start to count in terms of what colleges will see, so don’t goof off!

    Do your homework, take notes, study for all your tests, and actively participate in class to the best of your ability. These actions will set you up with good habits in your later high school years. Remember that your 9th grade GPA will influence your final GPA and class rank when you apply to colleges.

    Best Ways To Get Yourself Ready To Go Back To College After Taking A Few Years To Work

    by Katelyn Roberts | Jul 11, 2012 | Articles

    While most students and parents plan for children to head off to college immediately after high school, everyone knows that life has this nasty habit of getting in the way.

    There are about a million reasons that you might have had to take a break from your formal education to clock in and pay your bills.

    The good news is that no matter how long its been since you attended school, there are many easy ways that you can help get yourself back in gear.

    Whether its been a year, ten years, or fifty years since you enrolled in college, there are several steps you can take to boost the odds right back in your favor.

    Lets take a look at the best ways to get yourself ready to go back to college after taking a few years to work.

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    Look Forward To The First Day

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    Freshman move-in day can be extremely thrilling and a little scary, even for parents. Even though moving into the dorms, finding your classes, and adjusting to your new surroundings can be overwhelming, try to let yourself simply enjoy the experience. Youll be making friends, discovering new hobbies, and learning more about yourself! Most campuses will also dedicate the first week of classes to hosting events and activities for new students as they transition to college life.

    Preparing for college? Extra Space Storage offers incoming college freshmen secure self storage at facilities located throughout the country to help with your transition. Find a storage unit near you!

    So How Does Online Learning Work

    Getting kids ready to go back to school

    In terms of the actual online learning process, the name of the game is speed and flexibility. Classes are usually offered via short eight week-long semesters as a way to expedite your time in the virtual classroom, though some institutions still abide by the more traditional 16 week-long variation .

    Submitting tests, papers, and other coursework is typically accomplished via an online learning platform, so you can complete your required assignments at any time, as long as you finish before the due date established by your professor. Speaking of your professors, interaction comes in a variety of different forms:

    • Email
    • Phone
    • Personal meeting

    Youll also find that any lectures, supplemental downloads, and course-specific digital tools can be accessed within your online learning portal or a specified student server.

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    Getting Your Kids Emotionally And Mentally Ready To Go Back To School

    Grace ChenStock Up on SuppliesSchool Clothes

    School Supplies

    Regain Routine

    The lazy days of summer provide a relaxing getaway from the rigors of the school year, but they can also make it a challenge to jump back into the routine when fall hits. Make the transition easier on kids by slowly moving back to a school bedtime and setting the alarm a little earlier each morning. A gradual phase-in of the school schedule is often easier for kids to handle.

    Calendar Station

    Positive Habits

    Organize a Study Space

    When children come home from the classroom, its homework time. Make sure this time is as productive and efficient as possible, by creating a designated homework space in the home. Younger children may need a place to work that is near a parent, so they can easily get help with assignments. Room at the kitchen table or in a corner of the family room may be the perfect space. Older children usually prefer to study in a quiet spot like a bedroom or office. Stock the homework station with necessary supplies like pencils, crayons, paper, scissors and glue sticks. Make sure there is proper lighting and a comfortable chair to make the time in that space as pleasant as possible. Older children may appreciate their own whiteboard or bulletin board to post homework assignments and reminders about upcoming tests and projects.

    Re-Train the Brain

    Reading RoutinesBoard GamesOnline GamesKeep it Positive For Newbies

    Is College All About Investing In Yourself


    Theres a big difference between investing in yourself and going back to school.

    You should always be investing in yourself. You just dont have to spend thousands on a tuition to do this.

    Returning to college might sometimes be the worst investment. Especially if you dont get a specific outcome out of this. I dont want to be too results oriented, but when youre 26, you cant afford to be spending another 2-4 years in college. This wont help you move ahead. Youre going to miss out on many opportunities to make money.

    If the program doesnt help you increase your income, then youre wasting your time. If you want to hide from reality, you dont have to go back to college. If youre in debt already then you really dont need to be going back to college. You should be focused on this debt.

    How can you invest in yourself?

    The whole point of this article is let you know that there are other options out there. You dont have to do what your parents want you to do. You dont have to go to college if you dont know what you want to do. You can read up more on investing in yourself. You can take advantage of technology like Airbnb to make more money. You have other choices.

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