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How Much Do Community College Professors Make

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Professor Pay Ranked From Highest To Lowest

HOW MUCH DOES A PROFESSOR MAKE? You can earn extra money as a college professor!

What profs at 59 Canadian universities earned in 2010-11

Every student has heard at least one professor complain that he or she is overworked. At certain times, thats no doubt true. But the annual Statistics Canada report on full-time faculty salaries shows that along with the big workloads come big salaries. The average full-time professor earned $115,513 in 2010-11. The average full-time employee in Canada earns just $50,000.

Does that mean we should all enroll in PhDs? Not exactly. The number of PhDs is increasing rapidly, while the number of professors hired in 2010-11 was up just 0.8 per cent over the year before. The professoriate is graying: the average age is 50.

Below are the the median salaries for all ranks of full-time professors, including deans, but excluding dental and medical professors. The breakdown: 33 per cent were full professors, 34 per cent were associates, 23 per cent were assistants and 10 per cent were unranked.

Its difficult to say who is overpaid or underpaid, but its clear that the top-paying schools are also highly ranked in the annual Macleans University Rankingswith a few notable exceptions. For example, Brock and Trent both pay an average of $119,000, despite having much lower ranks than similar schools in small cities, like the University of Prince Edward Island and the University of Northern British Columbia , which are top three schools in their category.

How To Become A Community College Professor

Teaching is teaching, right? As a teacher, you know theres nothing further from the truth. Theres a significant difference in teaching elementary school students versus middle school students. The same goes for teaching middle school students versus high school students. And, as you might expect, teaching students in a community college setting is in many ways different than teaching in high school. But what do these differences look like? Here are a few to consider:

  • Playing the roles of teacher and friend vs. teacher and parent. Anyone whos ever taught high school is familiar with the challenges of dealing with students who are navigating the tenuous journey of moving from childhood to adulthood. While it can be rewarding, its certainly not easy. You often move between the roles of parent and teacher multiple times throughout the day. But, as a community college professor, youll be working with adult learners some of whom might even be older than you. While they might need some hand-holding along the way, they dont require it in the same way younger students do. And, instead of playing a parental role, you can often be both a teacher and friend or mentor.
  • Are You Ready To Discover Your College Program

    Many college professors change lives, challenge the world around us, and teach us the skills needed to improve ourselves. However, their salaries range widelyanywhere from adjunct professors earnings around $30,000 to a full-time professor earning $500,000 and more.

    College professors may teach at either private or public universities their level of expertise and interest will determine where they spend the bulk of their years teaching. If a professor can obtain a position at a prestigious private university, he or she will most likely be paid a lot more than at a second-tier or lesser-known public school.

    As you might expect, the highest-paid professors teach mostly at prestigious private universities: Columbia, Cornell, Yale, Harvard, and Duke. Two teach at public universities: University of CaliforniaBerkeley and the University of Texas at Austin. And three teach at the Thunderbird School of Global Management, an international business school located in Arizona.

    You may wonder how these professors can command such amazing salaries. The answer: these are not your run-of-the-mill, everyday instructors. They are world-renowned, have made major contributions to society, and stand at the pinnacle of their profession. They are the rock stars of academia.

    Salaries above $1 million are rounded to the nearest $100,000 or $10,000, depending on the information available those below $1 million are rounded to the nearest $1,000.

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    The 19 Steps To Becoming A College Professor

    Massachusetts community college payroll database: How much ...

    Other High School , College Info

    Do you love conducting research and engaging with students? Can you envision yourself working in academia? Then you’re probably interested in learning how to become a college professor. What are the basic requirements for becoming a college professor? What specific steps should you take in order to become one?

    In this guide, we start with an overview of professors, taking a close look at their salary potential and employment growth rate. We then go over the basic college professor requirements before giving you a step-by-step guide on how to become one.

    Feature Image: Georgia Southern/Flickr

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    Zev Rosenwaks: $33 Million

    Zev Rosenwaks is Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Cornell University and Director and Physician-in-Chief of the Ronald O. Perelman and Claudia Cohen Center for Reproductive Medicine at the Weill Cornell Medical College.

    Dr. Rosenwaks received his M.D. from the SUNY Health Science Center at Brooklyn in 1972. He is board certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology and Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility, and a Fellow of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.

    Dr. Rosenwaks is internationally renowned for his pioneering work in assisted reproduction. He was the director of the Jones Institute for Reproductive Medicine in Norfolk, Virginia, the unit that achieved the first IVF pregnancy in the United States. He also developed the first egg donation program in the United States.

    Do College Professors Make Good Money

    A very open-ended question, but I’m still interested in your opinion

    Completely depends…. as an adjunct it’s an easy “NO”. As a full time tenured track faculty member, I think it’s reasonable to say yes. But it does depend on profession, and what you are comparing it to. Teaching coding is often a good example, if you compare salary of a full time faculty member to what the individual could be making in private industry, the answer is a big “no” again……

    For me, its not strictly a question of amount, but the money relative to work-life balance.

    Im in a department that pays very well, but more importantly I have less stress than some of my friends also working in colleges.

    Yes, Im not in such a prestigious institution, and I dont hob nob with leaders in my field, but I turn up at the office when I want and go home when I want. I teach good kids who may never be world beaters, but they make teaching a joy.

    I could have stayed in a R1 institution and Im glad I made the move.

    You sound like the best professor ever 😀

    Still, I love the work and cant imagine doing anything else.

    I’d encourage you to consider what you want out of work-life balance, not just salary, and accept that even in the same dept. at the same institution some faculty work way harder than others. I chose to be one of those that works less, so I’ll never be at the top of my field, but I’m very, very happy.

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    A Profession Poised For Growth

    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the national job outlook for postsecondary teachers which includes those who teach at community colleges is projected to be 11% growth between 2018-2028. This is much faster than growth in other industries. Regarding mean annual salaries for postsecondary instructors, California is among the top-paying states. In May 2018, it was $84,160. Of course, salary levels will vary by school and by position.

    In addition to the growth of the profession, becoming a community college professor is also an opportunity to grow as a teacher expanding your skillset and providing opportunities to experience teaching in a new, dynamic and rewarding environment.

    Professor Salary Varies By Job Level College Type

    How much do College Professors Make? | Tenure-track v. Lecturer

    Generally, the three main ranks for college professors are assistant, associate, and full. Usually in the beginning phases of their tenure track, assistant professors are full-time, introductory professors who have earned a terminal degree. Associate professors are mid-level, tenured professors, while full professors are at the senior level.

    Outside these three traditional ranks, there are also adjunct faculty and full-time, non-tenured faculty with titles such as lecturer or instructor.

    Beyond professors’ job ranks, the type of university they teach at public, private or independent, or religiously affiliated and the education level of the students they instruct can affect their annual pay.

    Average Professor Salary by Institution Type, 2020-21

    Source: American Association of University Professors

    The average salary for a full professor at private, doctoral institutions was the highest among all total salaries, at $202,199. Meanwhile, instructors at religiously affiliated universities had the lowest average salary at $51,444.

    At baccalaureate institutions, full professors make an average of $99,616 at public universities and $125,420 at private universities. This 23% difference illustrates how much more professors can make in the private sector.

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    How To Become A Professor: 19

    Now that we’ve gone over the basic college professor requirements, what specific steps should you take to become one? What do you need to do in high school? In college? In graduate school?

    Here, we introduce to you our step-by-step guide on how to become a college professor. We’ve divided the 19 steps into four parts:

    Community College Professor Salary With Phd

    Community colleges rely on professors with doctorate degrees to provide quality instruction to their students. Many of these colleges are smaller and enable professors to interact more closely with every student. Your responsibilities will include preparing lesson plans in accordance with course specifications and evaluating students knowledge through testing. Community college professors with doctorate degrees earned salaries averaging just over $50,000 annually.

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    Average Salaries For Community College Teacher

    Salaries for community college teachers vary depending on location, academic specialty, the instructors degree type, and previous experience. Theres also a substantial gap between the earnings of full-time teachers and adjunct instructors. According to Tough Nickel, the average annual pay for full-time faculty ranged from $46,858 to $57,599.

    Here is a current snapshot of average salaries for community college teachers:

    • $41,268

    The income of a community college teacher can vary based on several factors including:

    • Education beyond a masters degree
    • Length of employment at a particular institution
    • Field of study- science, technology, engineering, or math classes, or in another field that is typically difficult to fill
    • Summer classes or additional classes beyond the regular 9-10 month contract
    • Private vs. state college
    • Location

    Professors’ Pay Can Top $1 Million But It’s Rare

    How Much Do Community College Professors Get Paid in ...

    Though most university professors make less than $250,000 annually, there’s a small contingent of professors who have topped the $1 million annual salary mark. This is normally because of other roles they hold at their institutions, beyond that of professor.

    In 2018, Zev Rosenwaks of Cornell University earned $8.22 million as a tenured clinical professor, according to tax filings from that year. Rosenwaks’ salary was nearly eight times the salary of the university’s president at that time.

    In 2018, Zev Rosenwaks of Cornell earned $8.22 million as a tenured clinical professor nearly eight times the salary of the universitys president.

    Rosenwaks was one of several Cornell professors to rake in millions in 2018. Associate clinical professors Hey-Joo Kang, Pak H. Chung, and Steven Spandorfer, as well as assistant clinical professor Rony Elias, each earned over $3 million that year.

    Besides Cornell, other prestigious universities occasionally offer professors salaries in the millions. David N. Silvers of Columbia University reportedly makes more than $4 million annually as a professor of dermatology and the director of the university’s dermatopathology laboratory.

    Meanwhile, William E. Fruhan Jr., who is a professor emeritus at Harvard Business School, was reported to have earned $1.19 million in 2018.

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    What Are The Benefits Of Being A Community College Professor

    The benefits of being a professor at a community college include: College faculty have access to a wide variety of academic resources, such as the campus library, journal subscriptions, conferences, academic panels and other events. Many community college professors can enrich their own education by using campus resources.

    Trends In Community Colleges

    The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that the employment prospects for community college instructors will continue to grow through 2026, which is a higher growth rate than many professions. The reason for the change is that people often need more training and education to keep up with changes in the job market. While a community college salary can sometimes be less than salary in industry, the rewards and job stability can make this a rewarding profession.

    The California Community College system is a network that involves over 112 universities and is the largest education network in the world. To make the system work it employs over 70,000 administrators, educators and clerical workers. Over one half of these employees are instructors and their pay varies by experience and subject taught.

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    Local District Boards Decide Pay

    The issue highlights a reality of the 116-college system: The schools are run by the 73 locally elected district boards, not its central office and chancellor.

    While she supports the work of part-time faculty, compensation matters are local district decisions, said acting Chancellor Daisy Gonzales through spokesman Rafael Chavez.

    Her office offered no guidance to college districts on how to spend their Covid relief dollars other than to follow broad federal guidelines, said spokesman Paul Feist.

    There is a lack of consistency, said Jeff Freitas, president of the California Federation of Teachers, which represents part- and full-time faculty members at 28 college districts. The transitioning of classes was a brand-new thing for everybody. We know that, he said. But there are part-time who arent getting enough for it.

    Unlike full-time professors who are paid for 40-hour weeks that include work outside the courses they teach, adjuncts are compensated almost exclusively on the hours they are in the classroom, said Wendy Brill-Wynkoop, president of the faculty association. When the pandemic hit, faculty members had to completely change everything they were doing. It takes a lot of time.

    That time was outside the classroom, or what became, as the pandemic worsened, a Zoom screen, she said.

    Starting Community College Salaries

    How Much Does Your Professor Make?

    The starting salary for a tenure-track position is between $40,000 and $60,000. If you have a doctorate, teaching experience, industry experience or teach in the STEM areas, you may get a bit more. Of course, where you live and the cost of living affects salary too.

    Community College teachers often teach more classes but dont need to do research and can get tenure more easily.

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    Adjunct Professors Often Make Less Than You Think

    A report by the American Federation of Teachers details how adjunct professors contingent faculty who are not on the tenure track are struggling to make ends meet.

    The report, which surveyed more than 3,000 respondents at two- and four-year universities in May and June 2019, found that one-third of adjunct professors earned less than $25,000 annually. This places them below the federal poverty line for a family of four.

    The AFT’s findings also disproved the commonly held belief that adjunct professors typically hold other well-paying jobs outside teaching. Only 15% of respondents reported that they can comfortably cover their month-to-month expenses. Additionally, nearly half put off getting needed healthcare, and almost 20% rely on Medicaid.

    The study also detailed how much colleges and universities have increased their reliance on adjunct faculty. Today, 3 in 4 faculty are ineligible for tenure and 47% hold part-time positions, whereas 40 years ago, 70% were tenured or on the tenure track.

    Frequently Asked Questions About A Professor Salaries

    The national average salary for a Professor is $150,812 per year in Canada. Filter by location to see a Professor salaries in your area. Salaries estimates are based on 2956 salaries submitted anonymously to Glassdoor by a Professor employees.

    The highest salary for a Professor in Canada is $198,786 per year.

    The lowest salary for a Professor in Canada is $114,416 per year.

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